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Dreampunk Record Club's Exclusive Interview with W U S O.

DREAMPUNK RECORD CLUB is proud to present its exclusive interview with WUSO. With just a couple of days before You'll Be Okay, I Promise drops, I thought it was the perfect time to get Wuso's thoughts on his music, his new album, and the current state of dreampunk. Fortunately, Wuso felt the same. So, here we go with what I hope is the first of many exclusive Dreampunk Record Club interviews to come!
1. What is it about dreampunk that you enjoy the most?
I think for me it’s always been about the escapism. Every album I listen to has always succeeded in bringing me elsewhere, to a place that leaves me feeling alone and at peace. Now obviously there’s variations to this as more and more styles come up within the scene which brings in different aesthetics, but in general I think it’s that escapism feeling.
2. Your first album, Inner Peace, was inspired by the dreampunk movement. What did making that album teach you about capturing the dreampunk sound?
Inner Peace was a record that was quite relaxing for me to make. Beforehand I had always made restrictive 4 to the 4 style music in psytrance, downtempo, etc. But with Inner Peace I was able to focus on making atmosphere and feeling, without being restricted to a set structure. Although the way I took it might have included a lot of cliches, I think it was an interesting record to experiment on just because it was my first attempt at doing something more freeform.
3. Pure Life, the label releasing your latest album, describes your music as ‘Canadian cinematic dreampunk’. Is that an accurate description of the music you create?
I think so. I think over time my music has developed to incorporate a lot of cinematic techniques and motifs that both try to create an atmosphere for listeners, but also to create a world that might be different from the typical dreampunk sound. One that adds a lot more tension, danger, and risk, but also tragedy and melancholy. It’s finding the balance between these two sides that I try to achieve.
4. You have a new album, but I wanted to ask about a couple of other projects you’ve been involved with. For example, your foray into YouTube video production: why did you start out making videos about Moky, a Canadian gamer?
Right so as part of my main career I’m heavily involved with esports. I’m an editor, writer, and narrator at the Score Esports. But before that, I was involved a lot with my university’s esports scene and more specifically its Super Smash Bros scene. I was doing my fourth year in Uni which required you to create a New Media based project throughout the year. I was trying really hard to get a job as an editor for theScore as I was interning there and it was a position that I really admired and loved as a creative outlet. So I figured, why don’t I make something akin to our ‘Story Of’ series, but for someone more local. That player was Moky, who was at the time 96th (he’s 14th now) and it went from there. I went to events, did interviews, did some videography, put together the video, and yeah. My boss liked it and I got the position!
5. In your video essay on dreampunk, you thank friends within the scene for their help. Can you share any examples of how someone from the scene helped you as an artist?
I’ve developed good relationships with a lot of guys in the scene over the years from the Virtual Plaza forum (this is where I met Nicol and a few others). Nicol was actually the first person to give me a chance when it came to Lonely Streets. I had released Inner Peace to little to no reception. But I put a lot of work over 2016 into Lonely Streets. I was originally supposed to release with Adhesive Sounds but that fell through. Crystaltone had a really cool aesthetic and I just wanted to release it somewhere, Nicol took me and we became good friends.
6. Any details about your next video project that you can share?
What happened to bludhoney?
7. You not only have a presence on YouTube, but you’re also making things happen on Reddit. You cite the LIVEWIRE streaming event as a defining moment for dreampunk breaking away from vaporwave to becoming its own thing. Did LIVEWIRE motivate you to acquire of the dreampunk subreddit or was it something else?
I had been keeping my eye on the subreddit for a good bit just because it felt a little unnatural to have to post to the vaporwave sub. It didn’t feel right because I think to me and a few other people it felt like the music and aesthetic didn’t belong on there anymore as we had drifted far enough away to what Vaporwave was at that time. Plus in all honesty trying to get anything on there without it being drowned out by IS THIS VAPORWAVE??? #3592321321 was getting a little annoying. But yeah I think when we were really feeling dreampunk in the livewire sets was when I really wanted to make that decision to do everything that I can along with everyone else to make dreampunk its own thing, that meant putting together the guide and getting the subreddit going.
8. So, let’s talk about your new album, You’ll Be Okay, I Promise. During your recent UNDERPASS set, you say it’s been a very long time since you’ve made an album. Why the delay?
Partially because of school, I was finishing up my degree and combined with trying to excel in work, it took a really long time to find the time (and motivation) to sit down and finish an album. Another part was because I was also working on the Wushimi Complex for some time trying to get it sorted. And lastly, motivation was a big factor as I was trying to put all my eggs into developing my editing and esports skills, all the while trying to juggle finding a new place and still getting over a nasty breakup.
9. What precipitated the creation of this new recording, and does it contain any themes or ideas we can look for?
Much of this record was honestly just an explosion of creativity that I was feeling when I was finally settled and comfortable in my position. Life was looking great, I was with a new girlfriend whom I adored, I had a lovely place, I was finishing school. It was great. And I was making tunes for it as my mother passed away. It was my biological mother that I had a rocky relationship with. I had a really hard time processing it as we never resolved our issues before she passed, I was racked with guilt with the thought that she had died thinking that I hated her, which I didn’t. That’s where the title track comes from, just a burst of emotion in the only way I knew how to express it. The themes of the album is one of comfort. The idea of You’ll Be Okay, I Promise. Is essentially my present self, telling my past self who’s going through so many issues from depression, a bad breakup, to extreme stress and lack of self worth, wondering about my place in this world, to relax. Everything is temporary. This doesn’t last forever. You’ll be okay. And that’s essentially the narrative of the album from start to finish. Trying to move past the depressive and terrible atmosphere and situation you’re in, realizing that there is something past this, and this doesn’t last forever, like the album art, there’s always beauty over those clouds.
10. You’ve said a lot of emotion went into You’ll Be Okay, I Promise. Can you say a little bit about that?
Well crap I kind of explained above sorry haha!
11. You’ve said dreampunk depends on producers’ willingness to experiment with new sounds. How experimental is the new album, and have you started playing around with even newer sounds for future projects?
My sound has always kind of drifted into various electronic subgenres. From my earliest releases I implemented downtempo and synthwave aesthetics while keeping true to the dreampunk atmosphere. This album is no different. I bring in aspects of glitch, synthwave, downtempo, and of course ambient. Notably I played with vocal chops a bit more on one track, this was actually inspired by Blank Banshee, really wanted to try to play with them as a melodic lead and it turned out into a pretty banging tune.
12. How was working with Pure Life in getting the new album released?
They’ve been phenomenal. One of the easiest going and smoothest labels to work with. Their communication has been awesome and the effort they’ve put into my release really shows and I’m immensely grateful.
13. Recently, you’ve collaborated with Remember. How’s that been going & are there plans for a future release?
It’s been great. We’re really treading new territory for both of us on this record and I think it’s really interesting stuff. The sounds and themes were delving to has been really eye opening I feel. Working with him has been great, I think we’re still trying to find both our comfort zones in terms of collaborations just because we don’t do them too often, but once that’s done we’ll be on a roll. Besides that, no concrete plans yet.
14. What are your go-to tools in the studio and how would you describe your creative process?
FL Studio 11 has been my tried and true friend for many years. Though I really should upgrade soon. Besides that I use a ton of different VSTs and effects. Some of which include Sylenth, serum, reaktor, Kontakt, Spire, Z3ta, and a ton of others. Generally when it comes to the creative process I try to figure out a bassline first and build chords, melodies, and other kinds of stuff around it, then go from there. Sometimes it’s different, but I try to start off that way and just let the track flow with whatever idea I have for it as I work on it.
15. You made a really interesting statement on Twitter a while back that I hope you can shed some light on: “I am confident that no Dreampunk artist will. . . ever issue copyright strikes on YouTube or Twitch. It would be antithetical to what the music and scene represents.” With this in mind what does the dreampunk scene represent?
I don’t see a lot of dreampunk artists as being super intense with their work if it's used. I feel that dreampunk is more the community of people rather than the music itself. It’s a community of people that have a love for an aesthetic and feeling, but also a love for experimentation to really expand on what’s possible in terms of the creation of escapism and its themes. To me a lot of music that’s put out these days really doesn’t do escapism justice. I don’t get taken away elsewhere and I can’t visualize anything besides the same mundane aesthetic that might come with your typical vaporwave or outrun release. I like escapism with some depth, that lets me feel a bunch of different ways. And to me I think dreampunk and its community does just that. They believe in the same sentiments of escapism and introspectiveness, but they don’t like being tied down by any strict set of rules, because it was the idea of breaking vaporwave’s rules that created dreampunk in the first place.
16. What do you see for the future of dreampunk?
There’s a lot of interesting stuff right now coming out from a ton of different artists, and there’s a ton of passion in the air for the genre and where it’ll go next. The festivals have been amazing for the exposure of the genre, its artists, and its sounds to a new audience. There’s a lot of cool directions that people are taking things. Cryosauna is bringing in some garage influences that have been amazing. I think that the skills of the producers coming into the scene has been going up and up and it's really exciting to watch.
17. What’s next for you?
Finished a couple tracks for some comps, so keep an eye out for that. I also have another record that’s finished. That’ll go somewhere. I’m still working on my youtube stuff as well as my record with Remember. Other than that? We’ll see, future is a mystery.
18. Any parting thoughts or words of wisdom before wrapping this up?
It’s been really humbling to see everyone’s support of this little movement. You guys make this scene just as much as the artists do, and every inch of support and passion helps the scene grow. I haven’t felt this way about the scene since I first joined it, and it’s awesome to see this genre fully mature into something on its rather than just being tied to something else. This community has already grown so much thanks to you guys. Thanks
Thanks so much for the interview. You’ll Be Okay, I Promise drops July 31st.
Join Dreampunk Record Club on Facebook for more exclusive interviews! https://www.facebook.com/groups/588589445195303
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