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App Shopper: Zombie Shooter: Dead Frontier (Games). Size 255.2 MB Last Changed Dec 25, 2020 Published by Sigma Team. Popular game trainers.

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My name is AC1Sentinel, but you can just call me Sentinel if you wish. I do by best to account for everything but there may be cases where I miss something.

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ASTRONEER CODEX Steam 89% (59.7k)
Tooth and Tail (RIP) VACE Steam 79% (3.1k)
Driftland: The Magic Revival PLAZA Steam 77% (996)
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War PLAZA Steam 81% (827)
Rolling Line PLAZA Steam 94% (591)
Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator PLAZA Steam 77% (251)
Sentinels of Freedom PLAZA Steam 80% (195)
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War (RIP) SiMPLEX Steam 81% (827)
Rolling Line (RIP) SiMPLEX Steam 94% (591)
Diesel Express VR VREX Steam 73% (15)
Penguin's Dogma|獄門ペンギン TiNYiSO Steam 50% (2)
Escape Game Fort Boyard TiNYiSO Steam 100% (2)
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Green.Hell.Update.v1.7.0 PLAZA Steam 86% (17.5k)
Lorelai.v1.1.0 PLAZA Steam, GOG 87% (593)
Interstellar.Space.Genesis.Update.v1.1.3 PLAZA Steam 83% (255)
Iron.Danger.v1.02.05 PLAZA Steam, GOG 82% (249)
Spintires.Chernobyl.Update.v1.5.1 PLAZA Steam 67% (153)
Cooking.Simulator.Cakes.and.Cookies.Update.v3.2.6 PLAZA Steam 80% (142)
The.Academy.The.First.Riddle.Update.v20200625 PLAZA Steam 74% (19)
Unicorn.Tails.Update.v1.02 PLAZA Steam 78% (9)
Operation.Covid.19.Update.v1.2 PLAZA Steam 80% (5)
Astrela.Starlight.Update.v1.0001.0449 PLAZA Steam 100% (5)
State.of.Decay.2.Juggernaut.Edition.Update.18 CODEX Steam 71% (11.1k)
Iratus.Lord.of.the.Dead.Update.v176.11 CODEX Steam, GOG 87% (3.6k)
NEOVERSE.Update.v1.2.incl.DLC CODEX Steam 85% (2.5k)
Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI.New.Frontier.Pass.Part.1.Update.v1.0.2.39 CODEX Steam 59% (528)
DCL.The.Game.Update.v1.3 CODEX Steam 77% (292)
SKYHILL.Black.Mist.Update.v1.0.200 CODEX Steam 59% (109)
Tropico.6.Spitter.Update.v1.091 CODEX Steam, GOG 55% (29)
Two.Point.Hospital.Off.the.Grid.Update.v1.20.53319 CODEX Steam 72% (25)
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New player here, can I take a moment to be excited about this game with you all, and mourn for all those who will never experience one of the greatest experiences in gaming I've ever had? (Also Elite veteran rant.)

So for some backstory, I was an Elite backer. From the lifetime pass days. Spent half a decade playing that game and waiting. Never paid much mind to Star Citizen because everyone always referred to it as the devil. I kept playing Elite, waiting and waiting. The years went on...
Till just the other week, a friend told me about the free fly event. I Youtubed some vids about SC, just to chuckle, and see what state the mess was in today, and got blown away. I don't know why everyone and their mother says this is the worst thing since Hitler. The game is literally stunning, and probably more so to someone like myself who was in the dark for years.
I sat twiddling my thumbs waiting for Frontier to do something with Elite. Years and years of "haul 'x' tonnes to station" community goals, and not much else. Even after years of searching, when we finally found a living generation ship, you couldn't interact with the crew in any way, other than scan logs from the outside of it like a dead generation ship... Not even hail the thing. Then what did we get? Deliver 'x' tones of material to station nearby to help the generation ship.
Everything I ever wanted out of E:D, everything Braben ever talked about in a Peter Molyneux-esque fashion, is all in Star Citizen right now, or very soon to be. (like gas giant atmo flight on Crusader, Cloud City, anyone?) And it blew me away. Even the stuff I knew would never be in Elite: Dangerous, and maybe in a theoretical 'Elite: Deadly' a decade down the line. And yet, it's in SC already.
We got a bare-bones space trucking simulator in 2014, with promises of grandeur. I waited. We got barren non-atmospheric worlds. The Beigepocalypse... Bland vista after bland vista, with the rare gem actually being a bug, like Mitterand Hollow. Years went on, the game appeared to be in maintenance mode, and little to no word on any of the features that were talked about. I backed the game, bought it several times for people, expansion passes, paid to paint my damn ship and get a jacket for my character, etc even. (For those that don't know, the game is paid, there's an expansion pass that's pretty much required to enjoy half the game now, and you have to pay real money for cosmetic customization of your ships and character. Want a name tag, a different jacket, paint job, etc, costs a few dollars per item. There's a few thousand in cosmetics on the store. Ship kits, are 15 bucks a pop. Like, y'know, change the wing style a little, or add a different nose to your ship.)
One day I'm telling someone how I can't wait for the day Elite has this or that... Then he tells me, "Oh yeah, that's all in a game already." Space legs, FPS, atmo worlds, EARTH-LIKE WORLDS, AN ECUMONOPOLIS. Something I knew I would never see in Elite. It was just a "haha, wouldn't it be neat if we could go to Earth in Elite? But lol, that's physically impossible. No tech could do that." joke. Then I see CIG actually did it... All I ever really saw from SC was arena commander. Everyone told me that was all the game was, just a glitchy tech demo at best with nothing to do... Oh boy were they all wrong.
I tried to tell my Elite friends directly after, of course. But quickly learned how zealous they were over the game... Promptly got shit on hard for bringing up " that scam." I tried to explain to them that it has everything they want from Elite, and then some. None would listen, it was frustrating, and I almost left the server after how many years with how they were treating me. You pay what, 40 bucks, (not sure the conversion for every currency) and you get the full game. There's no season passes, no micro-transactions, no subscription to play. You turn on Elite and get hit with wall after wall of "please give more money" when you buy the base game. Can't go to the moons, can't use half the tech, can't use engineers, can't even put a hat on your dude... and then on top of that the game has been dead in terms of Frontier actually doing something with it for years. Even fleet carriers, were pushed back... and it's now been two years? Just for a carrier. One new ship type. A ship you can't even pilot, it's just a mobile base you transport around via a console. (Think Yacht from GTA.)
But I think the worst part of it, is that the Elite people, are still in the "dreaming" phase. "What do you mean by that?" What I mean, is that people just went, "lol, remember the days when we'd stick ships in unreal to see what a planet might look like if it was ever something CIG would want to do?" And now we have microtech posts with people reminiscing about the days when they'd dream about this being a reality. But the Elite community is still doing that. Someone just put out a "flying an Eagle during a storm" vid they rendered in unreal, and a "FPS tour of a Viper" video, and the comments are filled with people going, "imagine if a game like this existed" AND IT DOES! IT'S RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW! But they all just scoff at the mention of Star Citizen. "Pffft, ha... That scam? As if we'd ever touch that with a ten foot pole." And then they go back to watching their Eagle render.... praying Frontier will do something with Elite some day.
Those that follow Elite, know there's an update in late 2020 slated. Another paid DLC/season pass deal. And those who follow it like I do, know we're getting something mediocre at best based on Frontier's track record. Probably modern-day Mars-like atmo planets with no weather. Or the v1 dust storms like on Hurston at best. I doubt we'll even get water or anything. Basically one step up from the airless rocky moons we have now. Heck, years went by and they seemingly cancelled the icy worlds update... (they didn't have atmo, either)
And if they were to try and add space legs, it would take so much time and effort to re-work the entire game, that there's no way they'll do that. Meanwhile we have SOCS and server meshing coming around the same time they want to release their next season pass? I honestly just feel disappointed in myself that I stuck around so long out of loyalty. All the silence, all the, "Hey, no update for the next 6 months, but here's 6 new ship paint job kits!" and stuff...
I read some posts here, saw fellow Elite veterans with thousands of hours who made the jump, too. Inspired me to start writing this. Everywhere I've gone on the Internet, has told me that Star Citizen is the biggest scam of this century, vaporware, and there's an evil money grubbing guy hiding in a dungeon stealing all your money for his 4th yacht behind it all.
But then I download the game out of curiosity, partly to see the train wreck for myself, still skeptical despite hearing about it... The game seemed too good to be true. I figured it must all be a facade. A cardboard cutout of a game, if you will. Looks amazing, till you walk up and see that it's fake.
And I don't even know where to start with how this game blew me away. It was during the IAE expo, so I spawned on the ecumonopolis. Arc Corp, right? I used to year it mentioned off-handily by some people. Always thought it was like a mining company or something. I probably had the city on Hurston in my head from random screens I'd see online from like Kotaku article ads bashing the game.
I ended up recording almost everything I did. And I honestly have hours and hours of stories from just that one week alone. It was honestly one of thee greatest experience in gaming I've ever had. I was just in awe the entire time, from the first time I left Arc Corp. to putting Hadanite (is that the name, right? The one that's worth the most?) into my backpack a kilometer deep in a cave with my last flare.
After my experience, I spent the last couple weeks heavily researching this game, and everything that went on, what the team is up to, how Chris got started, what he did, how he built his own company, tech, etc. It got to the point I was defending this man I never knew in random places. People are always, "it's been years, and there's no game." There is! There's a very playable game, and not only is it moving along at a good pace, but this man did everything from scratch! Him, a dream, and nothing. Made a company, hired 600 people, built his own tech, etc. Most companies start with all this, and still take 5 years to make a game on average, and like 2 years for iterative releases. (Battlefield 3 to 4) "It's been 7 years, where's the game?!" Well Cyberpunk has been in dev for 7 years, where's that game? Skyrim took 6, Just Cause 3 took 5, I could go on. Anthem was what, 5 or 6, and it's dead already... Games aren't made overnight, people! Unless they're tiny in scope. Like an Indie puzzle game. But then again, bad example, because Baba is You took a while, and lots of indie devs spend forever on their games like Yandere Simulator.
If people would like to hear some of my stories as a first time player, I have so many. Like one of my first flights were a vet helped someone get out of the hanger, because they couldn't figure out how to fly, and we went along. Only for the poor guy to open the back hatch and get sucked out the back at 40km up over Arc Corp. He got a few minutes to enjoy the scenery of the endless kilometers of city below before he went splat. (I have that on video, too. Here's a trim of the moment. He just wanted a better look, was all!)
Right after, I almost immediately bought an Aurora LN, and am eagerly awaiting the live release of 3.8
- From a new, very excited citizen of the verse, thank you for taking a moment out of your day to read my massive rant and to join me in my excitement over the fact my dream game actually exists, and is real, right now.
P.S. I had no idea what to mark this as. It's a rant, but also I want a discussion with people who are equally excited about Star Citizen as a game.
Edit: I fixed the typo where I wrote "Christ" instead of "Chris." Okay I really like what Chris has been up to, but I don't think he's the second coming of Christ just yet. xD
Edit 2: I know, I know. But obligatory "Thanks for the gold!" edit. But I feel this one is okay, because this is literally my first ever reward on Reddit, and I've been here a few years. Thank you to whoever gave me that gold, and the two silvers, too! I just took a peak into lounge thanks to you. And now I have the coins to give a gold back to someone some day. <3
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