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Tried to post some more of my ideas on the Minecraft sub but they got removed, so I’ll post them here; Candles can be used for ketchup, mustard, salt, or pepper!

Tried to post some more of my ideas on the Minecraft sub but they got removed, so I’ll post them here; Candles can be used for ketchup, mustard, salt, or pepper! submitted by BroBroBrayBray to Minecraftbuilds

Every Single Question Tui Answered Today

There were over 600 comments. Tui answered 47 questions. I am genuinely surprised she answered so much.

-The guide book will have a lot of juicy info!
-Transgender dragons do exist (woo!), even if Tui won't make one a main character (due to fear of miswriting).
-Book 15 will probably be Luna's PoV, and Sky will probably show up later this arc.
-Blob is still alive!
-Still no age conversion.
-Just read this the summary doesn't say enough
-If you make a better summary please comment it

User - Question
Tui's Response

For those curious, here's the original post: https://www.reddit.com/WingsOfFire/comments/jj7pi5/im_tui_t_sutherland_author_of_the_wings_of_fire/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
Now, here they are!
Edits are being done for clarity. Mobile formatting is terrible.

Avethor - If you could kill off one of the current main PoVs, who would it be?
I could kill off anyone anytime, mwa ha ha, so let's see what happens! ;) But my real answer is: the thing about killing a main character is that you can't just do it and move on. There has to be grieving and emotional weight to it, so it would have to happen at a time when there's room in the story for that. Does that make sense? I did this in one of my first drafts of an earlier series (Avatars) and then it felt like the whole rest of the story had to be about being sad...so I'm not saying it will never happen (this is a super dangerous world and they're about to do something VERY ALARMING in book 15!), but I'd want to do it right!

Avethor - Would you ever do another community event similar to Typhoon for a tribe/character again?
Maybe! I would love to, but I'd have to figure out the best way, and with the deadlines I'm on, it's sometimes hard to fit that kind of thing in. (Especially right now! Everything is bonkers!) :) I love all your OC's, though, and I'm glad you guys are out there writing your own stories about them! :)

Avethor - If you had the chance, would you ever create plushies of the tribes/characters?
Yes plushies yes I WANTS THEM

MoonjR_Da_Man - Are mudwings going to be expanded on at all?
I hope so -- the story keeps taking us away from where they are and what they're doing! There will be a somewhat important MudWing in book 15...and we're going to get into more of the details of their world in the Wings of Fire Guide we're working on right now! As someone whose sister is my best friend, I am personally a big fan of MudWing social structure and them in general. :)

SecondWorld1198 - Will we see Peril again?
I love writing Peril, and now that I've introduced Sky, I think it would be more cruel than I normally am to have them never meet! But I have to figure out how/when, so stay tuned...

SecondWorld1198 - Favorite book to write?
My favorite book to write was maybe Peril's, because her voice is so distinct and fun, although I also love writing certain ships (like Sundew/Willow and Glory/Deathbringer), so those books were favorites, too. I also really liked writing book 11 because I got to introduce all the new tribes and characters and history, which was a lot of work but so much fun.

SecondWorld1198 - Any advice for a young writer?
For advice...hmmm...what do you think is the biggest thing you struggle with or wonder about? Like, do you want advice for dealing with writer's block, or about getting published, or anything like that? My general advice is to read a lot and find the kinds of books you love and think you'd like to write...and don't get discouraged if you have trouble finishing stories (like I always did!), because any writing is still good practice and will make you a better writer in the long run! I hope that's helpful; I wish you so much luck with it! :)

Weebledorf - Do you have an idea planned out for what happened during scorching and pre-scorching?
I do -- and I've been promising for ages to put that story in the WoF Guide, so now I have to write it all down! :) But so yes, you'll hopefully get to see that story once the Guide comes out. :)

BobboBobboBobbo - What happened to blob? Is he still alive or did he rot?
Aw, it makes me really happy that you guys are thinking about Blob! I actually kind of have a plan to reveal the answer to this...it depends on what I write next after Book 15, so I can't tell you yet, but I hope I'll get to write it and share it with you eventually! :)

TinkieWinks - What was in that cave in The Dragonet Prophecy that hurt Clay? It terrifies me and I need to know what it is
I like this question because I actually have a specific answer for you! :) That scary cave stuff was based on something I saw in the Planet Earth “Caves” episode – if I remember right, there are these poisonous caves underground full of sulfuric acid pools, and hanging from the ceiling are these weird acidic formations called “snottites” (SERIOUSLY!) that are goopy and weird and so creepy-cool I had to put them in the book – but don’t worry, it’s highly unlikely you or I will ever encounter one in real life! :) (And Bio is right, the glowworm parts of the cave are based on the Waitomo Caves in NZ -- I didn't run into any toxic snot stalactites there, though, THANK GOODNESS.) ;)

Gamers_Against_Thots - Where was the SilkWing kingdom before the Tree Wars?
Before the Tree Wars, the whole continent of Pantala was basically covered in forest (although with the Poison Jungle still up there in the top corner). The three tribes hadn't divided up the land into specific kingdoms with borders; they co-existed in the whole vast forest relatively peacefully...until Queen Wasp came along...

animaniacs-is-cool - Will there be a trans dragon ever showed in the series?
I would love that, but if it was a main character, I'd want to do all the research to get it right -- I feel like there are amazing trans authors (and fanfic writers!) out there who could do this so much better than I can! If it helps to know, I do believe there are trans dragons in the WoF world.

animaniacs-is-cool - are the legend books and the winglet books gonna get graphic novels?
I don't think we have GNs planned for the Legends books (or Winglets) yet, but I hope we will! Mike and our designer, Phil, are much bigger fans of the gory scenes than I am, so we could have some extremely fun arguments over what to show on the page! (eep!) :)

animaniacs-is-cool - this ones kinda personal to me, but does tamarin share feelings for anemone.. 👉 👈
I hope we'll get to find out eventually! This one is complicated by the fact that Tamarin's best friend very much doesn't trust Anemone yet, but Kinkajou is a more forgiving dragon than I might be, and she would want Tamarin to be happy...so it depends on what Anemone does to prove she's trustworthy now, I think!

animaniacs-is-cool - are fanbooks (fanfics, whatever u call em) that are posted on wattpad, for example, allowed, or will they get taken down for copyright?
I think fanfic is awesome and always OK with me, so I can't imagine why anything would be taken down -- I guess I can't speak to what the TV people will want to do, but as far as I know we all love the fanfic writers and artists, and it makes me super happy that you're all coming to play and write stories in the WoF world! :)

Subrainwing - Question, what happined to blaze after book five?
Blaze is chillaxing in the stronghold with Thorn and Smolder -- she wants to be happy and safe and surrounded by pretty, peaceful things (and WARM FINALLY!) more than she wanted to be queen, really. :)

Onyksa - Would Silkwings be able to create a spider web in the trees and then drop on their enemies from it? Do they bind prisoners to transport them like spiders do?
I think you're especially on to something with your SilkWing question -- I mean, they can't be entirely harmless, right? :)

Onyksa - When hybrids are created, can they get a 'full' power from one or both parents (like proper fire and camo if it's a rain/sand), or do they only get a weaker version of the powers?
Also, in my mind hybrids can come from any combination of dragons, and they could get either a full power or a weaker power. :)

Onyksa - What about a size chart? Are all the tribes all roughly the same size with the exception of Mudwings being bigger or is there a specific height chart?
And the tribes are roughly the same size -- MudWings tend to be burlier, SkyWings have the biggest wingspan, but generally about the same size. :)

AlpenPepper - I know among the community there has been some confusion regarding the aging system for dragons, and how it compares to human(or i guess in this case scavenger) years. how many human years are equal to dragon years? at what age would a dragon be an “adult?” what is the average lifespan of a dragon? do aging systems differ between tribes?
About the aging system, I would say don't worry too much about mapping dragon ages exactly onto human ages. Dragonets grow quickly from hatching to age 7, and then they're considered "full-grown", although they still get a little bigger in size each year. But I wouldn't assign an exact human age to each dragon -- like, our main characters so far are all basically teenagers, but with their own individual levels of maturity. :)

AlpenPepper - Do you have any plans to incorporate Sky into the main series?
I CANNOT ANSWER [THIS QUESTION] DUE TO SPOILERS (which means maybe I sort of just did) (OR DID I) (maybe) (WE SHALL SEE)

AlpenPepper - Also as of now do you have plans to make a 4th arc?
I do not have plans for a 4th arc right now -- I am focused on book 15 and the Guide and the graphic novels and, you know, keeping my children from going entirely feral / becoming Minecraft zombies :) -- but I will let you know as soon as I know what's coming next!

toddi7 - Will Sky and Wren meet Peril? And will you write a legends book about the tree wars and maybe have the perspectives be from the three different tribes like Queen Sequoia, Queen Monarch, and Queen Wasp?
I really like this Legends idea! HMMMM will think about this... :)

apparentblob - Are the flamesilks just . . . in the flamesilk cavern? Or did Queen Wasp leave a few HiveWings there to take care of them? I doubt she’d be pleased to find out that a couple of them kicked the bucket from starvation while she was away.
Ha ha ha, this is a hilarious question! I'm going to say she left a few HiveWings there to supervise them, since flamesilks are prettttttty important to her whole dictatorship.

Reddit_Whyy - What's it like being a big author like this?
I don't feel like a "big author" at all, so it's always super weird to peek out of my hermit hole and be like, oh my goodness, people are reading my books! and have excellent questions about dragons! also many opinions! back, back into the hermit hole, Tui! ;) My kids also keep me very humble, because so far they are not the slightest bit interested in reading my books, and they like my mommy side much better than my fancy author side. :)

Reddit_Whyy - What's the most fun thing to write?
The most fun thing for me to write is dialogue, especially between dragons who secretly loooooooooooooove each other but can't admit it out loud yet, or between characters who not-so-secretly want to muder each other. :)

praise_mudkipz - What’s the animated series going to be about? Is it a retelling of the books or an original story?
The animated series will be a retelling of the books, starting with book 1! It will probably be a little different as they figure out the best way to tell these stories, and because they have access to all the future books in case they want to weave anything in (like maybe from Dragonslayer, or of course the Jade Mountain books)...I'm so excited to see what they do! :)

Wisteria1220 - What hybrids are the most common?
The most common hybrids probably come from the tribes who've coexisted the most lately -- SkyWings/SandWings/MudWings, for instance...

Wisteria1220 - Does animus magic not work because of the spell Qibli worded or is there another cause? (I honestly feel like this question might produce spoilers but I don't know.)
And you'll find out the answer to [this question] in book 14!

Kat2Nite - In Winter Turning, it was briefly mentioned that there was an organization essentially running Possibility, called The Enclave. Meerkat exclaimed that he was part of The Enclave in order to break up a fight, and it seemed to hold some power over them. What is The Enclave, and will this mysterious organization have prevalence in the future?
...I do want to explain the Enclave in the Guide...

Kat2Nite - Is the Othermind a completely sentient and evil plant on its own, or are the strings being pulled by someone rather than something?
...we'll definitely find out everything about the Othermind in book 15!

Kat2Nite - Was the skeleton Moonwatcher saw in the Lost City Of Night Morrowseer or Battlewinner?
As for the skeleton, if I remember right, that was Morrowseer. :)

MariMateria - What happened to the SkyWing in book 2 that the dragonets trapped a tree on top of? I don’t recall seeing him again!
Ha ha hee! I love the idea that maybe he's still stuck under that tree, yelling grumpily at everyone. But I'm sure his patrol eventually came back looking for him (and were like, "how did you get stuck under a tree, you big doof?" and he was like "THERE WERE THESE DRAGONETS" and they were like "SNORF, tell us more about the BABY DRAGONS who dropped a TREE on you, please") ;)

Bellasaurusdoesstuff - Will we ever get any canon (Joy Ang) art of Beetlewings?
I would loooooove some Joy Ang art of BeetleWings! We might be getting some extra cool art from her for the WoF Guide, but I'm not sure if BeetleWings will be one of the things we ask for...I'll keep it in mind, though!

Bellasaurusdoesstuff - Would IceWings wear jewelry on their spikes? Like cool little rings adorned all over their neck spikes?
That would be VERY cool-looking!

Bellasaurusdoesstuff - Will we ever get to see Blue and Luna's mothers again?
Indeed we will. :)

Bellasaurusdoesstuff - Since Queen Glory is the queen of both NightWings and RainWings now, would their tribes mix over the next few decades and centuries and create a NEW tribe?
I think that would be extremely excellent, but we'll have to see how well the co-habiting in the rainforest goes! If the Firefly vision comes to pass, it'll certainly be a step in that direction... :)

PyroStratus - This one is strange, but... are there dragons in space? I'm sorry, I cannot rest until I find out, haha.
Oh my gosh, DRAGONS IN SPACE is a whole other series but I love it and want it!

PyroStratus - What happened to Snail and Herring after Book 2?
Snail and Herring are OK! Queen Coral was much too busy to have time to punish them right after the end of book 2, and then everything got sorted out and really they should have medals for basically saving everyone, don't you think? :)

PyroStratus - Is Sora alright? Can I hug her?
Sora would LOVE a hug from you! She needs all the hugs! :)

MagicCat99 - Which pov was the most difficult to write?
The POV that was the most difficult to write was Turtle (because he very much did not want to save the world, so Kinkajou and I kind of had to drag him into it!). Snowfall (book 14) is a little tricky, too, because she's the most different from me -- she wants to shut down her entire kingdom and she's afraid of a million things -- but I could still relate to her general feeling of WORRIED and WHAT IF ALL THE BAD THINGS, especially right now, so I think that helped me figure her out! :) I hope you guys like her!

MagicCat99 - Uhh... Does Bumblebee hate Auklet? (This one is strange but I have to know xD)
Bumblebee and Auklet haven't met yet but I imagine Bumblebee would find her very fascinating, as everything is kind of fascinating to her at the moment. :)

Little_Blue_Ninja - My only questions is; could Seawings use harnesses (like Anenome's but on a smaller scale) to walk something, like an Axolotl. I'm just asking because it is an amazing visual and I need to know if it's possible
OMG I hadn't thought of this but I am ALL FOR IT because AXOLOTLS ARE AMAZING! Is there dragon-with-a-pet-axolotl art out there? (Sets aside remainder of evening to find out...) :)

Forest_Fl0wer - What will happen to Luna?
I wonder what I'm allowed to say about book 15...I think it's all right to say it will have LOTS of Luna in it!

Forest_Fl0wer - Which character did you write about and instantly hate the most?
I thought I would hate Queen Wasp the most (and I mean, I definitely would never want to meet her!), but she's actually kind of fun to imagine. Ooo, maybe Vulture -- I HATES that guy! And Master Trout, from Dragonslayer; I want all KINDS of bad things to happen to him! :)

Forest_Fl0wer - How is the TV show coming along? I’m very excited to see the final product! When do you think they’ll be able to start the animation process? Have you seen the fan made TV series happening on YouTube?
I think the TV show is coming along -- I get to chat with the showrunners sometimes (I love love love them!) and they're at the stage of getting the show ready to pitch to various streaming services / networks, so we can figure out where we'll be able to watch it eventually! So I think the animation process is still a little ways off, but TV-show-making is all a big fascinating mystery to me still. :)

Dragon-Writer-497 - What happened to the runty egg from the prologue of Escaping Peril?
This is a very good question, which I think I probably can't fully answer...but I did drop it into the story for a reason, and my plan is to get back to this character eventually! I want the world to feel like there are a thousand other stories happening in the background that we don't necessarily get to see (which is one of the awesome things about all the fanfiction!), so each character you hear about is off having their own adventure somehow...but this is definitely one I'd specifically like to come back to; it just depends on whether the main story intersects with that SkyWing and when! :)
submitted by yws_eclipse to WingsOfFire

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