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A (Somewhat) Comprehensive Tips and Tricks Guide to RoTMG

Sooo... I've been playing this game for a while now (3 yrs on my main acc tomorrow!), and I realized there were a lot of things that would have made the game a lot more fun and enjoyable if I knew them when I started. Sorry for the ramble so far, but I've compiled a list of tips and tricks below. Feel free to add onto it in the comments below, and make sure to correct me if I'm wrong. Most of this stuff is pretty useful, so I recommend at least skimming this, even if you are an experienced player. In no particular order: -When in the guild hall, you can type "pots" to get 4 hp and 4 mp potions in a little box
-To reduce chest/boss lag, go to options (should be hotkey "o"), click experimental, and turn on "disable enemy damage text" [this helps SOOO much] and "disable particle master)" [you can adjust other settings, but these two made the most difference for me]
-In options, on the controls tab, you can set the "toggle performance stats." You can click that hotkey to see FPS (frames per second), MS (ping), MEM/MAX (I believe this has something to do with how many objects/items you've loaded) [I recommend restarting browsers/clients when this hits ~500, but it varies WILDLY per computer], and net jitter (overall fluctuation of latency [ping] over time) [Basically, I use this as a gauge for lag. If it goes over ~400, I know I'm spiking/rubberbanding soon so I get into a corner or nexus] {This has saved my chars on SEVERAL occasions}
-Hardware acceleration can be turned on/off in options (I'm not to sure about this one, but I keep mine off. I've heard it varies per device) [Either way, it changes some things like the drunk effect and the watelava/evil wateetc.]
-At tinkerer, when it says "Check back later," move little by little to the left, where the button will change to the correct "See quests." (No idea why it does this, DECA plz fix)
-When waiting for a full realm, hotkey bind your interact key (in options) and hold it down
-You can see when events end without timezones by clicking shop (upper left corner) in nexus, and checking the amount of days/hours left under the key bundle purchase of the event
-Use /event to see current events
-Use /who to see all players
-Use /c to see all classes
-Use /tell to send a message
-Use /p to pause (only works in nexus) [IMPORTANT NOTE: Use this to preserve timers on loot drop/clovers when waiting for dungeons in USEast] {Typing /p,/pause, or /unpause after pausing will unpause you}
-Use your pgup/pgdown (HP computer here, don't know about other computers) keys to scroll up and down chat
-Type “/tell mreyeball password” to get a password for realmeye, which a website used for a LOT of things related to RoTMG (forums, trading, guides, and more) [Check it out at realmeye.com]
-Type “/tell mreyeball stats” to see your roll (see below for “roll” terminology)
-Press the tab key to auto respond to last message
-Press g (outside of text box) to type in guild chat
-You can see your current fame situation per character (bonuses, potions drunk [to check for thirsty bonus, see below], oryx kills, etc.), by going to nexus and clicking the "i" in a diamond next to the fame symbol in the upper right of the screen
-Play on Firefox (Almost NO crashes, because it will choose to lag instead of crashing, unlike Google Chrome, which SUCKS for RoTMG.)
-When rushing a dungeon, press “enter,” type in “/teleport Username” (of an anchor, which is mentioned below), and click onto somewhere else on the game, so that if you need to tp to a safe place, you can smash enter twice
-Setting browser zoom (three dots/dashes in the upper right corner of browser window, below X) to 80% will allow you to half-screen RoTMG and do something else
-There IS a damage threshold for loot (personal opinion tbh, but most agree)
-Event keys are usually chained/spammed at USSouth (for now, as of 3/4/19)
-Trading server is at USWest2
-You can kill all of the grey static statues in Oryx’s castle to access Janus. If you are friendly player, I recommend breaking these even if you don’t plan on doing Janus
-You can kill all of the white coils in a Mad Lab to access the second boss -Realmeye IS a valid method of trading, as long as you know enough to not get scammed
-Skins are usually worth a LOT of feed (depends), so if it’s untradable, consider how much you will use it, how much you will flex it, and how much more you will benefit if you just FEED IT
-Max the first stat of any pet before merging to make a stronger one, or else your future pet will be unable to max all the way (second/third stats don’t matter, and according to some super smart guy who did a LOT of calculation https://www.realmeye.com/forum/t/a-mathematical-approach-to-pet-levelling/149, the fame cost will be the same
Now some ease-of-access/quality-of-life things.
-You can double click pots from chests/bags without worrying about drinking them.'
-You can drag items to where the hp/mp pots are and let go to automatically put them in the closest slot (Note: If you have a backpack, items will go there after your 8 slots are filled) [IMPORTANT: If your inventory is full, you WILL drink the potion!]
-Drop stat pots before drinking them to keep the "thirsty" fame bonus (It's a bit of work for free fame. It can be hard to do at first, but trust me, it's worth it. To get this, your "potions drunk," as mentioned above, should be 0) [NOTE: Some consumables will not remove this bonus. If an item has the label "Potion" before the soulbound tag, it counts as a potion. Remember that hp and mp hotkeys WILL NOT remove the bonus, so feel free to spam those. For every other potion, simply drop it on the ground and then drink it from there.]
-In the "Candyland Hunting Grounds," your eyes can get strained from all of the pink, so go to your computer settings and a) invert colors, or b) set colors for a type of color blindness (I prefer the protanopia filter) [This is legit advice, trust me]
-You can't move items around inside of the tinkerer or the pet yard, but you can still feed items from backpack
-You can try to find another quest by teleporting to different places on the map
-You can read chat to try and see what events Oryx is releasing
-If an item gets stuck while you are dragging it into your inventory, it means someone has picked it up faster (The only way [That I know of] is to restart, whether you are playing on browser or flash)
-Learn to use q/e (screen rotate keys). You've probably heard this many times, but it is SO WORTH IT to learn how to play with this (personal opinion, feel free to flame me in comments)
-/hack, /dupe, /admin, /op will NOT DO ANYTHING, so stop being afraid to type them LMAO people are just trolling you [or am I trolling you XDDD]
Trading (The trading server, for now, is USWest2)
-Type in all caps to get more attention
-Copy paste your text in the same message to make your text box bigger
-Type “@username” at the end of the message
-You can trade people in four ways: right click their textbox, right click their name in chat, click their names in the proximity box below inventory, type “/trade username”
-There is a trade request timer, which applies for ALL users, not just the person you recently tried to trade
-If you move an item right as the other person accepts a trade, there may be a trade error, in which case you can just trade again
-S> (selling), B> (buying)
-I saw an old reddit post on this (idk where it went), but people standing to the left tend to sell expensive items, people in the middle sell expensive/semi-expensive items, people on the right sell cheaper items, people on the bridge sell mass pots, people on the ice sell whatever, people at top left keys trade realmeye, people at top right keys are usually messaging each other
Tradition (random things people do)
-Type “f” when people die (from CoD, if I’m not mistaken)
-Type “last” to try and be the last message when going to Oryx’s castle
-Type some variation of: XD , -_- , .-. , owo (this actually means blowjob, but… i mean, people spam it all the time lmao), uwu, :D, :), D:, :(, ;(, and any other emoji to indicate emotion
-”Sarc” in a Tomb of the Ancients means a “Sarcophagus”
-”Troom” means treasure room, a type of room that will randomly spawn in (some) dungeons [Warning: These MAY just be troll calls, but occasionally, there will be DRAGGERS, who can kill you if you’re not careful. You have been warned.]
-1st/2nd/3rd refers to the bosses, in order at Shatters
-1st/First is bragging rights at being the first to rush Oryx’s Wine Cellar
-Black Tiles is not a racist slur, it means that a player is lagging so badly that they see black tiles instead of loaded ones (Usually at Wine Cellar, but I’ve seen it happen elsewhere) This is actually (kind of) helpful because you can prepare for possible lag/black tiles shortly.
-”Anchor” can be address to someone or from someone. If someone says “I will anchor,” this means that he/she will stay in a safe room for rushers to teleport to. (Note: This may be a codeword for “leeching” which is mentioned below)
-”Stacked shots” is when many shots of the same kind are in the same frame, leading to what looks like one bullet insta-killing a player (this is common in the Woodland Labyrinth and Tomb of the Ancients) [Note: You can {try} to see these by looking for the shadow underneath the shot, which will be darker] {Only if you have shadows on}
-”?/8” is asking for how many stats out of 8 you have maxed
-”Glands/Godlands/Gods” is a person calling out godlands when the realm has lost it
-”Leeching” is when a player allows another to wait in the spawn room while they rush, allowing that other player to become a parasite, or a “leech” (Counter leeching is when a player drags minions into the boss room, killing leechers when they try to tp)
-”Mule” refers to creating a dummy account for the free vault chest and inventory slots. It can also apply to a secondary account
-”Oof” is a term usually used to sarcastically (or unsarcastically) express sympathy for someone
-”Pop/Popping” refers to using a dungeon key, which can be bought for realm gold or collected from the monthly calendar
-”Rainbow” refers to a mix of the various lesser pots (every pot but life/mana)
-”Roll” refers to the slightly randomized stats that every character has. DON’T WORRY this won’t ever affect final maximum stats. For example, a character might have 5 more hp than average. This is checked using Realmeye commands, mentioned above. A good roll would be a greater than average life and mana. People tend to care much less about the other six.
-”Train” can mean a whole bunch of things, but most of the time it has to do with a mass of players moving in a large group to instantly defeat things (AKA a “train” rolling over something without stopping) Some examples are: fame train, gland train, event train, etc.
-”2nd” in a Mad Lab refers to killing all of the white coils, allowing players access to the second boss, the Horrific Creation (may also just be referred to as “troom”)
-”WC” refers to Oryx 2, the Wine Cellar, and can indicate 2 things: a) The player wants to go to O2 instead of Janus b)The player has a Wine Cellar Incantation, and is willing to use it (he/she may also just type “inc”
-”Inc” is a wine cellar incantation, which is need to access Oryx 2 after Oryx 1
-Almost every item has a slang term, derived from either its name, appearance or use, so I won’t list them all (ex: mnova spell - the tier 5 “magic nova” wizard spell, zseal - the tier 5 “seal of the holy warrior” paladin seal, which has a design shaped like a “z” on it, and jugg - the “helm of the juggernaut”)
-These refer to the various classes, you should be able to figure them out yourselves: Arch, Wiz, Warr, Pally/Pala, Ass/Sin(because “ass” is offensive and is blocked by spam filter), Necro, Hunt, Mys, Trix/Trick, Sorc, Nin, Sam
-Basically every dungeon has a slang term, but again I will just let you infer them (I think I got most of them): Abby/Aby, Mwoods, Mlab, Wlab, Tomb, UDL, PCave, TCave, Sprite, Pit, WC, Reef, Encore, Davy, Cem, LH, Maze, Cland, Manor, Pup, Sew, Para, LoD, Cdepths, MT, OT, Ice, Shats/Shatts, Shaits, Thicket, BOTN, Bella, MGM/Mayhem (props to realmeye for some of this)
The “Player Experiences”
-”PPE” refers to the “Pro Player Experience/Pet Player Experience,” when a player creates a new character and doesn’t accept trades or free items. They will use only their pet, and play that character with only the items they get on it. Some will decide not to use keys/popped dungeons, but this is preference
-”NPE” refers to the “New Player Experience/No-Pet Player Experience.” A player can do this two ways - create a new account and play on that, or create a new character on their main account without equipping their pet. They cannot accept trades as well
-”TPE” is the “Tiered Progression Experience/Tiered Player Experience,” where a person can only pick up items in their progression of tier. (ie. a TPE wizard can only pick up a t2 staff after finding a t1 staff) Higher tier items are (usually) left behind, and UT items are usually universally equippable. This was created with the intention to play RoTMG to the fullest, while embracing the full range of its items.
-There are many more unmentioned here, that are too minouncommon, such as the KPE (Key-Only PPE)
Mystic Behavior (Also tips for Lost Halls) [This is only for more ADVANCED PLAYERS that run the LOST HALLS dungeon]
-Stop stasising everything - if you’re unsure, DON’T stasis, because a majority of the time, stasising is unnecessary
-Only curse if you are sure you can do it accurately and well. If you accidentally stasis something, type “mb”/”my bad”/”sorry” in the chat so that people know it was you and not a troll
Lost Halls (Listen to whatever your RL tells you, but this is just a rule of thumb)
-Don’t stasis angry bois unless told to, because they can insta-pop when unstasised
-Don’t stasis slime minions/bats/rats: they are easier to just kill
-Don’t stasis crusades after the commander is dead
-Time stasises properly if doing a skip run (ONLY stasis armorbearers when the RL says “Go” or “Now” because stasising beforehand means they can pop people mid rush)
-If clearing, generally stasis the spawner’s respawns RIGHT AFTER they spawn
-Stasising the crusade while commander is alive is your call and depends on the situation (people trapped in a corner, other mobs, spooky boi, general level of panic, etc), just make sure to apologize if you shouldn’t have
-Spam that space bar at MBC, because nothing can be stasised and curse helps kill keys/MBC
-At void, you should stasis smaller minions during the first circle phase, because you want to focus damage on entity
-After that, watch out and only stasis big bois when told to
-I recommend not trying to curse at all during small minions phases because there is too much of a chance that you will get something stasised on accident
-Keep the void entity stasised for max damage by using orb as far from the platforms as you can
-In cult runs, make sure to stasis the troom flames
-In cult runs, don’t stasis the minions on the way to boss unless told to
Congratulations to anyone who made it this far. This was a LOT longer than I thought it would be lol. (Almost 3k words!) I haven’t included most Lost Halls (LH) information, but I may do so in a future post. I’ve also included a mystic guide for Lost Halls, a personal pet peeve of mine. Sorry again if I’ve repeated anything or if I said something wrong. Feel free to correct me below!
Reminder: I play on browser (it actually works better on my trash laptop for some reason lmao), so some things may be different.
Note: Tysm Niegil for helping me get this monster posted.
EDIT: Formatting/Helpful Input from comments
submitted by DaDuj to RotMG

15 or 17in laptop (spain) Up to 900€

**Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US:** 900 €, Spain (or some other European country, possibly?) **Are you open to refurbs/used?** yes **How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life?** Build quality, battery life, performance, form factor (tough one, really not sure, have never had an ultrabook for example; don't know exactly about the relevance of form factor) **How important is weight and thinness to you?** Less weight would be a nice goody for travelling, but not if it affects the robustness or performance considerably, I guess. Thinness doesn't matter. **Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.** 15.6" (there also needs to be room for a good keyboard, so no smaller screen sizes, I would say) **Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run.** Firefox with a lot of tabs (lol, but true), OBS, Crusader Kings 2 (maybe 3?), Rimworld, some in-the-browser photo editing... **If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want?** Only games that do not require a lot, like CK2 or Rimworld or Battle of Wesnoth. No FPS or anything. **Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)?** good keyboard and touchpad, reliable and robust build quality **Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.** So I would like to buy a mobile-robust (not too heavy, robust, good battery life), Linux-capable (does not need any OS installed) notebook. I'll use it for work (typing, text editing, but also online teaching, videoconferences...) and it should be reasonably fast, I will often carry it around and use it on the train. I'll also use it for watching videos and stuff, but I have another computer for gaming. My last notebook (lenovo g50-70, with i7 processor) was great, but the chassis wasn't great, the screws would get loose and it broke where it connects to the screen. So I would need something with a good battery, quite robust but if can be not too heavy and with a good keyboard; and it also should last me many years. :D Thank you so much, guys! 
submitted by Fey_Elija to SuggestALaptop

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