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Super simple wall - Counter-Strike 1.6 cheats - hacks tagged with super simple wall. Hack includes: DM-Aimbot Aimthrough NoRecoil NoSpread Wallhack Smoke Removal Flashbang Removal Sky Removal Lambert White Walls Transparent Walls Wireframe Wireframe Models New HUD Bunnyhop Extra Crosshair. Counter Strike cheats on all platforms including Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. For the uninitiated, Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter where two teams. Equation F-1 Gap Between Scan Lines Figure F-3 Laser Spots on a Wall Photo of sensor laser pattern reflecting off of a flat target a short distance away. Most advanced CS Wallhack is free to download. The NYC Construction Codes consist of the General Administrative Provisions, Building Code, Plumbing Code, Mechanical Code, Fuel Gas Code, and Energy Conservation Code.

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Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey Game Walkthrough

Tunes for the Week - Winter

Hey guys, thanks for the support of over 1300 downloads and 32 new followers last week. Currently ranked as a 12th 13th 14th 15th tier tuner and hope to catapult into 13 14 15th 16th tier by the end of the winter. Thank you for your support!
DLC Tunes can be found here
2018 Huracan P Tunes

My Huracan Tune has been updated to be even more dominating. Have fun in PVP.

The Trial A800 Extreme Off-Road (Man they are lazy, 3rd week in a row!)
Option 1:
  • Quartz Regalia Type D 452 309 536 (on off-road/winter tires by default)
Best handling out of all the options and the fastest 0-100 in the class by a long shot. PSA This is part of the skill tree perk from Quartz Regalia. So if you have that car, check to see and you may have not unlocked it yet.
Option 2A:
  • 2012 Bowler XRS - 382 218 100 (on stock tires)
    I’m offering 2 options for this car. If you’ve downloaded this tune from me before, this is the same one. You already know how quick and great the handling is. This will be .6 seconds faster than the 2nd version of it offered with snow tires. 2nd best handling in this class. 3rd fastest 0-100 out of these options.
Option 2B:
  • 2012 Bowler XRS - 125 196 981 (on winter tires) This option is obviously .6 seconds slower in 0-100 compared to the one above, but you get the benefit of winter tires. Personally I drove on stock as I feel the handling is great. But giving people the power to choose. 4th fastest 0-100 out of these options. Same great handling as above.
Option 3
  • Top Gear Track-Tor 156 040 925
  • RWD for best top end speed
  • Handles the same as the Bowler.
  • 799 instead of 800 for best power to weight ratio possible.
Option 4
  • AMG M12S Warthog- 168 413 583 (on off road/winter tires by default)
If you’ve downloaded this tune previously from me, it’s the same one. This is the 2nd fastest 0-100 out of the options and handling is slightly lower than Bowler tunes.
Mini X - Raid?
Sure it’ll have the 2nd fastest 0-100, but it is nowhere close to the handling of any other ones.
If you wanna be my Lambo S1-900 Both cars will have a non aero and aero option. **Edit: added a Countach and 14 Urus that could surprise you.
Option 1A:
  • 2014 Huracan LP 105 108 569
  • Aero version - max grip (nothing comes close)
New option:
14 Urus Concept: 899 626 918 (.4 seconds faster 0-100 than the Huracan LP, so the fastest one.)
Option 1B:
  • 2014 Huracan LP 103 214 579
  • Non Aero version - a little lower lateral G
  • fastest top end speed
Option 2A:
  • 1997 Diablo SV 399 714 279
  • Aero Version - Max Grip
  • same 0-100 and lateral G as the non aero version (option 1B) of Huracan.
  • lower top end speed compared to Huracan
Option 2B:
  • 1997 Diablo SV 668 621 537
  • Non Aero Version - slightly lower lateral G than all others
  • .2 seconds faster in 0-100 than aero version, which is the same as Huracan.
  • lower top end speed compared to Huracan
Option 3: (Wolf of Wall Street Lambo) - 1988 Countach LP500 155 208 322 - Fastest top end speed - Revamped this tune to give it better handling. - You can catch/pass unbeatable AI in turns if you angle correctly and then pick up speed faster than them in straights. - It’s one cool looking car, and doesn’t get used often.
——————————————————————— Ten Downing Street scene S1-900
Option 1:
  • 2019 AM DBS Superleggera 722 374 672
  • You already know how great this car is.
  • Quite possibly one of the fastest 0-100 in the class
  • Great responsive handling with a lateral G of 1.38
Option 2:
  • 1997 Lotus Elise GT1 135 317 948
  • An absolute grip monster with lateral G of 1.77 (highest on this list)
  • about 1.6 seconds slower in 0-100 compared to DBS
Option 3:
  • 2012 Ascar KZ1R 889 286 699
  • 3rd best handling on this list with lateral G in the low 1.50s.
  • About 1.5 seconds slower in 0-100 compared to DBS in option 1.
  • No aero except for factory wing!
Option 4
  • 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed FE 764 145 459
  • 2nd best grip with lateral G in the mid 1.50s
  • Full 2 seconds slower than DBS on 0-100
  • Comes with a ridiculously sized Bentley wing optional from Factory (bigger than Forza wing)
——————————————————————— Chevy to the levee B700
Option 1:
  • 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454: 241 642 718
Edit: and it’s been confirmed, after only 2 hours it has over 30 likes already. Stock tires and full suspension work for the win.
  • Fastest 0-100 in this event. Nova is a close 2nd. You’ll blow past others before the first turn.
  • .88 lateral G and still the 3rd on this list. Part of the reason is because it’s on stock tires. But it’s totally fine and should be an easy win against unbeatable. I ran all tunes in Pledging Allegiance last winter on stock tires and they were great. This is my go to tune for this race until I find something better for PVP purposes. This should be the only tune you would really need
Excuse the exposed engine, I was using a rally tuned version of this in PG 2 weeks ago.
Option 2: 1979 Camaro Z28: 864 849 463
  • Fast times at Ridgemont High!!!!
  • I added this tune 3 hours after the Chevelle, and that one has picked up steam already. So if you’re feeling generous, perhaps you can try this one as well and help me out? Thanks :)
  • Statistically speaking, it is .2 seconds slower in 0-100 and .03 lower in lateral G. Still handles great and one cool looking classic car. I could’ve made it have the same lateral G as the Chevelle, but that would’ve made it .7 seconds slower in 0-100. That is a no go for me.
Option 3:
  • 1969 NOVA SS 396: 201 601 172
  • Statistically almost identical to Chevelle. Also on Stock tires. I like both of these cars and alternated their rally versions for PG 2 weeks ago.
Option 4:
1953 Chevy Corvette 708 768 023
On winter tires, best grip and handling, but also the slowest of the bunch in 0-100. Lateral G of 1.06....so no issues there. But you are looking at a full 5.5 seconds slower 0-100 compared to option 1 and option 2. Not a huge fan myself, but posting here in case someone needs winter tire set up and handling over acceleration. My deal is, you can always control the handling of the car, but you can’t control how fast the car accelerates etc. So really not my cup of tea at all, but it may be useful to someone.
——————————————————————— Playground Games C600 Off-Road
Most people will be coming in with big and heavy trucks, counter it with small, speedy and quick accelerating vehicles. All cars have been fully tuned and adjusted for suspension work, despite people believing you don’t really need to for PG games.
Option 1:
  • 1945 Willys MB Jeep: 263 456 200
Fastest 0-100 and tied with option 2. Also quite possibly the smallest vehicle in the class, so less area for other players to hit you. Handling is good with lateral G in the .70s which is the same as option 2. All 3 options should be substantially faster in acceleration than any other cars people bring.
Option 2:
  • 1973 Land Rover Series III: 143 774 892
    Statistically tied with option 1. Just slightly larger vehicle. This car has more “bounce / hop” which is great if you plan on scoring flags with jumps. Really comes down to preference or which car you have.
Option 3:
  • 1976 Jeep CJ5 Renegade 125 500 110
Best handling of the 3 but you sacrifice about .7 seconds in 0-100 from the other 2. Same size as Willys, so again very beneficial for making players miss.
What about the Jeep Wrangler?
  • it will still be 2.5 to 3 seconds slower than the other options even if you go all out speed and skip every other upgrade.
——————————————————————— Forzathon Challenge
  • 2015 Audi S1 748 606 889 in S1 -900 class
  • 2015 Audi S1 427 816 340 A800, yes it gets up 165 (155 is all you need)
This week it requires 2 street and 2 dirt racing series in different chapter missions. This tune has rally suspension but still beats unbeatable in street scene.
——————————————————————— Seasonal Stunts:
You can try my Hoonigan RS200 that I’ve tuned for online team games, or my new winter seasonal BAC Mono.
Edit: Speed trap is 229 MPH, both of them come just shy of it. You can use my 599xx EVO tunes
Top speed of 300+ MPH with grippy control:
178 065 693
Grip for stunts tune: 654 186 370
Option 1:
  • Hoonigan RS200 728 365 486
Make sure you search for this specifically, right now my S1 tune is more popular and shows up first.
Option 2:
  • BAC Mono 175 878 580
  • Fitted with dirt/winter tires and suspension. Tuned for rally to make off roads a breeze.
If you need / want a specific car, let me know.
submitted by GamerACCT to ForzaHorizon

Oliver Belvoir, Hexis

Oliver Kaiden Belvoir, Hexis

Date of Birth: November 23rd, 2000
Appearance: Oliver comes in around 6'1 and 185 pounds with a relatively fit build. His hair gets messy when it gets long, so he keeps it short.
Mentality: Oliver has a naturally curious disposition. He tends to prefer his ideas over others and likes the thought of leading but not the act of leading itself. He wants the world to be a better place but doesn't like putting in the effort, though he is working to change that aspect of himself. He tends to care more about his family and friends than the world around him.
Background: Oliver grew up with a relatively ordinary life in a Los Angeles suburb. His mother was stay-at-home and was so absorbed in her odd projects and hobbies that Oliver was able to get away with a lot. His father works as an executive of a tech company and is rarely home due to travels. After giving up the chance to go pro in kickboxing or playing soccer at a D3 university, Oliver instead chose to go to USC for cybersecurity and history.
Following the White Event, Oliver spent several months learning how to properly control his powers. Even after learning control, Oliver took the mentality of letting others being the proactive heroes, while he would just deal with anything he became wrapped up in. However, after more than a few incidents leading to Oliver and people close to him being targetted, he realized too much passivity allowed rotten individuals to fester. Since then, Oliver has donned the mantle of Hexis and started a much more active attempt of dealing with the incidents in his city.
Base of Operations: Southern California
Alignment: Neutral, reluctant hero
Tier: Gamma


Oliver has a strong talent for martial arts. He has kickboxed since childhood, and despite a multi-year lull in training before he resumed, Oliver is a master of his craft. While already skilled before acquiring his powers, the applications of Oliver's powers allowed him to take the expertise he had and perfect it by learning intricacies from masters he hadn't yet grasped on his own. His training is a mixture of Savate and American Kickboxing. Beyond that, he is a novice at Judo and has started to learn the basics of knife fighting.
Oliver is a massive history and trivia buff. He speaks English and French, along with a few phrases of German and Spanish.
He as a few university CS courses and Youtube tutorials on coding and cybersecurity under his belt.
Oliver formally lifeguarded and has CPR, first-aid, and EMT certifications. Additionally, he has dive certifications.
Oliver has a strong ability to recall information and time actions.


Oliver typically carries a pocket knife, a small first-aid kit, a flashlight, and a bandana to cover his face in his backpack.
He has an older F-150 with more assorted aftermarket add-ons put into it than the worth of the car itself, a mid-range gaming PC, and a stash of about six-grand he made from selling weed and tests before he quit.
Oliver currently works as a trainer at an MMA gym.
As Hexis, Oliver wears a bodysuit consisting of a thick full-body covering that still gives him maneuverability. The base color of the suit of a dark blue with purple highlights. On it, he carries a combat knife, a truma kit, and a powerful flashlight.



Hexis emits psionic energy which when used for strength has two forms. In both cases, Hexis' can either induce knockback based on mass or statically apply energy without affecting the target's velocity. His power can interact with non-physical forms of kinetic energy and entities such as shockwaves. He can interact with most forms of energy, but outside of kinetic, his power is half as strong.
Hexis can put full power into an object as small as 3 kg. When striking, the fastest an object may be moved is Hexis' combat speed, while thrown objects can reach 50% faster. Objects that reach maximum speed still carry the full power of the throw/strike in the form of psionic energy.
Hexis can use his energy to fly but it appears to be running on air when in motion. He can make seemingly inhuman twitch movements at his combat speed. He is capable of sensing the size, structure, mass, and internal layout of objects he's touching out to 75 meters.
Hexis may anchor his position relative to an object he's in contact with up to his striking strength. Entities must overcome Hexis' unphased durability to be considered in contact with him due to the presence of his telekinesis.
Psionic Enhancement
When this energy is constrained within his body, Hexis can exert a total of 100 tons of force and strike with up to 20 MJ of energy. In this form, Hexis' strength can apply full strength to every muscle and he does not physically strain himself.
Channeled Telekinesis
This be can be directly channeled to anything Hexis is in contact with, but it is much weaker than his Enhancement. He can exert a total of 35 tons of force and strike with up to 2.35 MJ of kinetic energy from anywhere on his limbs without needing leverage, but he requires at least two square inches of contact to get full power. Less area will lower his striking strength proportionally. He can output his full KE every 20 ms and can strike three times in the same time frame so long as the energy limit isn't exceeded. Force can be exerted continuously.
This power can be channeled through reinforced objects or a willing person in contact with. Force and strikes used in this way propagate at Hexis' combat speed and are 50% efficient.
Programmed TK
When in control of a non-sentient object or a willing sentient creature, Hexis can set a delayed TK strike command to activate. Programs are time-delay, with the longest possible delay being 15 seconds. Hexis can up to five activate programs at once. A program can be canceled at will.
A command can be done in three ways. A series of no more than 5 TK vectors (1 vector on creatures other than himself), a command to seek out a specific object Hexis has reinforced, or to return Hexis himself. Objects programmed in a series do not deviate from it. Objects seeking Hexis or reinforced objects can either take the most direct route or can deviate in order to avoid contact with outside forces.
Double Tap
Hexis can program TK strikes on himself and release it to strike others. Doing so does not double the energy but counts as two blows at once. Hexis can do this with multiple programs, but the energy he feels after the first program is additive.


Reinforcement is responsible for Hexis's durability. It runs consistently through his body and works in conjunction with his psionics. It gives him enhanced protection to esoteric methods. He is around 175,000 times more resistant to attacks such as electricity, radiation, poison, acids, and other esoteric effects than a physically healthy person. Hexis heals from injuries and damage at an increased rate. His internal temperature trends to 98o F at a rate of 50 MW for heating and 35 MW for cooling.
Hexis can increase the durability of objects or willing individuals he is in contact with, adding his durability to theirs. A reinforced entity can be up to ten cubic meters, and there is a maximum of 100 cubic meters across all entities. No singular dimension of a reinforced object can exceed 75 meters, this applies to multiple objects reinforced together. After contact ends, this property lasts for 15 seconds (3 minutes in the case of people) or until the entity is struck for over Hexis' unphased durability (the durability still applies for that attack). Hexis can end a Reinforcement at will.
In the case of objects, the damage levels are treated as No Damage, Scratches, Dent, Chips, Cracks, Catastrophic Failure. When a reinforced object breaks, the backlash counts as a tank shot to Hexis and he cannot use that volume of reinforcement for 10 seconds. Reinforced objects used for piercing attacks cannot exceed Hexis' own piercing durability.
Reinforcement can be used on a ten cubic meter section of a larger entity. Selective parts of an entity can be reinforced if they can be sensed through TK. If multiple entities that are touching do not break the volume limit for a single reinforcement, Hexis can reinforce them as a singular entity.

Combat Empathy

Hexis can feel and transfer emotions, thoughts, memories, and information within a range of 750 meters or visual sight. This range extends to individuals he can sense through Conduit or areas with extreme emotions.
Hexis can understand the damage his opponent is receiving, giving Hexis an idea of whether to push harder or to hold back if he wants to prevent permanent injury to his opponent. His resistance to empathic and mental abilities are passively heightened but skyrocket when in combat, competition, or when he is under heavy stress.
This power is most effective through fighting, competition, stress, or exertion, though it is always active to some extent. Hexis can only sense emotions passively, while subtle thoughts ones such as knowing the moves and plans a person is about to execute require concentration. Hexis can concentrate on 5 people at once.
When dealing with people who can sense the strength of a person's powers, Hexis can alter the information the other person receives up to five times higher or down to human levels.
During moments of extreme stress or exertion, this power can kick into overdrive and double Hexis's durability against esoterics.


Hexis has a heightened and innate awareness of the energy in the world around him. He is capable of sensing large quantities of energy in his vicinity. The more energy-dense a cluster is, the easier time he has detecting it and determining what type of energy it is composed of.
He could determine the powder detonation of handgun round firing from three meters away and could sense the Hoover Damn from three miles away. When abilities with a delayed activation are set, Hexis receives a premonition of their activation time and point.
When in contact with a body of energy, Hexis can absorb it into his body. He can absorb an initial burst of 5 MJ and then at a continuous rate of 50 MW. He can absorb bursts in this way no more than ten times a second.
Durability Type Unphased Tank Stagger Knockdown KO Other
Energy >100 kJ 100 kJ-18 MJ 18 MJ-20 MJ 20 MJ-26 MJ 26 MJ-46 MJ
Thermal -200o F - 750o F (144-672 K) 20 times resistant to thermal change, Flesh burns begin at 1250o F (950 K).
Energy Density 300 kJ/mm2
Crushing/Ripping >10 tons 10-50 tons 50-120 tons 120-180 tons 180-220 tons
Lifting Strength Striking Energy
100 tons 20 MJ
Travel Speed Combat Speed Reactions
450 mph (201 m/s) 480 mph (215 m/s) 6.5 milliseconds
  • All of Hexis' powers are passively on but can be toggled off.
  • Programmed TK can be timed down to half a millisecond.
  • Conduit does not sense mass-energy and can only sense true kinetic energy over 1 MJ.
  • When setting programs, both programmed TK and non-programmed TK are calculated from the same energy pool, but once set, these programs no longer count toward's Hexis active usage of TK.


Non-Power Feats
  • Kicks ass at the game Concentration.
  • Took a test, got dinner, went out and drank with friends, woke up the next morning and remembered all his answers in order to sell them.
  • Ran a Linux OS off a flashdrive on his older "friend's" computer and got access to their questionable porn taste. Has since been blackmailing them for booze.
  • Can transition a bicycle kick into a standing double-backflip without the use of powers.
  • Without TK, Hexis can lift about 300 pounds overhead and run a 4.8 40-yd dash.
General Feats
  • Can throw a lunging jab in 4 ms, and can fully execute a kick from a resting position in 6 ms.
  • Reinforced several rocks and programmed them one after another to all launch towards a reinforced wall. Hexis timed all five to strike at the same time as a normal rock he threw with his TK.
  • Kicked a sedan to the top of a mile-high mountain and left it in working condition.
  • Despite having his muscles locked in place by an electric harpoon that could supply NYC with power, Hexis was still able to fight using TK.
  • Flew into a stop sign, reinforced it, and made a 180-degree spin around the sign in 1.6 milliseconds to kick a pursuer.
  • Shook a man's hand and sensed he had an explosive vest on. Hexis's palpable stress was enough to convince other people in the room to quietly leave.
  • When faced with a person who claimed to nullify psionic effects (he actually couldn't), Hexis still managed to use his telekinesis and empathy powers, albeit to reduced levels.
  • With his eyes closed, Hexis beat a slightly less powerful but more skilled kickboxer through sensing body position with TK sensing and mental intentions with combat empathy. Hexis tried this with the same opponent when they used SAMBO and tied them.
  • Hid his flight during a fight and revealed it once an opponent got too close in order to win.
  • Avoided being tagged by any pellets from a shotgun firing birdshot behind him.
  • When fighting a murderer who was able to stay outside his grasp, Oliver grabbed a stop sign, reinforced it, and decapitated the individual with a swing.
  • Sparred at full speed for three hours while only showing minimal signs of exhaustion.
  • Dodged a moved that previously hit him because he learned the person's footwork and mental cues, and was able to get a read the move was coming right when it began.
  • Sensed a large powder detonation several hundred feet behind himself, instinctively reinforced the person next to him, and dove out of the way with them to avoid a sniper's shot.
  • Reinforced his knife and used a strike to blow through tank armor.
  • Was hit head-on by a freight train and didn't flinch. Hexis walked away by minimal damage.
  • Used TK strikes to reduce the incoming damage he took from a series of punches.
  • When faced with a charging brick, Hexis predicted their arrival and then spent 75 milliseconds programming TK strikes on his arm to coincide with his assumed predication. He managed to guess correctly and knocked the brick out.
  • Hexis has the mental fortitude, pseudo-multitasking, and filtering ability to function and not go insane from the amount of information he continuously senses.
  • Used his TK sense and Combat Empathy to speed up the teaching someone the basics of a few kicks.
  • Even with broken bones, Hexis was still able to fly and fight against an opponent.
  • Grabbed a whip made of electricity and slammed the individual using it into the ground.
  • Using no powers but Combat Empathy, Oliver beat a more skilled kick-boxer and several masters of other styles, including some that weight advantages.
  • Using a reinforced glove and a timed strike, Oliver caught a sword, reinforced it, and then sent a strike through the sword to break the person's wrist.
  • Tapped an opponent and caused them to fly back.
  • Using the full force of his channeled power, pinned a 50-tonner's arms at their side by touching their shoulder and pinned one arm of a 75-tonner behind their back.
  • Swung his forearm through the structural steel supporting a building.
  • Jammed his fingers through nearly a foot of AR 550 steel
  • Redirected a punch mid-strike to more accurately land.
  • At full speed, Hexis can dead stop in 1 meter.
  • Cut through a kinetic energy attack, and used TK on both sides of his knife to blow the energy attack apart to prevent it from hitting him.
  • Prevented an experimental railgun round from completely blowing through his torso by timing the projectile and using a TK strike at the perfect moment.
  • Lifted a loaded 18-wheeler from the front of the grill with his palm.
  • Muffled the wind noise he made at full while moving to 10 dB.
  • Stopped bleeding from a knicked artery, and set a broken bone.
  • Slapped a laser away.
  • Judo flipped an explosion so it didn't hit any people.
  • Used programming on a knife to launch it in a curving arch to scare a target out of cover.
  • Released a strike from his palm and the wind blew out flames 50 meters away.
  • By touching an outer wall, he knew where the locations of hostages were in a building.
  • Used a full-body TK strike to blow off an amorphous blob that was smothering him.
  • Used objects with TK programs to convince a person he had general ranged telekinesis.
  • Eavesdropped on a conversation from outside of a building by touching the outside wall and sensing the sound waves hitting interior walls.
  • Hexis can make a 360-degree spin in 4 milliseconds.
  • Saw a short dance routine and used TK programs to near perfectly recreate it.
  • Evacuated people through the walls of a burning building at top speed without harming them.
  • Ignored a point-blank explosion of several kgs of C4 from a few meters away.
  • Reinforced a car and the people in it with him to save them from an accident.
  • Took a kick with his own power to the face and was quickly able to respond with a counter.
  • Reinforced the lock on his dorm door to stop his roommate from walking in on him and a date.
  • Could indefinitely skinny dip in lava because of his cooling.
  • Reinforced a grenade and rendered its casualty radius to 0 meters.
  • Healed a crushed arm and several broken bones in a few days.
  • Recovered from being knocked out in two seconds but was still delirious for several more.
Combat Empathy
  • Stood unwavering despite being engulfed in an aura of fear.
  • Dodged an assassin's sniper shot by sensing the desire to kill him.
  • Hexis started a fight with a telepath in order to prevent them from further reading his thoughts.
  • While searching through a building with several dozen floors, Hexis felt a young child's fear as they were hiding in a closest from a fire and managed to find them.
  • Fought an invisible opponent by sensing their emotional presence.
  • After a short fight, Hexis and an opponent came to a mutual understanding and both backed down despite having a language barrier.
  • When in a fight, Hexis was able to detect the presence of people unrelated to the fight within his range.
  • Knew everyone taking an exam with him was internally freaking out because of the difficulty of the test. Hexis and everyone managed to pass by pooling answers through the use of this power.
  • Sensed the extreme despair and fear from a terrorist attack in Japan from Los Angeles.
  • During a fight with a sleep-inducing meta, this power activated and produced excess adrenaline in Hexis' body, letting him fight through an effect that would have otherwise knocked him out.
  • When searching for a killer in a large corn maze, Hexis sent out pulses warning people to get away from the area.
  • When fighting in a large crowd, Hexis knew who was about to attack, even though he wasn't concentrating on all of them.
  • Attended an anti-meta rally and his powers were not discovered despite the presence of power sensing tech.
  • Easedropped on a mind reader having a telepathic conversation and no one was aware of his intrusion.
  • Pulsed his power so heavily when dealing with a mind controller than his mental power broke the control over everyone.
  • Can sense incoming Earthquakes well before they arrive.
  • Avoided a barrage of telekinetic strikes as he advanced closer to an opponent by sensing them before they activated.
  • Dodged a Rising Butte from Keegan by sensing the initial pulse.
  • Hexis is capable of sensing magic and can identify it as such, but he is not as accurate with it as other types of energy. However, he can sense attacks such as magic fire with no issues.
  • Walked a group safely through hot spots in Pripyat.
  • Sensed a machine that tried to open a spatial warping field around him.
  • Was able to detect a shapeshifter based on the unique energy they gave off that was present in all of their forms.
  • Sensed a person's ability to empower others based on the strange energy they gave off.
  • Realized the leaking radiation from an experimental Thorium reactor would be enough to kill everyone around him and absorbed its output until crews could control the meltdown.
  • Watched a McDojo master use chi blocking on someone. Hexis was able to determine the man was just using electrical impulses on strikes to block nerves from firing.

Previous Versions

Bravo Hexis

Stories and Events

#1: The First Headache
#2: Practice Makes Perfect
#3: Malicious Intentions
#4: Good Cop, Bad Cop
#5: Magical Happenings
#6: Malicious Intentions 2
#7: Ambush
#8: I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
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