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[Table] IAmA: We are XGen Studios, indie game developers and creators of Defend Your Castle, Stick RPG, Stick Arena, and Motherload! AMA

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Date: 2012-08-02
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Have you played Stick RPG 2? :) Www.stickrpg2.com. It's kind of like Stick RPG 1, except 2.
What are the plans for super motherload if the kickstarter doesn't reach completion? It's looking like it may not make it, sad as it is to say. Motherload was such a soothing game for me, I really want the sequel to be able to exist! If the Kickstarter campaign doesn't come through, we're just going to have to find alternative sources of funding. We've basically come to the end of our operational budget, but we're totally committed to doing whatever it takes to get that game done without making ANY sacrifices to the quality of the final product.
I know if the Kickstarter doesn't go through I would donate all the money I pledged for it to any donation you guys set up, it wouldn't even have to be reward based. I just want to see you guys successful with Super Motherload. Thanks so much! We're super appreciative of all the support we've been receiving! Reddit has always been very kind to us!
I will donate probably up to $30 for the released version if the Kickstarter doesn't manage to make it. <3 you.
Can you give us a tl;dr of your career in video game design? How did you decide it was for you? Graduated from University, delivered water, life sucked, made portfolio, applied to XGen, got job, life got awesome.
Gotta love a happy ending. Thanks! Happy endings. Sometimes you pay extra for them. Not this time!
Where do you guys draw your inspiration from? My inspiration comes from comics, graffiti, and other illustrators.
Hey, could you make a stickarena app for the iphone/android? That game was the shit, teacher hated when we played it lol. Edit: also, where are your guys headquarters? Hahaha, that would be cool. Even better, we should do a TI-83 port so you can play it in all your math and physics classes without getting busted.
clone it, and throw millions in marketing dollars at it.... Zynga ಠ_ಠ. Oh yeah... but I wouldn't recommend that method per se...
Defend Your Castle was an awesome game. I probably played Motherload but since I"m at work, I can't remember if I did. Good luck with Super Motherload. I'm not American. I'm not big into politics either. I simply believe in being good to other people. That, and SPACE IS BIG, so we should probably check it out sometime.
Can you give us a list of people we could pester to try to get some more coverage of the game? Some community organization could probably be really helpful right now! Hahaha, any of the big game news sites would be great! I sent out a whole bunch of notices to press but received no replies and very little coverage. I think we sort of mis-timed our kickstarter campaign by running it at the same time as the OUYA. We got a bit over-shadowed by them hahaha. But again, I'm a huge supporter of the OUYA, so I'm incredibly happy for all the success they've achieved!
Does "Defend Your Castle" ever end? I got this far as I got before I was bored. Link to i.imgur.com. Link to i.imgur.com. Man, my Dad has the iPhone version and he got to like level 1000 or something ridiculous, hahaha. You should really try the newer version that's in the app store or on the Wii. It gets WAY more intense!!!
Holy smokes I spent many a days of summer vacation in middle school shredding some Fishy and Defend Your Castle! Made me head back to the website to see what's up, sadly I'm at work. How's the game making coming along? It's going well! We are hard at work at Super Motherload right now. It's probably 85 to 90% of the way done, but we're kind of running out of money, haha. Regardless, we're working hard to get it done and we hope to see it released early 2013!
Do you guys play minecraft? Have you ever considered making a sandbox game similar to it but different in your own way? Yeah, when we first got ahold of the minecraft beta way back when we pretty much put a solid 2-days straight worth of playing it here in the office, hahaha. Probably not our most productive time, but all in the name of "research" right? I've heard people often say that Minecraft was inspired from Motherload, but I have no idea if Notch ever actually played Motherload or not. It would be cool if he did and I'd feel like a real awesome dude if he said so, hahaha.
Edit: fixed typo...
Why hasn't anyone purchased you yet? Actually, believe it or not, we were ALMOST purchased by one of the biggest game companies in the world. We were in very serious talks with them for quite some time and I actually even did some concept art for an iOS version of one of their AAA game titles. But we ultimately turned them down. All their money was nice (and I probably wouldn't have been so poor had we accepted the offer), but we wanted to make our OWN games instead of having people tell us what to make. I think we made the right decision.
I was really sad and It got me through some hard times! Question = Defend Your Castle App?!? Soon?! Try searching "Defend Your Castle" in the app store. You might be pleasantly surprised, haha.
Wow, i used to play all those games! Thanks for making those really fun games! Really looking forward to Super Motherload as well! Well, to my question: What do you guys think is the recipe to a successful game? First and foremost: FUN. When you are making a game you shouldn't commit to an idea until you've roughly prototyped the mechanic and made sure it's fun and feels good to play. THEN, once you've got that you can start working on all the fancy graphics and sound and storyline. But if you don't do lots of quick iterations of prototypes to find the most FUN game mechanic, then you're pretty much dead in the water.
Do you believe there is more you should be doing from a marketing stand point to build a brand that connects to its fans? Or are you mostly just focused on putting out quality games and hoping the rest will fall into place? I've actually been doing a ton of marketing work for the project, but we had the misfortunate of launching at the same time as the Steam Summer Sale and at the same time as the OUYA... so the gaming press and general gamer public tended to focus on those things... as they rightfully were expected to. I know I certainly spent my few coins on the Summer Sale too. Sometimes timing is everything and luck wasn't really on our side... BUT SO IT GOES! Super Motherload will be made.
Ah. I'm sure the Steam Summer Sale is the reason I didn't hear about it. And now that you pointed out that the Kickstarted began during that time, I want to change what I said. I probably wouldn't have donated to a Kickstarter while spending $50-$100 on games that week. I'm sure a lot of gamers have a similar stance. It seems it was mostly unfortunate timing. Most of us throughout the summer sale would have been a couple weeks before that too. I can probably google this answer, but do you set all the details of when/how the Kickstarter happens or do they (Kickstarter) have some control over it to stop too many competing projects at once and to help with promotion? Nope, we set the day and time. Unfortunately there was no way we could have known it was going to be at the same time as the Summer Sale and the OUYA.
Incase the kickstarter doesnt go well. Are you guys expecting to do some kind of pledging system on the side? That's a possibility. Right now we're committed to the kickstarter campaign right until the bitter end. But once that's done we may have to consider alternative sources of funding along similar lines to what you are mentioning.
Stick Arena was one of my favorite games when I was 10. Sledgehammer FTW. Anyways, how did you guys come up with the idea for the game? Believe it or not, Stick Arena was ORIGINALLY supposed to be just the combat system for Stick RPG 2. But then it was just so damn good that it turned into its own game. Jordan created his own server architecture specifically designed for multiplayer flash gaming. It was basically one of the first (if not THE first) time that real-time multiplayer in Flash had been done to that degree.
Is there any chance we could get any sort of playable demo before the end of the Kickstarter? Hmm, that's something we haven't really considered. It might be something we should look into... I'll make a note of that, haha. Thanks!
Stick Arena? I thought we were talking about DICK ARENA??? Link to www.youtube.com. Oops. That was the REAL Stick Arena commercial. Where's that DICK ARENA spoof that got made? currently googling...
I've been playing XGen games for awhile now and I've always wondered: why do you give adolescence complete control over not only your forum, but all of the games you produce? I know you guys are busy making awesome games, after-all, there wouldn't be a community if you guys didn't keep developing them, but shouldn't you limit these moderators powers? Or at least keep tabs on them more often? Believe it or not, moderating the games and the forums we've made takes a lot of time. And unfortunately we are a very small team and most of our time goes into making our games. Therefore we rely on volunteers to run our forums, and as it goes there's not a lot of volunteers who are also old enough to work full-time jobs. Our younger demographic who are hugely supportive and enthusiastic about our games are often the best suited for the job. EDIT: I should mention too that if we had the money to hire someone in-house whose sole job was to moderate our games and our forums, we would be glad to do so. But it's just not in the budget.
I personally think Angry Birds is a horrible game. It's just... not fun. Crush the Castle, however, I enjoyed far too much. Scumbag iOS devs. It's a cut-throat world sometimes...
Speaking of the next best game - make sure whoever had the idea to do this AMA gets a big thanks. I did not know motherload 2 was coming out until this thread and you have another kickstarter backer (a flood of them hopefully) because of it. Okay. Thanks, me! Oh, you're welcome me! Also, thank-you to YOU GUYS for talking to us! It woulda been a pretty damn boring AMA without you guys.
There's a rare fossil? I never found it! I've beaten the game three or four times now at least and never knew it existed. Sounds like a 5th time is in order? ;)
I'd go crazy to alpha-fund this. Could Desura's Alpha-funding section be a good fit? I honestly don't know. I'll have to take a look at it!
I used to spend a ton of time on your forums, but it seemed like the average intellect of a Stick Arena player made them unusable after a while. Sometimes intelligence and coherent rational thought are a curse. You appear to be afflicted.
Do you ever wish Stick Arena had a slightly older community? Yeah, I made Mass Effect, I basically created the whole thing. NBD. I heard you guys loved my ending.
What was it like working on Mass Effect? You worked on UI, right? Actually, I didn't have anything to do with Mass Effect, but Jordan, Skye, Steve and Chris did. And yes, you're right: Jordan and Skye did the UI!
As far as i understand, being a successful flash developer means having decent exposure on every relevant flash game site. How is that market developing from your point of view, and do you fear the lingering flash support cancellation for mobile platforms, or do you have some solid plans for the future? Flash gaming is dying. Traffic to most of the major online gaming portals is half of what it was just 6 months ago. Since we relied almost exclusively on ad-revenue (as we preferred to release our games for free), this is hurting us a lot. Casual gamers no longer have to play games on websites when they have access to such platforms as the Apple app store, Playstation Network, XBox Live Arcade and Steam. The Flash era is over, and we're struggling to make the transition. This is a tough time for us but we're confident we'll get through it.
From my experience with your games I am quite confident you could make it on these new platforms (iOS, android, win8) as well. Are you willing to port your games, or are focusing on bigger PC/XBox/XBLA/PS3 games? Thanks for the encouragement! Yeah, after Super Motherload we'll probably be looking at creating a brand new IP for release on console and Steam, but nothing's set in stone yet. One step at a time...
About how many games or "demos" have you made up over the years that just didn't work out, turned out to be overall bad ideas for games, or you simply had to put it on a permanent back burner while you worked on more pressing things? We've actually been very lucky. Very few of our released games have been complete failures, but there's definitely been 1 or 2.
Do you guys have an idea for a new, original game all set and ready after you finish Super Motherload? Actually, Steve and I were working hard on a metroidvania style 2.5D platformer that was under the code-name of Project Anubis. We had a working demo of it running in Unity and it was REALLY COOL. The graphics were a Giger-esque imagining of an HP Lovecraft style story wherein a dying god come to inhabit your body in a post-apocalyptic world. Unfortunately we've run out of money and it would have taken a few years to complete Anubis... so we've all switched to working on Super Motherload in order to get it completed and out the door. I would love to continue making Anubis if I ever get the chance. I put a lot of time into it and have a heavy emotional investment attached to that project.
How did you guys come together.. in other words if i wanted to make a team and/or join one what would i need besides obvious gaming experience? To start your own team: passion, dedication, and a lot of work. Watch Indie Game the Movie to get a good idea of what it's like to develop indie games. I highly recommend it. To join our team? Well... we'd need some money to be able to pay you first, haha.
Hello, Long time SA player and forum poster. Just curious why Danny and eedok were let go from the company? We haven't been told anything, and I'm a bit hesitant to fund the kickstarter (Danny and eedok seemed to be the only two people interacting with the community). Yeah, it's not something we are proud of. It was probably the single hardest decision the company has ever faced, and we are all still incredibly sad to have lost them. Danny and Cody (eedok) were not only our co-workers and incredibly talented at what they do, but they're also our friends. The reality of the situation is that we're running out of money and there's no way around that.
How long did it take to think up the boss battle at the end of Motherload? I didn't really have any part with the boss battle in Motherload, but if it's anything like our other games it's probably an idea that came up while we were making the game. We're constantly looking at our games and saying "wouldn't it be cool if-?" and the best ideas often end up becoming reality.
off, I want to say I'm a huge fan, and an aspiring game developer. I find that the best games are unique and simple. Defend your castle has a pretty simple mechanic: pick up a dude, and drop him. Always satisfying too. How did you guys come up with that game mechanic? It's so simple, yet satisfying that it's damned-near genious. And also, I am currently working on a game that I'm not sure if the idea can fully pan out. Is it ok to keep working on a project that doesn't seem 100% awesome from the beginning? And have you ever worked on a game that seemed like it would suck, but then did really well? I'll leave the mechanic question to Skye. As for the game that isn't 100% awesome, I'd say get it to 100% awesome ASAP, and if it's just not possible, then maybe it's not the game you should be making. Nobody wants to play a game that isn't 100% awesome. It either has to be the BEST or it has to be the FIRST. That's not to say everything we release is perfect... due to things like time constraints and budget constraints sometimes we are forced to just get the game done instead of adding all the little features we want. But we definitely never start a project without 100% believing it is going to be the best game we've ever made.
Oops. That was the REAL Stick Arena commercial. Where's that DICK ARENA spoof that got made? currently googling... Link to uploads.ungrounded.net
Can you guys make me a game? Sure. It's called "Guess What Game I'm Making You?".
How do you come up with the concepts and features for all of these awesome high quality games? Basically I play some games and I get angry and complain about them and start yelling about how "if I made this game I would have done it like this" and then I stop and think... "hey, waitaminute..."
Ps. I just backed the kickstarter I hope you reach your goal :) Edit: haha, but truthfully, we simply just try to make the games we REALLY want to play that nobody else has made yet.
Hi, thanks for the AMA. I was wondering where you learned to code and how you learned everything you know about making indie games. I want to try to make my own but have very little coding experience. Where should I start? I'm actually an artist and not really a programmer, but when I got started making games I was really into the QuickBASIC community. I was a big fan of Tsugumo back then. I know a few of the other programmers here got started through QBasic too. Today though, I would say look into something like Unity. It's going to be tricky to get started, but it's a really great platform for designing games and I think it would be worthwhile to learn it.
Motherload+AppStore = when? :) Well, it would be tough to compete when there's already I Dig It. Not that I want to sell ourselves short, but those guys just cloned Motherload so damn well I'm just not even sure there's any point in us doing it again. The app store is an incredibly saturated market space. It's great for people looking to get a start in game publishing, but it's a tough space to get any attention.
Hey guys, Just send you a pretty long E-mail with some questions about programming. I was going to post here but I didn't think you'd still be online answering questions. ANYWAY, I suppose my question for here is... will my E-mail get through to you guys? Haha. Who'd you send it to? Me? It usually takes a few minutes for the @xgenstudios.com emails to get forwarded to our e-mail inboxes, but I'll keep my eyes open for it.
Where do you stand on stick rpg 2? first one was so addicting when i was a kid like almost 10 years ago. I stand right about here: Link to www.xgenstudios.com
More games like motherload in works/planned? We've always got a few in the back of our heads, but right now we are completely focused on Super Motherload.
Alright, I have to ask because I couldn't help but notice. The menu theme in Defend Your Castle. Was that acquired from soundsnap or the freesound community? I swear I used that exact track in a video I made a few years ago. Yeah, it might have been. I remember we got it from a music licensing website!
Can you let me try defend your castle out? pweeease? Link to www.xgenstudios.com
If you add up all the hours I have spent playing your games, I probably could have learned a few languages. I LOVED defend your castle when I was younger, and I think I need to go play some right now. Haha, yes... there are definitely cheats. On the Wii version of Defend Your Castle you can click certain things in the credits that unlock different "game modes". For example, SMB3W4 is short for "super mario bros 3 world 4" and clicking on it makes everything giant (like world 4 in SMB3). But there are others too!
As for my question: Did you guys put any cheats into your games? :o. Boku wa chyotto sukoshi nihongo wo wakaru. I'm not even sure that's right. It's been a long time. Probably shoulda spent less time making these games...
I have a question about Stick Areana, (Great game by the way) Could you do something about the sledgehammer? Its too damn powerful! People always hide behind wallw and assassinate anybody who comes by. It annoys the crap out of me. Yeah, I generally get killed no matter who I'm playing against regardless of what weapons anyone has. You kids are way too damn good at that game. I'll look into the sledgehammer balance though.
Any interest in developing for Wii U? Super Motherload started as a Wii project, but with the uncertainty of the upcoming WiiU we were advised to look at alternative platforms... which we did.
Ive never played any of your games, which should I play first? Link to www.kickstarter.com
Any other upcoming projects, like for stick rpg, /nudge,nudge? I loved stick rpg 1, 2 took it to another level, I really enjoyed the combat system and all of the warehouses/minidungeons. Ha, you never know! Maybe! Right now all of our thoughts are on Super Motherload however.
Any chance of an XGenStudios bundle with access to your other games at a higher Kickstarter reward tier? Might help convince people to raise their donations or bring in fans of the other games. Hahaha, problem is our other games are pretty much already free to play.
Is it ok if I'm a male, early 20's, single, attractive (I think) and relativly insane? I know it's a long shot. I just want you to give birth to my children. Ehhh, beggars can't be choosers I guess. SURE!
When are you gonna make the special features in Stick Arena free? Probably when I'm not poor.
I was 2nd in command of the largest Stick Arena clan back in the day. My question for you is: if I put that on my resume, can you guys vouch for me? Hellyeah, I'll totally be your reference.
When are you gonna finish Cinderfall? Hahaha, it ended up becoming Fallout 3.
When will stick RPG 3 come out? Not sure. Haven't even started it yet.
Do the only reasonable thing: Start up a prostitute ring. OMG. PROBLEM SOLVED. Do you offer private consulting services by any chance?
What the hell took SRPG2 so long?! I remember as a kid, I would visit the update site almost everyday... Then you stopped updating. Jordan answered that above...
Just spent 9 hours on Stick RPG 2 re-living good times when I should be studying for finals.... what happened to the car? What happened to your final?
Any plans for a defend your castle android version? Not currently.
No question, but just a thank you for making Motherload, that game took a lot of hours of my childhood. Haha, that's awesome! Thank YOU for playing our games!
Oh my! Motherload! The memories! Almost all alliteration.
I just want to say thanks for doing what you do best. I loved motherload and all your stick games. Many hours of my childhood were devoted to your games. I love you. I <3 you too. Does a disposable child grow up to become a disposable assassin?
Link to en.wikipedia.org
DEFEND YOUR CASTLE!!!! THAT GAME WAS THE SHIT! Holy crap, oh the hours I spent in that game! Thank you for making it!! Haha, thanks! Skye made the original, and I did the art for the Wii version. Funny story: IGN gave me a bad mark on graphics because they said I just "scanned" everything with a scanner, but I actually drew 90% of the in-game graphics by hand in photoshop! :( I guess that's what you get for making it look TOO real, hahaha.
Thats what you get for not paying them for a good review. I'm poor, so I performed... erm, OTHER 'services'. Apparently I was a bit sloppy.
My hands cramped so much playing that game, but it was definitely worth it. Your girlfriend said it was worth it too.
Oh burn! Hahahaha, laughed my ass off!
Haha. No worries, I did it for her. Man, It's just such a twist ending. It's like dig,dig,dig,dig, oop satan. Haha, wait until you see the new ending we made for Super Motherload! It's going to blow minds.
Especially you. You meant me, right? Especially me? I WANT ALL THE LOVES!!!!
I'm gonna buy the shit out of super motherload. Hell. Yes. And I'm gonna love the shit out of your money. By that I mean, re-invest it into making THE BEST GAMES I CAN POSSIBLY MAKE.
I play defend your castle at work and when I get a call/the boss walks by I ALT TAB to random spreadsheet, most of the time it pauses the game.. Unless I have been playing for 45mins plus!! I feel like this is a waste of my company's money and time, please fix. Thanks. Ahhh, common mistake. You forgot to push 'p' before alt-tab. That should fix it.
Played in a band.. Actually, I think if a lot of us here at XGen weren't doing what we do, we'd probably be playing in bands full-time. That goes for Skye, myself, and Eric Cheng... and probably also Réal Cardinal who used to work with us but now does sound for Bioware. Lots of talented musicians here! In fact, some friends and I even used to run a record label in the city here...
That's awesome, that's what I ended up doing. Opened a little studio and record heavy metal, and make my own music. It's an amazing creative outlet. Haha, I actually drum in a metal band myself!
Link to www.youtube.com
Sweet :D I dig this, i saw the music video type thing.. Here's my project Link to soundcloud.com Link to www.facebook.com. Haha, totally listening to this now. \m/
Just wanted t to say I spent so many hours of my life on your games. Only hours? hahaha.
You my friends, ruled my awkward tween stage. Back when you were A_Hair shorter than you are now?
Defend Your Castle and Motherload I remember playing on a Compaq w/dialup. Took forever, but those hours were worth it. I am now playing them for nostagia. :D. All the porn back then had to be drawn in ASCII and printed on your dot-matrix. People did a lot more reading back then. The best part was tearing the little perforated strips of holes off the sides of the paper.
Link to i.istockimg.com
I played one of your online games! I think it was called Boxhead bounty hunter or something, it was fun. keep it up. Awesome! Yeah, we kind of co-produced that one. Scott did a bit of the art in that game too.
Just wanted to say thanks and kudos for all of your games and work. I played the shit out of DYC, and of course Stick RPGs 1&2, never arena though, and Mother Load was the best. I've seen a lot of similar mining games and I still love to go back and play me some Mother Load. Good stuff there. Not withstanding Dig Dug from which we took inspiration, Motherload was the first and (we like to think) the best!
Hi there I love all your games, We are definitely looking at the OUYA very closely and we are HUGE fans of the concept! We actually backed it and ordered a development kit from them and will be taking a look at that. Unfortunately, the success of that system is still an unknown, so we haven't committed to producing a game for it one way or another. Considering our budget is running short we aren't in a very good position to spend a lot of time on something that we aren't sure of...
I was wondering if you are planning to release any of your games for the new OUYA Console. If it was a perfect world and we had lots of money to spare, we'd be developing on the OUYA simply because we support their concept and vision! But as it stands, we'll have to wait a little bit before we can make a final decision.
Thank you. Funny story, my mom once took away all "stick-related" games because she believed I was wasting too much time on these games. Man, you should see how much time WE'VE wasted on those games, hahaha. Your mom would be pissed.
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