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Fabricator Privileges Chapter One: The reception

Just so you know, there was already a prologue written, you can find that here Sorry it took so long to write, for the few people who followed this. Anyways now onto the important stuff, this takes place in the smolverse™. Written by the glorious wonderful overlord princess™ u/TinyPrancingHorse. You can find the series here is good, check it out. While you don’t even really need to read the whole series to understand this, reading at least arc 1 would greatly be of aid. Actually know what, just read it, is good™. You can find the most wonderfulest of people on the official™ [discord](discord.gg/hSAj9qW) If you join because of me, which you should, make sure to toss in a strawberry emote in general. Last but not least, thanks to all the people who helped edit this and check for grammar mistakes. Yall helped a lot. Now read the story you loaves™.
A ringing tone was the first thing Dave heard when he woke up. “Hello? Who’s this?”
“This is zephyr station 7 calling, a transfer ship is ready to pick you up.”
“Alright, I’ll be up there, give me a bit.” Dave in the meantime had been staying at a hotel down on the ground. He walked down to the toronto subway system. The trip to the space elevator didn’t take too long in the underground EM trains. Dave left the subway and walked towards the elevator.
Dave looked down from climber. To the dismay of acrophobics a window was placed on the floor. The city glistened from the sun beaming down on it, despite its massive size it still looked small from nearly 300 miles high. Dave took a glance at the people and equipment travelling to the station and then looked back down.
Dave walked past the equipment, avoiding the drones carrying around carbon fiber construction sheets. He was supposed to be looking for a light brown jornissian with brown diamonds on it’s back, similar to a lighter colored diamondback. Dave expected her to be deeper in the ship, towards the recruitment area. Instead, he felt a large scaly hand on his shoulder.
“[Hey, you’re [Dave] right]?”
Dave couldn’t help but flinch a little. “Yes, and you’re my escort right?”
“[Yes, also please call me Vrrnsla]”
“Alright vanilla.. Does that translate?”
“[Yes it does, now if you can follow me] “ Wires pulsed through the ship, sending trade deals for supplies and building materials. Oftentimes you’d see either it sent by high speed belt, or flown through by anti gravity drones to be shipped down to the surface. The zephyr stations had some of the most advanced technology near Earth, discounting the design and the looks everything else was practically alien built. He arrived at a docking port connecting the hangar to the ship.
“[If you will follow me, I'll take you on a tour of the ship before you start the job.]”, Dave had to speed walk to keep up with her, “[Now as you know from the job description we function as a general contractor, basically we fly around with our crew and we take whatever jobs that don’t require a specialist team and that one of our departments can handle. If we don’t have the necessary crew or supplies we hire some crew to deal with it alongside us.]”
“So how many departments do you have?”
“[Depends on how you count it, we have our larger departments such as engineering and science, construction, management of course. We also have some smaller departments and sub-departments such as security, drone management and navigation. Overall counting the smaller departments there’s about 20 or so.]”
“Which department will I be in?”
“[I guess the department you’ll fit into the most is management, though you should interact with all departments, speaking of management, here we are now.]”, Dorazins sat on the closest thing to human chairs, which were stiff to keep their fur from getting ruffled and had a hole in the back for their tales. Jornissians sat half curled up on something similar to a thick yoga mat.
“So where is my workplace?”
“[Your workplace is closer to the sleeping quarters, though that’s not what we’re here for, I need to introduce you to the captain]”
A large door was held open by Vrrnsla, inside of it several television screens were plastered over the walls, serving the equivalent of windows. Several crew members looked back at Dave, staring for as long as they could before what he assumed was the captain told them to get back to work.. Dave just assumed it was because they’d never seen his species before.
The brown furred dorarizin captain stood up from their holed wide chair, “[Hello, you’re [Dave] right? Wait, well of course you are, welcome to the light through the prism. I see you’ve already been introduced to Vrrnsla. I’m Terkoole of Araketer, the captain of the ship.]”
Terkoole noticeably sniffed the air, he twitched slightly towards Dave, “[You’re definitely going to need to be scented, this can be a bit uncomfortable for some humans. Please come over here.]”
Dave hoped this wasn’t the marking your territory kind of scenting found in dogs. For a split second it felt comfortable in this pit of fur and warmth buried deep in there. This was all before Dave realized something, he was being tightly squeezed by a ten foot semi-bipedal dog from outer space, and was soon to be going thousands of light years away from the place he called home.
Dave stumbled back from Terkoole for a second, “[Are you okay?]”
“Sorry, you just squeezed me a bit, was surprised by it. I’m fine.”, Dave tried his best to look calm.
“[If you say so],” Terkoole backed up a bit then proceeded to sniff Dave, “[You should be fine for now, though I do need to reorganize your sleeping to be done in dorarizin dens. Don’t want any potential… conflicts. Anyways, why I called you here is that I need to hand you your necessary supplies.]”
“What necessary supplies would I need?”
“[You really only need two things, your personal drone and the key to access your terminal. Don’t need to worry about the drone to much, it automatically charges whenever you go to sleep. The key on the other hand, is very important that you do not lose. We don’t want anyone illegally accessing the terminal, and the key is a major part of the security features put in place.]”
“I get the key, but why the drone, will it help me out or anything?”
“[The main reason for the drone is security reasons, the main parts to it are the camera and a tracker, the tracker only works on our ship though, it’s only compatible with our version of the Ship wide RBNS.]”
“Wait let me get this correct, you’re equipping me with something that monitors everything I do?”
“[I understand your concerns, but all visual, audial, positional and neocolophysical data is locked behind an entanglement secure hard drive which is virtually impossible to access without you being some sort of high ranking authority figure. Not to mention, it’s mostly to monitor your coworkers to help prevent mistreatment. Don’t want another...]”, Terkoole went silent for a moment, “[Celestial Scale incident. Anyways, here’s your stuff.]”
He turned behind him and pressed a button on a white panelled sphere, it levitated upwards with seemingly no external thrusters. A single lens was positioned on the outside. “[There’s the drone done, you can give it basic commands. It’ll automatically follow you, you should be able to figure out the rest. Now for the most important part, the key.]”, Dave was handed a small keycard, “[This’ll also be used to enter your room, so try and keep track of it.]”
“[I think that’s it. [Vrrnsla], please continue the tour.]”, Vrrnsla motioned Dave to follow. Several xenos stopped to stare before resuming their activities, probably just curious about the newcomer. As Dave walked through the ship several rooms branched off with jornissians curled up on their bean bag esc chairs talking and drinking out of mugs. Karnakians appeared to be listening to another karnakian dressed in fancy clothing with jewelry strapped on them . He even saw some dorarizins sniffing some smoke, sometimes it’s best not to ask.
“So where exactly are we going?”
“[Currently we’re in the first floor, mostly there’s just habitation and recreation. Your room should be close up but first, your work station. The computer uses [windows 12] so it should be easy to navigate.]”
“I get that I’m an accountant and all but what exactly am I supposed to do? Shouldn’t most of it be automated?”
“[Well it is, it’s just legally required to have a person overseeing management of money, besides, that’s not all you’ll be doing.]”
“What do you mean that’s not all I’m doing?”
“[There’s a reason you’re situated in floor 1, you’ll also be there to greet people and deal with clients. There’s a reason it’s so close to the elevator shafts. You’ll also have t-]”, Dave cut her off,
“I thought I was an accountant.”
“[Well you are but you have additional responsibilities. If you really want to you can just direct clients to management. Besides, there’s more to being an accountant then that. You also get to manage fabricator usage.]”
“Wait what do you mean by manage fabricator usage?”
“[Well in a ship this large we can’t have everyone use the fabricators at the same time whenever they want. Someone needs to manage having medical equipment be printed out before someone's workout equipment.]”
Dave spoke up with a slight intrigue, “Can I use the fabricators?”
“[I mean, sure, as long as you don’t abuse it and falsely prioritize your own requests I see no problem. You won’t manage the fabricators up on the shipyard at level 6, so if for some reason you need some high quality ship parts printed you’re going to have to talk it out with them.]”, Vrrnsla pulled up her wrist, on it a small projection came up. “[It’s about time for your shift to be over. The contact info should be in your terminal.]”
“Wait where’s my room?”
“[Continue down the hall, should be towards the end on the left side, it’s the only one with a keycard scanner.]”
Dave entered his room, he only realized now how tense his body was. His drone floated across the room and landed on a small pad. He was highly tired and practically fell on his surprisingly large bed. The day drifted away from him. Hours later the lights slowly turned on; Dave rolled over and shoved his head into a pillow. The drone slowly floated up from it’s charging pad and a sharp buzzing noise filled the room. “Jesus Christ, I’ll get up” Dave turned around and the sound cut off. Text popped up on the drone stating the start of his shift in a half an hour. He started to get ready for his shift
Karnakian head crests spiked upwards and they started to approach his desk before deciding against it. He got some intrigued looks from some dorarizins but besides that no one approached him. Apparently the ship isn’t under any sort of contract currently so there shouldn’t be any clients until they get farther out. He finished up approving some transactions, just to confirm he checked on fabricator requests. There was only one, a dorarizin requesting an oval object made out of soft rubber. They were oddly adamant about how there was no correlation between this and a “dog toy”. 20 minutes into his shift and he was done with his work.
Now what?
Dave sat idly, he checked the time, there was still hours left. He stared around and all he saw was empty hallways. He felt oddly calm with none of them near. He was still bored though, in a deep empty hallway all that sat was him alone. He looked through his computer, besides the occasional mysterious application, nothing stood out to much. There were some designs for various equipment shared through the ship but besides that not much else. Suddenly he felt another presence. The air became still. He looked up, there stood an eleven foot tall, furred beast.
“Fucking hell!,” Dave shouted as he tipped over in his chair.
“[Are you okay, I just came here to tell you about your room change,]” said who became apparent as being Terkoole.
“Yeah I’m… fine, you just surprised me.”
“[Look [Dave], I know your race can be more.. fearful when it comes to your fellow species. If you need to see one of our psychiatrists then feel free too, if you really want to I can even turn around the ship and send you back if you’d like.]”
“No seriously, I’m fine,” Dave said half-confidently
“[If you say so, the details of your room change should be in an email sent to you. You’re going to need to sleep with some dorazins in order to be properly scented. The room you slept in yesterday is still available to you, so if you need to use your terminal or to take a break, feel free to do so in there. Speaking of your terminal, you’re still going to need to take your 4 hour terminal break, I’d recommend you do so now.]”
“Thanks, I guess,” Dave started to pack up his stuff, then proceeded to pause for a second, “wait.. I thought you weren’t supposed about the whole afraid of you guys thing.”
“[[Dave], have you checked the news anytime recently, a month ago a ship hacked into a terminal and found classified human media. It’s been practically tearing the galactic senate apart.]”
“oh yes, that thing which I know about, anyways thanks. Bye.”
“[Oh one last thing,]” before Dave had anytime to turn around warm fur wrapped around him. Enveloping him in a soft blanket of fur. It slowly drifted away from him, “[Your scenting was wearing off. If my crew weren’t so trained I could’ve had a real disaster on my hands.]”
“Thanks again, I guess. I’m going to go now.”
“[Alright bye.]” Dave was already heading back to his room. He swung open his room wondering what just happened. He needed a break. The light from the terminal filled up the room. He scrolled through the OIH approved channels; eventually settling onto a livestream of the galactic senate (named G-span by the sadistic intern who ran it).
“You talk so much about disrespect yet you constantly try to invade us.” Stated a hispanic senator.
“[It’s not my fault that you treat us unequally as allies. All our homeworlds have various species on them, why can’t it be the same for yours.]” A green jorrisian stated.
“May I need to remind you that you constantly try to take away the things we rightfully own. It’s our planet, you hold no right to it. Besides, just because those memes were hosted on a state platform doesn’t mean they were state approved.”
A light blue karnakian with white speckles spoke up, “[This is the 27th emergency meeting we’ve had about this exact same subject. Can we please just wrap this up.]”
“We aren’t done yet, can you bring out witness Caroli-” Enough of that, Dave shut off the stream. He eventually settled on watching the critically acclaimed jurassic church, a deep faked edit of the Jurassic Park series featuring various karnakian high priests. Hours of watching what would be considered by any karnakian high treason later and his break was over. He stood up and started heading back to his work station.
He clicked open his computer and had an idea. He searched through the applications installed onto the computer, eventually discovering one called fabnet. After two hours of grueling trial and error on the program he’s discovered how to convert the files into mp4, how to upload, download and manage various craft files. More importantly however, he’s finally discovered how to print out a one centimeter cube. He hit send, he heard a noise coming from a room nearby.
Looking inside he saw a row of fabricators, one of which was moving. A set of pipes behind the fabricator ran into a small box towards the corner of the fabricator.. A half finished cube sat in the middle of the fabricator, an injector above it moved around the cube, yet nothing seemed to come from it. He began the process of sticking his hand inside the fabricator, before having a rare thought of sanity. He looked around and found a sheet of paper. He stuck it into the fabricator below the injector, and pulled it out again. Looking closely at it he could see no line to where it was cut, until it split into two. Looking back at the cube he could swear the cube got slightly larger. Confused on how it could inject material his mind rushed around before a particular idea crossed his mind. He tried to reject the idea, the hole in the injector was visible, and how would that even be physically possible. But any other answer would defy several known laws of physics, he decided to check.
Dave opened up his computer, scrolling through the ships phones list, eventually finding the one for the ships tech manager. He phoned the number, a karnakian voice picked up on the other side.
“[Hello, I don’t think I know this number, who’s this.]”
“Hey this is Dave, I have a question about the fabricators”
The karnakian responded happily, “[Oh, you’re the new human! what’s your question?]”
“How much material does the injector output at a time?”
“[Well it varies, some things require lots of material outputted at a time, but typically it outputs a line of atoms.]”
Dave went silent for a moment, “Thanks for your help” He hung up the phone. One single atom at a time, first things first how. A single atom in infinitesimally small, to be able to make any product in a reasonable time would require them going near the speed of light.
Besides, the amount of precision required to output a single atom at a time is nearly impossible. Emphasize on nearly, because clearly they found some way to do it. It would go so much faster if they outputted a larger amount of material at a time. That gave Dave an idea.
The interesting thing about the programming language used by the aliens is it’s shockingly similar to excel. When all you have to show from working years in an office job is knowing how to use excel, is you’re going to be pretty good at it. In a half an hour Dave already figured out how to speed up the fabricator by at least 500%. He decided to print out the cube again, he heard mechanical noises coming from the fabricator room.
Entering into the room he saw a beam as solid as a bb gun on full auto coming out from the fabricators injector. Despite the apparent speeds of the material, there was in fact not a hole in the ground leading out into the vacuum. Ten seconds later the cube was done. He picked up the cube, it felt pretty smooth around the edges. He looked to the left of him, there was the solid cube he first printed. He tried to pick it up, it instantly fell out of his hands. After two minutes of trying to pick it up, he gave up and left it on the floor.
He was worried that by outputting more material it would mess up fabricating, but then again most likely someone else already had a similar problem and fixed it. He decided to access the internet to see if anyone wrote a program to deal with it. He walked back to his room and opened his terminal. Opening up google chrome he went to the most reliable place for technical information. Wait that’s a problem.
Who the fuck in their right mind would ban stack exchange?
submitted by ThatOneAltIsAnAlt to HFY

I have compiled a list of web/mobile podcast apps that I have come across

1. Shortorange
Play Store | No ios
  • No RSS addition, have to email them to add your podcast
2. Overcast
No Android | App Store
  • No RSS addition
  • Syncing position for play available
3. Player.fm
Play | App Store Invite only Beta
  • Cloudsync comes with a cost
  • External feeds can be added using RSS
4. acast
Play | App Store
  • Syncing subscriptions and play position available only in android and ios as you can't create an account in website.
  • External RSS can be added throught the website's form https://www.acast.com/podcasters
5. Stitcher
Play | App Store
6. Audvel
Play | No ios
  • Web based player available, but stations can be subscribed only from mobile
  • I havent tested for rss additions and sync
7. Castbox
Play | App Store
  • Can't add external RSS
8. Radio Public
Play | App Store
9. Spreaker
Play | App Store
  • Podcast hosting site
  • You can only listen to stations that are hosted in spreaker
10. Tunein
Play | App Store
11. Audials
Play | App Store
12. Podible
No android app | App Store
  • Only FB/TwitteGoogle signin, can't create account using email
13. Podbean
Play | App Store
  • Podcast hosting site
  • Can only listen to stations hosted in the site or import from other urls, if u own the content
ps. i havent added the paid app Pocketcasts as have compiled only the free ones
submitted by raknaz to podcasts

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