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My story updated for 2018. This will include more of my family history of child abuse.

Two years ago l woke up from my indoctrination, and joined this subreddit. I soon then posted my story. I want now to update it, and correct a few minor mistakes that I made in my previous post. Also there were less then 6,000 members here, and now we have over three times the numbers, so many might never have read my story. So here goes and buckle up because it is about to get real.
My Family's History With the Cult
In 1920 my great-grandmother was contacted by her uncle. He was a full-time servant, and he was visiting all of this relatives with "truth". She was soon baptized. My grandmother told be stories of going to the meetings in the 20's when she was a small child. During the early years of the Great Depression my great-grandfather was killed in a car crash. My great-grandmother had 5 kids and nobody to help her. She stopped going to meetings and drifted away. In 1942 she took my great-aunt and my grandmother to the local army base to become army nurses. So by this point she was not a witness. In the 50's my grandmother had three kids and a bad marriage when JWs knocked on her door. She excepted a bible study and became a Witness. Later on a total of 3 out of the 5 kids came back to Cult. My great-grandmother also came back. She would later die out in field service in 1975, so she went out the best way possible for a Witness.
In 1959 my father was sick and stayed home from school. There was a knock on the door and he took a subscription for the Watchtower and the Awake. 11 months after this first call my father and his mother were baptized. All 5 of his younger bothers and sisters also were converted.
In 1968 (I will come back to this year later) my father was 20 and working at Brooklyn bethel. There was an international convention in Washington D.C. where he meet my mother. (she was 14 at the time). He decided that day he would marry her. In 1973 they were married at bethel. They were assigned as pioneers to a congregation in West Virginia. From 1975 to 1978 my sister brother and I were born.
On my dad's side of the family all six kids pioneered. Three of my uncles became elders. Both of my aunts married elders. My dad and his one brother served at bethel. My aunt married a bethelite and together they have been missionaries in kenya since 1980. My uncle has been a director of the Watchtower business corporation for almost 20 years. So you can say that I have a lot of history with Borg. Since my father served at bethel I have meet hundreds of bethelites over the years. We have had many stay at our house while I was growing up.
On my mother's side her two older brothers left back in the 60s. Since both of them were disfellowshipped I had no contact with them. In fact I had only meet them once each. My mother finished high school in 1970 and moved to EL Salvador. She pioneered there for 3 years.
We had a great childhood. My parents loved and cared for us. My dad was appointed as an elder in 1972. He did the best he could. He studied with us each week even before it was a thing. My mother is what I call a bitch. She was the typical JW mom. Always lying always explaining the truth as good and moral. She was the one that brainwashed me not my dad. As a kid I always had doubts, and she was the one that lied and convinced me it was the truth. 1975 etc and etc.
My sister and I were baptized in 1989 in Philadelphia PA. Then she and I started to aux pioneer right away. My freshman and senior year of high school I regular aux pioneered through the entire year. In 1995 I finished high school and began to regular pioneer. I did this for 6 years. My sister has been at Brooklyn and Wallkill bethel since 1998. My younger brother had a harder life. He was disfellowshipped 2002 and for 5 years I only saw him once. I thought that I was do the right thing but I was so wrong. I still wish I would have those years back that I missed with him. He is such an awesome brother to have, and I threw it away.
I am one lucky guy. In 1987 I meet my future wife. She lived in the next hall from mine. On Fridays nobody would go out in service in my hall, so I would drive 20 minutes and work with her congregation. She became my best friend. I could talk to her about anything. I had so much fun with her each week. She made service so exciting! I looked forwarded it each Friday. We started dating and were married in 1997. We kept on pioneering until we had our first child in 2001. I was appointed an MS in 1999 and an elder in 2011. I will get back to those years later.
Disgusting things in a "Holy Place"
In 1968 my grandmother married a JW. Within weeks of the marriage this creep started to abuse my mother. She was 14 time at the time. This was before the elder arrangement, my mom and her mother went to the congregation servant about the abuse, but he did nothing. I would not find out about this until 1988. Back then my parents both worked full-time. They would take turns dropping us kids off at my grandparent's houses. The summer of 88 was a hot one. My brother and were playing in the basement to stay cool. We came upstairs and found my step grandfather with his hands down my cousin's pants. She zipped it up, but we still saw it. Over the few days I saw him grab her and rub her rear on a few times. I was over 300 miles from home and had to wait to see my parents. I was too scared to confront this evil man. He was a mean an very abusive. On the drive home my bother and I told our parents everything we saw. My father then contacted the elders in my grandparent's hall. We then had to drive back to Ohio the next week for the judicial committee. This was a total farce. Before the meeting one elder took my mom and I aside and told us they could not se what he did against her because the statues of limitations has expired? That is when I found out about my mother's abuse. Next the meeting started. My grandfather on one side of the hall, my cousin and her mother in the middle, and my mother my brother on the left. The meeting was over in minutes. Even though there were three witnesses to the abuse, the elders did not believe us. One elder said all kids lie and make up stories. I would later find out from my grandmother that two of the elders owed my grandfather money. But one question my mother would never answer was why did she let her three kids stay there in the summer? She would tell me that she thought Jehovah would heal him, he would stop and get better! What total bullshit.
Red Lion PA: Maybe the worst Congregation in the World?
In 1999 I moved back to hall I went to until i was 5 years old. My father had grown up in this hall. My grandmother and some of my family still went there. It was like I was going home. Everyone knew me there. Within a few months I learned about child abuse that was going on. A 26 year old sister had a relationship with a 14 year old boy for two years. The elders knew about it, but did little to stop it. The women later was disfellowshipped for 5 MONTHS! But the police were not called, and the family was encouraged not to call the police.
In 2007 a man in his early 20s was still living with his parents exposed himself to a room full of toddlers. His mom had a daycare in her house. Because these kids were not JWs the police were called and he was arrested. He spent about one year in jail. But when I asked the elders about this case they lied to me.
Later in that same decade a dfd man moved to our hall. As he was trying to get reinstated he admitted to another sin. He had raped his younger sister after he had gotten disfellowshipped. The branch was called, but again the police were not called.
Another case of abuse came to the elders attention in Red Lion. A young sister moved into our hall. Soon after moving she talked to an elder about abuse that happened to her at 14. Two friends in the hall she had gone to previous, had taken turns raping her. By this date I was an elder, and I can remember talking about this case with 17 other elders. In meetings the elders assigned to the case went over all of the dirty deeds with the rest of the body. It seemed like they enjoyed talking about it. Just like in the case mentioned before this one every elder meeting I went to, we were updated about all of the abuse cases. In this case the young woman was encouraged not to call the police but she did not listen. Later York County Police interviewed the elders in our hall and the ones in the hall where the abuse happened. The police then got a search warrant for the records in the hall. The elders were told to destroy all of their notes of the case, and to guard the records in the cabinet. The branch was worried the police would take all of the disfellowshipped files Red Lion have saved going back over 50 years. This case had a somewhat happy ending, the men were convicted and still in jail.
All these cases happened in Red Lion, but there is one more I need to talk about.
In October 2005 my uncle was removed as elder. He was furious and moved to Red Lion. I knew something bad happened in his old hall but I didn't ask. I was a servant back then so I didn't have the inside scoop. In less then a month after he was there my daughter was attacked. It was a wednesday morning, and every wednesday was my service day. I worked 3rd shift and loved the ministry back then. My wife had a study at 9:30 so she left right away after the meeting for service was over. I was giving out territory assignments when I noticed my daughter was not at my side. I went to look for her but I could not find her. In the loby of the hall there was a giant tree. Behind it was my cousin, he had both hands up my 4 year old girl dress. I asked him what he was doing he said nothing at all. I told my daughter we had to leave and left it at that. I thought I might have imagined what I saw and did not want to jump to conclusions. Saturday of that week we had our assembly. On Sunday the entire congregation meet at the hall for service. The elders asked me to take the lead out for service and I said yes. I did the meeting, and my wife had to take my son in the back to change him. After the meeting again my daughter disappeared. What happened next is totally my fault, I didn't think he would do it again. But I looked everywhere and I could not find my daughter. I went to the elders room and noticed the door was locked. This room had two doors, so I walked to the door by the literature counter and went it. On the chair was my daughter on the lap on the perp. He again had both hands under her dress and in her underwear. I took her out and did not make scene. On tuesday i went to the elders and told them everything. They said they would handle it but they didn't. The told me not to call the police so I did not. But they did nothing correct. They did not believe me so they didn't call the branch and they did not punish my cousin.
I did nothing then. We did not talk to anyone about it, and played close to our chest. But this was not the last attack. In April of 2006 I aux pioneered. I went out in service to 3 and went home to sleep before work. Within 10 minutes of me being home my wife was back with my daughter. He had grabber her chest at the hall. I was crazy mad! I wanted to buy a gun a kill the fucker. But I did not. I instead called the branch and told them. Because of this I was disciplined by the elders. I was not deleted as an MS, but i was not allowed to give talks or doing anything else for 6 months. And later I found out that the reason I was not appointed an elder sooner was because of calling the branch. They wanted to see if I would remain loyal since I broke their rules.
The elders did better this time. They did call the branch, and they did punish him. He was not allowed to give talks or even be a publisher. But I was viewed as the bad guy for making a scene. I was told many times if I told anyone in the hall, I would be disciplined. At the time Red Lion had 30 kids under 10. So I did not tell anyone. I was brainwashed. I was told not to call the police. It would bring reproached upon Jehovah's name.
In 2011 I was appointed an elder and learned so much. I found out that my cousin had abused a young girl in Yorkana, the hall they had gone to before Red Lion. Later I also found out he had another attack on a girl in Delaware, the place they moved to after Red Lion. The elders could have warned us and the entire hall, but they chose to serve a book publishing company instead of protecting kids.
My Waking UP
In 2013 my wife and I wanted a change. There were 18 elders in Red Lion, and we wanted to help out where we needed. The CO told us we could go to a York City congregation. In two weeks I was made the service overseer. Soon thereafter a request for a bible study came thru from the website. I gave it to my wife, and she started a bible study. The woman became a publisher. But she didn't stop doing research. She showed my wife the UN scandal, melno park, 607, The ARC, and so on. This shattered my wife's life. She showed this and we fought and fought for months. I could not and would not accept this. I would not do my own research because I was scared of what I was going to find out. But then something did happen that finally got me out of the fog.
In August of 2015 I put the literature inventory online. Later I got a letter from the branch telling me to throw away all of the old literature. I was not allowed to put it out on the counter. I told my literature servant about it, but he and I forgot. In February of 2016 again I put the inventory online, but this time all of the elders got the same letter. After the Tuesday night meeting we had an elders meeting. All of the elders were mad at me for not doing my job. After the meeting I saw something that I wish I had filmed it. One elder went and got a giant trash can and took handfuls of the old org books, reasoning, live forever, knowledge, happiness and so on. Just imagine 5 old men attacking books in the counter. I could see that all of these men were brainwashed. I was done after that. I never went back again!
The Real Life
It has been 26 months since I woke up, and life has been great. I have tried to really help people. I found out about the Fessler case a year ago. I contacted the lawyer and offered to testify against Watchtower. I found out that she was abused the same month October 2005 as my daughter. This was in the next hall as ours. But we all know what happened. WT settled the case a day a before I was going to testify against them. I could show to the world that both congregations handled the matter the same. And later when I was an elder nothing had changed. They care more about saving face then protecting children.
My beautiful wife of almost 21 years is still my best friend. She has helped me so much in life. She has made me a better man. She stuck it out 6 months until I woke up. She put up with so much shit to get me and our two kids out in one piece. I am so proud of my daughter and son, they can do anything they want to from now on. My daughter is amazing, she is one of the most nicest kindness girl I know. She has no hatred for watchtower. She wants me to let it go, she doesn't care about them at all. She says the best way we can beat WT is to never think of them again. Do not waste a second of your precious on that cult. I know she is correct, but I want to take them down. I want my entire family back! I do not want another little girl ever to suffer at the hands of religion again.
My bother and his wife are out, as well others I have helped leave. I have found my uncles and we have become close friends! I also found out I have a cousin I never knew about!! I will get to meet him this July. Life is so great! I will love every second of every day I have until I run out of time. I spent 38 years in a cult. I hope to live 38 more years as a free man. In two years I have greatly improved my health. I have lost 30 pounds, and dropped my cholesterol from 419 to 162.
I want to thank all of you on this subreddit. You have helped so much. Thank you for listening to my rantings at 3 in the morning when I can't sleep. I want to thank John Redwood, Lloyd Evans, Eric from jw struggle, JW critical thinker, the telltale atheist, Covert Fade, King of Faders, and so many more for helping me waking up and every day since then.
If any of you ever need my help just ask, I will do anything i can.
I also want to take time and apologize to the two people that I disfellowshipped. I am sorry I didn't know what I was doing. I am also sorry to any pub that I gave counsel to. I had no right.
Your fellow exJW and fellow human being
Martin John Haugh (free man)
submitted by exElder_Hawk to exjw

College Football Mascots in Hollywood

The following is a pseudo-comprehensive list of college football mascots and their most prominent roles in Hollywood films:
Team(s) Mascot Film Role Year Genre Star Gross
Air Force Bowling Green Falcon Stuart Little 2 Antagonist 2002 Comedy Nathan Lane $91,325,015
Akron Zip (Kangaroo) Kangaroo Jack Antagonist 2003 Comedy Anthony Anderson $91,723,730
Alabama Crimson Tide (Elephant) Operation Dumbo Drop Protagonist 1995 Adventure Danny Glover $40,869,550
UAB Blazer (Dragon) DragonHeart Protagonist 1996 Fantasy Dennis Quaid $82,836,871
Appalachian State West Virginia WKU Mountaineer / Hilltopper Everest Protagonist 2015 Survival Josh Brolin $46,325,929
Arizona Kansas State Kentucky Northwestern Wildcat Wildcats Protagonist 1986 Comedy Goldie Hawn $59,715,902
Arizona State Sun Devil Sunshine Antagonist 2007 Sci-Fi Rose Byrne $4,521,527
Arkansas Razorback Razorback Antagonist 1984 Horror Gregory Harrison $366,865
Arkansas State Nevada New Mexico NC State Wolf Pack / Lobo The Grey Antagonist 2012 Survival Liam Neeson $56,660,775
Army Black Knight Monty Python and the Holy Grail Antagonist 1975 Comedy Graham Chapman $2,598,971
Ball State Louisville Stanford Cardinal The Three Musketeers Antagonist 1993 Adventure Charlie Sheen $94,111,684
Baylor California Bear The Edge Antagonist 1997 Survival Anthony Hopkins $43,621,768
Auburn Clemson LSU Memphis Missouri Tiger Life of Pi Antagonist 2012 Adventure Suraj Sharma $137,297,960
Boise State Western Michigan Bronco The Horse Whisperer Protagonist 1998 Drama Robert Redford $116,149,930
Boston College Eastern Michigan Georgia Southern North Texas Southern Miss Eagle The Rescuers Down Under Protagonist 1990 Adventure John Candy $54,589,342
Buffalo USF Utah State Bull Ferdinand Protagonist 2017 Adventure John Cena $86,121,957
BYU Houston Washington State Cougar Sex and the City Protagonist 2008 Romance Sarah Jessica Parker $180,063,452
UCLA Bruin The Country Bears Protagonist 2002 Musical Haley Joel Osment $23,887,994
UCF Rutgers Knight A Knight's Tale Protagonist 2001 Adventure Heath Ledger $80,441,729
Charlotte 49er California Gold Rush Protagonist 1946 Western Robert Blake N/A
Coastal Carolina South Carolina Chanticleer / Gamecock Rock-a-Doodle Protagonist 1991 Musical Glen Campbell $21,564,517
Colorado Marshall Buffalo / Herd The White Buffalo Antagonist 1977 Western Charles Bronson N/A
Colorado State Ram Shaun the Sheep Protagonist 2015 Comedy Justin Fletcher $20,643,135
Connecticut Northern Illinois Washington Husky Snow Dogs Antagonist 2002 Comedy Cuba Gooding Jr. $114,123,303
Duke Blue Devil Devil in a Blue Dress Protagonist 1995 Mystery Denzel Washington $26,739,317
ECU Pirate The Pirates of Penzance Antagonist 1983 Musical Kevin Kline $1,768,134
FIU Georgia State Pittsburgh Panther Black Panther Protagonist 2018 Sci-Fi Chadwick Boseman $639,436,634
Fresno State Georgia Louisiana Tech Mississippi State Bulldog Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Protagonist 1993 Adventure Michael J. Fox $73,044,321
Florida Gator Alligator Antagonist 1980 Horror Michael V. Gazzo $20,671,374
FAU Rice Temple Owl Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole Protagonist 2010 Fantasy Helen Mirren $63,975,466
Florida State Seminole The Seminole Protagonist 1953 Drama Rock Hudson $13,104,789
Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Ant-Man Antagonist 2015 Sci-Fi Paul Rudd $191,987,047
Hawai'i Rainbow Warrior Moana Protagonist 2016 Fantasy Dwayne Johnson $261,435,550
Indiana Hoosier Hoosiers Protagonist 1986 Drama Gene Hackman $64,991,022
Iowa Hawkeye The Last of the Mohicans Protagonist 1992 Epic Daniel Day-Lewis $136,135,254
Iowa State Cyclone Twister Antagonist 1996 Disaster Bill Paxton $389,808,830
Kansas Jayhawk The Wizard of Oz Protagonist 1939 Fantasy Judy Garland $397,365,324
Louisiana Ragin' Cajun Fletch Lives Antagonist 1989 Comedy Chevy Chase $72,273,102
Maryland Terrapin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Protagonist 1990 Adventure Corey Feldman $264,364,180
UMass Minutemen The Patriot Protagonist 2000 Drama Mel Gibson $167,169,640
Miami Tulsa Hurricane Hours Antagonist 2013 Disaster Paul Walker $3,989,825
Michigan Wolverine X-Men Origins: Wolverine Protagonist 2009 Fantasy Hugh Jackman $212,127,739
Michigan State San José State Spartan 300 Protagonist 2007 Epic Gerard Butler $259,076,480
Minnesota Golden Gopher Caddyshack Antagonist 1980 Comedy Rodney Dangerfield $127,524,178
Ole Miss UNLV Rebel Star Wars Protagonist 1977 Fantasy Mark Hamill $1,307,793,761
Navy Midshipman Annapolis Protagonist 2006 Drama James Franco $21,506,384
Nebraska Cornhusker Nebraska Protagonist 2013 Drama Bruce Dern $19,089,431
North Carolina Tar Heel Cold Mountain Protagonist 2003 Epic Jude Law $131,054,651
Notre Dame Fighting Irish Gangs of New York Protagonist 2002 Drama Leonardo DiCaprio $109,398,575
Oklahoma Sooner Oklahoma! Protagonist 1955 Musical Gordon MacRae $66,211,090
Oklahoma State Wyoming Cowboy Blazing Saddles Protagonist 1974 Comedy Gene Wilder $638,506,964
Old Dominion Monarch The King's Speech Protagonist 2010 Drama Colin Firth $155,646,686
Oregon Duck Howard the Duck Protagonist 1986 Comedy Lea Thompson $37,020,995
Oregon State Beaver The Beaver Antagonist 2011 Drama Jodie Foster $1,097,635
Purdue Boilermaker Flashdance Protagonist 1983 Romance Jennifer Beals $236,569,972
South Alabama Jaguar Apocalypto Antagonist 2006 Epic Rudy Youngblood $638,695,630
USC Troy Trojan Troy Antagonist 2004 Epic Brad Pitt $179,319,575
SMU Mustang Bullitt Protagonist 1968 Mystery Steve McQueen $308,865,669
Syracuse Orange The Godfather Antagonist 1972 Drama Marlon Brando $805,920,300
Tennessee Volunteer The Alamo Protagonist 1960 Western John Wayne $169,957,270
Texas Longhorn Man of the House Protagonist 2005 Comedy Tommy Lee Jones $25,721,287
Texas A&M Aggie (Collie) Lassie Protagonist 1994 Adventure Michelle Williams $16,996,247
UTEP Miner The 33 Protagonist 2015 Drama Antonio Banderas $13,027,392
UTSA Roadrunner Space Jam Protagonist 1996 Comedy Michael Jordan $145,811,874
Toledo Rocket Apollo 13 Antagonist 1995 Drama Tom Hanks $285,057,938
Tulane Green Wave The Impossible Antagonist 2012 Disaster Naomi Watts $20,893,298
Vanderbilt Commodore The Bushido Blade Protagonist 1981 Drama James Earl Jones N/A
Virginia Cavaliers Cromwell Antagonist 1970 Drama Alec Guinness N/A
Wake Forest Demon Deacon The Hunchback of Notre Dame Antagonist 1996 Musical Demi Moore $161,487,517
Wisconsin Badger The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad Protagonist 1949 Comedy Eric Blore $16,858,766
No relevant films: Central Michigan Cincinnati Illinois Kent State ULM Miami (OH) Middle Tennessee New Mexico State Ohio Ohio State Penn State San Diego State TCU Texas State Texas Tech Utah Virginia Tech
Some of the mascots have appeared with prominent roles in quite a few movies. Water for Elephants, Reign of Fire (dragon), The Revenant (bear), The Jungle Book (tiger), etc. were nearly picked for this list. Which important movies did I miss?
submitted by BullAlligator to CFB

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