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Trusted Windows (PC) download Snagit Full 10.0. Snagit 13 Key Crack + Generator Snagit 13 Key is a video creation tool which helps you to edit the videos, change music or image effects. Techsmith Snagit 13 Full Version: Techsmith Snagit 13 Keys full version free download is available here. When I try to capture, the capture select area (where I am moving my mouse) jumps all over the place, creates scores of cross-hairs and lines, the whole screen wiggles, so I cannot see what I am capturing.

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SnagIt profile creation for "First Launch customizations" Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002 Const HKEY_CURRENT_USER = &H80000001. TechSmith Snagit 2020.0.1 Build 7380 (x32)(x64) With Crack. This is on Windows 7. Other open apps are IE, Outlook. When I release the mouse button, there is the capture in editor, but this is pretty inconvenient.

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Review Comments (18) Questions & Answers (11) Update program info. It also boasts of superior image-editing functionalities that are more polished than those of PicPicks. SNAGIT 2020 SNAGIT 2020 SNAGIT 2020 SNAGIT 2020; Adjustable Template Layouts: Font and Shadow Adjustment in Themes: Move Mode for Simplify Tool: Custom Color Palettes for Simplify Tool. Added a Page Curl effect.

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Help us by reporting it. The ultimate do-it-yourself screen capture tool is better than ever. Snagit Enterprise Installation Overview of Enterprise Installation Welcome to the Snagit Enterprise Installation Guide. With SnagIt, capturing anything on your screen is one click away. Snagit Serial Key is the ultimate screen capture tool with advanced image editing and screen recording features.

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Stewardship tree

I saw people don't really like stewardship in general, I had a blast, during a run, I thought I make a picture with all the perk descriptions to be able to see what's what. Used the program named Snagit, there is a 'cut out' feature that allows removing the middle of the picture without touching the edges and many copy-pasting. The size is enlarged so I could fit the small pictures.
When do you want to go stewardship focus? everything seems more important than money until you need the money, feudal is based on money and sadly the dropback of advancing to feudal can be huge, man at arms is the main way to increase your power, especially if you are dealing with liberty factions, you lose the land temporarily, so you lose a lot of levies if your powerful vassals rebel, you will have a hard time winning against them, and other countries might fight you. MaA is increasing the number of soldiers you got, these are good quality, fast refill, counter opponents.So you want to stay tribal and maximise your MaA, but there are a lot of innovations that increase the number of them, for example in Manding, where I made this screenshot, Ghana and the Sonnike culture have around 6-8 advantage over everyone in the area, one of them is +2 man at arms regiments. And obviously ranks give you extra man at arms Duke, King, Emperor, one extra for each.I choose Manding, seeing the 3 mines in the area but I think it's only there on later starts. Anyway, it's good to own the holy site with them (Sanguine religion Niani, your starting capital), and easy to take the next one just south (Kisi), then you need to fight Ghana over the third (Jenne), that one is on the end of the river and has some interesting border gore all the time, one of the richest lands in SW Africa, great capital and allows you to swap over the sonnike culture. Religion conversion is slower than normal but it's possible to do it for all 3 predetermined empires, culture, however, is really a slow change.But eventually, you have to reform your religion, advance to feudal and spend money on buildings to recover. I'm not a pro at that, but most people said it's good to have 6-8000 gold to make it easier, some people even suggested giving away your lands to do it easier. So to prepare for the spending, you can have some intelligence-based traits and go for learning, reform faith, and have your next emperor a steward so you can afford the spending. Choosing a wife that is sttrong in 1-2 areas (your own focus and learning) is generally better than having an average in all skills (15+ in all skills is pretty good tho if she is a genius). This also affects your kid's starting points and focus so if you want a good steward, then you might need high stewardship, martial and education, low intrigue and diplomacy.IF your goal is not to expand like crazy but to have a small kingdom/empire, then stewardship can be a really good route to take, you can hire a lot of mercenaries and defensive fights give a lot of money, best use of this was in Sicily, where Byzantine and one of his 3 stronger kingdoms always tried to fight me. A small kingdom can produce a lot of money, especially when you got like 12 domains controlled directly.
Wealth focus: 10% taxes.Domain focus: 3 stewardship. Duty focus: Enemy agent acceptance +5, stewardship +1, Courtier and guest opinion +20 Your focus determines what kind of events you got, has some similarity to the 3 trees but is not necessary to match them. Wealth is good when you are the king/emperor and have a strong capital city, a few advanced holdings. Also triggers a few events that bring you money over time. The domain is good when you got a lower skill, 3 stewardship is 3/5 only, so you need x2 or x7 in stewardship and this gives one more holding, also helps on the events that check for your skill. Might give some events that help to hold more domains or getting it from other people. Duty focus is a bit of a mixed bag, it actually helps a bit with intrigue, if you are a schemer, you can use the agent acceptance for successful schemes. h courtier opinion is good when you got a lot of cultures around you, and your knights are different culture/faith. I always run a breeding program, I hiree knights, recruit peasant leaders, the guy who warns me of schemes (and I know who schemes or got strong defence anyway), special courtiers who write epics or improve development, foreign prisoners, etc. If you find spouses for them, you can bring in women with good congenital traits, I always get a young wife for my knights and they stay after their husband dies, then I marry them matrimonially with unlanded people who got strong congenital traits or prowess. Anyone with any house membership can get really strong marriages, so skills don't matter as much as you think, any dumb prisoner who has a house can bring a person with claims, skills, etc. I often end up with 40-50 courtiers, 6-8 kids from them, they can be offered as a ward to your bishop, guardian to increase the opinion with them, if they get good traits, it's pretty good to marry them to your own kids. This has a good side effect: if they siege your capital or other holdings, chances ar that they don't capture anyone important, also random events rarely hit anyone important, losing battles because they capture you, your wife, kids or even councillors or the court physician can be really annoying. Scholar and Gallant trees got similar effects, but this one is good too.
Golden obligations: demand payment for hooks. Each 5 years you can demand money from people who have a secret, they got to have money so best to find secrets on high-rank rulers. Goes well with intrigue/schemer tree, if you only switch for 5 years stewardship, one of the best perks to get. You can also demand a one-time payment from family members if you are house head, I rarely use those hooks anyway, especially if they aren't vassals.Heregeld: vassal tax contribution 10%All direct vassals, but this affects indirect ones.Detailed ledgers: republican ruler opinion +20, republican vassal tax contribution +15%This one affects city majors only, good with cities that are indirectly held, especially if you build many new ones, not so impressive overall.War profiteer: Monthly income at war +10%You got a bit more money income while at war, not too impressive but it helps.Fearful troops: Man at arms maintenance per dread -0.50%Caps at 50 for 100 dread, half the price for MaA maintenance, this is pretty good if you execute prisoners of a different faith. Your MaA is the most expensive of all troops.It is MY domain: extort subjects decision. You get a decision in the menu, it's a random chance but generally your vassals and councillors, so you need a low tyranny and preferably people need o like you, you can take gold from them in exchange of opinion, sometimes does even check if they got enough money so you can take more even if they don't have it. A lot of times you got maximum opinion with everyone, I had 3 times my own diplomat, and he claimed back up to 80-100 opinion anyway. If you got the greedy trait, you take even more money. Gives you tyranny if you choose the second option but you can get away with it once in 5-10 years. Generally gives 70 to 350 gold, but can be more if you choose so, the opinion penalty doesn't always worth it, you lose prestige if you don't take the money.Golden aplomb: monthly income per stress level: +10%Technically can go up to 30% but generally not worth it. Stress is bad, having level 1 all the time means you will need to choose an event, which is likely bad income, some of them are okay, flagellant is good with a good physician, or even a bad one, it trains him. Athletic, hashishian, journaler is good. Some others are okay, but it's decreasing health so you die earlier, if you already take the stress from having many family members die, or a trait that increases your stress, or decisions that you must make but gain you stress, then is okay, but this trait is bad, if you don't go all the way in the tree, won't worth it.At any cost: you can use the sell titles decision.Tried one time, the titles are selected randomly, but it's generally something useless, not your main title, the recipients were also random. Apparently, there is a chance to gain family renown which is hard to come by. If you own a lot of lands, selling a duchy title won't hurt you, especially if you got a border gore, you would lose it at some point anyway, the money and renown is random so it's hard to say if it's worth it or not.Avaricious: stewardship +2, holding taxes +15%This is the last trait, it's permanent. Considering that you can have 1 domain per 5 stewardship, a ruler who is at least a king, and 3-4 star education, your spouse can have also 26-30 stewardship which is 13-15 bonus for you, you can have 20-30 or more, that can be at least 8 domains but up to 12-14 not impossible, especially with the innovations. Holding that many titles, you can be a King without vassals almost :D Directly holding them is pretty good, this makes It even better, especially if it's rich lands like Italy, Spain or England.Overall, this tree is really situational, not that good. Main factors you need: big man at arms regiment, high prestige and maybe traits people like you for, high average development in your kingdom, being the king/emperor, stewardship education 4 stars, wife really high stewardship, set on managing domains, lot of claims on lands, or a chance to win a liberty war and revoke titles. Won't hurt if you got the trait 'greedy', any time you gain money, it can scale up a lot, with a bit of opinion penalty. Chaining steward leaders can be good for this, having 1 kid only, or a way to choose your heir. Otherwise, you can own 12 domains but you will lose it on succession.If you only plan to learn stewardship for 5 years, chances are you get 1-2 points, maybe if you are a genius, got lucky with events then 4-5. Then golden obligations and extort subjects is best, war profiteer and fearful troops can be useful if it matches your style and got points before you change focus.
Architect tree:
Tax Man: collect taxes effectiveness +25%Pretty straightforward, if you use your councillor on taxes, and no need to convert culture or increase development, then this is a small boost to income.Defensive measures: fort level +1, garrison size +20%This one is good, similar to the overseer, you get extra fort size in all your domains and extra garrison, goes above the normal limit of 2, so it's quite unique in tribal, increases the time your opponents need to siege any of your holdings. Organized muster rolls: levy reinforcement rate +100%Also pretty good, if you rely on levies, you lose a lot of them during a war, and your refill rate might bee an issue, this helps a lot, to start a new war or defend against one, also similar to the martial tree, which is a bit better, but this can be an option. Cutting Cornerstones: Building Gold/Piety/Prestige cost -5% Holding Gold/Piety/Prestige cost -5%A tiny buff to construct things cheaper Professional workforce: Building Construction time -30% Holding construction time -30%If you got the money, this is a nice buff to decrease time on building multiple things faster, useful after going feudal, even if you just build in your capital, time can be an essence. Centralization: development growth in Realm capital +0.3%/MonthSmall bonus to development in the capital, if you own it, it can be useful, otherwise not at all, if you move the capital to somewhere what has already a big development, the percentage bonus means more, so places where you want to build a university. Rome or Constantinopole, Mecca, etc. have many holdings so this affects them all, development has limits on 10-20-35 I think, so this is an extra unique bonus on top of it, universities come around 1350 but have a powerful effect, kids got 16 years to reach 15 points in their education focus, each year they got a roll to get 2 points or nothing. The base chance is 50-50, but you can boost it to 70% success, mainly with a genius guardian, genius kid, high focus skills (slow, inbred, imbecile, no guardian reduce the success), if they get 15 points, which is 7 checks on the right skill, they get a 4 star education. Universities give 12 points on the base level, so they need 2 checks only which is pretty much guaranteed that they get 4-star education. So it's a small bonus, but reaching that level earlier with 50-100 years can be a good boost. But it's really an all-in strategy so this perk is highly situational. Popular figurehead: popular opinion +50This pretty much guarantees that you get no peasant rebellions, maybe even get a few good events, they not that dangerous, but if you got many wars and got an area with many different cultures like SW Africa (all religions further decrease the culture conversion time) then it might be really good. anyway, it helps with control issues, so you get more money, huge empires can have control issues and bad events, and leaders can join popular factions. Divided attention: domain limit +2This is basically 10 stewardship skills. Directly owned domains get you more money, vassals under vassals give almost nothing. Architect: Stewardship +2 Building construction time -15% Holding construction time -15% Building construction gold cost -10% Holding construction gold cost -10%With the starting bonuses, these are 15% gold cost, 45% building time reductions.
The architect is the main choice when you go into stewardship tree, it gives you money and ways to spend the money, especially good after converting to feudal. Gives good stability and some defence bonuses. The events are also pretty good, you might get extra development, smart peasants and special characters. This has an indirect effect of increasing others stewardship in the country/culture, good stewards get more money out of their territory so they pay more taxes, build more and faster, so it's a good choice in a fairly good development area. Development also affects adjacent tiles, so having an influential capital city will increase the adjacent lands, and you can do capital swaps to maximize these effects when you got closer to development limits.
Administrator:Meritocracy: you can claim throne against your liegeIt's a situational perk, has no value if you are the emperor, if you are a king, you can join an empire and claim the throne. It also gives a claim on titles, so you don't have to directly oppose your liege, you can start a claimant faction, and have the very same vassals help you, that would go against you if you do it through the decision. If you lose the throne to a liberty faction or this very same perk, you can have it back trough this perk, so often times you do 5 years of stewardship of this perk. Some vassals have this and the AI pushes it often, so if you see someone with these perks, you know why.Chains of loyalty: domestic affairs efficiency +25%your diplomat can increase relations with others slightly better. Generally useful after the succession to have him on that mode, 15 points of diplomacy is kind of minimum so they don't make mistakes, but you can generally find a diplomat of 20+ skills. My best ones had 40+ (genius, 4-star education, old) that can give up to 26 opinion bonus with people, so the effect of this is like 5 opinion bonus at best, not much but it still helps, especially if you plan to overthrow the current vassals and install your own family members. For example in England when you enforce the Danelaw, you will have a lot of families joining the liberty faction, a bit of tyranny and a bit of opinion boosting and you can revoke a lot of titles.Likeable: direct vassal opinion +10 Liege opinion +20Also situational, very good if you got a liege, council rights are easy to get, maybe good if you got many direct vassals, if you are not a big fan of layers upon layers of vassals, and try to maximize our empire size without many duchies, you might have around 30 duchies, 40 counties, this can be worth 400 opinions which is an overall spread.Positions of power: Councillor opinion +20Your councillors will be your powerful vassals, which is the 5 strongest persons who could be your biggest claimants, it also has a +40 or -40 opinion boost or nerf if you ever hire/fire them, and if you ever do that, they might be really pissed and go down into rivalry. So this is a tiny buff, but might worth it, if you use high skilled councillors that you install, chances are that they like you anyway.Large levies: vassal levy contribuion +20%A small bonus, might worth with many churches since those give 100% of their levies butt overall nothing fancy.Soon forgiven: monthly tyranny -0.15%This is actually good perk, in certain situations. If you can revoke titles, you get those titles, generally, tyranny is bad, a single title revoked from a prisoner can be around 8 tyranny, a duchy is like 23, you would need a really strong diplomat to counter that, but with the councillor opinion and vassal opinion buffs, it's possible. A vassal waging a war, losing too many levies will always accept a title revoke if it's not his last title, a prisoner will always accept a title revoked but hate you for it. If you fabricate a claim on his lands, you will have a reason to revoke it, so it's not tyranny, but you still lose opinion with the holder. If people rebel against you and lose, you get a reason to revoke 1 title from each of them. This is generally dangerous to do, because they will do the same thing if you release them from prison. So the main strategy is to revoke the last title from them and release them only if they accept renouncing all the claims on your lands. People with o land left will become wanderers, I actually never saw anyone pushed his claims on lands after you stripped them, apparently, the Ai in 1.1 will hire people with claims if they got claims on adjacent lands to the border, but it's unlikely that these people ever cause you trouble. If you ever revoke 1 title, they will hate you forever, until they live, their kids will have a bit better opinion but they still might want that title back. So tyranny is bad, revoking titles is dangerous, but if you don't do it, you kind of lose out on the tyranny loss. Every 10 years you revoke a county and give to a family member, getting rid of some dumb vassals you catch committing a crime is good. Now, this style must be enforced a bit more with this perk, you do this every 5 years or revoke more titles, set your diplomat to increase opinions and slowly overthrow other families in the area.Toe the line: Your vassals are less likely to join independence factions.No values here, so I don't know exactly how much more, but this can be considered an opinion bonus so I think around 10-15 opinion.Honoured to serve: Powerful vassal Councillor Tax and Levy contribution +20%Ideally, you use your powerful vassals in the council or make your councillors powerful enough, so this is a good perk to have, overall 10% of very vassal might be less than just the powerful ones 20%.Administrator: Diplomacy+1 Stewardship+3 Vassal opinion +5
This tree is more useful when you are not the emperor, you can still be a powerful king, and claim the throne any time. Being middle of the chain has the perk of being a council member of your liege and I think it's one of the more powerful ones, you get 2 gold per month for doing so, that's pretty much the same you would make from all your domains together in a low development area, extra lifestyle experience and stewardship points. So you can have more land for yourself, and destabilize an empire from the inside, preparing for the time when you can take over the throne or rule it from the shadows. This tree also has some perks that make you a decent diplomat in the council, further buffing your stance with other vassals of the realm, but for the sole purpose of eliminating them. An empire provides benefits of defending its own vassals from outside threats, and you get the edge when it comes to internal wars, it's like a more hypocritic style of ruling, you bend the rules and not break them. It's an early game tree, helps you maintain your rule within an empire and claim titles, redistributes them for your family members. Had good runs with giant marshalls, they seem to work pretty well, maybe because the claim throne(prowess compares on those events kind of half of the time), maybe because the health boost but generally giant stewards worked for me or marrying my daughters matrimonially to a giant and have him as a steward/powerful vassal and ally.
So how does it compare to other trees in other lifestyles? Martial is a beginner-friendly and straightforward, the main tree is Strategist, the best perks are a faster army, a stronger man at arms, lower embarking cost, and actually, the mapping is easy to get for schemes. Overseer is a decent tree if your goal is to stabilize your owned lands and focus on defence and stability. Gallant has 4 good perks, having more knights and stronger ones is useful. The rest of the perks are highly conditional, like sticking with a wife that is harder to control otherwise or seducing women. Good for your first emperors when you want to extend territories, especially trough water, and to deal with big armies with a smaller troop count. The downside is that you don't really need to lead an army when you got good commanders, and it's not that important in feudal to be a hothead. There is a lot of countries you won't be able to conquer anyway, without having other skills. Rivalry and low importance events kind of make it boring. Has some advantage to build a strong court and have good marriages and breeding programs, keep together different cultures and have good opinion bonuses with your knights. If you learn the game, you can win wars with other means.
Diplomacy is a pretty good lifestyle. Diplomats got the highest opinion bonuses, can unite lands, especially if your cultural or religious views are the same. It can have good alliances without marriages. The events are okay, the prestige gains are pretty good. Friends and stress reduction is also good, and having a lot of friends can have great effects. It's a good tree with a lot of variety, makes it easier to control a big family or culture. The random events can be a bit too random and meaningless in general.
Intrigue: the schemer tree is really powerful, killing, abducting, finding secrets, you can destabilize other empires, kill 10+ people during your lifetime, it's fun and interesting generally, needs a bit more skill and luck. Seducer seems a bit meaningless, or really situational, I never really choose that, but starting as a seducer in Spain, it has a really good event which gives you a huge learning experience boost several times. 500% intrigue experience is a half-point when someone confesses love and you don't accept to be a lover, so resetting perks afterwards can be faster than gaining experience otherwise. Just the side effects of having lovers extramaritally can be devastating, pointless, it might be good with low-rank characters, maybe more exotic religions where you aren't punished that much for having bastards and cheating on your wife, but even there are options of having more spouses or concubines. More wives is kind of broken, you can bring a ton of women into your court, convert and divorcée them, marry with others to bring in even more knights, high skilled people, boost your court size for breeding projects. Skullduggery works pretty well in non-christian religions, has a few perks, like more stats, dread. Overall intrigue focus leads o many criminals and managing them can be a lot of work without proper rewards, religion and piety gains might take a hit often, and religion is kind of powerful money-making tool if used correctly. Overall is fun and more influential to the nearby countries than directly fighting them or forcing alliances.
Learning is a bit more advanced lifestyle, medicine focus is quite bad since it weirdly increases the events regarding diseases while any other lifestyle and events barely have them, living longer can be good in certain cases and celibacy can be a way to prevent partition complications. Scholar has powerful perks that increase stats, only comparable is having many friends as a diplomat. Also has a good way to go around cultural differences and get good marriages. Theologian has religious perks, reform cost reduction, it can lead to really wacky events in the world, and mess up the events around you. Only experienced players can manage those events but give an interesting gameplay every time. Living that long, you can often clear 3 or even 5 trees which makes insane characters, other focuses can barely have 2-2.5 trees, having high intelligence people also increases the chances of having a really strong following generation, especially combined with Genius or Intelligent traits.
Stewardship has a good variety of early and late game, feudal is eventually needed so late game is better, it's pretty fun compared to other trees if your goal isn't to conquer everything, which is quite hard after having an empire with a size higher than 2x120, the internal and external problems make the game weird and sometimes unplayable. knowing the good development areas, mines, special buildings and holy sites can change the way you play and money helps maximize their effects.
Two things I learned and experimented with my later games:People with a house membership, any house, can be really powerful for marriages. Lowborn people can have high skills, but the number of children is linked to the rank of your wives, unlanded people can't have many kids, especially if they are low rank, so a good breeding program needs good marriages, those buffs seem low but actually good to spread your genes and achieve high renown, which can be the main goal of your play.
The way the education system works, Genius people have a higher chance of getting a strong education level and to educate others too. Geniuses have 45% lifestyle experience in focus skill and 35% in any other, so you can even mix and match lifestyles without much of a difference. Breeding programs should star with intelligence traits, even having 2 quick people can produce a few intelligent ones and two intelligent has the chance of getting most kids to be a genius, those kids can serve in council and reach crazy high 40 diplomacy/martial/stewardship skill without controlling them, and that council will make miracles within a lifetime.
Thank you for reading. Haven't seen any good tutorials of the skill trees, or any good picture/infographic of them, too many clicks to read and oversee it, understand it. Took me like 10 minutes to make all the screenshots and edit them, might do thee other ones if there is interest.
submitted by shampein to ck3

Embedding a view in a ScrollView causes it to draw differently?

Embedding a view in a ScrollView causes it to draw differently?
I have a View that defines a row to be displayed in a ScrollView in a macOS app. On the right side of the view is a button, which is custom styled. When the row view is on its own or embedded in another normal view, everything draws normally. However, when it's embedded in a ScrollView, the button appears shifted up and to the left from where it should be drawn. This happens regardless of whether the scrollbar is hidden or shown (with the showsIndicator: argument label or by turning it off manually in System Preferences).
Here's how the ScrollView is built up:
ScrollView { ForEach(permissions.indices) { PermissionCell(permissionUpdateBlock: self.calculateEnabledCount, permission: permissions[$0]) .background(Color(($0 % 2 == 0 ? scrollViewBackgroundColor : scrollViewBackgroundAlternateColor) ?? .white)) } } .padding(0) .border(Color(isDarkTheme ? .darkGray : .lightGray)) .background(Color(scrollViewBackgroundColor)) 
Also, here's an abridged version of the row View:
struct PermissionCell: View { var permissionUpdateBlock: (() -> ()) var permission: TSKPermission @State private var permissionStatus = PermissionStatus.notDetermined var body: some View { VStack { HStack { if permission.icon != nil { Image(nsImage: permission.icon!) .padding(.vertical, 15) .padding(.trailing, 10) } VStack(alignment: .leading) { Text(permission.title) .fontWeight(.bold) Text(permission.purpose) .font(.caption) } Spacer() if permissionStatus == .notDetermined { Button(action: { self.permission.askForPermission { self.updatePermissionStatus() } }) { Text("Enable") } .buttonStyle(TSKButtonStyle(backgroundColor: Color(TSKThemeManager.sharedInstance.snagitBlueColor()), textColor: .white)) .frame(width: 80, height: 25) .border(Color.red) } else { ... } } .padding(.horizontal, 15) .frame(height: 70) } ... 

Below are screenshots of the previews of these views. I have a .border(Color(.red)) on the button for demonstration purposes.

The preview of the row

The preview of the larger window
Does anyone know what's going on? Or is this just a SwiftUI bug that may be patched up later?
submitted by pianogamer_5 to SwiftUI

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