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My Latest Deck: Stealthy Kate!

So, I've been a criminal-runner for a long time and finally decided it's time to try for a big rig. I've had three failures thusfar, but finally I think I've come up with something that actually works really well. As dedicated as I am to being an "independent, creative deckbuilder" I think this has hit the point that now I'm happy for input to improve...or just compliments/insults. The deck:

Kate "Mac" McAffrey
  • --
  • 3x Diesel
  • 3x Quality Time
  • 3x Levy AR Lab Access
  • --
  • 3x Prepaid VoicePad
  • 3x Dirty Laundry
  • 3x Sure Gamble
  • 3x Lucky Find ** ** **
  • --
  • 2x BlackKat *** ***
  • 2x Refractor
  • 1x Switchblade **
  • 1x Dagger
  • 3x Cloak
  • 3x Ghost Runner
  • --
  • 2x Plascrete Carapace
  • 2x R&D Interface
  • 2x CyberSolutions MemChip
  • 1x Personal Touch / Dinosaurus ----- (undecided)
  • 1x Same Old Thing
  • 1x Rachel Beckman *
  • 1x Armitage Codebusting
  • 1x Escher
  • 1x Self-Modifying Code (again, undecided).

Concept: Like many a shaper, I hope to tear through my deck with lots of card draw, and assemble a rig on the fly. However, unlike most of my previous decks money for once is not a problem in doing so. For god's sake, Magnum Opus feels slow in this deck.
Let's start with the most interesting observation: The breaker rig costs 15 credits before Kate's discount. 1-refractor. 1x3-cloak. 4x1-BlackKat. 3x1-Switchblade/Dagger. ... ... +4-CyberSolutions Memchip. With her discount? You potentially save 7 credits... 50% off. However, the more important property is the modular nature of it. There's no "big pieces" to drop like a femme or a torch or whatever. Each piece drops easily. 20-30 cards, and I can just deploy them or a credit each. Awesome.
But then, what about money? An efficiently priced rig still needs money for the breaking.
Here, Prepaid Voicepad is amazing. Also SUPER easy to underestimate --at least that's what my experience has been locally. But it's SO GOOD in a Kate deck. Costs 1credit to drop, which you get back for free if you play any of your economic cards that same turn thanks to the recurring cred. Then, you get +1,+2, or even +3 creds per turn [effectively] thanks to your economic cards. Seriously, you have not tasted joy until you play Sure Gamble for +7 credits instead of +4. Or drop a free Quality Time. Or bounce back from zero credits thanks to Lucky Find. 9 econ cards. 3 econ-hardware. >15 event-targets for Prepaid VoicePad overall. Yeah, this thing procs very very often.
But finally there's the ace in the hole: 3x Levy! In your first pass through the deck (or 30-40% of it) your goal is to drop 3x cloak and stealth-breaker suite. That alone is a good 9-10 cards. In order to churn this out you probably got out at least one or two of your voicepads, ghost runners, memchip(s), R&D-I, etc. Let's say 15 cards in play. Now you Levy-AR. Suddenly- guaranteed, 6 draw cards in the deck. Guaranteed 9 econ cards. FIFTY percent of your deck helps you beat the "1click-1card" ratio. FIFTY percent of your deck beats the "1 click, 2 credit" ratio (expected from Magnum). VoicePad makes every econ card +1-3 depending on how carefully you space out their use. And, if you've managed to use your ghost-runner credits then THEY'LL be back for recurrence too.
And that's just your 2nd pass. You can do it again. And AGAIN. Although (TBH?) this usually plays out more as an excuse to draw 5 cards. I have a pretty low threshold for that 2nd Levy...if I've burned through 5-6 econ cards already? Odds are even I'm ready to levy.
One of the nicest parts is just how resilient a deck like this is to my local meta. Almost everyone loves the goddamn mother-fucking Jinteki here. I'm considering switching out Beckman and a BlackKat for a Keyhole just to deal with all the goddamn snare/shock/Shikyu shenanigans. But being able to hit Levy not once but multiple times in a game just utterly obliterates the whole "burn your whole deck" attitude some of their decks employ. And yet, rather than it being me forced to include a silver bullet, I've taken the Levy and turned it into a core tenant of my deck. Hyper card draw, hyper-money.
Finally there's the issue of the efficiency of the rig and - perhaps more telling - the lack of an AI breaker or a non-stealth option. Won't this be taxing on stealth credits? In my experience this has not been a problem. Typically, a good server will have two ice on it and a LOCKED DOWN server will have as many as four. With the exception of switchblade, one credit for a stealth breaker tends to be enough strength boosting. TWO for really nastily strong ice. Therefore, super-guarded 4-ice server will take, let's say, 6 stealth credits? So...one ghost runner and 3cloak. Then just pay cash for the rest. Average server (like HQ) has two ice to tax? Again, 3 stealth credits is probably enough + 1-2 real creds. Also, some very popular ice is easy to break with this rig. 3-strength barrier braker is nice. Switchblade gets through Komainu for two stealth credits. Switchblade on Dino or Touch gets through it for ONE!
Escher for security for that one-time re-adjustment of ice to make my 3-access lock on R&D effective for a while.
Average turn, therefore, boils down to doing a card-draw card, a money card (typically gaining 5-10creds -- often while running with it!), and a run with stealth-power to bust in somewhere for <5 real creds.
I have not yet lost a game with it, but that's probably more an artifact of whom I play with locally. I like it enough that I'm posting it here. Please be gentle, Enjoy!
submitted by BountyHunterSAx to Netrunner

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