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So I tried to flash the Lollipop OTA on my XT1032

First a little bit of background.
I have an XT1032 from MX TELCEL, since I got it I changed it to GPE edition, updated to KitKat, the reverted to stock MX TELCEL, and was up until this morning on stock KitKat, I saw the tutorial on how to flash the Brazilian Ed (for XT1033) and then flash the OTA for Lollipop, and boy did I have some trouble, but eventually managed to flash the 4.4.4 rom from brazil, one thing was odd, it did not passed from the warning unlocked bootloader screen, but I disregard it as the device as USB storage appeared on my pc, so I copied the OTA file into the root of the device and reseted it to recovery, when I tried to flash it from SD card I got an error from current system, later I tried to sideload it and same error.
My phone was softbricked, so I tried to revert to stock MX firmware... no use
Then I remembered the Mototool I used for GPE, worth a try, and sucess, GPE rom flash 4.4.2 and checked for updates and the KitKat update was available, funny thing it was available until Dec 10 (Release date for Lollipop GPE???)
So proving that the phone was alright I tried one more time to flash the Brazil Rom, which leads us to this post, I'm bricked again.
I'm gonna try to reflash the GPE Rom and the revert to MX TELCEL
I thought that maybe some of you guys would want to read about other people trying
Any input is welcome
BTW the screen is stuck at Motorola logo / Bootloader warning (got it running once (vol up/down keys making the proper sound and screen capture combo also make the sound) but the screen never changed from this image.
Edit: Reverted successfully to MX 4.4.4 telcel without much issues after flashing GPE ROM again, I might try the method I used on the Brazilian ROM and maybe update the post if lollipop works.
I used a 4.4.4 firmware and a simple batch file with the fastboot steps, nothing unusual here.
Edit 2: Lollipop working!!! Here's a sloppy imgur gallery with no chronological order. In theory for this to work is a full 4.4.4 brazil firmware and the soak test ota.
Oddly this didn't work for me as I had to flash the brazil rom with a simple batch file from the 4.4.4 MX ROM (stock, the bat is custom, just a step by step fastboot flash). Then side loaded the 5.0 ota and now I'm setting everything up.
Calls, data, WiFi, bluetooth, audio, video, camera, everything is working like a charma
submitted by stormy83 to MotoG

THE guide to rooting the Motorola MotoG (with a how-to reimage back to stock if everything else fails)

Cross-posted from /MotoG because not every MotoG owner knows about that subreddit.
So I noticed that the rooting process is much more complex than it needs to be. So now this exists. FYI you should have your MotoG plugged into the computer throughout this process. Also, this takes much less time than it looks, I've just spelled out every step.
  1. USB Debugging Enabled
  2. Unlock Bootloader
  3. Install MotoTool
  4. Push SuperSU to phone (this is the actual root)
  5. Flash custom recovery (ClockWork Mod; CWM)
  6. Boot to recovery
  7. Flash the SuperSU root
  8. Reboot
As you can see, it's not particularly complicated. The most time-consuming step is unlocking the bootloader which WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY AND WIPE YOUR DEVICE. MAKE A BACKUP (you can do it using CWM if you would like).
Enabling USB Debugging
  1. Go to Settings >> About Phone and press on "Build Number" 7 times. It'll tell you when you're a "developer"
  2. Go to Settings >> Developer Options and enable USB Debugging
Unlocking Bootloader
  1. Follow Motorola's instructions here
  2. You'll need to copy a code from command prompt. An easy way to do that is to right click and select "mark." Then paste your stuff into notepad Note: Another good set of instructions on how to unlock your bootloader can be found here. If you want to remove the nasty warning that your bootloader is unlocked, follow #4 on that website as well
Install MotoTool
  1. Go to this website and click "Download" at the very end
  2. Unzip the zip DIRECTLY into the C drive
  3. Double click on MotoTool
  4. Go to the first tab (Non-GPE). If you have a non-GPE device, this is the tab you will use. If you have a GPE device, I would assume you should use the second tab (but I haven't tried it).
  5. Click on the scroll bar by "Tools" and select "Install Drivers"
  6. Install and then reboot your computer. Really. Just do it.
Doing Stuff with MotoTool
This is the part that isn't well documented.
  1. Make sure that USB Debugging is still enabled
  2. Don't do anything weird or crazy with your phone
  3. Under "Tools" select "Push SuperSU 2SD", and click "Do It"
  4. You should see a confirmation window. Go to the "Utilities" tab
  5. Under "Download Custom Recovery," select CWM and hit "Download"
  6. Go back to the "Non-GPE" tab and hit "Select Recovery"
  7. Select the CWM file, and click "flash recovery"
  8. You should see a black screen on your MotoG with terminal-type text and bright colors. The following is very important: THE DOWN VOLUME KEY SCROLLS, THE UP VOLUME KEY SELECTS. DO NOT TOUCH THE UP VOLUME KEY UNTIL YOU ARE AT THE ITEM YOU WOULD LIKE TO SELECT.
  9. Select "Recovery"
  10. It should boot into a more pleasant grey-background CWM page. At this point, some recommend (rightly so) to make a backup of your stock .img. This is a good idea, but if you didn't and something goes wrong, there is hope for you at the very end of this page. I would definitely recommend making a backup via CWM.
  11. Select "Install zip" (the volume keys both scroll now, the power button selects)
  12. Choose install zip from /sdcard
  13. Navigate to your 0/ folder. It will be at the bottom of the 0/ folder
  14. Select it, and it should install and reboot
Congratulations! You now have a rooted phone! To check, go to your apps list, and you should see the SuperSU application there!
Oh crap I screwed it up my phone is turning purple and/or I think I bricked it
It happens to the best of us. I really messed up the first time, too. You shouldn't have with this guide, but oh well. Now I can't guarantee this'll work, but it did for me. Basically, you're going to reimage a new stock Moto G on top of your old one, replacing EVERYTHING. This does not root your phone, and your bootloader will stay locked.
Anyway, the instructions are here (of course I didn't write them all out). The one tricky bit is picking the right firmware. They should all pretty much work, just make sure you don't pick something _ds (it stands for dual sim). I used a US GSM retail version that ended in .xml.zip
Hotspot3 says:
Also, if you're in the U.S., AWSRetail represents (US GSM) and .Retail.en.US repsents (Global GSM)
Things to do once you're rooted:
  • Install Greenify
  • Install XPosed Framework (here and here, I'm not going to describe this but it has a lot of goodies you can add. Personally I recommend GravityBox for customizing Android, Greenify for killing apps in the background, and XPrivacy so Facebook doesn't come to your house with all your passwords), also check out /Xposed
  • AdAway
  • I need more things
  • I think someone should make a post with their favorite apps that require rooting (maybe ROMs and kernels too) that can be added to, and I should just link it here.
submitted by FearMeForIAmDan to Android

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