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In depth analysis of the anounced new skill system

So the new skill rework has been show and I wanted to share my thoughts while analizing the new skills, keep an eye these are mine so take what you want from them.
WARNING, very, very long post.
So first things first, the new system, since it alocates skills for each different class, I uhh, think that looks pretty cramped up but we will see how it unfolds.
Maximum skill points number increased from 19 to 21
Don't like this too much because following the current formula you will need about 450k cxp for 20 and around 600 for 21, summing a total of 1,050,000 cxp. This is a huge deal because the ability to stock up on cxp will be unavailable unless you bump one of your 19 pts to 21 pts for a heavy price.
The increase of retraining cost is also a bad thing because now that fcxp will be unavailable for some time, grinding tech tree ships will be harder without the use of gold.
I guess it's balanced by dismissing commanders but I feel like there is not much issue over new additions.
Now let's go for the skills themselves, I will go by alphabetical order as they are listed on the spreadsheet.
Bold is a good skill for the ship and italic is a skill that's inferior, no style means its unchanged from what we have now.
Not listing specific stats unless necesssary. You can find the new skills here
CV 1 pt skills
  • Aircraft Mechanic (Accelerates aircraft servicing) : We have this one already, no comment.
  • Engine Mechanic (Increases engine boost) : No change.
  • Engine Technician (Reduces reload time of Engine Cooling) : Basically another boost to speed, not a bad pick considering the cost but it competes with others.
  • Damage Control Specialist (Reduces damagecon reload) : Kind of a bad one? Waste of points because by this time you will be sunk by shells if you keep using it anyway
  • СAP Specialist (+1 fighter per consumable on hull patrols) : Why? This is a noob trap, I don't see any use for this considering fighters already have high AA damage and low HP
  • Patrol Expert (Increases patrol fighter radius) : Another noob trap, no reason to buff your most useless plane, might work to permaspot DDs but again, better stuff to spec into
CV 2 pt skills
  • Torpedo Bombers Specialist (Reduces arming distance) : A no brainer for CVs with high speed torpedoes and tight spreads, you can basically drop closer now
  • Torpedo Armament Specialist (Increases aerial torpedo speed) : The one we have but without the distance penalty. Good for slow torps that converge into a narrow spread
  • Engine Expert (Increases plane speed) : We already have this one
  • Repair Specialist (+1 repair party + more action time) : Looks good honestly, the +1 alone makes it a must-pick
  • Expert AA Gunner (Increases flak dmg + continous AA damage): You will see this one on the rest of the skill trees but this one is pretty garbage for CVs
  • Interceptor (Fighters take less time to pursuit but more time to deploy, it also makes the consumable last less) : Fighter skills are mostly useless but this one nerfs your fighters pretty bad.
*** CV 3 pt skills ***
  • Expert Marksman (The one we had but its 7.5% for all planes and is now 3 pts instead of 4) : Looks good now, a shame it does not give dive bombers +15% anymore but the cost makes it decent
  • Piercing Armament (Increases AP bombs and rockets damage): Just why? I mean, a must pick for German CVs, IJN CVs and Enterprise but didn't AP bombs got nerfed?
  • Pyrotechnist (Increases fire chance of HE bombs and rockets) : Better stuff on the skill tree to pick this, bombs fire chance are pretty high already. Maybe worth on rockets if your strike flight fires a lot of them
  • Enduring (Increases plane HP) : No change
  • Aircraft Engineer (Reduces continuous AA damage taken) : No change
  • Flight director (+1 fighter consumable per squad) : Fighters are already useless, this is basically SI but renamed, still not good
*** CV 4 pt skills ***
  • Navigator-bombardier (Increases dive bomber speed) : You can slot so far with this 4 speed buffs to bombers. Pretty good on german BBs
  • Ruthless (Aerial torpedoes ignore 15% torpedo belt) : Another big why? Very good on all CVs
  • Close-quarters Specialist (Mansec) : No change but why keep this on the CV skill tree?
  • Stealthy (Reduces CV detection, damagecon reload but increases planes time to return) : No reason to bring this, basically nerfed CE for CVs
  • Senior Aircraft Engineer (Reduces damage taken from flak) : Another why? Flak is already so easy to dodge, though to be fair this one has no use on CV players that know how to use the keyboard.
  • Focused (Increases action radius of fighters, they will only attack strike planes and can only be shot down by AA. Can't spot at all) : This one is pretty garbage, again no use in buffing fighters but this one takes the cake. Can it become a feature instead?
How to make CVs look balanced? Fill 1/3 of the skill tree with useless fighter skills.
CVs got a total of 8 new useful skills and 8 useless/not worth it skills.
6 skills were unchanged.
AFT, BFT and Last gasp were removed. CE no longer works on planes.
CVs got the most benefited from the skill rework, while 8 of the skills are useless (fighter skills) CVs have the most amount of ways to boost damage and speed. This in fact negates the recent AP nerf an the torpedo reduction skill is ridiculous. There is also the change with the sight stabilization and torpedo arming time.
Not to mention regarding AA we only got 1 new skill (the flak clouds one) and AFT and BFT merged in a single skill but it gets more costly depending on the class. Still overall less cost for these (7 pre-skill rework and up to 4 now)
*** BBs 1 pt skills**
  • Loader (Expert Reloader) : No change
  • Pyrotechnist (DE but costs a single point) : This can make secondary builds less skill-hungry and this is an overall change, you will see soon enough
  • Consumables Specialist (Buffed JoaT and 1 less skill point but no buff to damagecon or repair party): It doubles JoAT effect and also costs a single point. Looked good at first but you want the one below this one (this one buffs DFAA, Engine boost, planes etc)
  • Emergency Repair Specialist (High alert + JoAT for dmg con and repair but costs 1 pt) : This is the one BB players will run, it increases survability for a point
  • AA Gunner (+1 flak cloud) : Flak is useless these days, garbage pick
  • Maintenance Specialist (Preventive Maintenance) : No change
*** BBs 2 pt skills***
  • Gunner (It's EM) : No change
  • Threshing (IFHE but costs 2 pts, same effects) : Good old IFHE but it now costs 2pts. Still a questionable choice but halving the costs makes it a considerable pick.
  • Consumables Expert (Increases consumables action time but not for damagecon and repair) : Must pick on BBs with utlity tools like hydro or radar (Missouri) good pick for garbage points. No increase for reload booster.
  • Argus-Eyed (Priority target but costs 2pts) : Ooof, the skill was probably too effective because it will be 2pts now. Still a must pick but it can hinder the extra 21 points now.
  • AA Gunners Training Expert (+20% priority sector AA) : AA is pretty weak and buffig it 20% additive value is not worth it. Survival builds will still be meta, not AA ones
  • Vigilance (Vigilance but costs 2pts) : Another buff in terms of costs. For those BBs that can't WASDD
*** BBs 3 pt skills ***
  • Armor Piercing (Im putting flat values to see how ridiculous this is. +5% AP shell damage +40% fire duration +40% flood duration) : THis is the biggest WHY on the entire skill rework an my main problem with them. These feel like legmod upgrades with random buffs all over the place and some specific nerfs. No BB should pick this 40% more fire duration is losing around 15k HP with fires while you will deal about 1k more AP damage per shell.
  • Secondary Armament Ballistician (AFT for secondaries only and costs 1 less pt) : I told you didn't I? Secondary builds will be less costly. Losing the AA effect though (as if it matters)
  • Adrenaline Rush (AR but now 1 more pt costly and buffs AA as well) : I guess it was like priority target, now it will be a hard think to pick this skill or survability skills
  • Survivability Expert (Don't get triggered, it's just BoS) : No change
  • Expert AA Gunner (The AA skill we saw with CVs but costs 1 more pt) : No reason to pick AA skills at all
  • Steady (Increases torpedo protection) : Another survival skill and yes, even in a good BB you will eat 1 or 2 torps per game.
BBs 4 pt skills
  • Marksman (-10% dispersion if blind firing) : Best summary I could give without it being complicated. Screw Smolensk but very situational because if you can see any ship it wont apply the buff
  • Secondary Armament Expert (It's nerfed mansec -35% for secondary dispersion) : You can fire on both sides though. Screw german BBs, this is only good on US premium BBs
  • Straight-A Artillerist (If you have an enemy in seconary range reduces reload time of main guns and secondaries) : Super weird name but a good pick for any secondary build
  • Emergency Repair Expert (+1 damage con +1 repair party and +10% action time of both) : Basically the combined package of buffed JoAT + SI. No better way to see it
  • Concealment Expert (Duh) : No change
  • Fire Prevention Expert (It's same good ol FP) : No change
10 new useful skills on BBs and 6 questionable skills.
8 skills were unchanged.
Survability Expert (+250 HP per tier), Direction Center, Last Stand and Radio Location were removed.
BBs also got a ton of new useful skills but some were increased in cost while some decreased. Overall it's now possible to run a tank-hybrid build but some skills are very questionable (like the AP one)
Cruiser 1 pt skills
  • Gunner (EM 1 less pt costly) : Very good
  • Torpedoman (Increases flooding chance) : Torpedoes are rarely used as main armament an if you brawl you wanna go for the alpha. Maybe usage on Mino and Zao
  • Consumables Specialist (Reduces cooldowns on consumables except damagecon and repair) : 1 less costly JoAT basically
  • Loader (It's EL) : No change
  • Alarming (It's Incoming Fire Alert) : No change
  • AA gunner (+1 flak cloud) : Could see it used as leftover points
*** Cruiser 2 pt skills ***
  • Pyrotechnist (DE but 1pt less) : Good skill for leftover points as a must pick for CLs
  • Torpedo Armament Specialist (Torpedo acceleration but no nerf to range) : I mean it got buffed but a very niche pick
  • Consumables Expert (+10% action time of consumables except dmgcon and repair) : Big middle finger to Worcester, good skill though
  • Spotting Aircraft Expert (Reduces spotter plne reload and action time +2 consumables): Why not buff fighters? Picking this means you are forced to use spotter plane, either way the buffs stack up nicely, no longer 3 min reload but it also lasts half the time
  • Argus-eyed (PT nerfed) : It's PT but costs 2pts, it's not a big deal for cruisers thought becuse you end up with more leftover points
  • AA Gunners Training Expert (Increases sectoring) : Same as before, don't bother with this
*** Cruisers 3pt skills***
  • Demoman (+10% HE and SAP damage +15% detectabiliy on guns bigger than 149mm) : Another meme skill, similar to a legmod upgrae. I hate this skill design. Plus it's a straight buff to Smolensk.
  • Torpedoman – demolition expert (+15% torpedo damage) : Very niche skill and costly, not worth picking
  • AR (It's AR but costs 3pts) : Two skills had their cost reduced, AR had it increased in return. Must pick and the overall captain points remain the same
  • AP Demolition Expert (+7% AP damage higher than 190mm) : No buff for Minotaur. Still good on some AP monsters like DM or soviets.
  • Provident (It's SI, unchanged unlike BBs though) : No change
  • Enduring (It's SE) : No change
*** Cruisers 4pt skills**
  • Straight-A Artillerist (Same skill as above with the BBs) : Too costly and too situational, might be hilarious to use with DM in brawls though
  • Brawler (Engine boost buff to speed and -10% dispersion if there are more enemies within your main battery range than allies) : If you feel like your back hurts from carrying games in cruiser, pick this. Other than that another niche pick
  • Intelligence Radio Technician (Radio location) : No change
  • Threshing (IFHE) : No change
  • Concealment Expert : No change
  • Expert AA Gunner (Same skill as before) : Did you notice this skill with the same effects has 2pt cost on CVs, 3 on BBs and 4 on cruisers? Not worth picking either way. This skill also got split with DDs, you will see soon.
9 new useful skills on cruisers and 8 less useful ones. 7 skills were unchanged.
Preventive Maintenance, Basics of Survability, Mansec, FP, Smoke Screen Expert, Massive AA, Vigilance, BFT, AFT and Last Stand were removed.
Cruisers didn't need a lot of skills back then but they still added a lot while balancing some others with costs. Some skills are very questionable like the HE damage one.
Very questionable they remove skills such as BoS, BFT, AFT and FP considering cruisers are very versatile and it will ruin some buils for DD caliber CLs and large cruisers. Also why Smoke Screen Expert was removed?
*** DDs 1pt skills***
  • Gunner (EM but cost is 1pt less) : Good skill for some specific DDs like Shima.
  • Torpedoman (+30% flooding) no drawbacks and for 1 point is good on everything that uses torps
  • Consumables Specialist (Same deal as above) : Another good skill, specially on DDs heavy on consumables
  • Loader (It's EL) : No idea why they kept this
  • Maintenance specialist (It's PM) : No change
  • AA gunner (+1 flak cloud) : Not worth it again, specially with so many good 1pt skills
*** DDs 2pt skills***
  • Pyrotechnist (DE but 1pt less) : A nice surprise, will make some builds less costly, coupled with reduced EM
  • Torpedo Armament Specialist (Same as TA but no debuffs to range) : A straight up buffed skill, good to have on DDs with slow torps
  • Consumables Expert (10% action time of all consumables but damagecon) : Another good skill we already saw on all skill trees
  • AP Demoliton Expert (Increases damage of AP shells) : Very niche, will see an use on specific DDs for a bit of damage
  • Argus Eyed (Same as PT but 1pt more costly) : A bit of a bummer it costs more but good DDs don't need it. Maybe DDs with smoke.
  • Propulsive (It's LS) : No change
*** DDs 3pt skills***
  • Main battery and AA specialist (This is what I mean by the AA skill getting split it's BFT though but it's been nerfed -5% reload time only) Even after the nerf a goodd skill on any DD
  • Torpedo Armament Expert (It's TAE) : No change
  • Adrenaline Rush (It's AR) : No change except it costs more now
  • Threshing (It's IFHE but 3pts cost) : IFHE but leaves 1pt free. Must pick for Harugumo line
  • Provident (+1 consumables) : It's SI, no change
  • Enduring (It's SE) : No change
*** DDs 4pt skills***
  • Main battery and AA Expert (It's AFT which is missing) : On closer inspection AFT and BFT have been merged in the AA skill for the other classes
  • Cautious (Engine boost like buff while undetected, permanent +10% reload time on guns) : A good skill for some torpedoboats that need extra speed but not recommended for gunboats
  • Intelligence Radio Technician (Radio Location) : People (incluing me) still call this RPF. No change.
  • Fearless (-10% gun reload but +5% detectability) : I think another niche pick for some gunboats like Khab or Kleb.
  • Concealment Expert (CE) : No change
  • Nimble (For the next 15 seconds after being spotted, increases dispersion of enemy shells by 20%) : I see it being good for some getaways or for quick draw duels. A bit costly but has potential
DDs got 12 new useful skills albeit, some useful on some DDs, other on others and 3 less useful skills.
A total of 10 skills were unchanged.
Of relevant DD skills Smoke Screen Expert was removed.
DDs got a lot of options for builds with better skills, although some DD builds will need to think about adding AR for 3pts.
Some changes are nice, some are questionable. Personally I really dislike all the direct buffs to CV damage instead of other parameters (drop patterns, actual fighter skills that don't have riiculous drawbacks, turning radius, regen and reserves, etc) while when it comes to AA skills we got only +1 flak 1pt skill and a fused version of BFT+AFT which costs 2 on CVs, 3 BBs and 4 on cruisers.
I also don't like the skills that have ridiculous drawbacks along with forced buffs, like the AP shells one or the buff to HE/SAP damage.
I know it's all in testing now, but this needs a lot of work, specially I find it overwhelming to introduce all these new skills at the same time for 4 different classes.
Edit: Some corrections to CVs CE, CAP and Mansec for CVs
submitted by FumiKane to WorldOfWarships

ASUS Pugio II In-depth Review: An interesting mouse you've probably never heard of...

I forgot my usual disclaimer, so here it is short and sweet: I paid for it. My thoughts are my own. No BS.
Quick Info:
My hand size: 19.05cm x 10.8cm
Main game types played: FPS, RPG, JRPG
Current Top 3 Mice: Sensei Ten, XM1, Roccat Kain 120 (added after a revisit)
Mouse Pad Used for Testing: Wicked Bunny Sprint
Mouse Grip: Relaxed Fingertip, Fingertip and currently experimenting with claw grip
Asus Pugio II intended Grip Styles: All (I think)
Unboxing and Packaging: The packaging on the Pugio II is nice and eye catching, but not as flashy as I was expecting. The box is medium sized and the space was used well inside to minimize the footprint. The mouse is not overly protected by heavy foam, which is a bit of a let down for one of ASUS' flagship mice. It does seem to do a decent job of protecting the mouse as it is recessed inside the box a few inches.
Included is the mouse, USB-C charging cable, USB dongle, Case with extra switches; switch puller and sidebutton covers, ASUS sticker, the usual paper work, and a spare customizable logo insert.
It DOES NOT come with a USB extension cable.........WHY?!?! That really irritates me that a well-known brand would skimp on a much needed feature, but add "fluff" in it's place instead. Other than that what does come with it is mostly pretty good and well made.
Retail Box Front: https://i.imgur.com/s6kPQcd.jpg
Retail Box Rear: https://i.imgur.com/HR7myZ2.jpg
Box contents: https://i.imgur.com/JIyI6Pi.jpg
Spare Switches, Sidebutton Covers, and Switch Puller: https://i.imgur.com/Me1fduh.jpg
Mouse Shape and Dimensions:
126mm x 57mm x 40mm. This is definitely a longer mouse. It is the same length as the SteelSeries Sensei Ten,1mm higher and has a MUCH narrower flare. The smaller rear flare took me a while to get used to because it didn't give me the support that the Sensei Ten, XM1 or Rival 3 do. ASUS does not post what grip styles this was built for, but I can already tell you that I would look elsewhere for palm grip. The reason I say this is because the front of the mouse also has a flare that is almost as big as the rear one. This makes palm grip much more uncomfortable in my experience. Narrower hands than mine can definitely palm it, but I feel that there are much more comfortable mice for palm out there. For Fingertip it works just fine, however I did have hand cramping issues for 2 weeks since it does not have a wide flare support for my ring and pinky fingers. Claw is a weird one. Compared to many of the top claw grip mice the back end of the mouse is arced (from left to right), while the Sensei Ten, XM1 and Rival 3 feel almost flat (especially the Sensei). This concentrates the pressure on your palm in the center while the other 3 evenly distribute the weight across more of your palm. The back end of the mouse also touches my palm higher up than those mice and even the GPW. I actually think this shape would fit Palm-Claw very well and relaxed claw for certain hand sizes. It's an off shape for me since my hand is pretty wide, narrower handed folks who hate rear flares may love it.
Mouse Bottom view: https://i.imgur.com/oW3mI8z.jpg
Pugio II Angled Left Side pic: https://i.imgur.com/IhtV33v.jpg
Pugio II Angled Right Side pic: https://i.imgur.com/NlvFWx1.jpg
My Main grip clip: https://i.imgur.com/bNYWhy1.mp4
Pugio II w/ Sensei Ten: https://i.imgur.com/sybtdkL.jpg
Pugio II w/ Rival 3: https://i.imgur.com/Gskbk15.jpg
Coating and Side Grips: There is zero coating on the top shell of the mouse. It is smoked transparent plastic. At first when I pulled it out of the box I thought that it felt cheap. However, once I got it on my desk and started to game with it I realized it didn't feel cheap at all. It just took me a second to get used to not having a coating. The rest of the mouse has straight black plastic that has a VERY light texture to it. Both parts of the shell have a similar light texture and can be incredibly slick after washing your hands. The saving grace of this mouse is the side grips.
This mouse actually has ribbed (for her pleasure) side grips. These are molded into the mouse and are very slick. This sounds disastrous but the actual pattern saves it. I never once felt like the mouse was going to slip out of my hand. It doesn't feel overly aggressive either, it's just enough to keep your hand in place. It isn't a premium feeling solution, but it definitely does the job and doesn't add extra weight. One con of the sidegrips is that they hold dust easily and I have to wipe them out every few days.
See The Kailh 4.0's Through the Shell?: https://i.imgur.com/asHgE3r.jpg
Side Grips (I just wiped those down too...): https://i.imgur.com/NYHatBz.jpg
Mouse Clicks (Hot-Swap!) and Side Buttons: To be honest I actually didn't use the stock switches that came with it for more than 5 minutes. I don't like Omron switches very much, even though the stock switches felt snappier, a touch stiffer and more tactile than they do on the Logitech GPW. ASUS does seem to be listening to the community as the switches are Japanese Omrons. I was stoked that I could test my Kailh Red 4.0's, Kailh 8.0's, TTC Golds, and Zippy Switches without disoldering! Depending on where you press the clicks it can GREATLY increase the stiffness and tactility of the switches.
The clicks have a very noticeable increase of stiffness and tactility starting at the very back of the scroll wheel and downward (towards your palm). For that reason the Kailh Red's were a bit overly tactile and stiff since my fingers rest almost right at the back of the scroll wheel. The Red's still felt amazing in it though (if you love tactile switches like I do). The Kailh 8.0's are new to me but I could immediately tell the difference on the rebound. In this mouse they are almost as tactile as the 4.0's, but require a bit less force and have a noticeably slower reset speed. The TTC Gold's were much better for this but the tactility just wasn't as sharp as I like. For some reason the Zippy switches that I pulled out of the Rival 3 felt just right in the Pugio II. They were a little heavier than in the Rival 3, but the tactility is much more pronounced while still being softer than the 4.0's and 8.0's.
Installation Process (Sorry I know it's dark): https://i.imgur.com/Zc8yjyD.mp4
If for some reason your switches do not register pull the switches back out and slightly bend all the pins to one side to make a connection. If you've owned a Kailh hotswap keyboard you may have already had to do this. I had to bend the pins on the 4.0's, 8.0's and Zippies, while the Golds went in just fine. The sockets do not hold them in place firmly but don't let that freak you out, when the clicks are re-installed they feel very solid.
There is no post or pre-travel on the left click while the right has no pre-travel but has a tiny amount of post-travel. I can't feel the post-travel on the right click in use and I really have to put a lot of force to get it to go down. Both clicks have ZERO side-to-side play.
Clicks with Kailh 8.0's just for fun: https://i.imgur.com/k7oavWi.mp4
I'm not 100% sure what the sidebutton switches are but they feel good. The front sidebuttons on both sides feel a little "springy" (not mushy) and make a softemuted sound. The back button on both sides feel much crisper, are louder with a more defined “snap” and have a minuscule amount of pre-travel. Something I had to point out is that both front sidebuttons have a LOT of post-travel. It feels consistent on both sides so I think that it is part of the design. I don't use that much force in game to ever notice it. They are shaped in a way that somehow makes them suitable for both those that like to roll their thumb up or those that like to have their thumb directly on them and roll back and forth to press them. The buttons are not particularly huge, but I never had to think about them while playing like I initially did on the Rival 3. The sidebuttons are also held in by magnets and are removable if you only want 2 instead of 4. I chose to keep all 4 as I use all of them. I never accidentally pressed any of the sidebuttons during gaming or general use.
Sidebuttons Clip: https://i.imgur.com/QQPcBRQ.mp4
Scroll Wheel Encoder and M3: The scroll wheel encoder is EXCEPTIONAL. The steps are somehow smooth, yet notchy, exact, and sturdy. I don't know what encoder ASUS used, but I want this in all my mice. This rivals my favorite scroll wheel of all-time, the Roccat Kain 120. I actually think I like this one better ONLY because it allows side actuation while the Kain 120 doesn't. That is the biggest praise I can give any scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is dead silent when scrolling only a few steps at a time but does make noise when scrolled more than a few steps quickly. Scrolling up makes a touch more noise than scrolling down.
Scroll Wheel Clip: https://i.imgur.com/0TCA3Xv.mp4
M3 is handled incredibly well here as well. It feels nicely tactile, but is stiffer to press. The Rival 3 and GPW are much faster to reset while it feels on-par with the XM1 (non-RGB version).
M3 Clip: https://i.imgur.com/glVBdl7.mp4
Cable and Strain Relief: The cable is a generic (janky) rubber USB-C cable, nothing to get excited about. It's only minor plus is that it's soft. It does have a weird cut-out pattern that makes you insert it a certain way. I usually don't mind this approach since it gives the connector more rigidity, but the cutout looks so similar at first glance that I often find myself not putting it in correctly on the first try (no, not a personal problem ;) ). The Asus logo on the cable needs to be pointed upward to go in correcty...however I usually play at night in a dark room. The cable has to be inserted at an angle, this wouldn't be much of a problem if the USB-C connector wasn't so recessed. Fortunately the cutout on the mouse is so large that you can use any USB-C cable lying around to charge it for color matching reasons or if the cable gets damaged.
The cable actually doesn't have a strain relief. It just has the protective casing around the metal connector and wires that any USB-C cable would have. This is a minor over-site, but I will give it a pass since the connector is already angled and naturally gives any cable less drag.
Mouse Feet: Complete. Utter. Garbage (and that's putting it nicely). You thought the Roccat KPU mouse feet were bad? They are God-tier compared to these. They feel like old-school mouse feet that felt like dragging a suction cup across your desk. They were convex (curved outward) on all of the mouse feet except the center foot. I noticed this after a few days of trying to break them in. The did not wear evenly at all and the outer parts of the mouse feet were barely even touched. After a week of trying to force the feet to break-in I finally gave up and slapped on 2 kinds of feet. I used Intellimouse sized Corepads PTFE feet and Hotline Competition feet. I used 2 in the front and 4 in the back. I liked the feel of the Hotline feet more. They were smooth, consistent and I always felt in control. The Corepads felt almost uncontrollably fast on my mouse pad but were faster and I performed consistently better with them. I ended up choosing the Corepads for performance reasons. My 360/Cm is 43.30 or 17.05 inches. If you have a larger 360 I would personally choose the Hotline feet as the mouse was just on that edge of feeling uncontrollable on flick shots.
Stock feet (look at the dome/convex shape of the front feet): https://i.imgur.com/NKlxe0c.jpg
Stock Feet, Arrows Show Where They Weren't Making Contact (gray area) Pic 1:https://i.imgur.com/sjDotyx.jpg
Pic 2: https://i.imgur.com/5hnwqkf.jpg
Hotline Intellimouse 3.0 Competition Feet Pic: https://i.imgur.com/KrcZuv7.jpg
Corepadz Intellimouse 3.0 PTFE Feet Pic: https://i.imgur.com/oW3mI8z.jpg
\*Note** I have read several other reviews and all of them said that the mouse feet had good glide. I do not know if my feet were defective or they just used a faster pad than mine. It could also have been the pad that I used, but I have never had any mouse feet feel like this on this pad. Even control feet.*
Sensor, Sensor Position and LOD: The Pugio II is rocking the all-too-familiar PMW 3335. It is a great sensor and is what many mice, including the new Pwnage Ultralight Custom is using. It has similar specs to a 3389 but the IPS and Max Acceleration are 400 and 40 respectively. It still feels responsive and accurate, but not as responsive as a 3389 (some will prefer that it isn't). I could not feel any noticeable lag during any competitive play or in long Kovaak's sessions.
The sensor is noticeably forward of center. I LOVE THIS! It gives me much more wrist aiming mobility before I have to move my entire arm. Arm aimers probably wont care about this either way.
EDIT The sensor has been updated to show that it is a PMW 3335, thank you u/QHCMobile for the info!
LOD is nice and low. You can adjust it to high or low in the software but the difference is small. I just keep mine on low.
ASUS Pugio II Sensor Position VS Sensei Ten and Rival 3:
Rival 3: https://i.imgur.com/EulEPwN.jpg
Sensei Ten: https://i.imgur.com/ldODKc7.jpg
Asus Pugio II:https://i.imgur.com/7uZRZnu.jpg
\I know my lines aren't the straightest, but you should be able to tell that the Rival 3 has the lowest position based on where it lines up with my thumb**
Charging, Battery Life and Wake-up time: Charging may be one of the weaker parts of this mouse. It doesn't charge super slow, but it is nowhere near in the same league as Logitech and Razor when it comes to charging speed. This mouse does not come with any form of wireless charging and I feel that in 2020, for one of a big companies top-tier mice, it needs to have some form of wireless charging.
The battery life of the ASUS is rated at 69 hours over 2.4Ghz with RGB off and 100 over Bluetooth. I used the mouse with 50% RGB during my testing and it takes a noticeable hit on battery life. I was charging this mouse every 5-6 days (under heavy usage), which I found kinda weak. I don't think I would have minded nearly as much if it was wireless charging compatible.
The Wake-up time is instant. Definitely stellar.
Wake-up time: https://i.imgur.com/YDi3PE0.mp4
USB Storage: It's located under the upper-shell. It is stored securely and out of sight. Nice job.
Polling Rate and Stability: Out of the box the polling rate was all over the place, but after a recent update the polling rate is a damn solid 1000hz over 2.4Ghz. Testing in Zowie's polling rate test it stayed solid at 1000hz with a few deviations. Most were above 1000hz while a few dipped to 998-999hz. It is really impressive. I didn't test the Bluetooth for very long but it was solid as well, even though it is locked at 125hz. It switched between 2 devices pretty seamlessly. I can without a doubt say that the wireless on this mouse is top-tier. Team Blue and Team Green better watch out.
Zowie Polling Rate Test: https://i.imgur.com/JQiGrXs.mp4
Human Latency Test: My scores in this test were done on a 144hz MSI monitor with 25GB down and 5 up internet. It didn't break any speed records between my other wireless mice, but my scores were consistently in the 180's with a few in the 170's. I was able to consistently hit this on the Pugio II, while on my GPW and Pulsefire Dart my average scores would vary more from run to run. This test is definitely not accurate and I could have just been having a good day, but it does help me get a base line across my other wireless mice.
Human Latency Test, w/ Today's (10/5/2020) Average Score: https://i.imgur.com/EsqaUmI.jpg
Button Debounce Time: Normally I wouldn't post this separately, but in the software it is labeled as "Button Latency", not "Debounce Time" which is strange. It only goes as low as 12ms and as high as 32ms. At first this was disheartening as I like atleast a 4-6ms debounce time. HOWEVER, I think this may be a typo in the software as it does not feel that slow. My G-Wolves Skoll when it first launched felt more delayed (pre-update). I wonder if that number means total delay, not debounce time. If that is the case it is actually quite fast, and it FEELS quite fast. If anyone has any input please say so in the comments and I will gladly edit this post.
Software Debounce or "Button Response" settings: https://i.imgur.com/ODIvs3y.jpg
UPDATE After taking u/QHCMobile's suggestion I researched a few more reviews about this issue, their findings confirmed my suspicions that the "Button Response" is not accurate and feels much more inline with ~3ms or so.
RGB: The RGB on this mouse is cool, but is much better on the ASUS product page than in real life. The scroll wheel, and bottom RGB strip have noticeable hotspots and need to be diffused better. The animations on this mouse that have any kind of sweeping motion (notably "rainbow") do not have smooth transitions from color to color, even on the fastest speeds. The only exception to that is "Comet" but it moves so fast that it hurt my eyes to look at for very long. "Color Cycle" and "Breathing" modes are surprisingly smooth by comparison. You can create your own custom lighting effects, but as I usually set my mice to a static color and call it a day I didn't mess with this feature. With the back part of the shell removed the Logo actually looks incredibly sharp and vibrant, but with the back shell on it looks blurry and undefined. Another knock to the RGB there are 3 places that you can see the RGB shine through the back part of the shell that it wasn't meant to. One is located just above the logo and the other two are to the left and right of the logo. They are much harder to make out which is a small plus but it could have been implemented better. Overall the concept is really awesome, it just needs some fine tuning.
Scroll Wheel Dead Spot: https://i.imgur.com/IThgt0u.jpg
UnderGlow Hot Spots (arrows): https://i.imgur.com/1EYWLJz.jpg
RGB Leakage Around the Logo: https://i.imgur.com/KhjuTUz.mp4
Software (Device Version: 12.71.28 and Dongle Version: 1.00.27): The software definitely has that ASUS flare. Most of the themes look edgy and have that "serious gamer" vibe. The software does most things that you want like creating macros, LOD adjust, syncing RGB, Change DPI, etc. etc. I'm not a huge software guy so I usually do the bare minimum and rarely touch it again.
The one thing that is either broken (unless I'm just an idiot) is the calibration feature. I've tried everything that I could think of and it never seemed to do anything. The LOD is on the same "calibration" screen. I am a huge fan that the software allows you to remap all 4 side buttons if you want (I use the back right one for push-to-talk).
The Software does not allow you to remove unused DPI steps or add more if you want them. I hope they add that feature into their software soon. One fantastic feature is that it allows you to adjust when the mouse goes to sleep. This is awesome and I don't think the Logitech GPW has that feature. I set mine to 1 minute and it does help a lot on battery life.
One fail for me is that the low battery indicator can only be set to 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. I think this needs to be a slider that allows you to adjust the low battery indicator to something much lower than 25% like 10 or 15%. The mouse blinks red when it hits the specified amount and I am personally not a fan. I also wish that the software would allow you to adjust the colors, effect and percentage when activated of "Battery Mode". Right now it is set to: >75% it blinks green, 25%-75% it blinks blue, and >25% it blinks red.
The software also chugs at times, and the spinning animation while loading also looks like it is spinning at 15-30fps...making it look off-putting and dated.
Weight and Balance: The weight of this mouse is 103g on my scale with the stock feet (and all sidebuttons attached) and 102g with the Intellimouse feet. You could probably get it to 100-101g or lower with homemade dot PTFE feet that are getting popular. You can play with the back shell off which lowers the weight to 95-96 grams. It actually feels pretty good in fingertip, but I think it would be uncomfortable for Claw players (some of the plastic has apparent edges). The weight may put some people off, but I don't find it to be too heavy, but before I swapped the horrible stock feet it felt more like a 130g mouse.
The weight is noticeably more towards the back since that is where the battery more than likely sits. You can actually change how smooth the mouse glides just by moving your hand further up the mouse by a few mms which balances out the weight. With the upgraded mouse feet it feels really consistent, smooth and responsive. However I think this mouse would feel better if they were to more evenly distribute the weight.
Mouse w/ Upgraded Feet, All Sidebuttons, and Cover On: https://i.imgur.com/TKSGiR2.jpg
Mouse w/ Upgraded Feet, All Sidebuttons, and Cover Off: https://i.imgur.com/ZIgOZMo.jpg
Back Cover: https://i.imgur.com/CLHaoO1.jpg
Balance Test: https://i.imgur.com/44M7jhk.mp4
Aesthetics: For better or for worse no one designs anything like ASUS...usually. Even ASUS this time manages to match sleek with edgy. The switches have sharp, uneven cut outs for the clicks. The logo, mouse feet, and even the shape of the RGB light strip all have that typical ASUS flair to them. But...turn all the lights off and it looks...plain. That is something I never thought I would say about any ASUS product. It actually looks like it could be used in an office. Now if someone in your office looks close they will see that the top shell is see through and may ask you about it. I actually love the translucent plastic. It reminds me of the original GameBoy that I got when I was kid or the N64 see-through controllers from back in the day. I don't particularly like how the side grips look on the mouse but I can't fault it too much by how well they function. It even comes with a customizable logo plate that you can put your own logo, team insignia, etc. on. I'm surprised that so many other reviewers seemed to be dumbfounded by this. It is just a nifty extra that if you don't want to use you don't have to. For creative folks this is nice, especially since you don't have to do a custom paint job to put your design on the mouse. Overall I think that ASUS did a killer job on this mouse...if only the RGB was polished...
Build Quality: The build quality on the Pugio II is insanely good. No mushy clicks, buttons, scroll wheel rattle or flimsy feeling materials. It DOES get one knock for a very slight rattle. It feels and sounds like something (maybe the sensor?) is barely moving inside, but I had to point it out. I don't hear or feel it moving while swiping the mouse fast.
Rattle Test (listen close for the slight rattle): https://i.imgur.com/USPvT7a.mp4
Pricing: This mouse is supposed to cost around $100. I paid $125 because of pandemic inflation and to have it imported (several months ago). It is was not being sold inside the US when I started writing this review, but as of now it looks like it's shipping directly from ASUS on Amazon. I think it has stiff competition from many major brands, and some boutique ones. However, for the things that it does well I think the MSRP is justified.
Nit Picky Stuff: There are a few things and features that could definitely be better:
The bottom buttons are flush with the base, which makes them not drag which is a plus, but also makes them much harder to press. The print on them is also very small and hard to read in certain lighting. I would rather the DPI Button be placed on top of the mouse to avoid confusion.
The 2.4 Ghz and Bluetooth slider is recessed, but the cutout is really small and makes sliding it more of a nuisance than it should be.
The DPI can be changed through software, by pressing the DPI button on the bottom, and by....holding the DPI button down and scrolling the wheel up or down to change it in increments of 100. That last feature is a huge gimmick and I don't foresee anyone using. If you lose count you will have to go back through the software to adjust it anyway. It is really difficult to pull off since the DPI button is hard to press (and on the bottom) and then trying to scroll the wheel without pressing any clicks (this locks in the DPI set). This is a waste of memory storage IMHO. Props for trying something new ASUS, but you could do better.
The fact that this mouse DOES NOT come with a USB extension cable is laughable for one of a company's flagship mice. If it was a cheap mouse I would understand, but it is inexcusable here. While playing with the back cover off it does expose 3 gaps in the plastic that lead directly into the mouse. I noticed after playing with the back cover off for a few hours I did have a speck or two of dust sitting in the frosted RGB housing. After doing a quick blast of compressed air however the dust speck was gone.
Personal Performance: After swapping out the mouse feet this mouse actually surprised me. It landed in the top 3 of my current mouse collection in Kovaak's for flicking and OBLITERATED all of my other mice for tracking. The last one surprised the Hell out of me, especially since it weighs anywhere from 10-30G's higher than my top 3 mice. In competitive games I actually had some of my best games with this mouse. But, as great as some of my scores were I was not the most consistent with it. I don't equate that to the wireless performance, it never wigged out on me and was solid, but for some reason I was just not able to be as consistent as I am with my current main. That I believe comes down to the shape. If it had a bigger rear flair I think we would be having a much different conversation...
Conclusion: This mouse is an interesting one. It gives a lot of enthusiast features to the mouse market that frankly no one asked for, but in my book is definitely welcomed. This mouse is much better than it's predecessor by a long shot. The shape unfortunately isn't perfect for me because of the small rear flares and I can't recommend it to anyone that has a hand width similar to mine or bigger for palm and possibly claw. Although I play well with it I have a few other options that I play just as well with that are more comfortable (though not wireless...). I will be keeping this mouse around for switch testing and when I want to shake up my mouse setup. For medium-sized hands that use claw and fingertip grips I think you may have a winner here if you don't mind the few cons.
Fixes for a Future Revision: -Add a USB extension cable!!!!! -Tighten up the RGB -Try to lower Debounce time in the software to 4-6ms. (or fix the software if the “Button Latency” is a typo) -Make the Calibration feature usable in the software -Make the low battery indicator more adjustable (smaller increments) -Remove the gimmicky DPI switching feature and maybe replace that with a Profile switcher. -Make the bottom buttons and slider easier to actuate and slide -UPGRADE THOSE BLASTED MOUSE FEET!!!!!!
Asus Pugio II Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-Optical-Gaming-Mouse-Ambidextrous/dp/B0874WT7ZT/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=ASUS+Pugio+2&qid=1601908683&sr=8-2
Closing Thoughts: In this new age of lightweight, “holier than thou” mice I am glad to see that ASUS is doing something different. I think most of us mouse enthusiasts forget that not everyone likes super lightweight mice, and especially those that sacrifice durability to get that lightweight. I for one don't care either way, as long as I play well with it it doesn't matter to me. I am glad to see that different weight and feature options are still available in this market. I hope that ASUS keeps innovating and I can't wait to see what out-there features they try to implement next! Just PLEASE fix your mouse feet and add a USB extension cable...
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