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Based on Matt’s recent Minecraft theory, I put together a short story about how the events could have played out for the early people of Minecraft

Journey to the End
Another explosion rocks the stronghold, causing a thin stream of dust to pour from the brick ceiling. I stop dead, causing Grimeld to bump into me. “Sorry, Sett.” he says sheepishly.
I look around the corridor, shaking my head. “Those little devils are active tonight. Sooner or later this whole damn structure is going to collapse.” I mutter, continuing on. Such vile creatures, making up for their lack of arms by self-detonating.
“How much longer do we have on our food supply?” I ask.
Grimeld clears his throat “Well, if we ration our current supply properly, we should be able to feed everyone in the stronghold for at least 30 more days. Give or take. Of course, the hunters have yet to return from their latest mission, so that might improve our numbers.”
“And the people? How are they feeling?”
“They feel...holed up.” He replies. “We’ve been fortified here for months with no end in sight. Our resources are dwindling and people aren’t too confident in your current escape plan.”
“Anything else?” I ask.
“I think you’re doing a great job, all things considered. Not everybody knows the sacrifices you’ve made for our well-being.” He changes to a sarcastic tone. “I guess you could say you’re my hero.” He says with a grin.
I can’t help but crack a smile. “Thank you Grimeld. You are dismissed.”
He bows his head, and hurries back down the corridor. After a few more moments of walking, I reach the heavy oak doors that close off the laboratory. I knock twice, and wait for a response. The doors swing open, and I am relieved by the sight of my lead engineer, Thamus. “Sett, great timing. I have something to show you. Follow me. ” He says, disappearing into the lab.
I hurry after him, nearly knocking over a brewing stand in the process. He stops in front of the iron door that protects the portal room, and begins hastily undoing the lock. “Where is Ville?” I ask him while I wait.
“She’s in the library, reading up on Nether portal technology. Our ancestors didn’t understand it much better than we do, but we need as much info as we can get if we want this thing to work.” He opens the lock, and we head in.
There isn’t much to the portal room. It’s small, with nothing but a short staircase heading up to a raised platform. Underneath, a vat of lava bubbles away. We head up the stairs, stopping at the edge of the platform. He gestures his hands outward with a proud look on his face.
I study the contraption in front of me. It’s a thick square rim, constructed out of some form of stone I don’t recognize. Around the rim are twelve empty, circular slots. I lean down, examining it closer. “Is this it?” I ask. “Is this the portal?”
Thamus nods his head. “It is, or at least it will be. We’re still working on activating it.”
“And your sure it won’t just lead to the nether? We can’t exactly settle in that fiery hellscape. I ask, concerned.
Thamus chuckles quietly. “Believe me sir, this portal is much more advanced than a nether portal. This doesn’t just transport us deep underground. Instead, it is a doorway to another dimension. A world where we can begin anew.”
“And what if we’re greeted by the same monsters who forced us to flee in the first place? How can you be certain this new world will be peaceful?” I question.
His smile falters. “Well, in any scientific endeavor, there are unknowns. But what we do know is that staying here, in our world, is no longer an option.”
I stand up, and sigh. “Yes, I suppose you’re right. I recommend you make haste to activate this portal. We only have thirty days left in our food supply. Do you have an estimated timeline for completion?”
Thamus shrugs. “We believe we’re on the brink of a breakthrough. But there’s no way to tell how long it will take. However, I can assure we are working around the clock.”
“Good. Right now, this is our absolute priority. If you need anything, do not hesitate to-“ I’m interrupted by frantic knocking at the door.
I hurry over to unlock it and let the visitor in. It’s Grimeld, struggling to catch his breath. He must’ve ran here. “What’s wrong Grimeld” I ask. “Has the stronghold been breached?”
He takes a deep breath. “No sir. It’s the hunters. One of them has returned. He’s in the infirmary.”
“The infirmary?” I turn to Thamus. “My apologies, but we’re going to have to continue this conversation another time.”
He waves his hand. “No worries. There wasn’t much else to report anyways. I’ll be sure to let you know if there are any new developments.”
The hunter was badly injured. He was covered head to toe in bandages, with only his face showing. Most of his left arm was gone. He perks up a little when I approached. “Hey Sett. I’m...I’m sorry.”
“You don’t have to apologize.” I assured him. “What happened?”
He closes his eyes. “We were attacked the moment we left the stronghold. I hate to say it, but during the fight I let one of those exploding things creep up behind me. I managed to drag myself to safety, but the other 5 were torn apart. The undead have us completely surrounded now. There’s no way out.” He begins coughing aggressively, and a nurse rushes over to his aid.
I turn around to face Grimeld. “So, we can’t go anywhere above ground. We can’t go under them either. Our tunnel systems are completely overrun. Our only option is to fight our way out. What’s the armoury looking like?”
Grimeld gives me a solemn look. “We barely have two hundred swords, so not quite enough for everybody, and even less armour.”
“Can we craft more from raw resources?” I ask.
Grimeld shakes his head. “We’re all out. We have to work with what we have.”
I curse under my breath. “If we try to go on the offensive, it’ll be a blood bath. We need more people and more equipment to stand a chance. The portal is our only hope.”
Grimeld rolls his eyes. “Maybe we should be focused on coming up with a more concrete solution. I know Thamus and Ville are brilliant, but even they don’t know much about these portals.”
I nod. “I’ve been having the same concerns. I think we should divide our people into two teams. The smaller team and I will venture into the portal, while those remaining will try and escape the stronghold if we don’t return. At least then everyone who’s fighting will get a sword. If I don’t make it, I leave it to you to lead our people. You’ve always been my right hand man, and my friend. I know I can trust you.”
Grimeld sighs deeply. “I wish it didn’t have to come to this. We’ve lost so many of our friends and comrades already.”
I place a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “I know we can do this. We’re going to start a new civilization from scratch. We won’t make the same mistakes this time around. It’s not often you get a second chance.” I step away from him. “I need to speak with Ville. It’s become clear that my main focus needs to be on this portal.”
“I’ll run things out here.” Grimeld says as I leave. “And if that portal goes nowhere like I think it will, you owe me an emerald!”
I found Ville in the lab, sitting eagerly in front of an active furnace. By her side, a pile of books lie open. I walk over and sit by her side. I wipe a few beads of sweat from my forehead. Ville makes me a little nervous. I clear my throat. “So...how’s the research coming along.”
Ville doesn’t take her eyes off the furnace. “Based on what I’ve read, the key to activating the portal lies in the warp pearls. But not in their natural form. I need to...modify them, so to speak. It’s difficult to explain the science in a way that will make sense to you.”
I try to ignore the insult. She probably didn’t even mean it that way. “Hey, I thought we were out of warp pearls. When did we get more?”
She scoffs. “There was always more stored in the lab. We just couldn’t let you guys use them all up. After we lost access to our nether portal, we could’t create anymore.”
“Really?” I look around the lab. “Where are they? I’d like to see them.”
She points to a small chest near her desk. I walk over, and carefully open it. Sure enough, inside are dozens of small, bluish grey spheres. I pick one up. It’s barely larger than an egg, seemingly made of glass. In reality, I know it’s comprised of an otherworldly material I can’t pronounce. Somehow, when you throw one, you’re instantly warped to wherever it lands. Since the pearls are almost weightless, it’s easy to throw one a long way.
“Sett!” Ville calls to me. “Could you come over here for a moment?”
I place the pearl back in the chest and gently close it. “What is it Ville? Have you had your breakthrough?” I ask.
“Perhaps.” She replies, holding up the pearl she just removed from the furnace. “I don’t know how it will react to the portal, but I’ve successfully modified the warp pearl.”
I take a closer look at the pearl in her hand. It’s no longer a dull bluish grey, but a vibrant greenish blue. In the middle is a black slit, making the pearl look like a reptilian eye. It makes me uncomfortable to look at. “So, this is what goes into those empty slots I saw on the portal?”
She nods. “We’re hoping to use the warping properties of the pearls on a much larger scale. To open a doorway to a new dimension. With a little fine tuning, we can even control where it opens on the other side.
I furrow my brow. Something just isn’t sitting right with what Ville just said. “So the science of the portal is based on the warp pearls?”
Ville looks at me like I’m a fool. “Yes. That’s what I just said.”
“But the warp pearls are one-way. You warp to where they land and that’s it. It’s not a doorway like a nether portal.”
Ville opens her mouth to respond, then closes it. She looks down at the pearl in her hand for moment, before speaking. “I understand your concern, but Thamus designed it to work similarly to a nether portal. It will be a doorway.” She hands me the pearl. “Take this to the portal. It should fit right into one of the empty slots. I’ll make eleven more, and the portal will be ready.”
“Well, thank you. For all your help.” I reply, standing up. “I’ll get right on that. You just keep...doing...what you’re doing.” I say as I slip away.
I knock on the iron door, and Thames replies almost instantly. “Is the pearl ready?” He asks excitedly
I hold it up for him to see. He gazes at it in awe. “Wow. So there it is.” He whispers. “Come on, lets test this out. I’ll let you put it in.”
We walk up the steps to the portal, and I kneel down next to it. I hold the pearl above one of the slots, and it gets pulled down towards it like a magnet. It slips out of my hand, clicking perfectly into place. “Incredible.” I mutter.
Thamus giggles in delight. “This is perfect! I’ll go help Ville make the rest of those pearls. At this rate, the portal will be ready in just a few short days.” He rushes out of the room.
I stay standing above the portal for a few more moments. It’s hard to believe that I’m looking at what will be our people’s salivation. Our ticket out of the cage we call the stronghold. I take one last look, and begin making my way back down the steps.
Grimeld helps me fit the diamond chest plate into place. This armor is heavy and uncomfortable, but it’s what the members of the royal family have worn into battle for generations. Even with the armor on, I certainly don’t feel like royalty. I’m just a tired man, desperate to escape a world of violence. As I do up the last strap, Thamus enters the armory.
“Good news, Sett.” He begins, stopping short when he sees me. “Immaculate. You look just like your father did in that armor.”
Grimeld laughs. “I told him the exact same thing. He denies it”
I push Grimeld away laughing. After I regain my composure, I clear my throat. “Let’s get back to the matter at hand. You had good news?”
Thamus’ eyes twinkle. “Yes sir. The portal has opened.”
I look at Grimeld. “This is it” I say.
Grimeld nods at me. “If I never see you again, I want you to know I’ve been honored to have you as a leader, a comrade, and a friend. Best of luck.”
“I won’t need it. I’ll see you in our new home. Soon.” I reply, following Thamus out the door.
Standing in the corridor is Ville, who starts walking alongside us. “I’ve been examining the portal, and I have good news and bad news.” She says.
“Hit me.” I reply.
“The good news is, the portal is functional and stable. There have been no issues thus far. The bad news, there’s no way to measure how long it will be stable. We’re just going to have to hope for the best.”
I give her a quizzical look. “That doesn’t sound very scientific, Ville.”
Thamus cuts in. “This whole process would be more scientific if we just had a little more time to prepare. I’m afraid what we have now is the best we can do.”
We reach the portal room, and Thamus unlocks the door. The three of us approach the portal. Now that it’s activated, it is no longer an silent empty rim. In the center is a deep black hole with tiny white dots within, as if a piece of the night sky fell to earth. It makes a quiet humming noise. “So I just jump in?” I ask.
Ville shrugs. “That’s how this thing works. Whatever happens after you jump in is a mystery.”
I nod. “Very well, then. My team is still getting prepared. I told them I’d go in first, scout ahead a ways. If I don’t return, nobody is to enter this portal. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir.” They say, almost in unison.
I take a deep breath. I step closer, and lift my foot over the portal. This situation is taking the term ‘leap of faith’ to a whole new level. I close my eyes, and before I can lose my nerve, I jump in.
I awake in a dark and humid place. I try to shake the disorientation out of my head. I sit up slowly and take in my surroundings. I appear to be in some sort of cave. The ground I lie on is made of some smooth black stone. It must be obsidian. All around are walls of a yellow rock, similar to the rock used to construct the portal. I turn around, and see the exit. It leads off onto a cliff edge. I struggle to my feet, and stumble out of the cave and towards the cliff.
At first, it seems as if I’m on a mountain. However, it’s hard to see anything in the darkness. It’s obviously nighttime, but there’s no moon or stars in the sky. I walk carefully towards the edge of the cliff and peer over. I’m hit with a wave of vertigo. I scurry away from the edge in panic. This cliff is on the edge of...nothing. The blackness of the sky continues on below. I thought I was on a mountain, but it’s in fact an island, suspended in an infinite black void.
“Where the hell am I?” I exclaim, rushing back into the cave. “Where’s the portal back?!”
I push against the walls, and pound my feet on the obsidian floor. “Hello? Thamus? Ville? Can you hear me?”
Maybe the exit portal is somewhere else. I leave the cave, and climb up on to the top of the island. The island is way more massive then I originally thought, stretching further than the eyes can see. However, it’s completely barren. An empty expanse of yellow stone. The only other thing I can see is a series of giant obsidian pillars in the distance. If there is an exit, it must be over there.
I draw my sword, finely crafted from diamond, and run towards the pillars. They’re further away than they seem. It’s not until I get closer that I fully appreciate their grandeur. They appear to form a circle around a much smaller structure in the center, constructed of bedrock. I can vaguely see something on top of each pillar, but it’s too difficult to tell from the ground.
I stop beside one of the pillars to catch my breath. Coming here was a terrible mistake. There’s nothing here. No signs of life besides myself. And if there is no way out of here, then that’s it for me. At least I can take consolation in the fact that nobody followed me here. Back in my world, they may even have escaped the stronghold. I sit down, placing my sword on the ground beside me, and lean against the pillar. The silence is deafening.
I sit still for a long time. I have trouble believing it myself, but instead of feeling fear, depression or regret, I only feel one thing. Content. Finally, at the very least, I can rest. I close my eyes, leaning my head against the pillar. I lull into another pitiful sleep. I dream of what happened after I left. Of Grimeld leading the charge against the monsters, finally finding freedom I don’t want to wake up.
My dream is interrupted by a gust of wind blowing into my face. I sit forward, confused. The air has been completely still in this world up until now. Another gust of wind comes from the right, even more powerful than before. I grab my sword and stand up. After a few seconds, another gust comes my way. I am able to faintly hear a distant noise.
Woosh. The next gust is almost powerful enough to knock me off my feet. I look deep into the darkness, and begin to make out what is approaching. A massive, black, flying figure appears from the darkness. It has white spikes down it’s back and sinister purple eyes. With each flap of its wings, it creates a gust of wind. And it’s coming straight at me.
I turn and run, taking cover behind the pillar. The ground starts to rumble, and the creature flys right over top of the pillar. It continues on, into the darkness. Before it’s out of sight, it raises its head, letting out a monstrous roar. The deafening boom sounds like several thousand pounds of TNT exploding at once. The noise seemingly fills the entire void for just a second, then it all returns to silence.
A state, dumbfounded, into the void. I came here to escape an army of monsters, and instead I arrive on the turf of the most terrible monster any world has ever seen. Whatever that thing was, this place belongs to it. Nothing could have ever prepared me for this. As long as I’m in this dimension, I’m at its mercy. I am no longer a king. I am an insect.
I decide to explore, stripping off my armor and heading deep into this new wasteland. After what feels like days of aimless wandering, I come across tree like growths coming from the ground. Near the top appears to be some kind of black fruit. use the last bit of my strength to climb the tree and grab one. It tastes terribly bitter, but it’s juicy enough to quench my thirst and hunger.
After another eternity of wandering, I find my way back to where I started, near the cave with the obsidian floor. I lay down on the ground, and let my mind float away from my body. The silence and solitude is nearly impossible to bear. I can almost feel my mind beginning to splinter. Perhaps my best bet is to just let myself fall into the void.
A noise nearby pulls me back to reality. The sound is distinct enough for me to recognize; footsteps. I stand up and reach for my sword, but it’s not on me. I left it in a heap with my armor. I can now hear whatever it is climbing up to where I stand. I fully expect a beast, and am taken aback when Grimeld’s head pops up from behind the rocks.
“Grimeld!” I exclaim. “What the hell are you doing here?!”
I see his shoulders go slack. “Sett, thank the lords your alive.”
Following him are more of my people. They look tired and battered. Some hold children in their hands. There are not very many. I stumble up to Grimeld, nearly collapsing in the process. He grabs me, helping me regain my balance. I look up at him. “Thank you, my friend.” I say weakly. “Why are you here?”
Grimeld looks at me, and I see great sorrow in his eyes. “It’s been seventeen days since you left and didn’t return. We all tried to abandon the stronghold once and for all. We didn’t get far. Most of us were killed. Those that survived fled into stronghold, but the beasts followed us. Our only escape was through the portal.”
“How many people made it?” I ask.
“Not including me, there are thirteen women, ten men, and six children. We’re all that’s left” he replies.
Someone comes limping from the small crowd. It’s Ville. She embraces me, and I can feel her sobbing gently. I’ve never seen her show much emotion before. “What about Thamus? Is he here?” I ask.
She shakes her head. “He stayed behind, to make sure the portal stayed active. He never came through.”
Grimeld is looking all around with squinting eyes. “So, Sett. You’ve been hear awhile. Can you tell us exactly where ‘hear’ is?”
I look at the people standing in front of me. They’ve already had so many hardships, seen so many horrors. I won’t be doing them any favours if I try to sugarcoat it. “This place is nowhere. It’s barren. We are the only living thing in this place, besides a few fruit trees I’ve come across.”
Grimeld looks confused. “So you mean, this is all there is to this place?” He asks, gesturing all around him.
“Yes.” I reply. “This is it. We are on the edge of the void. There is no way to go back, and the path forward stops here. This place is the End.”
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Pagan Festivals 2019

14 Sep, Colorado Springs CO, Mother Earth Gathering
Atlanta GA Pagan Pride Day TBA
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
SanAntonio Pagan Pride Day TBD
West Virginia
District of Columbia
United Kingdom
Check for events here and see this thread
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