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Quote: Originally Posted by PeeGee Arturia is a mixed bag, cheap controllers, budget synths, affordable plugins, cheap drum machines and now 2 high end analog synths. ULTIMATE PATCHES ( Synth Presets ) for Korg Minilogue, Novation Bass Station II, UNO Synth, Korg Monologue, Minilogue XD, Arturia MicroFreak, Behringer Deepmind, Roland SH-01A / JU-06 / JP-08 / JD-Xi, & Modal craftSYNTH 2 High Quality Synth Patches ( Synth Presets ) for Korg Minilogue/Minilogue XD, Korg Monologue, Arturia MicroFreak, Behringer Deepmind, Roland JD-Xi, UNO Synth, Novation Bass. Arturia brass 2 keygen.

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Overview Arturia Brass 2.0 virtual wind instrument adds even more featur. Vocals, Samples, Loops, MIDI, Live Instruments.

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Arturia Brass (7 Downloads). The modulation sources are MIDI messages key velocity, aftertouch, mod. Message this Seller if you have any questions.

My NAMM Summary/Impressions

Well, I went to NAMM yesterday. It was great! I was originally going to post my write-up in the Hangout thread but this post is so long I feel it's better served in its own thread. Apologies for the wall of text!
First, it's pretty unfortunate that a lot of big synth names weren't at NAMM. Sequential (edit: see comments below), Moog, Oberheim, and Teenage Engineering were all absent. I was hoping to play a Moog One, the Sirin, and the TE Modular stuff. Oh well. Of course, Behringer was also not there (despite the Sonic State Behringer videos being labeled as "NAMM 2019"), and I'm really peeved at them for holding their own event instead of just being at NAMM. Behringer's event is on the complete opposite side of the LA area from Anaheim and it would take 2 hours to get from NAMM to the Behringer thing with light traffic. It's really obnoxious. It's a shame because I love what Behringer is doing and I really wanted to try the new clones, but not enough to drive all the way over there after already driving all the way to NAMM. Fortunately the clones are priced so low that I don't really need to play them to know that I want them...lol.
Second, I got to play the Minilogue XD. It's a cool synth, as expected. However, I was honestly a little underwhelmed. It's sort of a greatest hits of Minilogue, Monologue, and Prologue, and it feels like the result is something that doesn't capture what makes each of those synths great. The presets basically pulled directly from the Prologue (including even being named almost the same) were instantly crippled by the four voice polyphony. One thing I've learned as a Prologue owner is that the kinds of patches that the Prologue really shines at really need lots of polyphony. I still get voice stealing on my 16 voice sometimes, so the 4 voices of the Minilogue XD just aren't enough for those kinds of sounds. On the OG Minilogue I never have issues with the 4-voice limit because the synth feels perfectly designed for it. The XD doesn't. I think if the XD had 6 voices it would be significantly more playable, but obviously Korg isn't going to do that because it'll eat into Prologue 8 sales.
There are also two big problems I have with the XD's architecture. In the name of squeezing all the new stuff, Korg have had to make some serious compromises, and two of them are dealbreakers for me. First, there's no octave control for the Multi Engine. Speaking from experience with the Prologue, the Multi Engine is the oscillator that you want to have octave flexibility with the MOST. It felt really limiting to not be able to change it. Secondly, the second (routable) EG is only an AD envelope, not an ADSR. I hesitate to be too critical but that really sucks. I would have been a bit happier if both envelopes were ASR or something...I need both amp and filter EGs to be the same.
All that said, I think the XD has potential. With its microtuning, powerful sequencer, and Monologue filter it will no doubt garner plenty of fans. But for me the feature set just did not measure up to the sum of its parts and although the synth sounded great I didn't have the same fun I have when playing an OG Minilogue. Honestly it kind of made me want to pick up an OG more.
As for the rest of the Korg booth, unfortunately I didn't get to play the new Volcas. They were getting swarmed by people constantly and I didn't want to bother with that (and I had a lot of stuff to get through in the time I was there, because I also tried a ton of brass instruments). A shame as I really wanted to try the Volca Drum (as braaahms knows). I also tried the Korg D1 digital piano and that was pretty nice.
Of course, I didn't only try Korgs. Some other things I tried:
  • Arturia MicroFreak - very cool synth! The touch keyboard was actually really nice and fun to play, and the synth sounded great. Plus it's paraphonic!!! This one is definitely going to be a winner.
  • Arturia Minibrute 2 (with Rackbrute) - with a Plaits and an Erika Black Hole DSP in it. Sounded awesome. This was my first time really diving into the Minibrute 2, and I'm definitely a fan.
  • Arturia Matrixbrute - Nothing to me, it's amazing.
  • Yamaha MODX6 - I finally got to play one!!! And it was everything I hoped it would be. The GAS is strong with this one.
  • Yamaha CP73 - For my personal preferences, I would take this over a Nord. Really nice sounding, and probably as close to the full-size Reface CP that everyone's been asking for that we're going to get.
  • Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 - Sounded great, pretty much what I expected. The menu editing wasn't bad. Definitely want one!
  • Vox Continental 61 - wasn't expecting much but I actually liked it a lot. The touch-edit drawbars are really nice and a much better system than the Nord button drawbars. It sounded good but I was wishing for a dedicated rotary speed selector (instead of just on and off). Shockingly it had a good-sounding DX7 EP sound!! Very unexpected.
  • Non-Linear C15 - What a beautiful instrument. So expressive and player oriented - exactly what I've been asking for from a modern polysynth. Of course, I'll never be able to afford one, but it was a treat to play. In fact, it has everything I've been asking for (multiple expression pedal inputs, ribbon controllers, a great pitch stick like a much more sensitive version of the one on the Nord Lead, etc.)...except polyphonic aftertouch. So close, and yet so far. This is THE instrument that should have it! I really don't understand this omission.
  • Haken Continuum Mini - Was pretty fun. When I first walked up to it I didn't notice the helpful graphics on the top and bottom of the strip that referenced where the keys on a normal keyboard would be and I was trying to play it entirely by ear. That was...a challenge. But once I did use my eyes for a bit and notice the markings, it became pretty easy. Still challenging and very far from a normal keyboard (even moreso than the Seaboards) but cool.
  • Rolands - Well they had nothing new (I guess the AX-Synth lol) and nothing they had grabbed me. The JDXA sounded better than I remember, so I guess that's something.
  • Elektrons - before today, I had never touched an Elektron box in my life. The result? I tried most of them (Digitakt, Digitone, A4 Mk2, and yes the Model:Samples) and didn't understand the first thing in how to navigate them. I would have to really dig into the manual before trying to do ANYTHING if I bought one. But I do know that the Digitakt pads felt awesome and were a joy to play manually, and I learned enough about the quality of the boxes that I want one kinda badly.
  • Studiologic Sledge 2 - Went significantly better than the last time I tried one. I thought it was good, but not great.
  • Stylophone Gen R8 - Meh. Wasn't feeling this one at all. The envelopes didn't work like I wanted them to, the ribbon keyboard wasn't fun to play, and I didn't like the sound. Looking back on it, I should have tried the Gen X-1 as well.
If I had more time, I would have gone back and tried lots more. The Novation booth was very small and very crowded so I didn't bother with it, which is a shame as I really wanted to play the Peak again and try the Mono Station. Obviously I would have gone back and waited to try the new Volcas, I would have spent some time at the Nord and Roli booths, and I probably would have tried the Roland AX-Synth keytar just for fun. There were a lot of modular booths including Buchla and a bunch of Eurorack companies that I would have liked to spend some time at. Bitwig was right next to Novation and I would have spent some serious time exploring the new Bitwig, and I also didn't get to spend any time at the Propellerhead booth.
Basically I think if I was going there just for synths, I would have easily been able to knock everything out in one day. But since there were a lot more brass instruments to try that took most of my time. Overall I had a great time, not quite as great as if all the manufacturers had been there, but still great nonetheless. It was my first time at NAMM and my conclusion is if you're in the area and can get hooked up with a badge to go absolutely do it, but I don't think it's really worth the $150 to buy a ticket outright or flying in from out of town. That's just me though.
Thanks for reading! Any other NAMM-goers want to chime in with their thoughts?
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Recreeating the Rendezvous 2 Brass Sound (Jean Michel Jarre)


I'm rather new to synthesizers and have been playing for about 9 months now.

I've been trying to recreate this particular brass sound found in Jean Michel Jarre's Rendezvous 2 song.

In this cover video, the sounds starts at around 47 seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtLZwEra1KY

Would anyone here be able share advise on how to get that sound? I've got the lead, but this brass (is that the type of sound it's called?) has been bugging me a while now.

I have a Yamaha Reface CS and the Arturia V Collection 6 so I think I could get pretty close given how many VSTs are provided there.

I know that the person who did the cover used Propellerhead Reason's Thor synth (which is extremely versatile).

Any tips would be much appreciated and I would very much like to know which Arturia plugin would work best (and how I could possibly work to get the sound).

Thank you!

- Stephan
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