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This info node means that this node tells them were to go, and areas to avoid, they function like Navigation Meshes. HILL CLIMB RACING 2 MOD APK. Gmod 13 cracked apps. Sulution 2: To connect to the server, simply enable developer console from Options, restart game and press ` (the. A Lua Script is essentially a Lua program that creates the whole contents of a web page and returns it to the client. Gmod on one account, Games on the other! [Garry's Mod learn the facts here now. From: Scott Cain - 2020-03-31 18: 22: 36.

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Gmod Adventure 2.0 apk Free Download. No matter where you are, Trello stays in sync across all of your devices. VEGAS Pro leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to bring your video production two steps ahead. Scroll, draw, and tap with your fingers or pen. Online gaming community. SCP: Site-19 is a mobile multiplayer SCP Foundation based game. Garry's Mod has no set objectives and provides the player with a world to freely manipulate objects in. Other game modes, notably Trouble in Terrorist Town, are created by other developers as mods and are installed separately, by means such as the Steam Workshop.

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Weight: Max 2 kg (4.4 lbs) Price: Under $1000 USD Games I play. Download Gmod Prop Hunt latest 1.42 Android APK. Such databases contain information about the genomes and biology of laboratory organisms. Get the latest resources for downloading, installing, and updating Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Acrobat Pro DC, Lightroom, Elements, Flash Player, Acrobat Reader, Technical Communication Suite, and more. Best Free Escape Games for Android. Florida Section 8 Waiting Lists Open Now.

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I have a GMOD 13 server and I want to know how to restrict things to admins on it. URestrict wouldn't work with gmod 13, so I have no options. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Click on it and click install. It was commanded by Jedi General Jaro Tapal and a Clone Commander. Use it to play online on tunngle best choice or play on cracked servers Garrys Mod officially abbreviated to GMod is a sandbox physics game using a modified. The GMod Idiot Box: Episode 13 - Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform by memecream. I tried the addons folder, and made the custom folder and still nothing works.

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Test your websites and mobile apps on physical mobile iOS devices for most accurate testing results. New Garry's mod Gmod GAME Discussion Group. Aside from official game files and cool indie games, users can also upload their own content to share with the world. Requirements: Android 3.0+ Report: Flag as inappropriate. I'm pretty sure it will be on sale during Halloween, as always. Hacks & Cheats, Call of Duty Hacks & Cheats, Gunz Hacks & Cheats, Quake LIVE Hacks & Cheats. RagTime Crack With Activation Code.

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Connor is a RK800 android and one of the three protagonists in Detroit: Become Human. And this is memeware, quit trying to do all of the retarded memeware aimware thingy, i already have it and i already knew because aimware has more spec's and it has like more stuff like RADAR and has seed nospread, quit tryign to do this retarded crap please. Best Forum Hack Game Android, iOS Mods Free. In the Norton main window, click Settings. Well If you're gonna say try [HOST] I. Come Join Us and Build And Have Fun [Not My Server] Abdul Wasay Nov 13, @ pm. Download Source Files For Gmod, Ios Image Message Says Downloading, Dell Inspiron One 2320 Bluetooth Driver Download, Download Web Browser Sources For Webpack.

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BINGO for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! Download Latest Version. How to use Game DVR in the Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar app to record games and apps The new Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar is a great and easy tool built into Windows 10 for recording gameplay and making. Email address does not match. I have come here for help. NOTICE: I DO NOT PLAY GARRY'S MOD ANY MORE + I DO NOT UPDATE MY ADDONS ANY MORE ] Has a few options (server console variables): sv_manualw. Its biggest reason is that this game is multiplayer and you can play with friends, relatives, and family.

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Mar 26, 2020 @ 12: 30pm This may be a little late, but gmod has a limit of 2600 addons I believe. We offer a huge amount of information and content for multiplayer game hacking and game cheats through our game hacking forum, game hack download database and our game hacking tutorial and wiki sections. I just want to play with a few friends i know from xbox. Garry's Mod 11 Half-Life ReBuilt Other Gmod Bike. Browse thousands of free and paid apps by category, read user reviews, and compare ratings. We are the top Gaming gear provider. For example, aiming at him, in.

R7-1700 after 2 months + My thoughts.

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant
Type Item Price
CPU AMD - Ryzen 7 1700 3.0GHz 8-Core Processor $306.81 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler Corsair - H90 94.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $96.99 @ Amazon
Thermal Compound ARCTIC - MX4 4g Thermal Paste $6.59 @ Newegg
Thermal Compound Coollaboratory - Liquid Ultra 0.15g Thermal Paste $13.99 @ Amazon
Motherboard MSI - B350 TOMAHAWK ATX AM4 Motherboard $109.99 @ B&H
Memory Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory $126.94 @ Amazon
Storage Samsung - 840 EVO 250GB 2.5" Solid State Drive -
Storage Western Digital - BLACK SERIES 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $119.99 @ Amazon
Video Card Zotac - GeForce GTX 1080 8GB AMP! Edition Video Card $517.95 @ Amazon
Case Fractal Design - Arc XL ATX Full Tower Case -
Power Supply EVGA - SuperNOVA NEX 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply $94.90 @ Amazon
Optical Drive Asus - DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS DVD/CD Writer $19.95 @ Amazon
Case Fan Cougar - CFD14HBW 73.2 CFM 140mm Fan $17.90 @ Amazon
Monitor Acer - H236HLbid 23.0" 1920x1080 60Hz Monitor $109.99 @ Newegg
Monitor BenQ - XL2411Z 24.0" 1920x1080 144Hz Monitor -
Keyboard Razer - Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 Wired Gaming Keyboard $69.99 @ Amazon
Keyboard Corsair - K65 LUX RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard $129.99 @ Best Buy
Headphones Sennheiser - HD 598 Headphones $185.15 @ Amazon
Headphones Sony - MDR-XB500 Headphones -
Speakers Klipsch - ProMedia 2.1 120W 2.1ch Speakers $148.72 @ Amazon
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $2075.84
Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-05-21 11:52 EDT-0400
*This list is accumulative over 3 years. Only the 1700, gtx 1080, 3000DDR4 LPX 2x8GB, and B350 tomahawk were purchased 2 months ago. *
The main reason I upgraded is because my cousin was still on a G3258, but he does a lot of programming and mods for games. I decided to gift him my old parts since he couldn't afford. The i5 was also delidded BTW.
Screenshots and Pics:
BIOS: http://imgur.com/0WHAIA8 http://imgur.com/cBaCTti
GPU: http://imgur.com/scxR1oq (The screw is the Corsair AM4 screw) http://imgur.com/o990U4y http://imgur.com/nORXM4y http://imgur.com/a8xYL30 http://imgur.com/GWYKWft
Nudes: http://imgur.com/hh2Zjkr http://imgur.com/d8DWnu8 http://imgur.com/jgABgb4
Wraith Spire RGB: http://imgur.com/bA70vLx (I think that's what WHITE looks like)
Boxes: http://imgur.com/0Ejc27E
Here are the old parts:
PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant
Type Item Price
CPU Intel - Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor $260.95 @ Amazon
Motherboard Gigabyte - GA-Z87X-UD4H ATX LGA1150 Motherboard -
Memory G.Skill - Ripjaws X Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory $123.99 @ Newegg
Video Card Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 770 2GB WINDFORCE Video Card -
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $384.94
Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-05-21 11:59 EDT-0400
Onto my experience:
Some games saw a dip in fps especially older games and low threaded games like LoL and Insurgency(source engine), and so on. They are heavily dependent on IPC single thread performance, so my 4670k at 4.6ghz did very well. It's difficult to test for improvement on newer games because I don't have a reference to compare the CPUs, and I can't just go ask for the parts back. Although the R7 manage 100-200fps, it occasionally dips below 144fps whereas the i5 maintain above in heavy fights. CS GO seems to be running well on the R7 despite slightly lower FPS, it has no stutter.
The i5 seems to be also at max load in many games due to its 4 threads. Running many background programs (Corsair Effect Engine, Wallpaper Engine, Steam, SoundBlasterZ, Malwarebytes, Geforce Experience, HWinfo, MSI Afterburner) further stress the cpu. Many Youtubers and reviewers benchmarked CPUs under ideal condition by using a fresh windows installation. We can already see how the i5 is 90-100% load in never games, and the i7 is already approaching max load. Throw in any addition background applications and your FPS will be sacrificed. I always run youtube on my 2nd monitor while gaming, which would be nearly impossible with the i5.
One thing did improve was multitasking. It's not even night and day, it's literally curing a blind person. I'm AMAZED. ThanksLisaSuYouaremy2ndfavoritewoman . The 1700 just laughed it off. OBS with 3500kb/s 1080p60 at fast preset and recording at the same time in CS GO saw 0% frame drops. Yet, most threads are hovering around 70-80% load, which means there are still room left. Newer games did max out my GTX 1080 like Witcher 3 with load spread nicely for CPU. Turning some heavy settings like GimpWorks down saw a nice and fluid 100-140 fps with no noticeable graphical changes.
AM4 brackets was an issue, and still is an issue at the moment. I waited until early April for Corsair AM4 to ship Hydro brackets for my H90. Meanwhile I used the Wraith Spire RGB. I love this stock cooler. A Cooler Master cooler, it's beautiful, elegant, and a great performer. 3.7Ghz was very achievable using the Spire without significant noise issue. One thing I didn't like was the white cooler appeared as light pink. Compared this to Intel stock cooler is like buying an after market cooler. Also, the Corsair AM4 bracket was a huge improvement over the Intel bracket. Shiny stainless steel vs plastic construction, and MUCH easier to install. The Intel bracket uses a plastic backplate with double sided tape that turned into super glue. I had trouble removing that from the old motherboard. The new bracket simply screws into the AM4 metal backplate that came with the motherboard. I'm running nicely below 80 C under stress test using H90, and overclocked to 3.8Ghz 1.325V LLC 2. Also, if you're reading this but planning to use the stock cooler. Try 3.7Ghz and 1.2v and work from there. It's a good starting point.
Now onto the motherboard and RAM:
As an early adopter, I was ready to accept the issues that came with it. Software and BIOS issues plagued the first month of Ryzen. Although many were fixed, they still exists, but at least AMD is working hard with motherboard manufacturers to get things sorted. My Hynix Corsair LPX 3000mhz 2x8GB C15 was stuck on 2133mhz until recent BIOS from MSI improved a bit to allow 2400mhz to boot (I'm still using v1.4 despite official v1.5 was released. I heard not much improvement, so I didn't bother). Playing with timings, 1.35v, SoC 1.1v did not help at all. Anything higher still crashes, so I hope the May update gets me 2933mhz. MSI seems to release BIOS extremely fast in the first month. v1, 1.10, 1.12, 1.13, and so on in the first month until someone decided to brick their mobo using BETA bios forcing MSI to lock all beta BIOS.
The long post time probably was the main reason many deterred from the Tomahawk and the Artic version. v1.0 had a very LONG 30 sec POST. This has been somewhat fixed on newer bios( since beta v1.32), but POST is still around 5-10 seconds before windows start to boot. Still longer than other brand. I choose this one because of the design and OOS on other brand in Microcenter. Asus had bricking issue early on. I forgot why I didn't purchase Gigabyte, but there was a reason.
BTW, if you're using the Tomahawk, enable Cool n' Quiet after you change voltage&frequency so your CPU can drop in frequency at idle. Seems to reduce the idle temp a lot. Also, reduce to 5% idle speed in the AMD Power Plan for a nice 1.8-2Ghz frequency idle.
Why going with B350 was a mistake for me, and please read this as a baseline if you are upgrading to Ryzen: Edit: Don't cheap out on motherboard. Get the best you can afford.
So, I saw many B350 vs x370 post and many stated that there isn't much difference beside features. Quality seems to be similar across both. One thing not many mentioned is the VRM. This might not be an issue if you are planning R3 and R5, but consider getting a high end B350 with more phases or get X370 to be safe. The 4+2 phase on my B350 Tomahawk cannot handle the R7 under load. Running [email protected] for about 1 hour put the CPU nicely at 76 C without worry, until I look at the VRM temps (It's called System temp using HWinfo) and it hits 93 C and still creeping slowly up. This is with ambient at around 70F or 21C. This is only at 1.325v, I know my H90 is still capable of pushing near 1.4v but I'm sure the VRM will fry at that point. I suspect this is because there is little airflow over the VRM when using liquid cooling, so I plan to find some 80mm fans and strap it to the VRM. I also have an 90 degree airflow director from an old Acer PC that I might try turning the exhaust fan into a VRM cooler. I have a friend that is going to upgrade to R5 1600 at the end of this year, so I might sell him this mobo and get the Taichi.
EDIT:The Tomahawk uses Richtek RT8894a MOSFET http://www.richtek.com/assets/product_file/RT8894A/DS8894A-05.pdf They have an up to 125 C operating temperature. So, this is perfectly safe. Still pay attention to it and make sure they have airflow to keep it under control.
EDIT: Check out the OCCT stress test results below when I raised the limit to 100C. It reached it quite fast. This only happens when all threads are at max load. I do not do any rendering or video production, but I occasionally stream and record which can caused the CPU to reach 90% load. This might be an issue for other users rendering or encode putting max load on the CPU for an extended amount of time. This "high" temperature is still within the limit, but it will eventually reach the motherboard cut-off temperature and will force shutdown.
BuildZoid also recommends you stay away from B350 if you are using R7. The current draw is too high for the VRM. His video:
Or stay at stock settings.
EDIT AGAIN: A redditor pointed out a mistake. What Builzoid actually said is avoid the 3 phase for 8 cores. 4 phases are OK for 8 cores. Still, if you have the budget, go for a higher end, otherwise no matter how much cooling you throw on the CPU, VRM might be an issue at high voltages. This issue might be exacerbated with an AIO that gives no airflow over VRMs.
EDIT: Remember this was from using AIO. The only airflow is from the exhaust fan drawing air near the VRM, but does not directly flow through it. However, I'm currently modifying an old fan with an air-duct to force air onto the VRM. Trying to think up a way to mount this thing here. http://imgur.com/N2tJtDk
If you want any benchmark, here is my Steam list and games:
Steam: https://puu.sh/vX7k1/84feb5c678.png (I know this is a small list, and don't hate me, I'll be honest, Witcher 3 wasn't legit.)
  • Civ 5, Gmod, KF1, and 7 Days to die got cut off for some reason.
Other games not on the list:
  • Minecraft (If you want to, it's single threaded anyways)
  • BF3(I'm boycotting all EA games after BF3 and the premium Bullmanure).
  • League of Legends
  • Diablo 3
  • Overwatch: (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lTOpHYLelPOl8cENdZN0bUWIZQatH61cJLD4zUVdT34/edit?usp=sharing). This shows the immense power of Ryzen when threaded correctly. Multi-tasking while gaming never dips below 150fps.
  • GTA5: Max Advance Setting and No MSAA (This would be GPU bottleneck). https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wOzUBlCGBDEovFQMg1AFwreKThaaw8hFbAtqFqbsZdA/edit?usp=sharing
  • GTA5: with no Advance Setting. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HKw0HF9VvpA5SBCl1Ld88C_uchMhwknZX544__9nSgU/edit?usp=sharing About a 20fps increase. GTA 5 doesn't play nice with ryzen, IPC single thread performance still wins in this game.
  • CS GO Max settings: 271.52 fps, the lowest it drops to was 95 fps, that's when the camera move through the smoke, otherwise all fps are above 144fps, even explosion. Using fps benchmark in workshop.
  • CS GO Lowest settings: 290fps, drops to 110fps when walking through smoke. Using fps benchmark in workshop.
  • Blender Benchmark: CPU got 1:14:97. The GTX 1080 got 00:55:87. CPU was at 73C and VRM at 77C.
  • CineBench R15: https://puu.sh/vX40T/bba0834ea4.png , you can see the 1700 is 250% faster than the i5 4670k at 4.6Ghz. Single thread however is still on the i5 but not much.
  • CineBench R15 Single Core: https://puu.sh/vXqMY/83a1aecd0b.png , IIRC the top score was at 4.7ghz, 4670k, but it was too hot at that speed. Still a good comparison.
  • OCCT CPU Stress: https://puu.sh/vX6UA/7554987c05.png , Passes 5 minute stress test nicely, but you can see the VRM is already at 85 C, I'm sure pushing the duration to 1 hour will push it near 90C and higher. CPU is nicely under control below 74C.
  • OCCT CPU Linpack: https://puu.sh/vX8lX/c3b434a62c.png , You can already see the VRM doesn't play nice with this much power from the 1700. Made 1 minute before OCCT shutdown for exceeding 85 C VRM Temp. CPU still stays nicely in the mid 70s.
  • (ADDED) OCCT CPU Linpack with 100 C as shutoff: https://puu.sh/vXABC/3b2cf3873d.png , yep still reaches high temp fairly quickly. Had to manually close, since OCCT didn't stop for some reason.
  • (ADDED) OCCT CPU Only: https://puu.sh/vXBi6/6709aa7146.png, linpack might be unrealistic load, so I tried some regular stress test. Although it took quite a lot longer to reach 100C, it did reach. Still didn't want to further stress and find the top off temperature as temperature still creeps up.
Any other benchmark? I don't like buying games for the sole of benchmarking. I'll be glad testing rendering if you want.
BONUS Zotac GTX 1080 Amp! Edition Review (Non extreme):
I bought this card for $470 since the extreme was way too expensive. Same PCB, but weaker cooling and slower clocks. It has a nice "RGB" Zotac logo that allows you to select 7 colors, but only using Zotac software. The card is quite big. I do like the style, but many hated the yellow stripe on the backplate. Removing the heatsink and fans are extremely easy if you want to water cool or change thermal paste. Simply remove 5 screws on the backplate and that's it. I recommend you to avoid this GPU, It overheats like crazy, get the extreme if you can afford or get other brand. Easily reaches 83C in witcher 3 at stock speed despite 100% fan ( but quiet at 100% fan however), resulting in throttling. I changed the paste to CLU liquid metal and it dropped to 79 C with 120% power limit and voltage 100%. Because the Amp! and Amp! Extreme share the same PCB, you can BIOS flash the Extreme BIOS and get more clocks. Reading through forums, I see little to no difference with a slight temperature increase on an already hot card. Not worth it.
BONUS MSI B350 Tomahawk Information for Programmers/EE:
https://kazlauskas.me/entries/i-reverse-engineered-a-motherboard.html Here is the github: https://github.com/nagisa/msi-rgb
Some guy tried to bypass the 7 colors limit of MSI Gaming App through reverse engineering. We all know the Wraith Spire RGB is capable of true RGB, but Gaming App doesn't offer us a color wheel. Only limitation is that it's only for Linux. Enjoy creating manual animation and colors. Hope a programmer here can port this to Windows so we all can enjoy the RGB trend.
Another BONUS? (edited)
So, I found this http://imgur.com/N2tJtDk from my old parts box. I plan to attach this to the exhaust fan slot so I can draw fresh air into the VRM. Thinking of a way to fit this 80mm into a 140mm slot. Maybe zipties? I will do a comparison. If VRM temp is still high, this post still stands, get better VRM boards. Otherwise, I will revised and put a caution for people using liquid cooling.
(ADDED): http://imgur.com/Y1aL2e8 http://imgur.com/MoViuC8 http://imgur.com/dN25sab VRM temps seem to stabilized in the low 80s.
Being a nice guy, gave my old 4670k+16GBDDR3+Z87 Mobo+GTX770 to a cousin to upgrade to Ryzen. Early adopters came with limitation and issues. Went with MSI B350 Tomahawk. Long post issues is mostly fixed. Hynix RAM is still meh and waiting for May BIOS update. Waiting a month for AM4 bracket. Wraith Spire is beautiful, cool and quiet. R7 does multitasking extremely well and high threaded games. B350 4+2 VRM doesn't play nice with R7 resulting in overheating on a not-so-high OC of [email protected] isn't the best for high OC R7. BuildZoid recommends getting more phase for R7, and 4+2 will do ok for R5 and below Buildzoid said 4 phase is ok for 8 cores, but getting better board is still recommended. Avoid the 3 phase like the MSI B350M Gaming Pro for R7. Try getting a B350 board with more phase or go X370. Or stay at stock setting. Avoid Zotac GTX 1080 Amp! Edition, it overheats like crazy.
TLazy DR:
Good luck with Vega launch, I need some more competition.
EDIT: Added Nudes and Bikini shots
EDIT2: Added a graph of Overwatch benchmark with 4k youtube video and twitch stream in the background ( using chrome). Couldn't bench part 2 since Overwatch crashes half way through due to 3rd party software running as an overlay. Blizzard still didn't fix this?
EDIT3: Added blender benchmark, CPU and gtx 1080.
EDIT4: Added single core Cinebench benchmark with comparison to my old i5 4670k.
EDIT5: Another post within a post. Trying to improve VRM temps by adding a fan to flow air over VRM heatsinks.
EDIT6: Rewatched builzoid's video, and corrected a mistake I wrote about the 3 phase vs 4 phase.
EDIT7: So I tried to find out the top off temperature of VRM since they are rated at 125 C. Used OCCT stress test with increase shutoff limit. Linpack took the shortest time, while regular stress took longer. All reached 100 C.
EDIT8: Installed a fan+air duct. Very ugly, but seems to do the trick. VRM hovers around low 80s.
submitted by -transcendent- to Amd

[H] Ability to buy games, Alien Breed Trilogy, Penumbra, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army [W] Wishlist, Offers

Please Look at my wishlist if you're looking to trade. I update it with a few games every day.
Inventory listing by TradeStarter
Note: I value the Sniper Elite keys at just under $10. About $8. I can go lower or you could go higher in the good spirit of trading for games we each want.
  • I upvote everyone that attempts a deal, regardless of if it's good or not. At least you tried right?
  • I have the ability to buy a game off Steam or something else and return for face value.
  • Lastly, I want Counter-Strike: Complete. I don't want individual copies of Source or GO. If it's Source+GMod, that's doable.
submitted by MikeyJayRaymond to SteamGameSwap

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