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[Let's Build] d100 Unique Home Base Ideas for an Adventuring Party

A lot of campaigns tend to involve the party getting some home for them to return to. Some groups may teleport around the continent, while others spend all their time working through one city or locale, but many like to have a base to return to (even if they're not there most of the time). While regular castles and mansions are cool, let's put together some ideas for homes for players which have something unique, a physical or historical feature that makes them noteworthy.

d100 Unique Home Bases

  1. The Stormhold - a fortress built on and into a shard of mountain that floats through the air, above the clouds. If the party can find a way in and take control of it they can also find a method to pilot it.
  2. Deserted Island - a small tropical Island off the coast which is for some reason, uninhabited. Perhaps there is an old, dilapidated manor, or empty tribal village that provides a quest hook leading to eventually claiming this island, or perhaps just some hidden treasure.
  3. Infernal War Machine - Effectively a building on treads, akin to the Jawa Sandcrawler or Elephant from Halo, this war machine is large enough for a party to adopt quarters within. Outfitted with hellish weapon stations this battlewagon will never quite feel comfortable, but what it lacks in amenities it makes up for in intimidation and power.
  4. Castle on the Lake - maybe you like the idea of being on an Island but not so far from shore? A castle on an island in the middle of lake would be cool, like Bled Castle or Mcdermott's Castle. Maybe the players can speak a command word that causes a bridge to rise or sink from the bottom of the lake. Or maybe the whole Island and castle submerge in a pocket of air and rise on command. Alternatively could be like Mont Saint-Michel where the tide's rising and falling isolates and connects it to/from the shore.
  5. "Haunted" Mansion - Word around the area is that this was the headquarters of a necromancer who went missing years ago, and now lies somewhere out in the woods, too dangerous for any common folk to dare look for trouble and go there. But upon arrival the players meet a pristine estate, sitting on beautiful, well cultivated grounds. An apparently friendly/good-hearted necromancer lived here and his undead servants watch the grounds, landscape, prepare food, keep watch, etc. In particular I like the idea of an "unseen servant"-like ghost who can do things like fetch items or mix drinks for players.
  6. Ma Meagle's Bakery: A quaint little bakery resting at the corner of one of the plazas of the party's home town. Baked confectioneries and bread lines the counter with four squat little tables within for diners. The back rooms of Ma Meagle's are where the polite, sweet old woman bakes her goods... but if one were to wander down to the basement they would find a well-lit base of operations for local explorers, burglars, adventurers and other such folk. Of course, any such uninvited guests will find Ma Meagle's double-reinforced repeating crossbow pointed at their skulls. [sageking14]
  7. Hølmenaa - The largest island in a montane lake, roughly 400 yards upstream of a thunderous falls. The island was used in ancient times as a dueling ground for barbarian chieftains to settle their competing territorial claims. It contains little more than a small stone hut with a hearth and space for six to sleep; a seemingly ageless piste made of slick granite; and three standing stones, with some trees dotting the shoreline. The controller of the island can use the stones to cast heroism as a second level spell, calm emotions, and hold person each twice a day. To gain control of the island a player must successfully get two quarreling parties to meet on the island and agree to a settlement without violence.[Norwejew]
  8. The Flotsam: A group of three masted sailing ships lashed together with heavy ropes. Every time the party captures another vessel, they add it's resources to their hideout. If anyone comes looking for trouble, the exterior ships are all fitted with cannons. Ships can be docked nearby and small ships boats can be rowed in. [Muffinman594]
  9. The Cask: A legendary barrel with the most potent special magics known to mortal minds woven into it. The interior is three hundred feet in diameter at the widest and 500 feet from top to bottom, with gravity local to whichever surface you are nearest. The exterior is roughly 3 feet at the widest and 5 feet tall. It can be exited from the top, the bottom, or the bunghole but only entered from the top or bottom. If it is in it’s side, then simply walking along the circumference of the interior will cause it to roll in that direction with similar speed and force. [Mor_Drakka]
  10. The Blue Manor: The local lord has been revealed to be a traitor, and fled to the mountains to continue their vile work with their dragon ally. The party has been invited by the new governor general to stay in spare rooms at the estate in thanks for uncovering the plots, as the lord's former home functions as the headquarters for the various paladin and guard brigades to discuss planning how to take him for judgement. The estate is quite large, with a large apple orchard and a separate home for the maids that live on the property. The personal library of the lord is massive, with thousands of books gathered over the years on any number of subjects. Several doors in the manor are locked, with no keys to enter them, and very high DC's to lockpick them open. Meanwhile, in the far corners an ancient animist monument exists, its form cracked and eroded by time, though leaving offerings of milk and honey on a regular basis still gets one minor gemstones as thanks from an unknown source. [Shadowhogzilla]
  11. Brigand's Den - A large sea cave once used by smugglers and pirates to avoid the authorities. The area is easily accessible by boat or on land if you know where to look. There are docks large enough to support several boats. [Brand_News_Detritus]
  12. The Coral Villa - An underwater mansion in a secluded bay that legends say was built when a wizard fell in love with a merfolk woman. The mansion is closed off to anyone not wearing specific enchanted rings that also grant Water Breathing (but only in this particular bay). Half of its rooms are filled with water with the other half are within magically maintained bubbles of air. [Brand_News_Detritus]
  13. Under the Mountain - A mountain stronghold re-purposed from mining tunnels from an abandoned dwarven expedition. The living areas have all the creature comforts of home while the various tunnels provide lots of traps, dead-ends and choke points for repelling invaders. [Brand_News_Detritus]
  14. Yggdrasil - A base carved out of a massive Ash tree. [FolkMinotaur]
  15. Obisdian keep - A shining black castle growing out of the side of a dormant volcano. [FolkMinotaur]
  16. Summers Court - A beautiful manor and standing gardens that once slipped into the feywild and has never been the same since. [FolkMinotaur]
  17. Fortress of Time - An ancient fortress built in a bygone era. A failed ritual has ripped open time here, resulting in the laws of time breaking and rewriting themselves in an infinite loop. This causes the different parts of the building to enter different points along its timeline. For example, maybe the living room is an ancient dusty wreck one day, but the next it’s lined with oil paintings from 200 years ago and exquisite antique furniture. [quill-of-doom]
  18. The Dwarves’ Gulch- A valley, in which perfectly-chiseled geyser holes are carved out of the ground and valley sides. When water is released out of the geysers, the water splashes at precise angles to create the shape of a palace made of pressurized water. The water is heated and pressurized from a nearby volcano. Searching underground in the geyser holes leads to giant subterranean lakes with obsidian lining the walls. [waluwyatt]
  19. The Oubliette: a monolith in a wasteland. Anyone with a "key" can open the Oubliette, sucking them into a mansion carved into the center of a planet-sized meteor in the plane of Limbo. The mansion incorporates geometry that would be impossible to construct, much like an M.C. Escher painting. [givemedrawingideas]
  20. A quaint brick house that previously belonged to a talented gnome packed full with helpful gadgets and gizmos that do chores, from polishing armor to cooking dinner. The gadgets don't always work flawlessy (it IS an old house), but residents of the abode often stumble upon new, rarely-used mechanics. The whole house is powered by a huge gear pilfered from the plane of Mechanus which turns on its own endlessly in the basement. [MildlyConcernedGhost]
  21. Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut - An old house standing on giant chicken legs. It is actually able to walk around and function as a travelling base. Previously owned by a hag, it comes fully equipped for practicing alchemy and making potions. [Martinus_XIV]
  22. Sahuagin Bluff - A rock protrsion on a cliffside, named so because it has the shape of a shark's head, complete with a gaping mouth with serrated stone "teeth". There's a hidden cave in the mouth of the shark, which can be accessed through a secret entrance at a stone pillar on top that resembles a dorsal fin. [Martinus_XIV]
  23. Old Clock Tower - From this base, you always have a great view of the town and surrounding area, so you'll spot trouble from miles away. It's a bit noisy when the bell tolls, but at least you'll be the most punctual adventurers to ever grace this realm... Just beware of falling moons... [Martinus_XIV]
  24. Abandoned Roc's Nest - Sure, it's a bit drafty, but the view is maginificent, and you'll never sleep more soundly than on a bed of Roc feathers... [Martinus_XIV]
  25. Mushroom Tower - Embrace your inner Gnome and make your home in this giant hollow mushroom! [Martinus_XIV]
  26. Fallen Arm - The curled fingers of the chopped-off arm of an ancient titan provide shelter from the elements. The palm of the hand is large enough to build a respectable base... [Martinus_XIV]
  27. Crashed Planeship - This absolutely alien-looking structure used to be a ship that could travel the planes and even beyond. While it doesn't work anymore, it still has fully equipped living quarters. With some effort, you might also be able to make use of other systems. It appears to house a holodeck, a clone bay, advanced point-defence systems and who knows what else! Now if only you could get the food replicators to work again... [Martinus_XIV]
  28. Giant Shell - This giant snail's shell has long since been abandoned by its owner, making it free real estate. The body whorl makes for a roomy hall, while the more narrow whorls are the perfect size for living quarters. The warm sunlight filtering through the translucent calcium carbonate walls makes for a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. [Martinus_XIV]
  29. Under-Cliff Monastery - This eastern-looking monastery was built upside-down from an overhanging cliffside, making it extremely hard to reach. At least, let's hope your enemies find it so. [Martinus_XIV]
  30. Wonderous Wagon - A wagon which from the outside appears like any other one but is essentially a TARDIS with plenty of room on the inside for any medium sized party. The wagon weighs the same as a normal one and so the party can take their base on the go with them. [TheTryhardApple]
  31. Terrific Toilet- An outdoor toilet which has a lever allowing you to jump through the bowl and slide into your base, just always make sure to flush first ;) [TheTryhardApple]
  32. Sorry Stables- Who says your party has to live a lavish life. This row of renovated stables each has a small simple living quarters inside. [TheTryhardApple]
  33. The Lofted Greenery - A massive treehouse hidden within the canopy of a dense jungle of massive trees. [A_Heckin_Goblin]
  34. Campus Martius - a group of high-quality but not luxurious tents grouped around a campfire. Build a castle in the clouds, you lose your edge. This keeps the party focused. [felagund]
  35. The Burrow - An unassuming cave entrance leads to a huge interconnecting system of caves and tunnels. No one is quite sure who the original owners were. [Viscumin]
  36. Outpost 35 - A former guard and watch post, it's served as a training facility, firewatch station, local landmark and serviceable trading place for generations. The original owners are long dead and the conflict which required it forgotten. Down in the lower basement is a remarkably well-provisioned food pantry of canned and salted meats, some of them almost as old as the original building. [LordsOfJoop]
  37. The Colony - Built on an island in the middle of a lake, this former artists' colony was repurposed as a leper colony within the previous twenty years or so. The walls are well-built, easy to maintain and have some of the most beautiful artwork in the form of murals, portraits and still life's that the PCs have ever seen. The roof has a built-in garden and there's a statue collection gathered around a deep, narrow grave-like hole in the once-abandoned church marked as 'the last adventure': at the bottom of it lay a tame, well-fed ooze that numbs and kills quickly, singing as it consumes its meal. It uses the voice of its last victim. [LordsOfJoop]
  38. Madhouse - A refurbished asylum, built close to a small town, populated by the former inmates who, while mostly recovered, needed a place to live and raise families. They serve as free assistance and guards, taking care of the place in exchange for no rent being collected and the right to be private and isolated from the civilization that scorned their ancestors. The cells have been bricked shut, locking away the bad memories of the old days.. except for Cell Thirteen, home to an angry, wise spirit of an old woman who was captive for a hundred years by the cruel master of the asylum. Cultivating a relationship with the spirit could prove useful for the group. [LordsOfJoop]
  39. On top of a dragon turtle. [inkwell13]
  40. A River Delta, bunch of silt islands that a small trading town has sprung up on that the players can interact with. [Rancerle]
  41. The Skeleton House - The bones of a truly giant creature lie partially buried in a hill. A previous occupant has run leather walls around the rib cage and built a two decked platform inside. A couple of hollowed out rooms in the hill provide storage and a ladder up the spine into the skull provides a lookout point. There is comfortable room for five or so adventurers, although little privacy. The body lies in a slight coil around a firepit with with a small clay oven near by. One of the rooms carved into the hill has a shaft that leads to fresh water. [Kiyohara]
  42. Wizard's Tower - Built using magic, the tower seems to defy reason. A large tower of perfectly worked stone, it rises over eight stories and is never more than twenty feet around. It is perched atop a craggy stone hill, with a narrow switchback trail leading to the summit. A few storage sheds around the base of the tower supply additional storage. Inside each floor is dedicated to different purposes, with a store room, kitchen, comfortable living space, library, laboratory, and a bed room. Two other floors could easily be made into bedrooms (at least two rooms to a floor) and with minor renovations could house a few more rooms. The Roof is wide circular space used for summoning and astrological viewing. The basement has a well that produces perfectly clear, clean and icy cold water year round regardless of the weather or water table conditions. [Kiyohara]
  43. The Old Mill - A sizable Mill, now abandoned when the local town built one closer to town. It stands a staggering three stories tall, with a massive wheel still slowly turning in the mill pond (now home to a large population of trout), a small stream flows away back towards the river that passes by the town. Inside the main floor is taken up by the stone grinding wheel and gears for the mechanisms; they are sadly out of repair and do not currently work. Behind the main room is a large storehouse, used in the past for grain and flour, now currently empty. The upper floors are where the Miller and his family used to live (along with several apprentices); a large kitchen dominates the second floor with a hearth and oven that seem to sit atop the stone counter balance for the mill stone below. A small family room sits facing the south and the warm rays of the sun. A tiny library and office show the Miller was both literate and dutiful in keeping his records straight. A large master bedroom still retains a giant bed, with heavy oaken pillars and well sewn, if pedestrian looking curtains keep the bed warm in the night and the bugs away. The top floor is all bedrooms, closets, and a large bathroom dominated by a massive wooden tub. A gnomish brass work construction seems to draw water from the mill pond to fill the tub and a pan for oil and a burner seems to indicate that it could warm the water so pulled. [Kiyohara]
  44. The Walking Statue Treehouse - A wizard in years past had created a protector of stone to guard their abode. This walking statue still stands today even though it's locomotion enchantments are long gone. Over the years, many families have built architecture off of the sturdy structure in the center. Paths turned to passageways, open stairways and ladders on the statue itself turned to proper companionways for residents to reach the upper levels with ease and security. One of the premier houses built on the statue extends beyond it's offered left palm. The almost horizontal arm created an ideal place for living that only slightly slopes upwards. The penthouse rests at the statue's upraised right hand as it reaches for the clouds above. The fingers of the statue surrounding and cradling the construction there. It was created by and occupied over the years only by creatures with the capability of flight. [ghenddxx]
  45. Scarred Battleground - Legend tells of a fortress whose garrison made their last stand, laying their lives down to a man and inflicting terrible damage on the encroaching force. The army who cleared them out returned to a camp but a squad of soldiers were dispatched later to burn or bury the bodies of their own soldiers who had fallen in the assault. They came back the next morning terrified and white as bone, telling that the base was crawling with [spirits, fiends, etc. pick your flavor] and since no one has dared go near it, or at least done so and lived to tell the tale. A party who clears it out (may involve consecrating or blessing) are rewarded with an empty, unowned, perhaps well stocked, strategically valuable and defend-able building. [DMDelving]
  46. Seelie Retreat - otherwise just a large manor, but it stands out due to the volume of plant growth. Manifesting in was such as an overgrown yard not just in weeds but in vines, flowers, and perhaps even carnivorous plants. Or vines of ivy which curl around the corners of the structure itself. Perhaps the basement, or a large tree on the property, contains a portal to the feywild. [DMDelving]
  47. []
  48. []
  49. []
  50. []
submitted by DMDelving to d100

RuneSigs News Updates 2003 - 2007

(There may be a few missing here and there)


The Scoop - June 18, 2007 posted by rathofdoom
After waiting several months after my initial feedback deadline, I was forced to come to a decision. Due to the lack of feedback, I have decided that RuneSigs no longer has a fan base, nor is it a website that has the potential to grow. Another influential factor pertains to my personal life. I will be leaving home and heading off to a university in the fall. I will not have the time to maintain this site. HM1 will be doing the same. As a result of these circumstances, I have decided to permanently close RuneSigs. The Website will remain intact until the domain expires.
I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey of four years. It was a great experience. I believe RuneSigs influenced many people across the globe. I will never forget Dale's thank you note to RuneSigs, explaining how RuneSigs led him to a successful career.
If you would like to contact me, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. I will reply as soon as possible.
Also, if you were an active contributing member of RuneSigs are interested in redesigning RuneSigs from the ground up, please contact me. If I feel you will be sufficient as the new operator of RuneSigs, I would be glad to hand over the torch.
Hey - February 5, 2007 posted by rathofdoom
Hello. It has been a long time since this place has been up and running. For those who still look at this place every once in a while, I have a favor to ask. Please send me an e-mail at [email protected] answering the following questions.
Would you like to see RuneSigs return? Why or why not?
Would you want to see RuneSigs remain a graphics site, or would you want a totally different RuneSigs?
What would you like to see happen if RuneSigs returns?
Are you interested in helping out with the return of RuneSigs?
Please e-mail me asap. Feel free to say anything you want. Don't let the questions limit you. I will be simply waiting to receive e-mails from now until April. In April I will make a decision reguarding the future of RuneSigs.


Blah Blah Blah - December 30, 2006 posted by Phil
Seeing Dip's comment there just reminds me to wish anyone who visits this ghost-town a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope you have/had a good time!
To anyone who still checks up on this - December 29, 2006 posted by dip00ts
Hey everyone! Boy I miss you guys. I'm still on MSN messenger ( [email protected] ) so message me sometime.
The Future - October 2, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
The future of RuneSigs is uncertain. The unfortunate database corruption really set the site into shambles. HM1 and I don't have the time that we used to for this site. As of now, we will be leaving RuneSigs alone in its current state. We have several ideas for where we may be going with the site. We may revive RuneSigs with a all new RuneSigs v.3 A new, completely different project is also on the drawing board and may become a reality very soon.
Winamp Skin - August 12, 2006 posted by Phil
If anyone missed it the first time, the Winamp skin I made is up on the Downloads page. The design is based on the main page here. Enjoy!
Summer TIME - August 3, 2006 posted by dale
Well Im back, my old pw's and stuff work so hi all :D Im back
Gone - July 22, 2006 posted by Phil
I'm off camping in Staffordshire with church, so don't expect to see me around for the next week.
Don't have too much fun without me! =O
See you all later.
Temp Forums - July 21, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
The temporary forums have been created. Clicking "Community" now opens a seperate window to the new forums courtesy of Pi.
Thanks Pi!
I'm Back! - July 14, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
I've been on vacation. Sorry about not warning you guys.
I just talked to Link and he has offered to make a temporary forum for the rest of the summer until HM1 returns. It should be ready soon.
The Forum - June 28, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
Well....it's worse than I thought...
Hm1 reinstalled the forums, but made what I believe is a silly mistake that makes it somewhat impossible for me to get the forums back up.
It's very late at night and I don't have the hour it will take me to try and fix the problem... I will attempt it very soon, possibly tomorrow night.
RuneSigs will not close, I can guarantee this
Forums - June 15, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
Well, the database vent corrupt, and it's looking like the forums are lost...again.
Next week I will work on getting the site back up.
Uh oh - June 11, 2006 posted by hm1
Of course the site starts going to hell a week before I leave for the summer but, eh what's new?
The posts section of the database seems to have broken itself. I've sent in a support ticket and it should be fixed fairly soon.
I was wondering why there wasn't any new posts recently :P
Forums! - June 3, 2006 posted by hm1
Well, the forums are gonna probally be up and down alot in the next few weeks. I can't fix it because it's purely host related. The host admins seems to have dissapeared recently and don't respond to tickets so we are just gonna have to live with it for a while. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon seeing as I'm leaving for 3 months in a week.
Don't start complaining about the host again please. I know it sucks, I know you all have "awsome deals", but its our host and if you think we should move send me your credit card number and you can pay for it. Any posts/topics telling us we should move here or there will be ignored.
OMG SITE UPDATE - April 28, 2006 posted by hm1
For the first time in months we have started working on the website portion of the site again. Mostly just minor improvements, nothing major.
Our first change was the addition of the recent posts box found below. It lists the forum and topic's name. Second we added a "contest winners" box to showcase recent contents winner. We still working on this a little so bear with us. Last, but definatly not least we added thumbnails to our tutorials. This makes the page a whole lot easier to navigate and looks much better. We are still uploading all the thumbnails however so you will have to bear with us there aswell. Enjoy!
Contests - April 27, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
Check out our two newest contests in the community! Enter for a chance to win a spot on the RuneSigs homepage!
Part 3 - April 19, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
Part 3 of the HTML Basics tutorials has finally been released. I apologise for the extremely long wait. Another should be complete by the end of the week.
Site Updates - April 15, 2006 posted by Phil
I've been busily tapping away at the admin panel, bringing the site up-to-date. Go and admire Master Duckling's work, which has been awarded Sig Of The Week. Then stroll over to the tutorials section, and take a look at my latest entry, on making semi-realistic looking clouds.
Happy Easter everyone! Eat chocolate and have fun!
New Tutorial - April 14, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
Check out Phil's new Auto-Vectors tutorial!
Could it be? - March 5, 2006 posted by dip00ts
Look! On the webpage! It's a bird! No, it's a plane! NO!! It's a comic... THAT IS ON TIME!!
I feel warm inside.
Quickie - February 27, 2006 posted by dip00ts
This weeks comic is just a quick one, it may not seem like much but it does contribute to the story.
Part 2 - February 22, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
Part 2 of the HTML Basics tutorials has been released. Part 3 is coming soon.
HTML - February 21, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
I've just written the first part of my HTML Basics tutorial series. This first part simply covers the rules of HTML code. Enjoy!
The Sand Man - February 20, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
RuneSigs is appearing on beaches across the globe! The origin is this is yet to be discovered...
Congratulations, Infuzion - February 19, 2006 posted by dip00ts
Give a big round of applause to Infuzion, for his amazing graphical masterpiece, "Surge", as SOTW.
Super Bowl XL - February 3, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
With the Super Bowl being in Michigan this year, HM1 added a nice little touch to the site. Notice that a football has replaced the out-of-date santa hat.
Scheduled Downtime - January 6, 2006 posted by hm1
We are going to be having some scheduled down this weekend to help improve the server. The downtime should only be 10-15 minutes but knowing our host it might be more. There shouldn't be any gaps in posts or lost data. The schedual is as follows:
Start Date & Time: Friday 1/6/2006 23:00 Pacific Standard Time (PST) End Date & Time: Saturday 1/7/2006 5:00 PST Scheduled Duration of Maintenance: 6 hours
Start Date & Time: Saturday 1/7/2006 23:00 Pacific Standard Time (PST) End Date & Time: Sunday 1/8/2006 5:00 PST Scheduled Duration of Maintenance: 6 hours
DON'T message me on msn messanger asking why the site is down.
SOTW - January 2, 2006 posted by rathofdoom
Congrats to Master Duckling for winning the SOTW. It hasn't been upadted in ages. We'll be working to have this updated on a weekly basis again. Start sig making so we've got lots to choose from!


Happy New Year - December 31, 2005 posted by Phil
Hope everyone has a good time ringing in the New Year. Best wishes for 2006, may it bring prosperity and good health.
Happy Holidays from Dip - December 25, 2005 posted by dip00ts
Here is my holiday gift to you all: TWO (2) strips for you to enjoy!
Merry Christmas! - December 25, 2005 posted by NickBmxGuy
The RuneSigs Staff would like to wish everybody a warm and happy holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving! - November 24, 2005 posted by rathofdoom
The RuneSigs staff would like to wish all of its American members a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!
Really Late - November 8, 2005 posted by dip00ts
I am sorry about the extreme lateness of this strip. I was stuck for ideas for a while, and then I got my grades back and my mom was... well lets just say she was concerned. So I am working to bring a couple class grades up.
I really can't stand to wait anymore; I am going to start on the new plot arc, A Quest for Color, next Sunday. Look forward to it!
Guess Whos Back - October 21, 2005 posted by dale
Guess who's back guess who back dananan na na na na na danana na na na
A few new things. - October 16, 2005 posted by rathofdoom
Dip00ts has released a few new comics, and the new Sig of The Week is up. Congrats to Knight Atack.
Colossi Scream for Ice Cream - October 15, 2005 posted by dip00ts
New strip.
Seriously. You would NOT want one of these guys to be your cellmate in jail.
If you have never heard of Shadow of the Colossus, you need to be shot. Actually, just go here and everything will be just fine. Basically, you are out to kill 16 10-story colossi (plural for colossus, apparently). You travel across a vast open field, searching for one, and kill it. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Rather redundant, wouldn't you say? However, it does have good ratings. The story must make up for the lack of diversity.
Anyway, hope you enjoy.
End of FGA - October 11, 2005 posted by dip00ts
Thus the Fairy Graphics Artist plot arc ends, and Random Crap month begins. I will make some random comics for the next few weeks, and will also put some Guest strips up (if i would get any... COME ON PEOPLE!!!). Anyway, enjoy.
Few Things - October 4, 2005 posted by hm1
I made a few changes to the site. Mostly aesthetic stuff like alternating backgrounds on the tutorials pages and stuff. Nothing too big but just made a few things look better. You might notice them on the downloads, tutorials, about, contact, links and sotw pages. Just thought I'd point it out to show that I actually do do things around here... enjoy!
New topsite - October 3, 2005 posted by hm1
Make sure to check out the links and vote for us on all the topsites lists. We just recently added a few including the W3-designs.net topsites list.
JH-Designs - October 1, 2005 posted by hm1
Head on over to JH-Designs, our newest affiliate! They just came out with a great new site and seem to have lots to offer!
Update: Also, I added a simple previous, first, last, next thinger on the comic seeing as alot of people were asking for it. Enjoy!
In loving memory ♥ - September 27, 2005 posted by hm1
Sadly, as you probally heard, Dale has decided to resign. So from all of the staff I'd like to send out a huge thanks to dale for all his year(s) of cheerful service and hardwork. You'll always be welcome back.
Sorry - September 27, 2005 posted by dip00ts
I am sorry for the late update this week, and the missed update last week. School has really been hitting me hard, and it seems like most of the time that I am not doing homework, I am so tired I have to sleep.
Make the Media - July 8, 2005 posted by hm1
Well, the Pixel2Life contest has ended. Head on over to check out the winners. Some of the peices look awsome.
Pixel2Life Contest - July 23, 2005 posted by hm1
Head on over to Pixel2Life and check out their latest contest!
You could win part of the $1600 in prizes! Check it out today! Hurry, there's only a week left!
Comic System Done - June 21, 2005 posted by hm1
Yay! The system used to post/edit the comics is finnaly done! So when dip00ts get's back to making comics, he can post them on the front page of the website all by himself. Also, the other staff members can post comics too, so if they decide to make one or have a fan comic that someone made, they can post them too.
New Affiliates - June 17, 2005 posted by hm1
We got a few new affiliates, or affiliates at all, over the past few days. Hopefully in the next comming weeks we can start working at getting a whole lot more members/visitors. Head on over to the links page and check out our new affiliates, Ahrenpenner.net, Boysees and Sigsource along with some great resource sites at the bottom.
sotw - June 12, 2005 posted by rathofdoom
Congrats to Master Duckling for winning the June 12 Sig of The Week. Each week, the staff members will rotate picking the winner. Every Sunday, the sotw will be changed.
The staff is beginning to sort out the different operations of the website. Soon we will be able to add content in a flash!
Site launch - June 5, 2005 posted by hm1
It's finnaly here! The launch of Runesigs v2. With a brand-new downloads section and a completely new backend. We also redesigned the tutorials section. Hopefully the launch of version will bring a whole new light to runesigs.


Bad News - 18 Sep, 2004 posted by Rathofdoom
Today at baseball I fractured my right hand's ring and pinky fingers. I have to type with 1 hand and i can barely use the mouse with my right hand.
I'm probably only gonna stop by rss for a few minutes every day because it requires a lot of typing and clicking.
I'll probably be on rs a lot because i'll probably set my mouse on left handed mode.
RuneScape Update New Quest - 15 Sep, 2004 posted by Phil
14th September 2004 - Tai Bwo Wanai Trio
In Jungle Potion, the Shaman Trufitus communed with the gods to determine the fate of his people. Now Timfraku, the Chief of Tai Bwo Wannai, wishes to see his people and family return to the abandoned village. Help a depressed fisherman, encourage a raging hunter and satiate an eccentric priest in this extreme test of aptitude and patience!
If you believe you are up to the challenge, travel to Karamja and speak with Timfraku to begin your quest to repopulate Tai Bwo Wannai.
Taken directly from RuneScape.com
9-11 - 11 Sep, 2004 posted by Rathofdoom
Today is the third anniversary of 9-11. I know many people who had friends and loved ones who died in the towers collapse.
United We Stand.
RuneScape Update Situation in the Sands - 07 Sep, 2004 posted by Phil
New Big Monster!
There are reports of strange happenings in the desert south west of Shanty pass, animals have been disappearing and a large hole has appeared. Scouts were sent in to investigate, but as of yet none have returned...
Will you fare any better against what lies beneath the sand?
Test your mettle if you will, but beware, whatever crawls in the tunnels below is fierce and more than a match for even the toughest of adventurers!
New Potion!
Deep under the sand, hidden from the burning heat of the desert, grows the Potato Cactus. A strange plant with some magical properties, it's rumored that when mixed with Lantadyme and water, it produces a potion which will increase the drinkers magical powers...
Taken directly from RuneScape.com
Gallery and Hall Of Fame - 02 Sep, 2004 posted by Rathofdoom
The Gallery and Hall Of Fame pages have just been put online. Enjoy RSS with all of it's pages completed.
As for getting more tutorials up. I am going to release a template for coding your own tutorials in html so that they can easily and quickly be uploaded onto the RSS website. I am also going to release an example tutorial page code that you will be able to use as a tool. I will give you more information on this in the future.
Coming Soon - 02 Sep, 2004 posted by Rathofdoom Click Here For Preview
Highmaster 1 is working on a new forum template for RSS. It matches the site and is looking great. Expect this new template to be coming to RSS in the next week or two. It will be the new default layout.
I am almost done with the Hall Of Fame and Gallery pages. Expect to see them online within the next day.
RSS Forums - 31 Aug, 2004 posted by Rathofdoom
The forums have been put back online.
I apologise for my overeaction. There was a little dispute within the staff that got a little out of control. Pretty much everything is settled.
For those who chose to leave RSS today, I am not going to beg you to come back. It is your decision and I'm not going to try and change it. If you wish to move on, I wish you luck with whatever you choose to do.
I would like to say one thing right now. RSS needs to start getting along better. If you don't like someone, get over it, or go flame each other on an instant messenger.
I don't want RSS to be a dictatorship. I want to make everyone happy. That's not possible. Everyone needs to start working to cooperate. If you wish to discuss this, we can talk in the forums.
RuneScape Update: August 24th - 24 Aug, 2004 posted by Rathofdoom
24th August 2004 - Troll Stronghold Quest
Troll Stronghold Quest The Imperial Guard's attack on Death Plateau was overrun by trolls coming from the Stronghold to the North! Dunstan's son Godric was captured and taken to the Stronghold.
If you feel brave enough, talk to Denulth and travel through Trollheim to go rescue Godric.
Players with a low combat level beware, you will have to defeat some high-level trolls to complete this quest.
Changes To NPC Levels
You may notice that some npc levels have changed with this update. Due to a bug, certain npcs levels didn't accurately show how strong or weak they really were. Even though you now see a different level when you look at these npcs, most haven't actually changed in difficulty to kill.
Taken From runescape.com.
The reward for the quest is a LAW TALISMAN!!!
22 Aug, 2004: RuneSigs Website Updating by: Rathofdoom
You may not have noticed, but I have been doing a lot of work on the site the last few days. Everything that used to link to the old falador.net/rss url now uses www.runesigs.com .
I have also started on the Gallery, and I have the Hall Of Fame ready for the winning images of future official contests.
The Gallery should be up this week. If you are a staff member or Certified Signature maker and you haven't yet submitted your entries, please see the Gallery topic in Show Off.
21 Aug, 2004: Forum Problem by: Rathofdoom
I was installing a mod which required some sql table edits, which I cannot do until I contact Pi.
I had uploaded one of the edited php files, and it wasn't able to connect to the sql fields that did not exist. This caused an error and making it somewhat appear that you were banned.
I believe that I have fixed the problem. If you actually are banned, the forum would load (you would be able to see the logo), and it would give you a message directly saying that you were banned.
I am sorry about the inconvienence. Everything should work fine now.
21 Aug, 2004: Error In mysql by: Roach
Ok guy on the short side there is some messed up code in the mysql tables that will be fixed very shortly so if your getting this message.
phpBB : Critical Error
Could not obtain ban information
SQL Error : 1054 Unknown column 'ban_expire_time' in 'field list'
SELECT ban_ip, ban_userid, ban_email, ban_email, ban_expire_time, ban_priv_reason, ban_pub_reason_mode, ban_pub_reason FROM rss_banlist WHERE ban_ip IN ('cb33ee13', 'cb33eeff', 'cb33ffff', 'cbffffff') OR ban_userid = 33 OR ban_email LIKE '[email protected]' OR ban_email LIKE '@hotmail.com'
Line : 125 File : /homepages/42/d92201681/htdocs/rss/phpBB2/includes/sessions.php
dont worry about it just messed up code and will be fixed. We havent banned you we were installing a new ban mod and yeah it screwed up on us.
18 Aug, 2004: Gallery by: Rathofdoom
Staff and Certified Signature Makers, go here.
RSS will not be updated until I can get a decent amount of staff and CSMs to submit their entries.
RuneWeb is going to be RuneNews' new site. It is being designed by Firenimmo, Catatifish, Splatman, and Seiferoth. I'll be helping out a bit along with some other people "up there" on the RN scale.
17 Aug, 2004: RuneNews -> RuneWeb by: Rathofdoom
Yes, RuneNews is now RuneWeb. MadCoder killed the runenews.net domain, so Splatman purchased hosting for a few website. The name is RuneWeb. Firenimmo, Catatifish, Splatman, and Seiferoth are going to be the admins, just like after the takeover. I'll be global mod again (but without the ub3r j33t post count).
I'm going to he helping with RuneWeb a lot, so updates on this site are going to be rare. When Highmaster 1 gets back, I will try and find some time to have a talk with him and possibly sort out something for a new host. One that will be used for RSS only.
You can still access the old RuneNews forums by clicking here.
I also fixed a few of the broken links on the site that got messed up with the domain change.
09 Aug, 2004: Shoutbox and Contact Page by Rathofdoom
I just re-opened the shoutbox. Don't abuse it.
The contact page now includes , our newest moderator. I have also moved Roach into the admin section of the page.
And don't forget. www.runesigs.com
09 Aug, 2004: RuneScape Update: Death Plateau Quest by: Phil
Trolls have come down from the north and are camped on Death Plateau, they are using this base to launch attacks on the principality of Burthorpe! The Imperial Guard is taking heavy losses, they need your help! If you are in search of adventure speak to Denulth, the leader of the Imperial Guard, in the Burthorpe training camp north of the Hero's Guild and accept the Death Plateau quest!
While this is a quest completable at any level, players with a low combat level should be very cautious or they could come to a sudden and sticky end at the hands of trolls.
This update introduces the town of Burthorpe and a troll area, which is an area that we have plans to expand in future updates with some quests classed in the experienced quests bracket.
We have made some adjustments to the agility arena. More than one person can now go over the low wall at once and it doesn't take as long to use the handholds.
Some colourblind people were struggling with the new strange boxes due to them being fairly transparent, therefore they are now no longer transparent.
Taken directly from RuneScape.com
08 Aug, 2004: Domain! by: Rathofdoom
RuneSigs finally has a domain! I'm going to be setting up nice little e-mail addresses soon for the staff and a subdomain linking directly to the forum. until then... enjoy!
06 Aug, 2004: RuneScape Update: Website Over Haul by: Roach
4th August 2004 - Website Overhaul
Today regular visitors to our website might notice that we have massively overhauled the front page!
We know some of you might be used to our old layout, but we think that once you are used to the new design you will agree that it is easier to navigate. We have tried to make the front-page make better use of the available screen space, as well as making the most accessed areas (for example the worldmap) easier and quicker to get to.
The layout of the manual has also been improved, and lots of new information has been added, including a few new sections for you to discover yourselves!
You will also be glad to know we have added an all new exclusive wallpaper to our extra files section, which has moved towards the bottom of the main menu.
Finally, Mozilla Firefox 0.9 users will be pleased to know that we have improved compatibility with that browser, so you will now be able to login to the secure section of the site with less hassle than before. Taken Directly From Runescape.com
03 Aug, 2004: Join the IRC today! by Unknown
Recently our IRC has been quite dead. We do not have enough active users there! The Runesigs IRC is a great way to get to know the staff/members better. Plus it is tons of fun. Being active in the IRC is also a great way to work towards a position. Also with the soon comming full time hosting of ub3rduck, the channel will be even better than ever before! So click on that little button over to the left that says "IRC" and join us!.Your guaranteed to have a great time!


A few fixes :..: Posted August 27, 2003 @ 7:30 AM by Rathofdoom
I fixed a few mistakes and the link on the homepage and the homepage only now goes to the current forum instead of the old one. I am sorry it took me this long to fix that. I am not going to do any updates untill I release RSS2. As of now, I plan that it will be up and running before September 15th.
Well, I thought I would mention that Didjital got Global Moderator a few days ago.
RSS 2 Update :..: Posted August 20, 2003 @ 11:08 AM by Rathofdoom
I am not going to launch RSS 2 for a good few weeks. I have had little time lately, and with school starting next week, I have a lot of stuff I need to do.
Remember, the new RSS forum is below. I will update the link on the homepage later tonight.
RSS 2 :..: Posted August 11, 2003 @ 11:11 AM by Rathofdoom
The new layout for RSS is coming along well. It will be much more update friendly and it will include new pages such as a history page. I plan to have the site completed, up, and running in two weeks. I will most likely release a preview in about a week.
RSS Forums Have Moved :..: Posted August 10, 2003 @ 8:18 AM by Sirhumpsalot
To to certain matters the RSS forums have moved, they can now be found below.
Website Back Up :..: Posted August 8, 2003 @ 9:57 PM by Rathofdoom
Due to Minor problems with the website, it wen't down for 4 days. Sorry about any problems this may have caused.
Sadly, Highmaster 1 resigned from his duty as administrator of Runescape Signatures. Phil is now the new administrator.
I will try and get the staff list fixed in the next few days for I am very busy.
I am finally going to announce that little suprise I was talking about in the forums. It is a new layout for the RSS website. It's little codename will be RSS2. I may release a preview shortly.
Contact Page Fixed :..: Posted July 28, 2003 @ 3:49 AM by Rathofdoom
I fixed the problems with some of the links on the contact page. The RSS Tunes is coming well.
RSS Tunes :..: Posted July 24, 2003 @ 2:28 PM by Rathofdoom
You may have seen the RSS Tunes site in the forum. RSS Tunes I am working on a new improved version of RSS Tunes that should be out in the next few days.
Contacts Updated and More! :..: Posted July 22, 2003 @ 10:54 PM by Rathofdoom
I have just updated the contacts list so it contains the current staff and so that the private message links now operate correctly.
Here the other news. I (Rathofdoom) have just been accepted as a .TK ambassador. If you are ever registering a new .tk domain, please enter my number when prompted to. My ambassador coupon number is 46289 . If enough people put in my number, I will win free paid .TK domains and I will have a lottery and give them away.
An Odd Debug Error :..: Posted July 22, 2003 @ 11:04 AM by Sirhumpsalot
Sometimes when using the forum, when either logging in or registering, you will get a very odd "Debug" error, if this happens contact Rathofdoom, or I immediately. It would be best to e-mail me.
[email protected]
NewsPro!! :..: Posted July 22, 2003 @ 7:52 AM by Highmaster 1
We have just installed a news system that lets any of the mods or admins of the website post news on the website. This way anyone can submit news. Also we don't have to re upload the site each time we have an update. Well enjoy!
Now Online! :..: Posted July 20, 2003 @ 11:50 AM by Rathofdoom
The new RSS website is now online! Enjoy the new website and please tell me if there are any problems with it in the forum. Remember that there is a spot for a banner at the bottom. If you would like to advertise there contact me in the forum. Remember that there will be a fee for advertising. It will be either RS money or real money (not sure if that will be possible atm). Well, enjoy and have fun.
New Server :..: Posted July 20, 2003 @ 11:50 AM by Rathofdoom
The RSS website has been moved to a new server and is under re-construction. Please stand by while we move the site. Note: The forum will remain at cody-massin.
New Website Online :. .: Posted July 20, 2003 @ 11:49 AM by Rathofdoom
The new Runescape Signatures (RSS) website is now online! Sit back, relax, and enjoy.
After hours of work we have finally reached 100 members and we are well on our way to 200. With a brand new website and more members than ever before we are on our way to becoming the fastest growing Runescape Community ever.
submitted by SiLink to RuneSigs

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