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Management A Practical Introduction, 9th Edition, 2020 By Angelo Kinicki and Brian Williams, Test bank Solution manual

Management A Practical Introduction, 9th Edition, 2020 By Angelo Kinicki and Brian Williams, Test bank Solution manual

Management A Practical Introduction, 9th Edition, 2020 By Angelo Kinicki and Brian Williams, Test bank Solution manual
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Every Taylor Swift Song Ranked (2006-2020) Part 2

67. The Lucky One (Red)
I view this one as her missing her old life, if we had a path to stardom, there is no doubt we'd all take it. But the path is like a contract, with hidden messages that will screw you over at times, great messaging and irony throughout all of it.

66. Haunted (Speak Now)
The orchestra is amazing, this is some of the amazing experimentation I was talking about, they capture every emotion Taylor envisioned for this song, and they build to such an emotional climax.

65. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince (Lover)
After watching the documentary of the same name last night this song risen by like 15 spots. You can see her mentality at the time of writing this record. I've had a complete 180 in how I view the production. I still view it as inferior to her old high school style, but that still doesn't mean its bad, the cheerleader part is ingenious, as is a lot of the song.

64. Speak Now (Speak Now)
Man a lot of people seem to dislike this song, I don't see it, I find it so charming, when was the last time you heard a song about crashing a wedding like this one, it is very descriptive, and ties into the theme of suppressed emotions.

63. Paper Rings
It is pretty simple, but the message is so wholesome. 2018 was so many wedding songs, some worked, like Speechless, or Homesick, and some didn't like Big Big Plans or Good As You. This isn't a first dance song, but it gives a better message than all 4 of them. (scratch that, Speechless is still better)

62. Red (Red)
Red is a song I adore, from its relation of emotion to colorization, its blending of pop and country. The lyrics are great, the melody is iconic, but I CANNOT stand the weird audio effect they put in the word red. It annoys the living daylights out of me.

61. Change (Fearless)
I relate to this message so hard, and maybe that's why it is ranked as high as it is. The usage of the word hallelujah, its a great inspiration for overcoming adversity. It's an iconic melody, and I can't recommend this enough especially if you're feeling down.

60. Call It What You Want (Reputation)
Originally this song was supposed to be waving a white flag to the critics, where she's saying call it what you like, she doesn't care anymore, great way to close out a record, but this doesn't hold up at all in the Lover Era.

59. Tied Together With A Smile (Taylor Swift)
After re-watching Miss Americana the documentary, I was listening to the album one last time before writing this and I shed a tear or two, after reminding myself of her insecurities of personal image and her eating disorder. I don't think that is what the song was originally about so I can't really give it bonus points for that but now I get a whole new perspective every time I hear this.

58. This Is Me Trying (Folklore)
This song highlights how she has to juggle so many things in her life, songwriting, recording, touring and personal family issues. How she acknowledges she isn't a 16 year old anymore. She's done so much in 14 years, won several accolades, become a political advocate, even though I don't agree with what she stands for, I'm proud regardless.

57. Tell Me Why (Fearless)
This song has a lot of fun instrumentally and lyrically. Definitely the last 2 songs beat it in a lot, but it blends pop and country so well, and really is a blueprint for what mainstream country should follow, even if this song is dated.

56. I Know Places (1989)
Definitely leans on the more bombastic side of things, but with some intellectualism sprinkled throughout it, its fun and clever which is something you don't get a lot of in the Reputation to Lover Era.

55. Mary's Song (Oh My My My) (Taylor Swift)
The story telling is so good, and the instrumentation is great, but it misses the one aspect Love Story hits which is great melodies and vocals. I'm not saying its bad, I'm just saying there is better stuff she's done, at this point we've reached the 8/10 range, and a lot of songs get heavily competitive.

54. A Place In This World (Taylor Swift)
One of my favorite melodies from her first record, and it's my last year in high school so I'm giving it bonus points for the messaging. It sounds great as does 90% of her first record.

53. My Tears Ricochet (Folklore)
I need a bit more time with this song, its obviously well written and sung, but it really only succeeds when you get the full context of what it's about, give it more time this could end up in the top 30.

52. This Love (1989)
Similar to how I Almost Do relies too much on I Bet, this one relies too much on This Love, but still it's a great song regardless. Beautiful and kind of haunting at the same time.

51. I Knew You Were Trouble (Red)
A great introduction to the pop world, instant classic for her, and demonstrates how to do pop well and not fake it like a 50% of country stars, signifying the best of Taylor Swift was coming soon.

50. Enchanted (Speak Now)
Enchanted brings out this shimmery feeling I really only see in Disney musicals, which is amazing. When was the last time you said to yourself this country song sounds like a ballad in a Disney musical? It is beautiful and builds up to a great climax.

49. Epiphany (Folklore)
A great dedication to those fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, still have issue with the reference to the storming of the beaches but hopefully I'll let go of it after a while.

48. Superman (Speak Now: Deluxe Edition)
What a great way to show off unique storytelling, I never thought I'd adore a country song talking about Clark Kent but here we are, beautifully narrated, and shows off this new style of writing which would get better and better as years passed.

47. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Red)
Instant classic right here, not the most emotional (at all) not the best written, one hell of a time and there is no doubt about it.

46. Exile ft. Bon Iver (Folklore)
One of her best collaborations ever, we get 2 different perspectives and those are often the most emotional, I don't really get the whole film line, that still eludes me and feels out of place, but the climax of the track makes up for it.

45. So It Goes... (Reputation)
I've stated many times I will never go to a club, I've vowed never to drink, I think it is just a place to hook up and that grosses me out. But if there ever was a reason for me to go to a club, it would be to jam to this song, it is one of my all time favorite club anthems.

44. Mean (Speak Now)
The acoustics are some of her best, its goofy, I love how she says pathetic it still makes me laugh, I'm still shocked it won a Grammy, being how goofy it was, but still well deserved.

43. Long Live (Speak Now)
A great way of looking towards the future, not so much for Taylor as it would be a downwards spiral for emotionally and I sympathize for her, but for me it gives me hope and makes me believe all of dreams will be achieved.

42. Teardrops On My Guitar (Taylor Swift)
Just because its #42 doesn't mean I think it's dull. Lyrically the using of names still is great, but a lot of the lyrics don't really hold up to my standards today, I'm not asking you to agree I just hope you can understand it.

41. The Other side Of The Door (Fearless: Platinum Edition)
Little simple stories are the best. How she's testing this person to see if he is willing to commit and endure, and he fails to do so, and how she blames her stubborn pride. Great storytelling plain and simple.

40. Dancing With Our Hands Tied (Reputation)
Great imagery and messaging, I view there are two ways to interpret this song's message and both are equally great. It is my late night street jam kind of like Blinding Light's by the Weeknd.

39. Come In With The Rain (Fearless: Platinum Edition)
A lot of the platinum edition songs are so good, she's done calling out his name and leaves her window open just a little bit because she's hoping still he'd come back. It is extremely well rounded as are a lot of songs are from this point on.

38. Ours (Speak Now: Deluxe Edition)
My favorite of all the deluxe tracks, is one of her best, and before she was really obsessed with her public image, she could churn out a great song. It is great melodically and we lyrically with the details of elevator buttons, and gaps in teeth. This is one of the more glanced over tracks of all the bonus tracks which makes sense, the more intellectual songs get their popularity goes down which is a darn shame.

37. Clean (1989)
Still one of my least favorites in the percussive sense. But it does a good job in ending the emotional story this record tells. Clean represents the aftermath of a breakup so well, and only going through the storm are we able to finally be free.

36. Fifteen (Fearless)
From this point on honestly every melody is iconic. Fifteen while bringing this wave of nostalgia that makes me feel like a kid again, isn't one her best written songs, it's pretty dated and corny so a lot of people these days won't really connect to it as much as I do.

35. How You Get The Girl (1989)
A fun time from beginning to end, little simple pieces of advice for the dos and don'ts of a relationship and in way calls back older songs. Brings out what I love about a majority of 1989, fun times, neat lyrics, and loads of synth.

34. Innocent (Speak Now)
There is so much I love about Innocent but it is such a long song and I'd need to go into every detail and I don't have much time. In a way its an anti-power ballad, as it doesn't really rise to this big epic moment, it stays mostly grounded which is something I love, it has a meaningful message, my only real complaint is that the opener is out of place.

33. Mad Woman (Folklore)
Mad Woman is kind of Reputation's message in one song, after so much time poking her she's fighting back, people say she's petty, she'll be even pettier, she's too angry, you get the idea. Great reinvention of talking about reputations, and I doubt she'll ever stop singing about it, but I'll take it in this style.

32. Bad Blood (1989)
Bad ass, all that needs to be said, it has a tremendous bridge, Kendrick Lamar does a great job (unlike future) I don't really see the hate for this song, the point of the song is to be petty and it doesn't come off as over petty at least to me, great single and one of the best of 2014-2015.

31. Last Kiss (Speak Now)
It is the 5 stages of grief in a song, we get every gritty detail, from sadness, anger, denial, not so much of bargaining and by the end of the song we reach acceptance, its a beautiful ride for all 6 minutes of it. And it just barely missed the top 30 if I'm being honest.

Now that we're in the top 30, I can go into these songs in greater detail, and show my full appreciation for them.

30. Breathe ft. Colbie Caillat (Fearless)
It isn't as compelling as Last Kiss, but I just connected more to this on an emotional level. How letting go of someone is so hard, but for us to move on and be better people, we need cut the loose for both your sakes. And it may be painful, like holding your breath, its supposed to, it's kind of like working your muscles, in order for us to get stronger, we need to feel pain. The chorus is so nostalgic, while I agree it is pretty simple and repetitive, I don't care, as my emotions get the best of me. This song has stuck with me, for so many reasons, my personal struggles, the vocals, the instrumentation. I'm still bitter it didn't become a single but hey, what are you gonna do.

29. Picture To Burn (Taylor Swift)
This was either the first or second Taylor Swift song I could remember hearing and therefore it has a special place in my heart. It does pander to southern audiences I'm not denying that, but its rocking country feel is so good. One of the best sounding tracks on her first record, and yes in terms of messaging involvement this song would land itself way lower, but I have such an emotional connection and how important this song was to me as it is arguably one of the major reasons I listen to country music today.

28. Begin Again (Red)
Her farewell letter to country music couldn't have been better. About how love isn't a cycle of bitterness and moral high ground. But it is truly about emotional connection and sincerity. Little things like laughing at jokes, coming early, pulling a chair out. Love isn't a glamorous story of epic proportions as most try to view it, it is pretty underwhelming, but I find the underwhelming details more compelling than anything. Red definitely has its issues but the beginning and ending of this record is perfect. Even though I view this as a pop record, she still has so much respect for the genre, its not a drum loop song, not about going to a club, nothing bombastic, just real instrumentation honest lyricism and compelling vocals.

27. Shake It Off (1989)
I admit Shake It Off, isn't anything truly special, but it is one of the songs that define Taylor as an artist. And I love it regardless of all of its problems and false promises. It's a jam, which at the time, was her taking the high ground of addressing haters. Shake It Off out of the big 5 of 1989, is the most unique instrumentally, it isn't using synth and as a marching band type feel, with marching snares, trumpets and Bari sax and as someone who does marching band, this has a soft spot. Some people hate the bridge. I don't, there are arguably 10 songs better than it critically, but for once I'm gonna stand by my ears not my brains.

26. The Archer (Lover)
The Archer is one of the more emotional songs on Lover. About a collage of themes, the media's perspective of her, her dating habits of men, and arguably politics. And if it is this is the best song about politics she's ever written, Only The Young is tedious and comes off as pandering, the man is her worst song by a lot, but the archer addresses politics not in the way you think, its all about her perspective of it, I don't have to agree with your politics, just present it in a compelling manner, The Archer does it so well. And besides that, she asks herself the question when it comes to love interests which is one her most compelling lines. Who would dare leave her, but who would dare stay. It is heartbreaking, emotional, and it adds up to one of the best songs on Lover.

25. Mirrorball (Folklore)
Mirrorball is one of her most honest songs yet, how writing songs can emotionally tear one apart, Taylor isn't know for being the most fun artist, or the most powerful vocally, she's known for being one of the most honest. And this highlights that perspective of herself, while we see her shine, there are cracks for every honest story she's written into song. But she's so passionate about what she does, she will keep pushing for us, for her fans. One of the most compelling songs I've heard from her yet.

24. Getaway Car (Reputation)
The documentary once again boosted the ranking of a song. I felt so engaged in her songwriting process, its so interesting and fun. Getaway Car is a prime example of singing about relationships in new and profound ways. The Getaway Car being Tom Hiddleston and how he was just an escape from her previous relationship. And the song is her saying sorry for what she did to him. One of her best metaphors yet. I think my love for Getaway Care is just gonna grow as time moves on, but who knows, I love the rest of these songs just as much or even more.

23. Cardigan (Folklore)
At this point yeah I think Cardigan is a better metaphor than getaway car, mostly because of how it ties into the story of James & Betty, but that might not last long. Cardigan is a great first single, similar to Blank Space, she says random things that don't really correlate to each other. One of the most vivid songs on Folklore, which is why I put it above Getaway Car, in terms of message its better but Cardigan paints an amazing picture of this world she's singing about. It gives the melancholy reflective emotion I don't really know how to describe and after listening to the 3 remaining songs of this story, everything just makes sense. Grammy noms are coming soon I have no doubt this will be nominated as it should be.

22. Welcome To New York (1989)
One of my favorite album openers ever, it gives me such a rush, it is what 22 failed to do for me, which was be relatable, look this song isn't the smartest, I'm not saying it is, but it draws a fine line between what pop tends to do which is either be smart in their writing or vocals, or just go for a catchy beat. It also serves as a welcome to the pop world, she finally left the genre holding her back and would've destroyed her if you think about it. It's a well written smash that would've fit perfectly with the big 5, and I'm still bitter it didn't.

21. Wildest Dreams (1989)
1989 had so many great singles, this was its big ballad. My perception of this song is a one night stand, and how she knows this can damage her but she doesn't care. Chances are these 2 will never see each other again, so he's asking him to remember her in this way and not the (you know what) The melody while only 6 years old, feels even older somehow. Production is around 9.5/10 for me, lyrically is around 7.5/10, the bridge really boosts that score, and vocally it is around a 9/10. Wildest Dreams set a standard for a lot of pop ballads for years to come and not many have reached it or surpassed it.

20. Back To December (Speak Now)
I've met people who've said this song isn't really mature, I've met people who say it isn't really emotional, but I've yet to meet someone who said it isn't good. I think it is all of those things, Taylor Swift was know as the girl who wrote the best break up songs mostly about douche bags. So for her to take the blame is a sign of real maturity. Her vocals reflect the sincerity of her apology, an the orchestra elevates everything. I wish she did more work with an orchestra the tracks that use it are so good. Back To December, is one of those songs that makes you go back to terrible mistakes, awkward moments that could've gone differently. This was one of her major stepping stones in how she writes songs, she still wrote breakup songs but it would be in more unique ways, some not as good, but a few have surpassed its greatness.

19. Look What You Made Me Do (Reputation)
Yeah I love this song:
Deal With It
I think it is one of her best written songs, most just say the chorus is garbage and skip it. They don't check anything else, a lot of effort was put in this song after you get past the chorus. The pre chorus was a well added touch, people kept complaining about Taylor, so she decided to become their critiques, and come back with a vengeance. The song broke the internet, it shocked the world leaving most people's initial reaction as confusion, I thought that too, but over time I've come to appreciate this song for what it is, as has a lot fans. Most still won't give this song a chance, they won't even give the record a chance because of this song, you're doing yourself a major disservice. A neat thing I realized is that with most pop songs, they go for the ears instead of the brains. This one goes straight for the brain and ignores the ears entirely, which is something pop should do a lot more often.

18. August (Folklore)
August is the 2nd part of the saltbox house chapter, giving us the conflict of this story, coming from the perspective of an unknown girl. How she seduced this boy James, how overtime he felt guilty, and how it tore a rift between the 2. How she thought they were in love but it was all an illusion, the entire of month of August. And now everything she thought was love was lie, and how she describes it like slipping though time, bottles of wine sipped away. One of the best bridges she's ever done, giving us fictional emotion that feels so real. It makes you invested in this story line, like a book or a film and you can't look or well in this case hear away.

17. Cornelia Street (Lover)
Cornelia Street takes a page in her personal love life, which she doesn't usually talk about, she mostly talks about the aftermath of a relationship, not the present. How Cornelia Street, represents so much she's invested into a relationship and she's so afraid to lose it all, lose the memorization of creaks in the floor, playing cards and board games, she leaves but unlike others, he goes after her, and gets her to stay, if you notice, in past songs, the one thing the dude in most of her relationships, was willing to endure, willing to stay, but he is willing, that's the cherry on top for me, Lover is so far away from being an amazing record, but it gives me some of the most satisfying moments in any album.

16. You Belong With Me (Fearless)
The most well known melody in her entire catalog. I know people who hate pop country, and can't help sing along to this, it is so heartwarming, silly, encapsulates the narrative of the small town boy and girl better than almost every song that has before and after. I think everyone at some point has felt this way about a person, and if you haven't well than lucky you. It captured everything I loved about the 2000's all American pop, its silliness, emotional value and nostalgia, I could back to this song 15 years from now and feel the same way I do about it now. It is one of the only reasons I tolerated pop at the time, club anthems weren't my style and nor was people Britney Spears, Beyonce or Rihanna and I could go on. The song is an iconic piece of pop culture, that generations from now will never be forgotten.

15. White Horse (Fearless)
White Horse was the baby steps to her getting more mature. As we got into the 2010's the all American genre was fading away, and in a similar way, she acknowledges this isn't a lovey dovey story like You Belong With Me, this is real, and she's sick of trying to achieve that story, and it's time to cut this dude love. And now he's everything she's ever wanted, but that phase of her life is over. So she'll keep looking, because the fairy tale is fake, and move on with her life. I've felt that way and this song helped me mature and see new perspective in love.

14. Never Grow Up (Speak Now)
I still view this as the best track of the record but I'll put it lower for its emotional impact. I think the message is so compelling. How she doesn't want to grow up, kids like dream about being astronauts and presidents, they don't understand how big and often cruel the world can be. During our time innocence we don't often experience, true heartbreak, sadness, stress so the little details of going to the movies, dancing in PJ's move me so much. The vocals have a touch of sincerity and wisdom into them, and we build to a soft climax, about how she wishes she never grew up, money and fame is great and all, but her truest possessions are her family and friends, and those will fade away in time. It's a wholesome simple message that is so powerful and speaks volumes and I think this song should get more appreciation than arguably any of the one ahead as they are more well known.

13. Love Story (Fearless)
Unfortunately no song from Fearless could make the top 10, makes me sad, but I knew at least one record was going to miss out, I'm shocked it was this one. But still, this is the equation for a great Taylor Swift song, great instrumentation/production, iconic melodies, great storytelling, and clear crisp melodies, that last one really only applies to her country songs. Love Story, is one of the most well rounded songs in all of country, I don't understand how someone can hate it, the only opinion I can really agree with is the corniness of Romeo & Juliet, but still I love that this is what the song is about. We get phenomenal story progression, to how they met, sneaking out, a conflict and an emotional climax with a great ending. One of my favorite fiddle tracks, if I'm ever sick of what's on the radio I'll just play this a nostalgic actual country song. A lot of Fearless could be argued to be not country, but Love Story is and that isn't an opinion, its a fact.

12. Delicate (Reputation)
Delicate also claims the title for my favorite music video from Taylor Swift. The rhythm is so calming, and makes everything around me disappear. Which really blows my mind, which is what the song is about. For roughly a year she disappeared from the media's eyes in 2016. The verses highlight this as she question's if what she said was okay, is it okay to let this person in my life? And how during this time period, she experiences more freedom than ever. I can always rely on Delicate to relax me whenever I'm stressed out. Delicate is an excellent way to enter Reputation, most are so afraid to touch the record, Delicate is the best produced song on the record and my 3rd favorite produced song regardless of albums. Never before has a song's production reflect the message of a song as well as this song did for me.

11. Lover (Lover)
Just barely not making it into the top 10 is Lover. Which is a great first dance song, I've seen people use it, and this feels like the vows of her if she ever gets married. She sees herself at a point where they don't have to fight for moral high ground. They have such a well understanding of each other, they leave Christmas lights till January, let friends crash. As well as the fact that I view this as her best bridge yet. It is endearing and kind of provocative. Lover is a great blend of country and pop, I'm kinda shocked this wasn't promoted there, I would rather have be number one for 20 weeks then see the Git Up at #1. I'm a little bitter that Bad Guy won over it, I get it Bad Guy is insanely catchy but Grammy's are about critically choosing a winner, does anyone really think Bad Guy is a critical masterpiece? Lover is her coming full circle, she doesn't need to sing about boys being douche bags anymore, as she's found the 1 for her.

Finally I've reached the top 10, this has spun around a lot over the past week, 10th originally peaked at #6, this list went through some crazy changes

10. Betty (Folklore)
Betty is an evolved version of Love Story in terms of structure, it has everything it does, great instrumentation, storytelling, the whole package. But what puts it above it at least for me is the greater emotional investment. I've gotten to know the story of Romeo & Juliet in less than 4 minutes, and I was totally invested in the story, but with Betty, we've gotten to understand this story for the past 3 wrongs, arguably 4 if you count Exile. You wonder how this will be resolved, will it have a sad ending, like in most realistic circumstances. Or will we get a semi-unrealistic ending. We get the second option but at least we get to understand why this is the way it is. Take out the 3 other songs this takes out of the emotional impact this song gives. It's a new way for how she approaches music and I'm here for all of it.

9. Dear John (Speak Now)
While I view this as inferior to Never Grow Up, I cannot deny the emotional impact this has had for country music and her entire fan base. I enjoy every moment of this near 7 minute song, how she's felt like she had to fight to enjoy this relationship. And now that he's out of her life she gets a new perspective of love, it isn't clear cut, it isn't always happy, Dear John really was one of her biggest stepping stones in singing about relationships, up to here you'll see a lot of stories about a sweet sincere relationship and after Speak Now, you never really see that until Reputation. This relationship has scarred her, I realized this honestly hours before writing this. Dear John hurts so much, and was the most emotional song for me, for about 2 years. I remember skipping halfway through this song like an idiot because I got bored, never again, whenever it is on, I stay and listen to its entirety. Dear John is an monumental piece of the long and winding road of her career, and it's a piece I'll cherish, till I die.

8. State Of Grace (Red)
Is my second favorite produced track, it is a pop song that doesn't really rely on electronics, I get real drums, guitars. It is a legendary album opener, while I prefer Mr. Misunderstood as a song, it never really made sense to me why it was the opener to the album. State Of Grace right out of the bat tells you this is different, and different couldn't have been better. State Of Grace while 8th is #1 in what I want to see live, it gives a sense of freedom most songs can only dream of achieving. It sums up how I felt when I first felt in love. Trigger, one of her harshest critics gave this a 2 guns up. 2 for crying out loud!!! If he gives it a score that high you know it is good. State Of Grace climbed the highest out of any song on this list, I originally had it at I think #16. I was reminded of that time when I really first experienced love, because I tend to keep my emotions to myself when around people. And I told myself no, this has to be higher, which is why no song from Fearless is in the top 10. Man the 2010's were so good for a lot of stuff, Eric Church's Springsteen, Josh Turner's Why Don't We Just Dance, and Red, which made me creep into pop just a little bit after 2-3 years.

Okay Time To Bust Out The Tier List:
134-132 You Got The Bad Taylor Swift Songs
131-116 You Got The Decent Taylor Swift Songs
115-81 You Got The Good Taylor Swift Songs
80-38 You Got The Amazing Taylor Swift Songs
37-13 You Got The Iconic Taylor Swift Songs
12-8 Are The Masterpieces
And At 7-1 You Got The BIG BOI'S

These songs are the reason I love music regardless of genre.
7. Illicit Affairs (Folklore)
Illicit Affairs is the best track of Folklore plain and simple. She has mastered the dual perspective storytelling tool she's used for several years, we get every detail going through their minds in a clear vivid understandable and arguably relatable manner. We go through James' mind, what to tell his friends, where to go. The unnamed girl's mind is whether or not to wear perfume for him. Don't get too attached, but she does regardless, and ruins her image for him and be rewarded with rejection. The music begins to swell as we get catch up to the reveal that James told Betty everything. I'm definitely in the minority here as not many tend to see this as one of her best, it brings us to the emotional climax of the story in the album, my favorite point of a story isn't really the build up or the ending, its the climax, and this is one hell of a climax, my first listen I told myself woah, and kept listening onward.

6. Soon You'll Get Better ft. The Dixie Chicks (Lover)
Lover's emotional peak is without a doubt this track. The first verse broke me, my favorite verse in any Taylor Swift song, nothing else from the song really tops it. It is heartbreaking, this isn't her singing about her personal problems, it is dedicated to her mother diagnosed with cancer, and you may wonder, why would you bring this up in a song? Well she brings this up, and that's because she might not make it. I'm strictly assuming, I know very little about her condition as of today, but if this were true I would rather keep this as private as I could, but I assume she's running out of time and this is a eulogy for her, god I hope it isn't, I pray it isn't. I can her emotion, and empathize as I was in a similar position just a few months ago, thankfully this person came out of this okay. This song prepared me for the worst, but now I view it in a sense of slight joy and hope, that if you have someone who is terminally ill, it's never too late.

5. New Years Day (Reputation)
New Years Day is the best love story she has ever written. It isn't a glamorous love story, with beautiful gowns, clubs, unique story telling. Just vivid honesty. How a new years kiss is meaningless, its just a shallow tradition, how true love can be found in some of the most uninteresting areas, like cleaning up after a party, that is what I love to see. I don't by the BS, of hooking up at a party and boom you're married for the rest of your lives. Chances are if I ever get married, the story of how I met my significant other will be pretty similar to New Years Day. As is for a lot of people. You may never enjoy Reputation as a whole but you can enjoy this song. It isn't this big bombastic trap song, it's not a 80's synth jam which I adore. It's just simple piano chords and masterful lyrics.

4. Tim McGraw (Taylor Swift)
Tim McGraw I'm 90% sure is the first Taylor Swift song I remember. In today's standards yeah it sounded like an FGL song. But before the bro era, I could actually enjoy singing about dirt roads eyes and jeans. The acoustics are beautiful, we fast forward to where the guy is gone from her life. But one thing connects them, their love for one artist. I don't even need to say the artist's name that's irrelevant. Love for an artist adoration for their music can speak volumes, my friends listen to songs for how catchy it is. They question my taste of music, I always say, I'm here for the emotions a song gives, the stories it provides, one day they'll understand at least I hope, because they are missing out on so much. The story of Tim McGraw has been done in bigger ways, one being Springsteen by Eric Church, but as much as I love Springsteen, how much I adore it, Tim McGraw is simply better.

3. Style (1989)
Style is the best produced song in the history of ever. That's really a personal preference. Now you're probably thinking I'm full of crap putting Style in the bronze spot. But it is my favorite song of hers plain and simple, I listen to it more than any song in any playlist of mine. So there was no way I couldn't put it in the top 10. Is it irrational yes, but I don't care. Yes it is pretty shallow lyrically, but the instrumentals and production are flawless, which is next to impossible to do. Style captures everything of the 1989 era I adore, irresistible melodies, 80's appreciation. This is one of the only songs that don't really have a bridge. But it doesn't need it, it's not a story, its an emotional rush. I lose all of my inhibitions when listening to this song. I never do that, even to songs I relate to so hard. For 6 long years no song has been able to touch, no artist could claim the spot, not Eric Church, Cody Jinks, Luke Combs or Tyler Childers not even Castle On The Hill which is my favorite pop song, and chances are its going to stay that way for a long time or possibly forever.

2. Blank Space (1989)
Without a doubt the best song about her reputation. While not flawlessly produced, it is a flawless pop song. It is her best pop song by far. It is sassy, well written, produced and great story wise. Some might complain of why these 2 pop songs are so high, but 80% of the top 10 are country songs, well 70% if you don't count State Of Grace. This is my opinion and I will be honest, I'm not going to pander to certain audiences, this is just how I view it. Blank Space is one of those songs where you could release it any time and it will always cement itself as a timeless classic, the are very few songs capable of doing that. For years people questioned her date life, complained and this is the only time she look the low ground and came out triumphant. For years people have taken advantage of her in relationships, that is evident with a majority of her output from Fearless to Red. But now she has all the power in a relationship, while I don't think its right, this feels like a mid way point in her story telling, she's taking jabs at the media and comes out victorious. If she wants someone gone she can do it with a snap of her fingers, its a (lord help my soul) yass queen moment. Dear god what did I just say. Still it's a great song, I'm everyone's heard it at one point, maybe even tap their foot to it who knows. It's a timeless piece of art that will be cherished for years to come.
And Now The Moment You've All Been Waiting For What Is In My Opinion The Very Best Taylor Swift Song In Existence:

1. All To Well (Red)
All To Well feels in a way the inverse of Dear John, Dear John talked about the dark parts of a relationship, whereas All To Well, gives us the entire package. We get the good and the bad, the good is painted into my mind like a dream, and the bad feels like a tragedy. Most people like the lyric about breaking the promise is their favorite it's great no doubt about it, I take a bit of a more weird path, I prefer the line where he's described as kid with his cheeks red, and how he used to be a kid with glasses in a twin sized bed. Giving an introduction to innocence and it makes the break up even more emotional as she makes it seem like this can work out if they try hard enough, but unfortunately she knows this situation all to well, god the songwriting on this track is damn close to flawless. And then we go back to the scarf, we've come full circle, and it feels like being hit by an emotional garbage truck. All To Well stands tall above the rest because of its emotional honesty, the most emotional I've really ever seen her. One day I'll see her perform this song live, that is on my bucket list, I've never cried to this song shockingly, like Soon You'll Get Better, but no song has tugged at my emotions this hard, not even Mr. Misunderstood, my all time favorite song. It is a masterpiece, if you've never heard this song, stop reading this. You need to hear this song. All To Well, has taken everything I loved about Taylor Swift, songwriting, honesty, production, instrumentation, vocals, and brought it all together to create a masterpiece. I may give Style, Blank Space and Tim McGraw 10/10's but if I was as critical as I could be those songs would be lower. But All To Well is an actual 10/10 through and through, and for the rest of my days be the greatest song she'll ever sing.
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