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My thoughts as to why Riot's client team doesn't focus on stability

Disclaimer: I do not work for Riot, but I have an understanding of large companies and their internal working structure.
I recently came across Professor Akali's tweet (now deleted) with him expressing his dissatisfaction with Riot's client team, of which Riot Cactopus responded https://twitter.com/RKRigney/status/1299038889542205441.
There's a lot of frustration from the community as to why Riot can't just fix the League client and I think a lot of this frustration is incorrectly directed at the Riot dev team, but what's important is to understand that the ones who are actually to blame are the leadership team who are directing these changes.
Riot released a development post a couple of months ago https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/news/dev/the-client-cleanup-continues/ talking about how they're reducing and consolidating plugins, they talk about client load time as well as some of the bugfixes that they've undergone. Now on the surface this seems promising, however the main focus of these development posts is really on how they've made client load up time quicker and the bugfixes appear to be more of an afterthought.
I expect the reason why this is such a focus is because "client load time" is a very simple and deliverable metric that the client management team can take to their leadership to pat themselves on the back and say "hey look, we made it so players get into games 10 seconds faster, we're doing a good job". Their leadership like this metric because it can justify to themselves that players are able to use their product quicker, which means that overall there's higher engagement.
The issue is that there's a significant disconnect between what the players want and what the Client team are providing. Players want a STABLE client which doesn't crash, leak ram or disrupt their playing time, of which Riot's leadership appear to be encouraging the exact opposite of.
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