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I want to take my love of making music for videogames to a professional level, and to make it a viable career choice. What is step one?

I'm turning 29 this year... it also marks 9 years working for one of the larger grocery store chains in the southern U.S. (meow). I truly have a love/hate relationship with my company, while they haven't treated me awfully for retail standards and my pay is okay for retail standards, it's come at the price of what is developing into chronic back pain. Coupled with the fact that the intellectual stimulation is mostly non-existent, I am finding each day exceedingly difficult to maintain a positive attitude and strong work ethic.
tl;dr: retail sucks, no one gives a shit
I love music. I love creating music, but I use a bit of a different technique than most people. I own a basic guitar and an old YAMAHA keyboard, but I am functionally retarded when holding both of them. I make all of my music on Noteworthy Composer, basically typing out the notes and using trial and error until I get the sound that I want. I have 0 musical training whatsoever, I don't know what key anything I write is, I have no idea what scales are, I literally have no fucking idea what I'm doing.
I've been doing it, however, since I was 14. Through trial and error, I have written hundreds of songs over the years. In the last couple, they've actually started being pretty good. I've made quite a lot of music that I am proud of. My music is very heavily inspired by the classic SNES games I grew up playing, think Megaman X, Final Fantasy VI, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Lufia II, so on and so forth. I know I'm not the best, but I'm at the point where I think my music is good enough for other people to enjoy (other people than my wife, who is pretty biased.)
So to get to the point - I want to make music for a living; specifically, I want to make videogame music. I want to make that epic final boss theme that gets you overly hyped while also making you realize that shit just got real. I want to take you into the depths of a dungeon, danger lurking around every turn. I want to help bring tears to your eyes as your favorite character struggles with the loss of his one true love, whose sudden death came all too soon.
So what's stopping me? Composition is the only thing I know how to do... sound mixing and production is a new, strange world to me. I've dabbled in it a little, but I know my efforts are mediocre at best. I've already told you I don't know how to play any instruments... and I'm okay with that, I can get by without it. One day I would like to learn, but I would much rather focus on getting a better understanding of the music I'm creating, and then having a solid control on mixing and mastering it to bring the composition to it's full potential.
To condense,
  • I love making music for videogames
  • I can't play any instruments
  • I have no formal music training in theory/composition/anything
  • I suck at sound production/mixing/whatever you call it
  • I want to be awesome and make a career and follow my dreams and blah blah blah
Realistically speaking, I just want to have the skills necessary to polish my music to a professional level. If I never make music my career, then I'll just be happy to have helped my music reach its full potential. Is college necessary? If not, where should I start?
I want to take my videogame music to the next level. what do?
If you are curious to hear some of my poorly mixed but really awesomely composed songs, send me a PM for a link to my soundcloud.
submitted by albitrary to WeAreTheMusicMakers

Intro to 'Joe’s World', a short-lived NBC sitcom, w/a theme song composed/performed by Alan Thicke & co-starring the Brady Bunch's Chris Knight. But most noteworthy of all: star Ramon Bieri pronounced his last name as -- I kid you not -- "Beer-eye". (1979)

Intro to 'Joe’s World', a short-lived NBC sitcom, w/a theme song composed/performed by Alan Thicke & co-starring the Brady Bunch's Chris Knight. But most noteworthy of all: star Ramon Bieri pronounced his last name as -- I kid you not -- submitted by Keltik to VintageTV

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