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My quick thoughts on all PS4 games I've played since November (UPDATE!)

Revamp of an old topic I made!
I am a pretty casual gamer but when I start picking up the controller again I go nuts deep so when my PS4 got delivered late November, I quickly picked up dozens of titles and have been working through them.
Here are some thoughts on the ones I've played then a list of my back log and intended purchases. I prefer more violent action oriented games and am a sucker for a good gore/damage system. I also am not a completionist by any stretch and just enjoy leisurely getting through the main story on most titles. Also I like strictly single player campaigns, and usually I play on easy or normal just to enjoy the story and/or gameplay. I don't like being stressed or frustrated when I play.
I generally don't really care for JRPGs, RPGs, puzzle games, more family-oriented games like Animal Crossing, etc I dig what I dig and generally pick up games I've relatively certain I'll enjoy which is why the majority of these write-ups are positive.
I have excluded from the list PS4 games I own but can't really "finish" like Crash Team Racing, Friday the 13th, World War Z, Dead by Daylight etc. I also play a lot of retro games and bullet hell type stuff on PSnow but don't own those obviously.
So here are some extremely basic mini write ups about those games I've checked off the playlist. The ones I've played more recently are a little longer because I am fresher on the details. Feel free to discuss any title more in depth.

The Last of Us
Plenty has already been said about this one. I played for the first time in november 2109 and replayed this plus Left Behind leading up to Part 2. I loved it. I was just as engaged with the story and characters from start to finish the second time, everything felt authentic and nothing really stood out to me as "video gamey". Combat was brutal and had a desperation and rawness to it which I dug and I loved the stealth components. Creeping through hotels, apartments, tunnels, covering with sniper fire, the final advance to Ellie, so many great and intense moments.
The standout of course is the relationship between Joel and Ellie but there are so many great segments. Everything with Henry and Sam added a ton of emotional weight to the story, Ellie going back to stick with Joel before they jump off the bridge, going through the sewers and discovering what happened to Ish and co. What Kyle had to do, the message he wrote on the ground, Ellie and Joel in the Farmhouse... Then little moments you have to discover like the tiny grave near Tommy's camp or family photos and letters next to corpses. The whole David section was harrowing. Everything felt authentic and had weight to it. I loved that.
The action gameplay isn't super innovative but is perfectly serviceable. The sequel improved pretty much every aspect of the gameplay, but i can still go back to the first with ease.
I played the remaster and it looks amazing. Facial animation, environments, gore effects, all pretty solid for an older title.
Really the only standout thing I disliked was the shiv mechanic. I think it is perfectly reasonable to lose a shiv or have them break after so many defensive uses against clickers if they grab you, but I think otherwise for stealth takedowns they should have been unbreakable. Ellie had a knife and it seems crazy Joel wouldn't also have a combat knife like Deacon from Days Gone.
Left Behind was also a fun DLC and it was great getting some backstory for Ellie and getting context for the loss she tells Joel about. And you get an idea of how desperate she is for it to be "her turn", which gives Joel's endgame decision so much significance.
TLOU is one of my favorite games and I can play it over and over.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Loved this one as well and found the gunplay to be so satisfying. It's a beautiful game to look at, some of the campaign beats were amazing (Farrah's story in particular) and the violence felt very real. The "Clean House" mission was way too short and I wish more similar missions had been included although there were a few similar sequences, but that mission in particular is just so engaging. They tease you with some dismemberment with your 50 cal, but having the shotgun deal some more brutal damage would have been great. I have played through the campaign twice now and still play through Clean House and Wolfs Den occassionally. Pkayin in Veteran makes those two missions in particular TENSE
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
I had read a lot of negative things about this COD entry, but I really fucking dug it. The setting was cool, I liked the story, I loved the side missions, and the one mission on the asteroid fighting the robots through rapid day and night cycles was a standout. Also obliterating dudes was fun
Very fun game with some badass mechanics but could get pretty frustrating having to recover 5 minutes worth of ground sometimes if you're killed. Not a super forgiving checkpoint system. Also, I thought the story was cool but I played Alan Wake not too long ago and was waaaaay more invested in the story and diving deeper into the lore. Control just didn't quite get there for me on the narrative front. Standout though was the Ashtray mission. One of the coolest fucking levels ever.
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts
Admission time. I think I prefer the Ghost Warrior series (at least 3 and Contracts) to Sniper Elite. Seeing heads burst apart is just way more satisfying to me than the X-Ray cam. Anyway, I started playing Contracts but did not pay attention at all to the tutorial. So I got pretty fed up initially with not being able to hit shit. I put this one back on the shelf for a month or so before deciding to give it another shot and actually learn how to play and god damn I'm glad I did. Ended up absolutely loving it and have played all the contracts twice. Ended up being a very satisfying experience lining up the perfect shot without the indicator dot of the previous games and the combat could be pretty gnarly. Loved the wide open levels and hundreds of ways to play.
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
Time for another confession. The story is obviously dog shit, the game isn't too pretty to look at, the acting is bad, but outside of that I think I enjoyed this one just as much as I did the Far Cry games. Same satisfying headshots as Contracts (though no other dismemberment), some brutal melee takedowns, and fun stealth. The fully open world was both good and bad. There wasn't much life at all so traveling could get redundant, but stumbling on some hostages in need of rescuing and taking down outposts was fun every single time.
Call of Duty WW2
Honestly, I played this once and soon after didn't really remember much about it. It's a perfectly good time waster and casual play if you wanna just play 30 mins of something before you leave the house (well go to a different room of your house I guess). I dig a good WW2 game though so I replayed once I cleared my backlog and liked it a lot more the second time. The characters are War movie archetypes but they worked well and I liked their chemistry, Pierson was a great "antagonist", and so many scenes were intense as hell. Game is pretty kn rails but I dug the Death Factory mission, escaping through the forest as it was getting bombed, the stealth right after, then clearing buildings. With the stealth and melee mechanics were better and not in forced sections though. Also wish there were blood pools for the bodies when you shoot them. There is splatter, but no pooling blood unless you blow off their head which is infrequent. It would make the aftermath of a battle hit a lot harder. The Tank cat and mouse was great and reminiscent of BF5 but i hated the plane section and much preferred BF for that. Standout was the visuals in cutscenes. Amazing at times.
Wolfenstein Old Blood
A fun fast Wolfenstein fix. Brutal as always and I love the word the new Wolfenstein games inhabit. The pipe was a cool melee weapon and I dug having to disconnect the big dudes form their power source. I thought it was a cool use of the prequel status seeing the early versions of the enemies you face later in the timeline.
Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
Loved every minute of it. It was hilarious at times, very brutal and sadistic at others, and definitely had a through line of genuine heart that a game like this doesn't really require. The backstory on BJ and his father was great and I loved the payoff (a line of his about being a better father than his own made me decide to play Youngblood after initially choosing not to get it) and all the story beats just hit with me. Combat was brutal and fun. Can't fucking wait for the 3rd main entry.
Wolfenstein Youngblood
Certainly a change of pace for the series. I didn't really care for the open world nature of the game because the story took a backseat to it. Game play was still very satisfying, I liked a lot of the banter (though the twins could be annoying) and I liked seeing BJ's legacy alive in the girls, but I don't think I'll replay it start to finish like I will the others in the new canon. Just too much of a grind to get through. That said, I'm still excited to where it leads the narrative for the series.
Uncharted 1, 2, and 3
Uncharted 3 was my favorite of the original trilogy. The melee is better, the set pieces and traversal are fun, and I vibe with the characters and pace way more. But to backtrack, I dug 1 for what it was but honestly kinda grinded through it to get to 2. Visually it was cool for a 2007 game and gameplay was alright, but I was happy to finish and move onto 2 which was.... more of the same really. The set pieces were a lot more fun though which made me enjoy the game a lot more. Fun characters, cool visuals, bad ass set pieces, just very enjoyable games.
Uncharted 4
My favorite of the series for sure. Loved the more grounded story, the visuals were incredible, and the combat and traversal were a lot more fun. Couldn't get enough of it and it made me excited to play Lost Legacy. The chase scene in Chapter 11 is one of the most exhilarating gaming experiences I've had.
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Absolutely loved this one. Knocked it out start to finish in a little under 5.5 hours and enjoyed every minute. Length was perfect for the type of game it is. Visually amazing. I stopped several times throughout to take in the scenery, especially climbing the main tower in Chapter 4. The final chapter is the absolute best of Uncharted in how insane it is. Characters are great and I would have loved if Jess and Sophie from Wolfenstein Youngblood were more like Chloe and Nadine. I loved their relationship and how it developed. And the returning character was great too. the same refined gameplay as Uncharted 4, just as impressive all around.
The Order 1886
This is an odd one for me. Visually amazing, the gameplay was fun, the setting and lore was cool, and the combat was brutal, gory, and satisfying but holy shit it took control out of my hands every few minutes. It never gave you a chance to breathe and enjoy the gameplay or even to strategize during combat. It was way too linear and QTE heavy for what could have been bad ass segments. Huge missed opportunity that could have been amazing.
Battlefield 1 and V
Really enjoyed both of these and especially dug the short, individual story format. Loved the biplane story in 1 and the tank commander story in V. Both visually great, fun gameplay, and some genuinely great mini-campaigns. I do feel like war games should have more brutal combat, so the rated T level of bullet damage wasn't super impressive, but at least V introduced some blood splatter.
Star Wars Battle Front 2
I finished this one pretty quick and don't have much to say about it. It was pretty fun but kinda buggy, especially once I got to Han Solo's part of the campaign and dead enemies would just randomly float. Won't play again, but didn't consider my time wasted.
Far Cry Primal
Got through this one pretty quick too, or so I thought. Beat Dah, Ull, and the main chick but the game still goes on because I hardly did any side quests. Anyway, the setting was beautiful and I dug using only primitive weapons, riding mammoths, sicking tigers on people. All very fun. That battle with Dah's camp was an incredibly satisfying experience after dying several times and finally being more patient and stalking dudes as they separated from the search party. Dug the game, won't play again though and don't care to officially finish the campaign.
Rage 2
I didn't hate the first Rage game other than the complete anticlimax of an ending, but it did have satisfying combat. Rage 2 takes shit to another level. Combat is brutal as hell, the mobility is insane, and you feel like an all powerful bad ass. I'll talk about Doom more in a sec, but I think rather play Rage 2 than Doom if I had to choose. The run and gun combat is similar but Rage 2 had more tools. The story is whatever but the game at least finished with a boss fight which Rage 1 lacked. Whatever the shortcomings are, the combat and mechanics are just so fun, fast, and satisfying I could look past it all
I had a lot of fun early on in the game, the violence, the soundtrack, the overall badassery of the game was thrilling. But the game is too long for what it is and I found myself wanting it to just be over. It got real repetitive running and gunning the whole time and I got to the Hell Guard fight and as I was going for a glory kill on the first one it killed me and the game crashed and my fucking file was corrupted. I had no desire to start over and see it through. Fast forward a few months and I start it again on PSnow since my backlog is clear and I see that I guess it cloud saved about half my progress from before. So I started from The Klinshire Sanctom or whatever and got the the end and on glad I did. I found a better way to play then just focusing on Doom though, which is what I think made it so repetitive the first time I tried. So I replayed COD WW2 at the same time and would do a few missions of that, switch to Doom, and back and forth until I finished both. Doom was so much better in small doses and I ended up loving my experience. It could get frustrating even on the easiest difficulty but trail and error got me through. Also played it while sipping on pre-workout a lot of the time and it was an adrenaline rush. My new experience with it made me buy Eternal.
Titan Fall 2
Other game with super fun combat mechanics. Everyone likes to praise this game and for good reason. The campaign is fun and no two levels are really the same. The mission in the combat testing manufacturing area, the time travel mission, etc all insanely cool and fun to play. BT was also great
Mafia 3
Honestly, as repetitive as the gameplay loop is and as ugly as some of the visuals are, I really dug this game. I loved the story and I liked Lincoln Clay a lot. It was also great seeing Vito again and getting his ending was satisfying. Also John Donovan was an incredibly entertaining character. The combat was also incredibly brutal and satisfying. With more polish and a little less repetition, this would be an amazing game up there with Mafia 2.
Resident Evil 7
Really enjoyed my experience with this one. I liked the story, loved the more scaled back gameplay and story compared to 6, and had a good time playing it. While tense, I found Outlast 2 far scarier. By a great deal. That said, I really liked RE7 and have played through End of Zoe (amazing), No More Heroes (also good) and Daughters, which I honestly think is creepier than even the main game because it is horrifying to think of your family going crazy and you are stuck in the storm with them with no escape. Much more grounded compared to goop monsters.
Red Dead Redemption 2
fuuuuuuuuck this one hit me hard. I loved watching Arthur develop and seeing how his relationship with John and those around him evolved over the course of the narrative. I was fully immersed from start to finish even with 100% focus on the story missions with the occasional side mission (I thought it was important for Arthur to see his old love both times it was offered).
The game was stunning and pretty much and frame could be a promo screenshot. Once I got more fluid with controls, the combat was a blast and felt like it had some serous impact. The world was alive and vibrant and I will be able to get lost in it free roaming more than any other game I've played. I honestly can't think of anything I disliked about the game. Sure the pace is slow, and things like individually picking up items when searching take a while, but I didn't care at all. It was more time with characters that I was liking more by the second. Really my only complaint is how odd the first person controls feel, which is completely understandable since it isn't really a first person game. That said, tackling someone in first person and erasing their face with a shotgun is a thing of beauty.
I think I will likely replay the entire game first thing once my backlog is cleared but I'll also probably play my last save through the end of Chapter 6 to see if I can influence my honor enough to get the best ending.
Regarding the end of Chapter 6, spoilers below for RDR2 and RDR1:
I got the dishonorable Help John ending and I just sat there after Micah shot Arthur thinking about how gutted I felt. I acted Honorably in most situations but I think a couple "witness" situations got away from me which got me just below the threshold. I had come to love Athur as a character and lamented not getting him to the sunset ending he deserved, BUT I still think it was an appropriate ending. Mirrors John's in RDR1. He strives to do right, help people, settle his soul before he dies, and his past, just like John's, catches up to him anyway. It is a very bleak ending but I think it still works, and potentially even better since I'm pretty sure John will go after Micah in the epilogue just like Jack avenges him in RDR1.
From a story perspective, I loved the epilogue for its little moments like doing chores, spending time with Jack, building the house as well as its big moments like>! the final charge up the mountain to kill Micah!<. Just an incredible experience from start to finish and continues to be incredible after the "finish" with hunting, fishing, hunting down random gang encounters, killing sprees, etc. What a masterpiece.
Arkham Knight
This title gets a looooooooot of flak from fans of the series and I really can't wrap my head around it. I focused primarily on the main story (really not inclined to get all Riddler trophies or defuse all the street bombs to get the "real" endings) and enjoyed it quite a bit. The game looks beautiful, the story is dark and interesting and flowed better than Arkham City's, which is usually considered the peak of the series. I knew the Knight reveal ahead of time, but still enjoyed watching it play out and I definitely loved the inclusion of Joker as an omnipresent aspect of Batman's fracturing psyche. He had some great lines and I loved the dynamic his presence presented. Combat was as fun as ever, traversal was fast and felt great and looked even better as you glided over the city.
And regarding the biggest complaint about the game..... I actually really liked the tank battles. I really didn't mind their frequency in the main story, although I can see how having to battle every time you defuse a street bomb would get old quick. But just with the main story, they were a refreshing departure from the beat-em-up combat and were pretty fun throughout the game. Taking out a whole fleet of them without taking a hit felt great and the cat and mouse tank sections were also a lot of fun.
Also Joker's song when Robin is defusing bombs was great.
Killzone: Shadowfall
Honestly really enjoyed this one. I've never played the other KZs so didn't have them to compare to, but the gunplay was satisfying, the melee takedowns were fun, and the aesthetic was very cool. I enjoyed the relatively brisk campaign as it reminded me a lot of Crysis 2 and 3 which I enjoyed. Also had a bit of the aesthetic of Syndicate for 360. Also using your little drone buddy during battle was fun. One odd thing, I typically dig blood splatter, blood pools, all that but this game's blood pools are INSANE. You can just snap someone's neck and within a second or two they are lying in a blood pool bigger than their body. Was pretty amusing.
Far Cry 5
I have enjoyed all the Far Cry games I've played so far and this one is no different. I really enjoyed the setting and the story was very compelling. I hated all the villains (in a good way) but they were charismatic and ended up being right all along, (or did they set nukes themselves?) and made you really want to take them down. Tearing through Hope county, saving civilians, taking outposts, and just slowly taking over was a lot of fun. Game also looks pretty good, although I'm still riding the RDR2 visual high. I dug the weapon upgrades and having animal companions like in Primal and had a lot of fun putting them to use. I really, REALLY didn't like being a silent protagonist though. So much stuff going on for a deputy to be mute about it all. Kinda took me out of it, especially after 3 and 4.
Now one big downside is every territory had a mission where you had to collect things with no waypoints. You just had to search for them. I spent a while trying to find skunks for a mission when I had easily stumbled across them before that and trying to get grizzlies as well was a little annoying. Another, which I actually didn't do until after the main story, was destroying 5 drug boats and 5 drug trucks. I had seen a ton of them before I started this missions but they became so few and far between. I ended up in a helicopter scouring the whole map for probably 2 hours to get them all. For the boats I literally started at the bottom point of the river and followed the whole thing. It was pretty god damn annoying and would have really killed the experience for me had I not been able to progress without that mission.
All in all though, I was more and more into the game the farther I got into it.
Resident Evil 3
Downloaded this at 11pm CST on launch night and finished it by about 430am. Fucking LOVED this one. It was relatively short, yes, but the pace was killer and it told the complete story. I liked the original RE2 more than the original RE3, but I gotta say I enjoyed 3's remake much more than 2's. 2 did gore better for sure and I would have appreciated Carlos having a "B" scenario for 3, but everything else I thought RE3 did very well. It looks amazing and is insanely detailed. The pace is exciting and tense throughout since it is a bit more action heavy. And it removes two of my least favorite things about RE: puzzles and a ton of backtracking.
I had to backtrack a bit in the city and quite a bit in the hospital, but they were interesting settings to do it in. And with puzzles, I understand they are a part of RE's charm but I've never really cared for them too much so RE3make was just right.
The voice acting and characters were also much better than pretty much any other RE. And having your character move like a person with the dodge mechanic was a great addition.
I also really loved the enemy redesigns. Both versions of the Hunters looked amazing and seeing the gammas slide out of the drain pipes and stomp toward you was intense every time.
And fucking Nemesis. Every encounter was intense as hell and I loved his ultimate defeat.
Also a little detail that I really liked was seeing Jill's reflection on the shiny walls in the lab. Just a cool visual touch since a lot of games don't even show a character reflection in the mirror.
Overall very happy with this and don't regret paying full price even with it being relatively short. I don't replay a whole lot of games in full, but REs replay value is in speed runs, harder modes, and unlocking unlimited ammo, so those who are inclined to do all that will definitely get their money's worth. I'm not planning on doing any of that and am still satisfied with my purchase.
I've found myself loading up earlier saves just so I can walk through the city, and I would have really enjoyed opening up Raccoon City more, similar to Union in The Evil Within 2 where you can choose to do some creepy side missions and help civilians, all while being stalked by an unscripted Nemesis. Hopefully we get something like that in an RE game in the future.
Far Cry New Dawn
Really enjoyed this one and kinda wish all Far Cry games were as tight when it comes to story. I really don't need 40-60 missions in an FC game. The game looked as good as 5, but more vibrant, they brought back melee kills with the knife which were fun and brutal, and once you upgrade to being able to double jump the verticality is awesome. Taking outposts and being able to replay them was great since outposts and hostage rescue are my favorite aspects of Far Cry, I liked that the looting grindiness to progress could be done just by replaying outposts with tougher enemies.
The story was decent and it was cool seeing a different side of Joseph Seed since he is so detestable in 5, and it was also fun seeing where the FC5 characters ended up. The twins I thought were also great antagonists and I was eager to take them down.
Only thing I didn't really care for is how the final boss is just a generic bullet sponge monster. You really only had to evade and shoot and didn't need to use literally any of the skills you honed throughout the game. That was disappointing and I thought the monster was a little too far out there, especially since you weren't on drugs.
My final FC rankings for the ones I've played are 4>3=ND>5>Primal.
The Evil Within 2
I liked the first game well enough, though castles and ruins and shit like that aren't super scary to me. It was a stressful experience and the story was crazy, but I honestly liked TEW2 way more. The setting of Union was incredibly cool and I loved how it felt like The Further from the Insidious movies. The semi-open world design was a lot of fun to work through and clear out enemies, and there were some insanely cool aspects of the game. The Guardian fights, the one ghost that randomly starts stalking you ("Sebaaaastian"), the moment-of-death frozen in time pictures you could walk into, Stefano, etc was all amazing.
I do think Stefano died too quick and wasn't thrilled with the main villain, but everything with Sebastian's wife and daughter and the general feel of the game kept me engaged.
Ultimately really dug this game
Holy shit what a game! I was hesitant to get it because I thought the Arkham games would be my best experience in the genre, but I am very happy users here talked me into getting this. Got 100% in all districts and I seriously couldn't get enough. The travel in this game is better than any I have ever played and I had no reason to ever fast travel. Swinging through the city could have been the entire game and I'd still play the shit out of it. The game feels great and doesn't penalize you for not perfecting your movement through the city. You can ALWAYS be in motion. Hit a wall? Now you're sprinting up the building or rolling off it to keep swinging. The combat also felt incredible and gave you so many tools.
I loved the story and thought it was legitimately better than any of the movies, which are the only Spider-Man media I've consumed. The death of Aunt May really hit and caught me off guard, the final fight was emotional as hell, and the boss fights were insanely cool.
The main thing about the game is that it is impossible not to have fun no matter what you are doing, Miles/MJ stealth missions aside. Even then, I didn't mind those. But there are few games I would stick with so long after the main story to knock out all the side content, but SM just made it all so enjoyable. I loved catching a dozen pigeons all over the map just as much as taking down bases, stopping crimes, etc
My favorite part was probably right after a certain prison break happens and all hell crashes down on the city. Zipping from supervillain to supervillain while still encountering soldiers and regular crime. It was an insanely engaging stretch of pulse pounding, breathless action and I loved it.
Loved Jameson's unhinged rants, loved the quips, loved the hero music that kicks in every time you jump off a building and start to swing, pretty much loved all of it. Also, the classic comic book costume looks insanely cool and somehow makes the already amazing visuals of the city look even better and more realistic. The game is fucking gorgeous and the recreation of NYC is astounding.
Also some of the lines cracked me up. I collected all the backpacks and on my way to the final one was thinking "Peter is poor but wasted money on 55 different backpacks" and as soon as I picked up the last one he mentions winning a lifetime supply of backpacks from a science contest. A ton of things like that were endlessly amusing.
It obviously gets compared to Arkham a lot, and I definitely see the parallels, but there is something about actually helping every day citizens and protecting them from every day crimes that take SM over the top for me. The city is dead in the Arkham series, but in SM it is a living and bustling map. I also like the combat in SM more than the Arkham games and obviously the story was better.
I could go on and on about it, but thanks my dudes for recommending it.
Sniper Elite 4
Playing through this one really just reaffirmed how much more I like Ghost Warrior Contracts than any of the SE games. The sniping is just so much more satisfying in GW. In fact, as soon as I finished SE4 i popped in Contracts and immediately had more fun than I did in all of SE4. .The addition of the stealth kills and X Rays for them is pretty cool, but things like adding environment traversal but not letting you climb up on a roof is confounding. Controls just kinda feel clunky and the movement is a little too limited. I dont regret playing it and did have fun clearing areas undetected, but probably wont boot it back up any time soon.
Until Dawn
Started this in the morning then picked it back up later the same day and couldnt put it down til I finished. I got invested in the characters and was nervous for their survival and wanting to make the right decisions. The controls were minimalist and reminded me of OG Resident Evil games. Normally I'm not a huge QTE fan but that was pretty much the entirety of the gameplay so I quickly adjusted and the mechanic created some truly ass-dampening situations, especially considering there are no do-overs until you finish the game. I lost all but two characters on my first playthrough of the ending (went into the chapter with 6 left) because of the motionless controller in the final minutes, but replayed the final chapter multiple times to get a better outcome. The only death I caused I wasnt cool with between Matt, Jess, and Josh was Matt because I made a decision to axe a deer because I mindlessly followed the prompt instead of doing nothing. The other deaths didnt bother me because they happened organically, but that one was too out of character and didnt fit the situation at all. Also wasnt too much a fan of a mid-game turning point but still enjoyed everything.
Game was tense, looked great, acting was decent, and most of the characters became likable depending on your choices. Really enjoyed my time with it and will scoop up a sequel when it comes. Another tiny detail I liked is how characters' feet looked while going up and down stairs. In literally every game I've played, characters on stairs will have the their feet kind of hover just above the steps and they look all jerky and weird when they move. In Until Dawn they make full contact with the stairs and look right. It's a weird thing but I noticed it immediately
*Games I started but didn't finish\*
Terminator Resistance
I really wanted to like this one and may still try to grind through it, but god damn was the 2 or 3 hours I played the most boring FPS experience I've ever had. So incredibly dull and looks like a last gen game. Anyone who has played it, when do you actually fight terminators?
Ghost Recon Wildlands
I dug the game in small doses but god damn is it a huge undertaking and very repetitive. The world looks great and the combat is nice, although I hate how the bodies disappear almost immediately. This one was too much of a grind for me to play uninterrupted, so I may knock it out in increments when I have nothing else to play
Ghost Recon Breakpoint
I had a good initial experience but the progression system is just as annoying as Wildlands and the traveling is such a chore. I would love a much, much more scaled back Ghost Recon experience again. I played Future Soldier on 360 and loved it. The levels were pretty big but everything you needed to do was clear and the map wasn't so big that it was annoying to get through. I would love a GR game that is more set up like Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. Pretty massive maps that are self contained and relatively easy to get across but you can still go about your objectives however you want. Started Act 3 and saw how much more there was to go and just didn't enjoy it enough to continue. Probably won't be completing this one any time soon. A Ghost Recon with maps like Hitman 2 would be a dream.
Homefront: The Revolution
Now to be fair, it may have been that I was coming off RDR2 but I played Homefront for about 30 minutes and had to shelf it. Ugly, aiming and shooting feels off, just very unappealing in every way but the premise. I didn't hate the first game for 360, but I can't see myself really enjoying this one. Very reminiscent of how I felt when I tried to slog through Terminator Resistance. Probably won't return to this one.
Mad Max
Very similar experience to Breakpoint in that I dug it initially, but forcing scavenging and bullshit time wasting in order to advance the main story is one of the things I hate most about open world games. The hand to hand combat is cool, almost identical to Arkham's attack and counter system, and especially brutal, but it doesn't have nearly as much variety as Arkham or Spiderman obviously. The driving and taking down convoys and all that was fun as well. I am much more inclined to finish this one, but I am stuck near the end of the game slogging through collecting different shit to even progress the story. It was feeling too much like a chore so I moved on.
This is tough for me because I love I aesthetic, the idea of the combat, the takedowns, etc but I am not nearly patient enough or good enough to finish this game. Played a couple hours and am just not up for dozens of hours of dying and frustration. I can see why people would adore this game and the similar soulsborne titles, but they just aren't for me. Hoping Ghost of Tsushima will check the feudal Japan box for me.
Zombie Army 4: Dead War
I'll end up finishing this one but it definitely isn't a game I'll just play start to finish through the campaign like all the others on this list. It's fine for what it is for sure and it is fun, but it is something I'll pop in once a week or so to knock out a mission or 2 then play other games between. The combat is fun and the X Ray cam takes the normal Sniper Elite cam up a notch. I wish SE would adopt this gore system for the main games. I don't care about the story or characters but it's a perfectly good time waster for 30-60 mins at a time
This may be sacrilege but after about an hour with the game it really just wasnt clicking with me. I loved the Bioshock trilogy and was under the impression Prey would be similar and while I can see the semblance, it just didnt really do a whole lot for me on first impression. I am also not a fan on the enemy types early on, and I know they ey more varied, but I've always performed human/humanoid enemies. That combined with it being a relatively long game (compared to other First person titles in this topic) I decided to shelf it for the time being. Will likely return to it since it is so highly regarded, but not until I'm out of things to play/replay.
Shadow of the Colossus
For being a remaster of a PS2 era game, it looks great but the controls and mechanics definitely feel dated. I got about 6 Collosi in before I lost steam with how bad the navigation can be. It is a pretty short game so I will likely finish it in the next few weeks just knocking out a Colossi here and there, but despite having a lot of fun with the Collosi themselves everything in between was entirely uninteresting.
Metro Exodus
I hated 2033 Redux more than any other game I've finished and actually really enjoyed Last Light and thought it improved literally everything I hated about 2033. Went into Exodus extremely optimistic and played until i got to the first open area and the game really just is not clicking with me. I want to finish it so I can close out the trilogy, but I dont find the world intriguing enough to slog through these open areas. For a survival horroaction game like this, I'd much prefer a more linear structure. I will end up completing it and am optimistic it gets better, but I'm gonna take a bit before I revisit.
Back Log
The Witcher 3 (in progress)
Just Cause 3
Games I'll buy in 2020/early 2021
Mafia Remake
Assassins Creed Valhalla
Cyberpunk 2077
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
Star Wars: Squadrons
Avengers (big maybe)
Far Cry 6
Hope everyone is keeping sane and healthy during this crazy fuck time! Would love to hear your thoughts on our experience with these titles, answer questions, and discuss!
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Beginner Guide (official servers)

  1. DEATH. You’re going to die. Get used to it. You’re going to die 1,001 different ways. Some will make sense, some won’t, some will be from no fault of your own. Most will be because of your own stupidity. The game has issues, if you don’t learn those issues and plan for them, you’re the idiot.
  2. DESYNC. Desync is the biggest issue you will face in this game. Get used to it. Plan for it. Keep your eyes open for it. As soon as you can’t pick something up, can’t eat something, can’t fix something, exit the game immediately and rejoin the server. Save yourself the tears and just exit and relog at the first sign of desync. It’s not worth getting the drop on someone, sneaking up to them and trying to blast them in the back with your shotgun only for them to turn around and see some idiot staring at him holding a rag.
  3. FOOD. Find food, food is the most important thing to find at the beginning of a new life. You’ll die of starvation a lot as food is scarce, but it is also everywhere.
To find food search row boats along the coast, greenhouses scattered around every city, houses only rarely have food in them but you can find it, fruit trees will spawn fruit under them if you’re in the area long enough, cars will sometimes have cereal or rice or jam, you can find mushrooms in forests and by hale bails, kill zombies as they are fairly decent supply of canned food, train cars can sometimes have some food, when you see clothes in the ground check them for canned food as well, you can also kill chickens, cows, pigs, deer, elk, bear, wolves or fish.
Fruit and mushrooms are almost worthless, they will help keep you going for a very short term. I never look for them, but if I see them I’ll grab them, it’s just not worth the calories to find them. Canned tuna and sardines are primo, more calories and take up less space than some canned foods. And the sardines can be opened by hand. All the canned foods are great though. Canned bacon being the best canned food. The best food in the game is cooked fat, you get this from killing any animal bigger than a chicken. A few nibbles and you’ll be in the white. Cooled steaks are also great, but they have less calories than the cooked fat.
Almost all food will increase your water, so food is the most important to find. Canned beverages will boost your food too as they all contain calories as well. Water will not increase your food.
  1. WATER. Consider all water tainted and do not drink it unless you personally got it from a pump yourself. You’ll get the bacteria and you’ll shit and puke yourself to death. Almost every city has a pump, usually fairly centrally located, this water is the only water we drink. If you don’t have a bottle or canteen or cooking pot, just drink from your hands at the pump. If the pump gives you the option to wash your hands, do that first. Drink until you see an “upset stomach” icon on your HUD. Stop drinking or you’ll throw it up.
Once you get the hang of things you’ll find some chlorine tablets and tetracycline and then you can drink any water you want and you’ll either purify it first with chlorine or you’ll pop a tetracycline right after drinking to kill the infection before it starts.
  1. TOOLS. Tools are more important than food really, you won’t be able to open a can or butcher an animal without some kind of tool. You can make a stone knife but find holding a small stone in your hand and combining it with another small stone, but it is almost always easier to just find some kind of tool. Small stones will only be found on train tracks and walking trails.
If a tool looks like it could open a can it probably can. Stone knife, knife, screw driver, can opener, machete, hatchet, axe, crowbar, pickaxe, hammer, sledge, etc . . .
Each tool is only so effective at opening a can. A can opener will give you 100% of the food. A knife will give you say 90%. Crowbar or pickaxe and your only going to get say 70% of the food. Don’t open a can with a sledgehammer or shovel unless you really have no other option and are starving to death.
To butcher an animal you will need some form of actual knife. Stone knife, knife, or machete. You cannot butcher an animal with a screwdriver or an axe or a hatchet. You want to prioritize find a knife. I always have two or three knives. You won’t always have the proper tools to repair your knives and once they’re ruined you can’t use it anymore, so keep a back up. Get that fat. Get those steaks. Once you learn to hunt you will never starve again, well at least much more rarely. It’s also good practice to keep three cooked pieces of meat on you to stay warm for the inevitable daily rain. keep the cooked food in your pants or jacket to take advantage of the ambient heat. Stick to three, the rest go in your back pack or you’ll soon over heat.
You can find fishing poles and hooks in the coastal row boats. You can also craft a fishing pole. 1 long stick plus 1 top and you’ve got a homemade fishing pole. No rope? Combine two stacks of 6 rags to make a rope. No rags? Cut up clothes you find in the world that you don’t pick up to get rags. When you butcher and animal or human use your knife on the bones and you can craft a bone fishing hook. You can fish in ponds and from the ocean. Use your knife to dig into the dirt to get worms for bait.
  1. FISHING. You’ve got a fishing pole, you’ve got a hook, you’ve got some worms, and you’ve found a nice secluded pond. Fishing should be easy right? This is dayZ, of course not.
You have to remove the hook from the pole, attach the worm to the hook, then reattach the hook to the pole. Then approach the water and hold R2. You’ll either pull in a fish or some Wellies (womp womp). Then you’ve got to pick the fish up. Then you’ve got remove the hook from the pole, attach a worm to the hook, reattach the hook to the pole, and cast again. It’s kind of annoying but it’s easy food.
  1. FARMING. You can use a shovel to dig a little farm and then you can plant seeds and grow a veggie garden. Vegetables don’t give very many calories and I almost never make a farm. It can be fun though. Dig the garden, plant the seeds, you can fertilize with garden lime, and then water or let the rain do the work. You’ll get a ton of vegetables, but you’ll have to eat a ton of vegetables to equal even a can of food.
  2. COOKING. If you can eat cooked food, that is the way to go. Cooked foods are the best in the game. They’ll keep you warm when in your clothes as well. They can also come in handy when you encounter strangers. Sometimes a gift of cooked food can turn a potential enemy into a new friend (this is very rare, 99.9% of encounters will end in someone’s death.)
To cook food you are going to need a fire. This is easy. Beware though, fire creates light and smoke. If anyone sees light or smoke, they’re going to come for you and they’re going to try and kill you. (Pro tip: use fires to create ambushes. Find a nice vantage point, picks building that you can see into from your vantage point. Build a fire in the house and drop a spare backpack stuffed with random loot. Light the fire at night and run to your vantage point. Someone sees the light and comes to investigate. They enter the building. They see the backpack and will spend a few minutes going through the bag to see if they want anything. You shoot them in the face while they are stationary and visible.)
The only thing you need to build a fire is your bare hands, some rags, and some matches. If you have gloves all you need is some matches. If you have a knife then that is all you need.
Go to a small bush or tree and break it down into sticks. You’ll need a few small sticks, you’ll need a long stick to cook the food. If you get only long sticks you can break them down into small sticks. If you use your bare hands you will end up cutting your hands so make sure you have bandages to patch your wounds. wear gloves and you won’t cut your hands. Use a knife and you won’t cut your hands.
You’ll need kindling to go with the sticks, you can use paper, rags, or tree bark. You can paper from unpacking nails or ammo, tree bark from scraping a tree with a knife.
Put the sticks or the kindling on the ground and put whichever you didn’t drop in your hand. Look at the item in the ground and hold R2 to craft fire.
If you don’t have matches to light it you can use a road flare or you can make a fire starter by combining 1 small stick with 1 piece of bark.
Attach your steak or fat or fileted fish on the long stick and hold R2 until the food changes color, it’s just a few moments after the circle completes.
If you have a lot of food to cook you will want to add actual fire wood to the fire. You can get firewood even by hand picking small trees, it’s rare but sometimes you get them. Or you use an axe or hatchet on a tree to chop it down. You will get firewood and logs. The logs can be chopped down into fire wood or sawn into planks for building bases and storage boxes that you can bury.
Put the firewood in your hand and then access your inventory near the fireplace and drag the items into their corresponding locations in the fireplace menu to make a bigger longer lasting fire. When you make the fireplace it will only make the smallest one and some of the sticks and such will just be lying on the ground. Drag them into their locations. With a few pieces of firewood you will have a very long lasting fire.
Don’t get too close to the fire and burn yourself to death. It’s easy to do. Also, I’d recommend building your fire inside of a building and in a room with no windows. This will contain the light and the smoke and keep you safe while you are vulnerable and cooking.
To get the most bang for your buck, it is best to bake or boil your food. You can do this with a cooking pot. If you fill the cooking pot with water you will boil your food. If you put a piece of animal fat in the pot with your food you will bake it. To use a cooking pot on a camp fire you will need to find a campfire tripod to hand the cooking pot from. There are a lot of houses that have chimneys in them and you can pick up your campfire before it is lit and move it into the chimney oven. Then you can put the cooking pot in the chimney as well and cook without a tripod.
If you have a pick axe you can mine large stones from the many large rocks around Chernarus. Collect 8 large stones and add them to your campfire and you will make a campfire with a stone ring around it. If you look at the campfire now you should have a prompt to create a stone oven, hold R2 and you’ll have a cool stone oven with which you can use the cooking pot without a tripod.
When I get bored I like to make myself nice “meals”. I’ll bake some fish with peppers and mushrooms. A couple of pears for dessert. Finish it off with a few mad monks with the homies. The game is as fun as you can get creative.
Sometimes it’s a nice change of pace to just go hunting for a deer, butcher it, forage some mushrooms, cook it all up in the woods and relax.
  1. ILLNESS. Illnesses are one of the most annoying parts about this game. Your going to get sick and it’s going to kill you and it’s going to piss you off. So let’s figure it out now and just not get sick.
There are multiple Illnesses and if you don’t pay attention to what your doing you won’t know what illness you have. Then you won’t know how to treat it or how to handle it.
Food poisoning: you get it from eating raw meat, burnt food, rotten foods (always check the condition of the food before eating it), or foods that someone poisoned with disinfectant or something. Your character will vomit and you will lose food and water quicker which could cause you to starve. You cure this with charcoal tablets.
Flu: you get this from being wet and cold. You have an immune system in this game. Your immune system goes down when you are cold, wet, starving, dehydrated, wounded, etc . . . When you have the flu / cold you will be coughing and sneezing. This makes it hard to sneak up on people or hide. You cure this by taking a multivitamin and getting warm, eating, getting your health back up.
Cholera: this is one of the worst. It’s gotten better than before with updates. There was a period when people were dropping like flies due to a cholera outbreak. You get this by drinking tainted water, either from a water bottle, canteen, or drinking from a pond or river. You will puke and shit your guts out when you get this one. You will be constantly starving and dehydrated. You will have to stop and puke every couple of minutes. You can only treat this with tetracycline.
How do we avoid cholera? We never drink from ponds or rivers. Only in an absolute emergency will you do this. You are basically guaranteed to contract it and it will kill you just as quick as dehydrating. We never drink from bottles or canteens we find in the world. When you find one immediately pour it out and wait until you find a pump.
Almost every city has a water pump. This water is guaranteed clean. This is the only water we drink. THIS IS THE ONLY WATER WE DRINK.
What do we do if we have cholera and no tetracycline? We go find a hospital immediately. Along the way we will eat and drink in tiny little nibbles. Don’t even let the action circle load 25% of the way. If we do this we won’t immediately throw up and lower our food and water even further. You can get yourself completely full even with cholera if you only eat in tiny nibbles at a time. Eat a tiny bit, stop, wait a few second, eat another tiny bit, repeat. You can survive and you can find tetracycline and cure yourself.
KURU: you contract Kuru by eating human meat or fat. Even if you cook it you will end up with Kuru. Do not eat people. WARNING: some people will keep human fat on their character as a martyrdom weapon. Human fat is indistinguishable from animal fat. If you kill someone and they have fat in their inventory eat with caution, it could be a trap.
Kuru will cause you to laugh from time to time. The longer you have it the more frequent the laughter. You will literally be laughing every 5 seconds. It is extremely annoying. Extremely annoying. It will make you want to kill yourself. You won’t be able to sneak up on anyone and you won’t be able to hide anywhere. Kuru also causes muscle spasms. This is not good for aiming guns. Your aim will bounce around uncontrollably. This is super annoying as well.
I’m not 100% positive, but I believe as long as you maintain a steady supply of human eat while you are infected that it will control the laughter and the tremors.
The only cure for Kuru is death. Don’t get Kuru.
WARNING: don’t let other players feed you directly. If someone offers you food make sure They drop it and you pick it up and eat it. They might be feeding you human meat.
(Pro tip: keep a slab of human meat handy in case you run into an asshole that keeps bothering you. If you can manage to knock them out you can force feed them some human meat and let them have fun with Kuru.)
INFECTIONS: you can get various infections, cureable with tetracycline. If you use a sewing kit to stitch a wound with disinfecting it first you will get an infection. If you use damaged rags to patch a wound you will get an infection. If you butcher a person or animal without gloves on your hands will be bloody and you’ll get sick if you eat or drink without washing your hands first. You can washing your hands with any liquid by equipping it or looking at it and just pressing R2. If you wear gloves you never have to worry about dirty hands. If you are playing with a friend and they are sick you can catch some illnesses by sharing food and drinks and just being in close proximity. Wear gloves and masks, bandanas, gas masks, etc . . . And you won’t catch airborne Illnesses.
You can purify any water by boiling it first, or purifying it by adding chlorine tablets. Once you get the hang of the game you’ll even be able to drink the dirty water. You’ll have chlorine tablets on you, you’ll have multivitamins on you, you’ll have tetracycline on you. You’ll be able to drink dirty water and just pop a tetracycline and stop the infection before it even starts. Or you’ll just purify the dirty water and be fine.
Other ways to avoid getting sick. Avoid the rain, the rain makes you wet, and the wet makes you cold. So take shelter during the rain. Some gear is water resistant and you can use that and ignore the annoying near constant rain. Fire fighter fear, rain coats, tactical shirt, etc . . . All are water resistant. Full fire fighter gear or NBC gear and you’ll be impervious to water. I don’t like fire fighter or NBC gear though. Nor do I like hiding from the rain every 20 minutes. So what do I do? I keep cooked food in my pants and jacket to take advantage of their ambient warmth. The food has to be in pants or jacket, if it’s in your backpack you won’t get the ambient heat. You’ll generally only want three pieces of cooked meat in your pants or jacket, you can also overheat. (Pro tip: cook three worms in a cooking pot and use those as heating pads, they take up minimal inventory and weight, and then you can actually eat your food.)
When you get wet you get heavier and your stamina will reduce. This isn’t food, we want as much stamina as possible in case we need to sprint away from some enemies. Take shelter and put your jacket in your hands and you’ll get a prompt to wring it out. Hold R2 until it stops, this takes a while, and you’ll wring out your clothes and keep yourself dry. You’ll have to do each item one by one. Not all items can be wronged out but most can. You can wring your clothes without emptying the contents. WARNING: ALWAYS CHECK THE STATUS OF YOUR CLOTHES BEFORE REMOVING. IF YOUR CLOTHING IS RUINED YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PUT IT BACK ON. This can be very bad if you have a jacket that hold 42 and is full of gear you don’t want to lose. You take it off and it’s ruined and you can’t put it back in. All you can find is a hoodie that holds 20. Say bye bye to some gear.
  1. MEDICAL SUPPLIES. Hospitals will have lots of medical supplies around them. Medical supplies are nice but often unnecessary. Save your inventory space and learn what they do and what to leave behind.
CODEINE: pain killer / cough suppressant. Will suppress a cough temporarily (maybe, don’t know if it’s ever worked for me) and allow you to move a little quicker when low on health. This is basically useless and I never pick it up.
CHARCOAL TABLETS: used to cure food poisoning. It absorbs all the bad shit, you’ll puke it up, you better. It’s also used in gas masks as the filtering agent but that doesn’t seem to apply in game. This is basically useless and I never pick it up, and you won’t either because you’re not an idiot anymore and you’re just not going to eat raw meat or rotten food or burnt food.
EPINEPHRINE: basically adrenaline. Will give you infinite stamina for 60 seconds or so. Useful to use on a buddy who just got knocked out by an enemy and isn’t dead, wake em right up. I usually don’t pick this up. Im never really in a hurry to get anywhere so the unlimited stamina doesn’t really matter, it’s only 60 seconds as well. Even to use to wake up a buddy who got KOed, most of my combat encounters either result in me and my buddy dead, or a victory where one of us died, I’d either of us got knocked out the other rarely had time to wake me up. We just wake up naturally. But it never hurts to just pick it up and pop it and continue running. If I recently died and I spawned close to my body I will always pick it up and try and get my gear back quicker, or get my revenge.
MORPHINE: pain killer, will allow you to move regularly when low in health for about 60 seconds. Basically useless in my opinion, never pick it up. Sometimes I’ll shoot it “to get high” in an “immersion” moment.
TETRACYCLINE: antibiotic. Cures most infections. This shit is like gold. Always carry one. You should only need 1 pack. If you get infected more than 12 times before you die you’ve got other issues to work on. Handy to collect and stash for after deaths.
BANDAGES: just like they sound, can be used to treat wounds. Treats wounds faster than rags. May need to disinfect bandages first, I basically never do. But I’ve basically always got tetracycline too. Bandages take up less space than rags and work faster. I keep bandages and rags both just in case.
DISINFECTANT: just like it sounds, use it disinfect rags and bottles and hands and whatever you want disinfect. You can also force feed it to people that you have knocked out or tied up. I basically never pick this up. If you’re smart about illness you shouldn’t need it.
SALINE BAG: bag of saline solution. Combine with IV start kit and you rehydrate yourself quickly in a pinch. May help with increasing blood levels as well, not sure though. Basically never pick these up.
BLOOD DRAW KIT: use this to draw your own blood. Mix your blood bag with an IV start kit and you can give yourself a blood transfusion in the future. If I find one, I use it, it is very handy to have a bag or two of your own blood. When you get into a fight bullets are going to hit you. You will be bleeding. You can’t always stop right away and patch your wounds. Watch your blood level! When your blood level gets too low you will black out. You’ll wake up about a minute later and then you’ll black out again in about 15 seconds. You will literally spend 30 minutes + just blacking our over and over again when your blood levels are dangerously low. This is not good. I’ve won fights against multiple enemies, only to get killed by them after they respawned and made it all the way back while I was still blacking out over and over. Then I die. If you have blood bags with IV kits attached you can pump your own blood back into yourself and save yourself this trouble. You can use other people’s blood as well, just make sure you have an acceptable blood type for your own, otherwise you’ll just kill your self.
BLOOD TEST KIT: use this to test your blood type, your friends blood type, an unconscious enemies bloody type, or the blood type of a blood bag you’ve found. Don’t use blood if you don’t it’s blood type, it could kill you.
(Pro tip: if you manage to knock out an enemy and you have a few blood draw kits, rather than kill your unconscious enemy draw a few bags of blood and leave them to deal with the all the blacking out. This game is so much better when you leave people with good death stories. He will have the experience of trying to navigate through a zombie infested town while losing consciousness. Much more satisfying than just giving someone the “YOU ARE DEAD” screen.)
CHLORINE TABLETS: Used to purify water, these are gold. Pick them up. Ultimately unnecessary once you properly understand hydration and the locations of pumps.
  1. THIRST / HUNGER. The HUD is not very well explained. Understanding the hunger and thirst icons will increase your survivability and enjoyment immensely. Your food and water are not “full” just because the icon is fully white. That just means you are properly hydrated and/or fed.
For the food, a full icon means you are essentially at 2,000 calories. However your character can store up to say 8,000 calories. Same for the water. A full water meter means you are at say 4 liters of water hydrated. However you’re character can store say 10 liters of water.
What this means is, you can keep eating food and drinking water until you no longer get three arrows above the meter. You will only see 1 arrow above the icon and then you will know you are fully hydrated or fed. If you get fully fed and watered you will not need to eat or drink again for like 2 or 3 eight hour play sessions. So what do we do? We eat any and all food as soon as we pick it up. There is no reason to hang on to food. Eat it and store the calories, save inventory space, save stamina.
When eating and drinking to 100% pay attention to the HUD for a stomach ache icon that pops up. If you see this stop eating and drinking for a few minutes. If you keep eating you’ll throw up. But you just have to stop eating for a minute or two and then start again.
Whenever I get to a pump, if I don’t have a bottle, canteen, or cooking pot I will just drink from my hands until I get a stomach ache, this will be sufficient to last you a while. If I want to be fully hydrated, say I’m planning to raid someone and may get into a long and drawn out encounter, I will drink until a stomach ache. Wait a few minutes. Drink until a stomach ache, wait a few minutes, etc . . .
I’ve successfully laid siege to a few people in their base by myself simply by starving them out. I was prepared, fully fed and watered, a couple of weapons and a lot of ammo. I could keep them pinned in for days without worry. They didn’t plan so well and didn’t have enough food and water in their base or on them to weather the storm. Never get caught slipping, stay prepared. You’ve got cooked food on you, you’ll stay warm even in the rain, Will they? The cold will kill them slowly. Keep moving and pestering them with shots. They’ll be too afraid to leave their base and will slowly die or log off.
Sprinting will reduce your food and water more than anything else. Don’t sprint unless you are well fed. If you are fully fed you can sprint all across the map and back and still have full meters.
  1. GEAR. DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO YOUR GEAR. Don’t get attached to your gear, you’re going to die and you’re going to lose your gear. Get used to it. You’ll save your sanity and enjoy yourself more. No matter what you have, it can be found again in a fairly short time, not counting assault rifles lol.
You’re never going to be alive long enough to use all the gear you’re carrying. GUARANTEED. With this knowledge we learn that most items can be ignored. We can keep our inventory slim and tight. We can keep our stamina up. Higher stamina will save you more often than multiple melee weapons and car parts and four guns will. The ability to sprint around a corner or two will save you more often than extra ammo will. Most shootouts end before anyone empties an entire mag, so why do you have 8 spare mags? One mag in the gun, 2 spare fully loaded mags. Pistol gets one mag in and one spare mag, it’s an emergency weapon / zombie clearing weapon. All you need weapon wise is one rifle for long range encounter and an SMG or assault rifle for mid to close range encounters. I personally also like to carry a shotgun, it is one of my favorite weapons (it requires skill to use though, a missed shot often means death.) don’t carry ammo and mags for guns you don’t have. You aren’t really going to find any of the best assault rifles unless you kill another player, if they’re using it they’re going to have some mags for it on them too. Don’t carry mags and ammo for guns you don’t have.
Melee weapons are handy but ultimately useless. Your fists will deal with zombies better than just about anything else. You punch fast and it won’t give the zombie an opportunity to attack. Aim above the zombies heads to ensure you land head shots and you’ll drop zombies in a few punches. They eat up a lot of inventory space and weight, which mean stamina. I usually don’t carry a melee once I’ve got firearms. The only melee I’ll always grab is the shovel. The shovel will KO any player in one power hit. On PS it’s hold triangle. This requires stamina though, good thing we’ve prepared for that. There is nothing more satisfying than getting ambushed by a fully geared character as a freshie with nothing but a shovel. He bitches the initial ambush, you spot him, charge with the shovel, he frantically tries to reload, you land a power shot to his face, he’s KO. You tie him up, you take his stuff. Now you’re fully geared and all you had before was a shovel. The shovel also lets you bury zombies and bodies that you kill. Dig up buried stashes. Or bury your own stash.
Player bodies will stick around for about an hour before disappearing. A zombie corpse will only stick around for about ten minutes. If you come across a dead zombie you are close behind another player. If you’ve got a shovel you can bury your zombie kills and hide your presence. You can also bury your player kills or your friends. If you take as much gear as possible from a kill you can bury him with the rest of it and make sure no one else can get it back.
CRITICAL GEAR YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE: - rags / bandages - knife - water bottle / canteen / cooking pot - tetracycline - chlorine tablets - multivitamins - compass - rifle - assault rifle / smg / shotgun / pistol - duct tape - sewing kit - leather repair kit - gun cleaning ki - small amount of spare food
  1. PLAYERS. DO NOT TRUST OTHER PLAYERS EVER. Player interactions are the best part of the game. Almost all of them are violent encounters with no words and no mercy. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to be friendly and turn the other way to avoid risking death. The best way to initiate an encounter is to first get the drop on the other player. Stalk them for a bit. Don’t let them know your near by. Get someplace safe and out of view but close enough to talk. This is when you can start talking. They’ll be at the disadvantage and not know where you are, thus making them more amenable due to self-preservation. If they don’t talk back they are either in a party or not going to talk, either way, treat them as 100% enemy. Don’t risk it. If they talk back, gauge the situation, you can feel when people are being genuine. Still, do not trust them fully. Do not turn your back on them and be ready to defend yourself. People will be friendly as can be, you’ll run together for a few hours having a good time. You’ll play again together the next few days and weeks. You’ll build a base and gather some cool shit. You’ll go on a run to hunt for some weapons at a nearby military base. YOU ARE DEAD. Dude got bored suddenly and thought it’d be funny to kill you. You’ll work your way back to your base to re-equip yourself and everything will be gone. You never hear from your friend again.
Don’t feel bad for killing people without trying to talk to them either. It’s okay. It’s going to happen. You’ll feel bad sometimes, but the name of the game is to survive. But always try to remember that the other players are real people with real lives and you’ve got no idea how life treats them and you’ve got an opportunity to help give them an interesting experience, so knock their ass out, tie them up, strip them naked, put a burlap sap over their head, and tell them to run for their lives.
  1. EXPERIMENT. There are a lot of mechanics in this game that aren’t explained at all. Explore the game. See what can do what, what can combine with what. See what you can craft. You can take a double barrel shotgun and combine it with a hack saw and make a sawed off shotgun.
  2. CRAFTING. Crafting, like everything else is not explained well. The actual crafting system is pretty simple. Hold one item in your hand and highlight another item and press combine, then hold R2 to complete.
When opening things like a can of food, equip the can and then highlight your can opener or knife and press combine. After completing the action you’ll have the can already in your hand and won’t have to deal with putting your knife back and such.
STONE KNIFE: hold one small stone and look at second small stone and combine. Small stones only found on train tracks and walking trails.
SPEAR: long stick + bones. A very effective melee weapon for early life. Easily kills enemies and makes them bleeds.
BONE FISH HOOK: knife + bones. Used to fish.
FISHING POLE: long stick + rope.
ROPE: 6 rags + 6 rags
CLEAN RAGS: equip partial stack of pristine rags, highlight damaged rags, combine. Now they’re all clean rags.
WHITE ARM BAND: rag + sewing kit
SUPPRESSOR: water bottle + duct tape
GHILLE SUIT: burlap strips + netting
BURLAP STRIPS: burlap sack + knife
NAILED BASEBALL BAT: baseball bat + nails
WOODEN STORAGE BOX: wooden planks + nails
WOODEN PLANKS: log + saw
This is everything you could possibly need to know to survive the early game and learning curve of DayZ. This will get you past the initial survival phase and into the exploration and hunting phases of the game. You’ll get to start learning the map. Figure out which loot spawns where. Good luck. Let me know if you want anything else.
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