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Ayla Bell Reynolds, 20 months old was reported missing by her father on December 17, 2011. Where is Ayla?

This was a difficult case to research because all the adults in Ayla’s life made conflicting statements. I knew the basic details of Ayla’s short life, but very little about the people surrounding her. I discovered a lot of he said/she said.
April 4, 2010:
Ayla Reynolds was born to Trista Reynolds and Justin DiPietro.
Justin and Trista were not a couple, it sounds to me like they were friends with benefits or a one night stand.
Trista said that Justin wanted nothing to do with Ayla. Allegedly, Phoebe DiPetro Justin’s mother pushed for Justin to have a relationship with Ayla. Justin would see Ayla sporadically, never overnight according to Trista.
October 2011:
Trista went to rehab for substance abuse. Trista arranged for Ayla to stay with her sister Jessica Reynolds.
Allegedly, Phoebe DiPietro, who worked for the State of Maine, got wind of Ayla staying with Jessica and she pushed Justin to get custody. Justin asked for a police officer to accompany him to get Ayla. When Lewiston Police Office Charles Weaver arrived he had instructions to take Ayla and to give her to Justin. Jessica and Ronnie Reynolds, Trista and Jessica’s father was on the phone, he asked the police officer to watch Ayla’s reaction when she saw Justin. When Ayla saw Justin, she ”freaked out” and did not want to go with him. The police officer said his superiors instructed him Ayla was to go with Justin per a Department Of Health And Human Services (DHHS)request. He promised to make a report of what he witnessed. It’s unclear if a report was made.
According to the Reynolds family, a social worker, named Karen Small was responsible for the transfer of Ayla from Jessica to Justin. Her involvement is suspect because allegedly Phoebe knew this social worker and the transfer hadn't gone through official DHHS channels. DHHS hadn't gone to the home for a home check, they hadn't investigated who lived at the home or if Ayla would be safe at this residence. I found it interesting that this social worker was not named in the wrongful death suit linked below.
If you look at the various blogs linked below, the relationship between Phoebe and the social worker is either friends or cousins. I wasn't able to find much on why or how the social worker got involved and why she didn't go through DHHS. There were no legal custody arrangements in place at that time.
October 11, 2011:
Ayla’s arm was broken. Justin stated that he was carrying groceries inside with Ayla in one arm and the groceries in the other when he fell on top of Ayla because the stairs were slippery.
October 12, 2011:
Justin took Ayla to the ER for treatment. She was diagnosed with a distal humerus fracture of her left arm, with displacement (both rotation and angulation). Ayla had a broken elbow.
November 2011:
According to Trista, Ayla had bruises on her leg. Justin claimed the bruises were caused by other children in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese. Trista would later learn that particular Chuck E. Cheese didn't have a ball pit.
November 21, 2011:
Trista Reynolds saw her daughter Ayla for the last time.
December 15, 2011:
Trista filed for sole custody at Cumberland County District Court. In the filing, she criticized DHHS for giving Ayla to Justin. According to Trista, Justin was not aware that she filed for legal custody.
Ayla had been living with Justin, Elisha DiPietro, Justin’s sister, and her child, Courtney Roberts, Justin’s girlfriend at that time, and her child, and his mother, Phoebe DiPietro at Phoebe’s home. Ayla was there since October when Trista entered rehab. In that small house at 29 Violette Avenue, Waterville, Maine there were four adults and three children.
Trista said she made several calls to Justin to speak to Ayla. She said that Justin always gave an excuse about why she couldn't talk to Ayla. She was playing, watching ”Home Alone”, sleeping, etc. According to Trista, she hadn't spoken to Ayla in 10 days.
According to Trista, she told him she would be passing Waterville and she asked Justin if she could take Ayla to her boyfriend's house in Machiasport, Maine for the weekend and he refused.
Justin missed Ayla’s appointment with a pediatric orthopedic doctor.
December 16, 2011:
Justin said he saw Ayla for the last time when he put her to bed at 8:00 pm. She's wearing a one-piece, green polka-dot pajamas with the words ”Daddy’s Princess”. Ayla’s arm was in a soft cast and a sling. Justin told the police that his sister, Elisha checked on Ayla at 10:00 pm.
December 17, 2011:
Trista was driven to her boyfriend's house in Machiasport, Maine. She was approximately 3 minutes away from 29 Violette Avenue on the interstate when she passed the Waterville exit.
Justin reported Ayla missing from her bed in the Dipietro home at 29 Violette Avenue, Waterville, Maine at 8:49 am. He claims he put her to bed the night before at approximately 8:00 pm and she was gone when he checked on at approximately 8:00 am that morning.
When the police arrive, Allegedly Justin was hiding in the bathroom. From The Echo:
”Reynolds explained that Phoebe DiPietro told him that Justin had barricaded himself in the bathroom, and would not allow police to question him once Ayla was reported missing. He then described how she later admitted to lying to “protect her son.”.
This would become the largest and most expensive search in Maine history.
December 18, 2011:
State and Federal investigators and officers from the Maine Warden Service searched the Messalonskee Stream. This would be the first of several waterways to be searched. Nothing of Ayla’s was found.
Police interview Justin, his sister Elisha Dipietro, and his girlfriend at the time, Courtney Roberts all of whom were in the house when Ayla disappeared.
Initially, Phoebe DiPietro, Justin’s mother, told ”Nancy Grace”that she was home that night as well, but didn't hear anything. Later, she recanted and said she was not at home when Ayla disappeared that she lied to help Justin. Per her lawyer, she was staying with a friend in Augusta, Maine approximately 30 minutes away.
December 19, 2011:
Police seize two vehicles, one registered to Justin and the other to his girlfriend, Courtney.
Police say that Justin and Trista are cooperating with authorities.
Trista appeared on ”Good Morning America ” and ”Nancy Grace”.
There were 70 law enforcement officers searching for Ayla on foot and by air.
December 20, 2011:
Justin releases a statement through the Waterville police saying he doesn't know what happened to Ayla.
Authorities searched trash cans, backyards, ball fields, and wooded areas near 29 Violette Avenue address.
The FBI's Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team began canvassing Waterville neighborhoods.
Police say it’s a missing person’s case and they've received more than 100 tips.
December 22, 2011:
Investigators put up crime scene tape around 29 Violette Avenue. Two homicide investigators visit the home and intensify the search for clues.
December 23, 2011:
Snow fell overnight which ended the ground search temporarily.
Trista told the ”Today” show that Justin is to blame for not keeping Ayla safe.
Dozens of people have a candlelight vigil in Portland.
December 25, 2011:
Ayla is not home for Christmas.
December 26, 2011:
Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey states that investigators have ruled out that Ayla wandered away. Authorities don't believe Ayla left the home on her own.
A group of local businesspersons offers a $30,000 reward for Ayla’s return.
December 27, 2011:
LE receives more than 100 tips within 24 hours of the reward announcement. They are following up on 300 tips that came in since Ayla disappeared.
December 30, 2011:
Chief Massey said for the first time that they consider Ayla’s case a criminal investigation and her disappearance as foul play.
December 31, 2011:
Police release 29 Violette Avenue house back to the DiPietro’s.
January 2, 2012:
Justin went on the Today show, he alleged that Ayla was abducted. Justin said he is staying quiet because he doesn’t want to interfere with the investigation and add to the media hype.
January 28, 2012:
” Balloons and Bubbles Prayer Vigil” is held for Ayla. Trista and Justin see each other for the first time since Ayla’s disappearance.
The same day the Reynolds family announced blood was found in Justin’s home. Later police would confirm.
Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesman Stephen McCausland announces that law enforcement doubts that Ayla was abducted. He said Justin's story ”doesn’t pass the straight-face test”.
January 29, 2012:
McCausland confirms the blood is Ayla’s.
January 30, 2012:
State police detectives say that Justin, his girlfriend Courtney, and his sister, Elisha are not being truthful about Ayla’s disappearance.
State police and Warden services dive teams return to the Kennebec River and Messalonskee Stream.
February 4. 2012:
The DePietro’s reported to police that 2 windows were broken at the 29 Violette Avenue address.
February 13, 2012:
Augusta attorney Steve Bourget announced he has been representing Phoebe and Elisha DiPietro since January. He says they have no idea where Ayla is.
February 15, 2012:
It's reported that Justin purchased a $25,000 life insurance policy on Ayla. Curiously, Justin did not purchase a policy for himself or his other child.
March 28, 2012:
Waterville, Oakland, Fairfield, and Norridgewock are searched.
Searchers find the remains of Steven C. Brandon of Waterville. He had been missing since February 2004.
They found nothing related to Ayla.
In the days between searchers are scouring the area and vigils are being held. Trista was doing her best to keep attention on Ayla.
The DiPietro's stopped talking to law enforcement because they claim law enforcement will not answer their questions.
May 31, 2012:
Waterville and State Police announce for the first time that they do not expect to find Ayla alive. McCausland said: ” We think it is highly unlikely Ayla Reynolds will be found alive. Nothing points in that direction.”
June 30, 2012:
The $30,000 reward expired and remained unclaimed.
A candlelight vigil is held at 29 Violette Avenue home.
July 2, 2012:
The DiPietros remove the shrine that had been on their lawn to honor Ayla.
Law enforcement continued their search and requested homeowners to check their property for signs of Ayla. They searched land and water, draining waterways to get a clearer sense if she was there. During this time, they did not stop their investigation.
December 17, 2012:
The first anniversary of Ayla’s disappearance. A small candlelight vigil was held in front of the DiPietros home. Although the house had lights on inside, the participants never saw the DePietro family.
January 2013:
Investigators met with Trista to show her the evidence. She tells reporters there were large amounts of blood in and around the DiPietro home. Trista said Justin, Phoebe, and Elisha were shown the evidence in November 2012.
July 25, 2013:
Justin pleads not guilty to a domestic violence charge. He was charged for grabbing and pushing his former girlfriend, Courtney Roberts.
Justin tells the press he is living in his mother's basement and he's trying to live a normal life.
September 9, 2013:
Justin was arrested on South Portland for violating his bail conditions by having alcohol.
September 17, 2013:
Trista released details of the evidence. In one quote she said: ”It literally looked like a murder scene to me. I think just seeing her blood makes me wonder how much she suffered.”
Law enforcement told Trista they believe Ayla was wrapped in a blanket, put in a bag, and removed from the home.
September 25, 2013:
Trista confronted Justin and Phoebe outside a Portland, Maine courthouse. Justin had to appear on an unrelated charge. Phoebe accused Trista of hiding Ayla. You can watch it here and read about it here.
October 23, 2013:
Law enforcement announced they're searching for Ayla in a wooded area in Oakland, Maine. Ayla’s remains are not found.
McCausland said they have received over 4,000 tips and they will not stop searching until they find Ayla.
March 28, 2014:
Trista sent a letter to the Morning Sentinel asking Kennebec County District Maeghan Maloney to bring child endangerment charges against Justin. She said that Ayla was in her father's care when she disappeared. She said there was enough evidence to prove a crime had been committed.
Law enforcement responds that it still an active case and they will not comment. Deputy Attorney General Bill Stokes said that the case was still active and they are working on leads.
December 27, 2017:
Cumberland County Probate Judge Joseph Mazziotti declared Ayla Reynolds legally dead. The court order stated that Ayla died in or around December 17, 2011. The judge said the preponderance of the evidence supports the order.
This order clears the way for Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mother, to file a wrongful death lawsuit Ayla’s father, Justin DiPietro.
Justin maintains that Ayla was abducted from her bed.
December 17, 2018:
Trista announced on the seventh anniversary of Ayla’s disappearance that she filed a wrongful death suit against Justin.
Trista and her attorney. William Childs alleged that Justin caused Ayla’s death.
March 19, 2019:
A Cumberland County Superior Court Justice approved an extension of 60 days to serve Justin with the wrongful death suit.
Trista’s lawyer, William Childs, said he was going to place a legal notice in the Morning Sentinel newspaper to notify Justin.
They had attempted to serve Justin in person, but they could not locate him. Justin’s last known address was in Winnetka, California.
May 27, 2019:
Justin files a response to Trista’s wrongful death suit.
Per News Center Maine, :
”Waxman denies the suit's assertion DiPietro is a resident of Winnetka, a northwestern neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, writing instead that his client is a resident of the broader Los Angeles County (3).
He also, on behalf of DiPietro, states denial on both counts of wrongful death (36-41) and conscious pain and suffering (42-43), including all associated accusations, near the end of the response filing.
Admissions in Waxman's responses include: the purchase of a life insurance policy on Ayla about a month before her disappearance (9); Ayla suffering a broken arm on Nov. 11, 2011, said to have happened when DiPietro tripped and fell while holding her, for which she did not get medical treatment that night (10); and the presence of six people — Ayla, DiPietro, DiPietro's girlfriend Courtney Roberts and her young child, DiPietro's sister Elisha and her young child — at DiPietro's mother’s house on Violette Avenue in Waterville on the night of Dec. 16, 2011, when Ayla was last seen (15-18).”
Trista and her family are seeking answers to Ayla’s whereabouts from Justin through the legal system.
Justin has responded and still maintains that Ayla was kidnapped. Phoebe and Elisha claim that Ayla is still alive and that Trista is greedy.
Ayla has never been found. No one has been named a suspect in her disappearance.
Who is responsible for Ayla’s disappearance?
When did Ayla disappear?
Will she ever be found?
Edit: fixed date and links
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Captain Lines

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all lines are said by Captain himself first.

Also, spoilers, obviously.


Summon We've been together a while...but if you think I should reintroduce myself...I am the son of Amphitrite and the Sea God Poseidon, as well as the "Nobody" who helms the submarine Nautilus --- I am a complex man, but you may call me Captain Nemo. Good to meet you, Master.
Level Up 1 Abilities improved. I feel as indomitable as a gourami.
Level Up 2 Thank you...next time, could we try going to my favorite undersea volcano?
Level Up 3 (Nemo Marines) - Wooow, we leveled up! We'll help you do anything, no matter what you say!
Level Up 4 (Nemo Professor) - Thank yooou~. With our Saint Graph improving, so too does my mood. Fuhehe, should help move my research along too.
Level Up 5 (Nemo Nurse) - Thank you so much, Master. If the medicine I administer isn't enough, feel free to visit the medbay whenever you wish.
Level Up 6 (Nemo Bakery) - Bakery level up! Here you go, one of the yummy yummy breads I'm always cooking up.
Ascension 1 Huh? I just changed clothes. I don't really need to comment on that...but fine, I can get that you're kinda serious about me. These clothes are somewhat motivating. I just don't want you to keep staring at me in them.
Ascension 2 Steadfast like a moray eel, and as sleek as an alligator. I'll admit I didn't have much expectations for you, but this is quite nice.
Ascension 3 These take me back...long ago, this cloak was used for ceremonies. I may act big as Captain, but as Nemo, I am fundamentally ill-boding and untalkative. I don't dress up like this very often, you know. So? How do I look in it? Master?
Ascension 4 Hwah...I do appreciate you acting lookout this early in the morning. Accustomed to the Nautilus yet? I know it can be a bit chilly about now. Here, come sit next to me...look, here comes the sun over the horizon. I love watching gloomy dawn solemnly pierce through a quiet rain like this. I'm used to seeing it alone with the birds, so having you here to see it too is wonderful. I'm unsure how long I'll last as Triton, and Nemo, but...until your journey ends, and as you see these waters...I vow that I'll protect you --- Master.


Intro 1 Enemy located. All hands, to your posts!
Intro 2 We've got a ping on the sonar. Ready, everyone?
Intro 3 Cool sailing. Smarts on contact. Got it?
Intro 4 Sigh...I want to fire the torpedos.
Skill 1 Up and at 'em.
Skill 2 Refueling 02. Hold for a moment.
Skill 3 Ah, what a fine sea breeze.
Skill 4 Care to hear the seagulls' song?
Card Select 1 Eyes forward.
Card Select 2 Ears open.
Card Select 3 Mind clear.
Noble Phantasm Select 1 Tighten your belts! Nautilus, depart!
Noble Phantasm Select 2 Alright, time to show you my serious side.
Noble Phantasm Select 3 Keep 'er steady! Wait, hold! Oh, hmm, yeah, that's fine.
Attack 1 Triton!
Attack 2 Sail away!
Attack 3 No mercy for you!
Attack 4 Into the ocean's splendor!
Attack 5 By my magnificent father!
Attack 6 Ya-hooo!!!
Attack 7 Fire the torpedo! (Marines) 'Kay!
Attack 8 Fire the torpedo! (Marines) Hey! We got it! Take that!
Attack 9 This way, this way!
Attack 10 There! (Marines) Hurry! So heavy!
Attack 11 Huuuh~...! (Marines) Captain, you're a slavedriver!
Extra Attack 1 Marines, attack! (Marines) Which way, which? That way, there! No that way, there?
Extra Attack 2 Marines, attack! (Marines) And one, two! Nautilus Slider!
Extra Attack 3 Rowboat, depart! (Marines) Which way, which? That way, there! No, that way, there?
Extra Attack 4 Rowboat, depart! (Marines) And one, two! Nautilus Slider!
Noble Phantasm 1 Set sail! (Marines) Target spotted! (Professor) Central hub, all green! (Engine) Internal engine at max! (Nurse) Safety protocols at maximum! (Bakery) Rolled omelette's on. (Nemo) Good, commence rapid ascent! Our Sea God's halberd, Great Ram - Nautilus!
Noble Phantasm 2 (Nemo) Triton Engine, start! (Marines) Alignments set! (Professor) Calculations perfected! (Engine) C'mon, spin 'er around! (Nurse) Internal stations locked down. (Bakery) I wonder if they'll like pudding~. (All) YES! (Nemo) Captain Nemo does not ignore those who rough up the seas. Forward! Great Ram - Nautilus!
Noble Phantasm 3 Final checks, sound off! (Marines) Pretty much good here! (Professor) Should be fine here! (Engine) It's fine, go! (Bakery) Everything's fine! (Nurse) No comment. (Nemo) Ugh, fine, it'll have to do! Smash our target! Great Ram - Nautilus!
Damage 1 This is unbefitting for Captain Nemo...!
Damage 2 Kuh!
Defeat 1 Hat in hand...I go down with the Nautilus...
Defeat 2 I'm truly sorry...I must retreat.
Victory 1 Battle finished. Let's keep sailing, Master.
Victory 2 That fight was nothing. I could take a chance to return to the mermen sometime...naaah~, it'd be too embarrassing.
Victory 3 That "Myaa, myaa" is the cry of the black-tailed gull. I know that since I'm their friend, y'know.

My Room

Bond 1 Sion had summoned me here, yet somehow I've become your Servant. Fate's an inscrutable thing. Although...the way Sion summoned me was strange too...which is likely why this could happen.
Bond 2 So long as you follow the rules in the building, I won't complain. I may have the title of Captain, but I also have Triton's love of freedom. Don't you forget that.
Bond 3 Thanks to Sion imparting "Memory Partition" onto me, I'm able to make a decent amount of clones. They have their own tastes: the Marines like doing chores, Professor loves getting engrossed in their hobbies...Our personalities are different, but we're all the same Nemo. It'd be good to get friendlier with them too.
Bond 4 Men can have feminine thoughts, and women can have masculine thoughts. Both ideas apply to the Nemo Series, who are divided into boys and girls. But my lips are sealed on which is which...understand?
Bond 5 Let's drop anchor at the next port and explore the marketplace there. I'll limit my own personal spending, so help me get things for upcoming Nautilus work. If I didn't ask you myself, I knew you wouldn't come along...shouldn't you have some awareness as my Master?
Dialogue 1 Time for a cruise, Master. Give me a second to unfurl the ropes.
Dialogue 2 This only makes sense, but again, if you feel an order with your gut, follow it. If the plan is omitted from you, don't. If the plan is crazy...well...it depends on the situation.
Dialogue 3 I'm not good with words, so I'll say no more. I do like you though Master, so please don't misunderstand me.
Dialogue 4 (Jason) What is sought after in a captain...is stability. Competency when push comes to shove, and seeking adventure more than voyage. Hmm...that's probably why the Marines took a liking to him.
Dialogue 5 (Bartholomew) Bartholomew's prudence makes him reliable. He's got good looks, attention to detail, and a good sense for ship names...shame he's such a pain despite all that.
Dialogue 6 (Caenis) (Marines) Uwah! Is that Caenis? Nope. Nope, we are nooot a fan of her. They're crude, loud, and never clean stuff! Got it...let's swap her spear with a mop next time.
Dialogue 7 (Super Orion) (Engine) Wow...that's Orion? He's as beefy as the rumors said. Wha-, no, I'm not attracted to him or anything. I'm just admiring the male form...
Dialogue 8 (Lakshmibai) She is the face of pride, whereas I am of regret. She is proof of my folly, a denouncer to my name...aaand she fell. Oof, her tea went right into her face. Now she's dominoed into the trash cans. Mm...I can't keep my eyes off her for a variety of reasons.
Dialogue 9 (Da Vinci - Rider) (Professor) I've been taking study lessons from Da Vinci-san. The Shadow Border and Nautilus can command the land and seas respectively, so next up is the skies~. I'm a little uneasy about it though.
Dialogue 10 (Alter-Ego Lambda) So, that's the Servant crowned as the Demon of the Sea. Now that I can see her, she seems boastful and extraordi---...what the hell!? Is she firing off penguins like torpedoes!? So you can use them like that...!
Dialogue 11 (Either Hokusai) Master, what do you know about the unknown world of The Beyond, lying among humanity's briny depths? ...I'll tell you one thing, quickly. We people of the seas know one thing very well...and that's not to serve octopus for dinner while sailing.
Dialogue 12 (Summer Kiara) Erg...I just got a chill. Like I'd been turned into a tuna in the market...or a sardine put on a plate...Huh? That Sister became immortal by eating a mermaid...? Crew! Retreat, full speed!
Dialogue 13 (Gogh) So, Gogh is here too...Both she and I both have vague existences as Phantoms. I wish to preserve her in a bubble, so she doesn't fade away.
Likes What do I like? The freedom of the seas, the spiral shape of shells, musical performances, and making secret hideouts. And pudding for dessert.
Likes 2 (Professor) What do I like...the sensation of touching cold ground, the way manta rays swim, and vacuum tubes are pretty cool~. But my favorite thing...one thing comes to mind. Protecting others?
Likes 3 (Marines) Oh, you know! We like maintaining the Nautilus laundry cleaning the baths and loading torpedos!!! And, and, we live for lunchtime!
Dislikes I dislike those who oppress the weak, smuggling, and rats. Caenis...I don't dislike them, we just don't get along.
Dislikes 2 (Engine) What don't I like? Nothing really. Welll~, that stupid Captain of ours can piss me off sometimes. You know that he sneaks off to eat sweets when we dock? Meanwhile I'm here taking care of the engine, licking rock salt. Isn't that really unfair?
Dislikes 3 (Nurse) My dislikes? People who dislike taking medicine are a bit troublesome. Oh, and people who stay up very late too. Master, you don't fall into these categories, right?
Regarding the Holy Grail I have no use for a Holy Grail. I know it could make a lot of gold, but a golden Nautilus would look pretty tacky. Jason would be better off with such a simple-minded treasure.
Regarding the Holy Grail 2 (Bakery) Hmm? I don't need a Holy Grail, and Captain would just show off with it. I do think having one would be nice though. I mean...it could make infinite wheat, right~? Just imagine all the yummy bread I could make~!
Event An Event is underway. Let's do things in moderation.
Birthday I'm aware that today is your birthday. Congratulations on another year, Master. That may not be thanks enough...so today, I'll let loose. Go ahead, tell me anything you'd like. I'll take you to a lovely port anywhere in the world to get it with you.
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