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From the initial welcome screen, click Next. Btw, Oracle Database Patch Set for HP-UX – Patch is available for download as well since today. All patches currently r, List of Oracle Database 10g Patch Set, Oracle Tutorial Register Login Tutorials Forum PDF Books Interview Question Courses & Institutes Sample Resume Articles SAP Career Guidence Tool. God of War - Max Upgrade Guide - PlayStation 2 - By keltin. Also I want to get a list with all services and patches.

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Oracle Database 11g Release 2 - Patchset availability. Patch Set) Or Oracle 11.2; TIP: For more information, see official third party (Oracle) documentation, such as Oracle's article 6857474. Section, "Oracle Database 10g () Patch Set", "Error While Setting Kernel Parameters for Oracle AS Web Cache and Setting Shell Limits". Oracle Analytics Publisher is available with Oracle Analytics Server and can be deployed as integrated product or as standalone. Notes: rem For accuracy in free space you (once) needed to set the rem scan limit; and for those rare objects cases where you rem had defined multiple freelist.

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If it is above the set speed, the software sleeps to lower the average speed. Microsoft Windows 64bit Installations. Starting with 10gR2, Oracle introduced auto tuning of undo retention. Oracle 10.2 0.5 patch set limit. Construction and engineering of a created environment.

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If you have a different version, multiple upgrades or the. performance stories helpful site. Infrastructure PenTest Series: Part 2 click resources. Madrid Jun 2, 2020 7: 39 PM (in response to 505459) UNDO_RETENTION is a key parameter in. Set UNDO_MANAGEMENT in auto mode.

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Deprecated and Desupported Features for Oracle Database 12c. Oracle Database Express Edition License Agreement. The auctions last for more than 12 hours and return your gold to you when outbid or the item upon winning. I searched the database software for Solaris platform, Found it in oracle edelivery. On Intel-based Oracle servers running Linux or Windows, the cpu_count is set to double the number of physical CPUs when using the hyper-threading setting of the OS or BIOS.

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Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) is available on Oracle Cloud! Specifically, new blocks, such as blue ice, coral, conduits, kelp, sea pickles, stripped logs, wood, and turtle eggs were added, as well as new items such as buried treasure exploration maps, debug sticks, buckets of fish. Lower the Asynch I/O Limit to 224 for SQL direct I/O. Download / use Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool DBSAT. Tutorial topics that describe how to set up, configure, or install Nextcloud using a specific platform or environment.

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Link quality bandwidth, delay, jitter and loss set feature; Google Cloud EVE PRO support; Upcoming features in EVE-NG PRO: Current version display and the newest available; Fix permissions button on web; New lab design options; Lab search option; Live lab resource widget, CPU, RAM; Lab timer, countdown improvement; Roadmap: EVE-NG Clustering. Srini Chavali-Oracle Sep 12, 2020 3: 10 PM ( in response to 859985 ) Pl see MOS Doc 8412426.8 ( Bug 8412426 - "WARNING: Could not lower the asynch I/O limit" messages) for details about which version this is fixed in. HTH Srini. Jetty is a highly scalable modular servlet engine and http server that natively supports many modern protocols like SPDY and WebSockets. Asked: October 09, 2020 - 3: 56 pm UTC. Incorrect Shell Limit Setting.

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Oracle stores information in memory caches and on disk. Selected frequency components for each IMF. It appears that you're using an ad blocker. Oracle Accreditation Program: Increase your productivity by using Oracle's Accreditation Program - our new framework to accelerate your knowledge of our Oracle products and Support framework. Try Toad free for 30 days.

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For example the initial PSU for the 10gR2 Database is The next PSU will be More details about Patch Set Updates are described here: Introduction to Database Patch Set Updates (Note ) Safe to Apply to E-Business. Dell PowerEdge 8450/700, 8 700MHz Pentium III Xeon: 7300/NC (IIS 5.0, 1 9Gb 10KRPM and 8 16Gb 15KRPM drives) then 8001 (IIS 5.0, 7 9Gb 10KRPM and 1 18Gb 15KRPM drive) 7500 (TUX 2.0, 5 9Gb 10KRPM drives). SPARC and Intel Solaris, Linux, Windows, HP-IA, AIX and zLinux. Patch Set 4 for Microsoft Windows x64. I applied at Fiberlink thorough a referral.

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In this example, PSK is used as the authentication method. Oracle Database Backup Service - Version N/A and later Oracle Database Cloud Exadata Service - Version N/A and later Oracle Database Cloud Service - Version N/A and later Information in this document applies to any platform. Additions 1.1 Blocks 1.2 Items 1.3 Mobs 1.4 Non-mob entities 1.5 World. Oracle WebLogic Server – Remote Code Execution (CVE-2020-14882) Posted October 30, 2020 by Harsh Chawla. This post contains the basic steps required to apply Patchset to an unpatched Oracle 10g Database (). I am using this post mainly for my own reference, so please do not expect an extensive step-by-step guide.

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I am stuck here it doesn't allow me to move further. Chocolatey is trusted by businesses to manage software deployments. Jan 2020 PS; But in fact the patch is not included in this PSU. Java Edition 1.11 – Official Minecraft Wiki his comment is here. This document provides guidance and an overview to high level general features and updates for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 GA. Besides architecture or product-specific information, it also describes the capabilities and limitations of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 GA. These release notes are updated periodically.

Champion Concept: Raito, the Wayfarer

Intro: Raito is a descendant of the Urvash clerics and an oracle of renowned power. Growing up in his homeland, he was taught that there was once a great Seer who taught their people about the destinies held by the stars and humanity's unique ability to create an intricate and beautiful pattern with limitless potential. He was taught how to read the vast tapestry of what could and cannot be, the possibilities that ebbed and flowed like a river with many paths, fell down like waterfalls or swirled into pools. But beings from the stars had an "intended" purpose for the mortals and were starting to become more desperate and bold in their actions to change the fate of Runeterra. Raito, as young and rash as he may be, will not stand idly by as it happens.
Appearance: Raito is a fair skinned Ionian with short dark hair whose bangs frame his face. He has a petite build highlighted by his white haori with pink and sky blue accents. Underneath he wears a white jacket and hakama with similar accents to his haori, footwear consisting of socks tied elegantly and white laced sandals. Around his neck is a simple cord holding a sizeable pink pearl.
Info: Raito is an Enchanter whose gameplay revolves around granting allies opportunities to make great plays or save them from mistakes. Ultimately he is just a provider and allies must make do with what he gives them in order to excel.
STATS VALUE (Level 1-18)
Health 546-1926.4 (+81.2 per level)
Health Regen 6.7-15.7
Armor 33-68.4
Magic Resist 33.5-55.6
Movement Speed 300
Mana 450-1016.4 (+39.2 per level)
Mana Regen 4.5-14.6
Attack Damage 53-98.2
Critical Damage 200%
Attack Range 550


Lore: "Seer"

Starring: Nami, Raito, Soraka,
Mentioned: Ivern, Zoe

Act I: The Story

"Grandma! Grandma Harumi!' Raito chirps, excitedly following the village elder as she went to kneel by the shrine at the shoreline.
"What is it now child?" she asks hands on her hips with an eyebrow raised, already knowing what the excitable little boy wanted.
"Tell me a story!" he chirps, hands raised high and pink pearl jingling on his necklace. "The story of the pearls!" he specifies, sitting on the sand right next to the shrine where the older woman knelt. Offering a sigh, she set down her staff and nodded, taking off the pure brown pearl on her own necklace.
"Long ago, back when the First Lands were simply called the Lands," she quips, making the child giggle. "It is said that when the great Dragons brought magic into this land, humans lived in harmony with nature and the great Vastayashai'rei were still newborns a Seer from the stars descended upon the earth in an act of compassion.
You see my little pearl, the beings who live in the stars were called Celestials. They don't see the world through our eyes because they can live for as long as they want. They believe that there is a perfect and set destiny for everyone, fate, they call it. So when they looked down upon our Runeterra, all they saw was chaos and madness because we mortals did not follow the wishes of the stars."
A confused pout prompts the elder to stop. "But grandma you said we read the pearls to follow our fate too... so we aren't chaotic!" he voices, and she nods. If not for her vision the night before, perhaps she would not be telling the boy all of this now. At barely ten years old, she doubted if he would remember this part of their oh so sacred story, much less comprehend it.
"That's not true Raito. You know this." she states reaching a hand out to him and he obliges, handing her his pearl. "While they focused on the patterns in the sky, the so called "intended" threads of destiny they think we should be weaving did not exist at all. The Seer taught us that, long ago when the greenglade was new and the God-Willow still stood." Harumi takes a moment to smile at the lovingly cherished words handed down century after century, telling the story of the great seer.
"She noticed a wild and unintended design that humans were making on their own, with limitless possibilities both good and bad." she brought the two pearls up and they both glowed as the light reflecting off of the sea hit them. "Tell me child, what does the village do whenever there is a newborn?" Raito took a moment to remember.
"We... bring them to the great shrine by the great reefs... and then bathe them in the water..." Raito trails off, obviously forgetting.
"Then, their parents bring their pearls to guide them to an oyster and the pearl within becomes their child's." she finishes for him, sighing as she presented her pearl to him. "A brown pearl represents?"
"Discipline, harmony and strength." Raito quickly answers, eager to get an answer right after forgetting the pearl ritual.
"Correct. Pink?"
"Good fortune, luck and success." He answers once again, right off the bat. "The pearls show which paths the newborn will be able to see the clearest, right?"
"Exactly, child." Harumi offers a prideful smile. "Even the great seer staggered at the complexity of the patterns woven by humanity, but its beauty was undeniable. Here in Urvash the pearls guide its wearer to tread the waters of the river of time, so that we may see the branching paths and pools of possibilities."
"I can't remember grandma... why pearls?" Raito raises his hand, as if they were having a lesson rather than a story.
"It is said, water has memory. Pearls are forged within the maw of an oyster from a tiny spec of material; they are wisdom gained from the experience water brings it. Even if we cannot read the stars, the paths can be shown to us by the pearls. History tends to repeat itself and the pearls can show us all the ways it can." she nods, handing him back his pearl. "Now that's enough of that, you've distracted me from my prayers long enough." Ruthtria giggles, standing to give her a hug. As he walks away and she begins her prayers, he tries to remember each word of the Pearl Story.
If the celestials knew that humans had their own freedom to write their destiny, he wonders why only the seer came down. Was the world really so chaotic and different from the stars above that she needed to intervene?
More importantly, what right did she have?

Act II: "The Dream"

In a cold sweat, Soraka wakes from her dream. However, that word might be far from the actual content of her vision. It was more of a nightmare.
Eyes of two colors, a mischievous smile and cruel reckoning erupting throughout the path she walked.
The twilight had returned.
Soraka remembers vividly the horrors her actions had brought to several nations, Shurima, Icathia and even Targon itself and for a millennia there was silence... but Soraka's vision was not mistaken. She and her host were back and the fruit of her plans would bear sooner than she thought.

Act III: "The Abyss"

Nami sighs as she wades back into the water. She was somewhere between Valoran and what the people on her journey have called "Ionia". She knows this as the birthplace of the vastaya but her piscine race had migrated to Targon and settled there along with their ritual of the Moonstone several thousand years ago. Every few hundred years, in exchange for protection from the dark forces beneath the rift the Marai needed to choose a tidecaller to venture into the depths and collect an Abyssal Pearl.
On her journey halfway across Runeterra, Nami started to wonder why.
The pearl had an eerie sense of beauty to it but what value could it possibly have for the Aspect of the Moon to need it just so that she would help keep the darkness at bay? But then she recalls of the dark forces and horrors she encountered on her journey within the rift all to retrieve the pearl, not even within the mouth of an oyster. Then Nami recalls an ancient saying among their people; water has memory.
Looking to the pearl she still held to exchange for the moonstone, she wonders if there was something about the otherworldly darkness the Aspect was trying to understand. But Nami dismissed this thought immediately, for who, even among the Celestials, would want to learn more about the creatures of nightmares that lay within the abyss?

Act VI: "A Reprieve"

The vastaya ran as fast as he could. With his wing injured and grip loose on the blade in his hands, he was not sure he was going to make it. He was probably only a mile away from Puboe by now but the Shadow Order were relentless when it came to his kind. He was lucky to have even mustered enough magic to break his chains whilst they were transferring him from his cell to another, courtesy of a self-induced soiling.
But that was all going to be for naught if he could not muster any more energy to run! He could feel their dark magic tainting the path he took, closing in on him like wolves hounding a hare. He could sense it! They were-
A flash of pink.
He stumbles on a root and crashes onto the ground, rolling a few yards before he comes to a stop, breathing hard and looking wildly at the forest around him. He could have sworn, at the edge of his vision as he ran through the forest... there was a pink pearl floating in the air? He could even feel the trace amounts of magic coursing through it. But all thought soon leaves the vastaya as he feels the Shadow Order disciples close in on him. There were three, weapons brandished while he only had a sword that he had stolen from one of them.
He looks in utter defeat as they close in on him, irritated smiles etching their face at having to catch him, speaking of the punishment they will put him through for giving them trouble. But past that... just behind the head of the one closest to him.... was a pink pearl? It was ethereal, barely there but he could see it, and he could feel the energy pulsing through it.
Suddenly the ground becomes charged with raw magical energy and the Disciples' pounce are put to a halt. He takes his chance, lunging at the leader with the blade and slashing with all his might. He feels invigorated, adrenaline coursing through his veins as he watches his enemy stumble. Two more slashes and he's down on the ground, convulsing and bleeding. He turns to the two other acolytes staring in shock. Suddenly, the vastaya feels lighter, feels stronger. He lunges for the next one, striking swiftly as if he actually had experience wielding a blade.
He turns to the last one but his blade his parried by another. The more experienced fighter takes him head on, slicing at him at a breakneck pace with an interval of stabs cutting him here and there. He feels the energy he somehow got from nowhere waning but then, just as he might loose his grip from fatigue or his knees buckle from the strain, the assailant is stunned, staggering backwards slightly. He takes that moment to plunge the blade into his heart with a scream of frustration.
When the disciple hits the ground, as does his knees, exhausted from both running and that adrenaline fueled retaliation. He looks around... 'Was it really all just adrenaline?' he thinks, wondering where the pearl went or that atmosphere of raw magic that seemed to permeate the area for a while. Then, as if a bubble popped, exhaustion hits him ten times harder and he falls back. He feels like he did not just run a mile, did not just battle several skilled fighters... his wounds are healed all except for his wing. At the edge of his eyes he can see a fading pink light and though he knows not who or what it is, he thanks it anyway.

Act V: "Fate's Message"

Born along the beaches of the coastal settlement known as Urvash, Raito spent his childhood hidden from the rest of Ionia's society. While the rest of Ionia during this time was hit with the conflicting decision between remaining peaceful and neutral with the warring continent of Valoran or fighting back against Noxus' invasion, their village leaned more towards the former. Known far and wide as adept healers with children whose talent for becoming seers was potent, they preferred to seclude themselves, using their powers only to guide those who journeyed far south enough to seek them out.
The village's powers and traditions can be traced back to myths of humans who resided within Omikaylan and were granted knowledge of the stars above from a horned Seer who communed with them herself, calling upon their light to both heal and scorch who the land saw fit. However, let it not be said the Urvash villagers drew power from the stars themselves, but rather the cosmic force the stars were said to dictate; time.
It is an old saying, one that stems back to the first piscine Vastaya who plunged into the depths of the ocean; water held memory. And if that held true, then the pearls forged within the mouths of oysters were products of that experience, with each newer and newer pearl being wiser than the last. Within Urvash it is believed that each newborn's future can be determined by what color the pearl of their fate will be and thus upon being baptized at the great reef, the pearls of the parents would be used to see which oyster held their child's pearl.
Whether or not the child would be able to see in the future and how adept they actually were at it however, were completely up to their latent magical ability that would be tested on their fifth high summer. Raito was a peculiar case. For one, he was the first out of his family for generations to be born with a pink pearl, his entire direct family consisting of brown pearls. It was not inherently bad; pink pearls represented good fortune while brown pearls represented harmony and discipline. It was just unexpected.
He was a curious child ever since he could first walk but the mysterious nature of their practices were more than enough to satiate the his eager mind before his fifth high summer. Taking his place in the great reef, legs brushing past the oyster clad stones that seemed to make a maze through the shallow water, his eyes lit up as his pearl glowed brightly with magical energy. In an instance the paths within the reef showed visions of the village's past, stretching back mere days to farther back, when the seers first settled upon these shores. But then, just as he was called to come back, he paused and looked out to the open ocean and then he squinted.
Staggering back slightly, the reef filled with ethereal pink pearls showing him several more, longer paths that spanned the ocean. It was as if the history of Ionia itself surged through the waters and from that history, waves, tides and streams carried it into the future. Awestruck and quickly turning, he realized what he saw could not be seen by any of his fellow villagers. He went back excitedly, to share what he saw and while his parents dismissed it as childish exaggeration, the elders, especially his grandmother Harumi did not look at him with underestimating mirth.
For the following years he honed his abilities, now even further immersed in his studies due to the wonder his vision sent him. Truth be told, all the children his age had the ability to see into the vast branches of the river that was time. But Raito noticed the futures they described were slightly different from his own. For example, whereas he saw an ambitious fish vendor taking his trades northward into the mainland of Bahrl and becoming more successful, they told him he would most likely stay here. These children had brown pearls and white pearls so Raito thought they just could not see what he saw clearly.
However, on his seventh high summer, Raito found paths in the water that seemed... He had never noticed them before, content on viewing the various possibilities and futures were all was well, as his pearl showed him. But the more he looked the more he saw. Other streams and pools were different, as if what lay within them was made unclear, hidden by the depth. Others were raging rivers, making it ever difficult to see past the moving water. And few... he saw were blood red, stained by the lives lost in that possible reality.
Frightened, he kept this secret to himself, but his curiosity was unrelenting and he ventured into these futures nevertheless. Some would leave him swimming deeper and deeper into the vision until he could see clearly, in others he had to focus greatly to get the water to stop churning. But he did not do this for the red streams, all he needed to do was listen to the screams. What he once thought had been the great many possible futures for him had turned out to be a mere passage in the great ocean of time. For once, he understood a bit of the vision he got during his seeing ceremony, that the visions his pearl could bring him were not limited to this reef alone.
This did not go unnoticed by the elders and soon enough his daydreaming and obvious lack of sleep was called to attention by his Grandmother. Harumi told him that though the pearls showed certain things the clearest to their wearer, if one was powerful enough, more paths along the vast rivers of time could be revealed. At that point it was no longer the pearl allowing him to see, but rather his own potent magical power simply using the pearl as a focusing point to access the fast tapestry of fate that humans created. Each path was not just one person but it split into their decisions and actions then became even more complex when mingling with the paths of others.
His grandmother had then told him that even while they used their powers to follow the futures set before them by the pearls, they tried as much as possible not to influence the futures of others. To do so would be akin to throwing a rock into their rivers, upsetting the travel of their fate. But that led Raito to think about the great Seer who came down from the stars and taught their people of the fates, how she, despite knowing that humans were deviating from the so called "intended" designs for them dictated in the stars above, tried to change their fate anyway. If the great seer had the right to prevent their fate's from swirling into chaos... why could they not as well?
But poor Raito's young mind could not process such intricacies for too long as by the time the next high summer came, Noxus was upon Bahrl.
Urvash had countermeasures for this sort of moment, the strongest mages among them creating shifts in the magic of the land to halt Noxus' advance toward their shores, brown and white crystallized paths making them wary. This gave enough time for them to hide by caves located past the shores of the great reef. In this time of stress and fear Raito did not look to the pool in fear of the safety of his tribe but rather, the rest of Ionia. Dipping into the waters of the cave they were hiding in, he watched as the streams of time that made up Bahrl filled with red. So much red it drowned out the minuscule pink lights that promised him a content and happy life here in the village. Storming out of the caves, he followed this red river, trying desperately to save those who were about to be lost within it, against the calls of his family for him to come back.
Ethereal pearls guided him away from the Noxian soldiers and he traversed the woodlands for days... but his small legs were too weak to carry him faster than the red river could become the present. It turned out he had ran by the shoreline of Bahrl and was led inland by the stream that connected the Epool river to the ocean. There he saw the slaughtered men whose screams he could still hear fresh from the Epool river that led him here... but along the banks he saw a child. Raito sifted through his futures unconsciously, seeing all the bloodshed and darkness that lay ahead for him and it all started at this very moment. He took a step forward, into the river in an attempt to reach the boy but he froze at the sight of a white haired man.
Something cold slid down his spine at the sight of him, his very presence twisting the very magic of the land he was so very familiar with. Taking the boy, Raito saw the only blue paths for him starting to grown thinner and thinner while the darker ones grew. He screamed and his pearl glowed as magic surged from the pool and fired after the man... but quenched before it reached. Turning, he could feel more than see the magic of his tribesmen in the distance, the ones who prevented his outburst of magic with their own.
Raito looked to them in disbelief and heartbreak.
He was reprimanded for his actions, deemed reckless and a violation of everything they stood for. But Raito did not keep his thoughts at bay this time, voicing the horrors he saw would transpire and the possibility of preventing it had they helped. He told of the boy he saw whose life was now damned to darkness because they stopped him. His words shook the tribe, even to the hardiest of elders who told him off, that the unseen paths were not theirs to meddle with. Raito referenced their seer, who came down here to lead those away from the darker paths and how they were selfish, not the students who lived by her teachings that they claimed to be.
Despite this new rift between Raito and the village, he was too young to leave the tribe and be on his own. He stayed and learned alongside his fellow villagers but be it at home, the school, the shrine and even the reef, he was now made an outcast for his magic that granted him sight far too wide for the other villagers to get a grip on. By his eighteenth high summer, he was bidding his goodbyes to his reluctant parents and to the grave of his deceased grandmother, who left not long after Noxus slaughtered the inland villages of Bahrl.
Over the years, Raito had cultivated his ability to not just see into the future but to tap the magic innate within him. From crystallizing the land as his elders did to prevent Noxus' advance to their shores to mimicking the blast of energy he called forth on that fateful day by the Epool river, Raito had harnessed magics that would allow him to nudge the fates of others in the right direction just as easily as he read them. But with greater power, came clearer paths to see and Raito had only truly decided to set off on his journey to the mainland of Ionia because of one dark path he just could not seem to see within.
It was twisting and terrifying accompanied by the laughter of a little girl. This one path seemed to draw more and more paths into it day by day, like a whirlpool lay somewhere at the bottom calling the blues into its darkness. Raito was not sure how but by stepping foot outside of Urvash, a few streams, trickles started appearing to branch out from the dark pool. And with each year he spent travelling Ionia, helping where he could in the fight against Noxus, the Shadow Order and any who wish to send the fate of these peaceful people into the dark depths, the trickles widened into streams and then into rivers once more.
But they were still dwarfed by the size of the black path. If water truly had memory, he wished his experiences would flow all the way back to Urvash so that maybe, they will see and join him in his quest.
Fate had only one message; she was not written in stone, her tides swayed to the will of the world. If that world was changing, the tides would need to as well.

Abilities/In-Game Kit:

The Blue Path

Innate: When enemy minions die within Raito's sight, they drop Destiny pearls that last for 8 seconds. Picking up these pearls grant Raito a permanent 5 Mana up to a Maximum that is set at level 1 and increased by Divine Intervention's Rank. For reaching each threshold of Mana, he gains permanent bonuses.
Maximum Mana Obtainable 150/300/450/600
Level 1 Threshold Reached 10% Cool Down Reduction
Divine Intervention Rank 1 Threshold Reached 10% Heal and Shield Power
Divine Intervention Rank 2 Threshold Reached Additional 50 units Base Movement Speed
Divine Intervention Rank 3 Threshold Reached Exceed Maximum Cool Down Reduction by 10%

Q - Strike Now

Active: Raito sends a pearl flying to a target location to deal Magic Damage and inflict a Slow on enemies that lasts 3 seconds and decays by half, halfway through the duration after which it becomes stagnant until the duration ends. Each successive application of Slow from this ability restores the previous max amount then stacks up to 3 times, refreshing the duration each time.
Strike Now can activate the effects of An Opportunity when striking the affected enemy.
Mana Cost 45/50/55/60/65
Cool Down 5.5/5/4.5/4/3.5 seconds
Magic Damage 50/60/75/95/125 (+35% AP)
Slow 15%/20%/25%
Target Range 900
Effect Radius 200
Speed 1500

W - Walk Alone

Active: Raito lobs a pearl toward a target location and upon landing, it shatters to create a field of jewel-like energy that Grounds and cleanses enemy Champions of Movement Speed buffs as well. When casting Strike Now and the range overlaps with Walk Alone, the area will increase in range to fill up the space it affected.
Should an enemy have 3 stacks from Strike Now, instead of simply refreshing the maximum stacks, they are Rooted for the first half of the duration while the Maximum Slow is applied for the remaining duration.
When aiming this skill, Raito can see how the area will deform based on where he places it.
Cool Down 14 seconds
Duration 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds
Target Range 800
Area of Effect 600 (The effect area cannot cross impassable terrain and instead spreads out further in another direction to cover the maximum amount of space)
Speed The Pearl takes 0.5 seconds to reach it's destination regardless of distance

E - An Opportunity

Active: Raito targets an enemy Champion with a pearl that is Anchored to them for a certain duration or until used. While anchored to them, allied Champions may auto-attack them up to 4 times that will Heal them each time, filling an indicator they acquire after gaining the first stack. Should an ally Champion reach 4 stacks, the next hit will give a burst of Bonus Healing and dealing Bonus Magic Damage on the target.
The target enemy will show a different counter for each ally, so they can separately keep track of how many Autos they need on that target to activate the bonus effects.
Mana Cost 100
Cool Down 14 seconds
Duration 6 seconds
Healing Per Stack 15/20/25/30/35 (+10% AP)
Burst Healing 40/50/65/85/110 (+35% AP)
Bonus Magic Damage 30/45/60/75/90 (+13% AP)
Target Range 900

R - Divine Intervention

Active: Raito grants an ally or himself a protective pearl of energy that Stunning enemy Champions in range for 0.5 seconds. For the next 6 seconds, the ally is granted 20% Damage Reduction and grants them Bonus Adaptive Force equal to a set percentage of health they have lost. Enemy Champion Take Downs during this ability will Heal the ally certain amounts of HP.
Casting Divine Intervention: "Fate has other plans!"
Mana Cost 100/120/140
Cool Down 130/110/90 seconds
Duration 6/7/8 seconds
Damage Reduction 20/25/30% (+10% per 100 AP)
Maximum Percentage Bonus Adaptive Force Based on Missing Health 20/25/30% Missing Health
Health Restored Per Takedown 150/350/450 (+30% AP)
Target Range 900
Effect Radius 350


In Game Interactions:

Pick: "The future is bright."
Ban: "Maybe in a different time."

Moving: "Let it not be said being able to see the future was a gift, but it isn't a curse either."
"No one can change the future. Everyone keeps doing it, constantly."
"I can help you along this journey, but every decision, every action? That is all up to you."
"People call fate the destiny that brings us all to where we are going, the reason. There is a reason and it is the choices we make."
"I've been told I see with more than eyes... sometimes I wish I didn't."
"There are so many dark and cruel ways your path could lead you, but there are just as many peaceful and fulfilling ones."

First Encounter: "A fight is what I expect, but is that what you'll give me?"
"This was bound to happen eventually. We still had a choice as to if it would."

Ally Interactions:
Irelia: "You've set down an unintended path, another fork in the river."
Karma: "You bear a sea of possibilities on your shoulders... one decision could start a wave."
Kayn: "Whichever path you choose... only darkness awaits... I'm sorry I couldn't save you."
Kayn's response, "Do I know you?"
Raito's response, "I know every fate caught in the pool of Bahrl..."
Kindred: "We'll all meet you one day, when that day is decided by us."
Kindred's response, "And we'll always be waiting, arrow ready," "And mouth wide open."
Mastery Yi/Yasuo: "Your fates have been sealed, what you do with them is your future."
Soraka: "You see the patterns too? Why don't you help us?"
Soraka's response, "A part of me wants to guide you... but the other knows only you mortals really have any control over your fates."

Enemy Interactions:
Aurelion Sol: "Your designs are more than just flawed."
Kayn: "I couldn't save you then... maybe I can at least bring you peace."
Kayn's response, "I'd like to see you try."
Tahm Kench: "Wading through time does not mean you control it's direction."
Zed: "You're willing to plunge all of Ionina into the dark with you?"
Zed's response, "If that is what it takes."
Zilean: "You can't fathom the lives your magic affects."
Zoe: "Our fate's aren't yours to toy with. I'll make sure of that."
Zoe's response, "Potato, potato."
submitted by Ruthtria to leagueoflegends

Dota 2 Update - MAIN CLIENT - May 27, 2018

A new patch has been dispatched for the main client. More info will be edited in as I analyze the patch.
Analysis Status: Done


The upcoming patches will be mostly focused on balance tweaks in preparation for The International. There are a few more biweekly patches planned, with the primary ones scheduled around the final Major and the TI Qualifiers. After TI, we expect the first half of the new season to have longer periods between gameplay updates.

  • Bounty Runes team gold reduced from 40 + 3/min to 40 + 2/min
  • Reduced the following Movement Speed Talents:
    • Bane Level 20: 75->65
    • Beastmaster Level 10: 30 -> 25
    • Bounty Hunter Level 10: 30 -> 25
    • Clockwerk Level 10: 25 -> 20
    • Dark Willow Level 15: 40 -> 35
    • Gyrocopter Level 20: 50->45
    • Legion Commander Level 20: 60->50
    • Leshrac Level 15: 40->30
    • Lifestealer Level 15: 35 -> 30
    • Nature's Prophet Level 10: 40 -> 35
    • Nightstalker Level 20: 50 -> 45
    • Oracle Level 20: 75 -> 65
    • Outworld Devourer Level 15: 40 -> 35
    • Sand King Level 10: 30 -> 25
    • Shadow Demon Level 15: 40 -> 35
    • Shadow Fiend Level 15: 35->30
    • Techies Level 20: 75 -> 60
    • Zeus: Level 15: 40 -> 30
  • Increased Base HP regen to 1.75 for the following Agility heroes: Anti-Mage, Arc Warden, Clinkz, Drow Ranger, Meepo, Pangolier, Phantom Assassin, Templar Assassin, Troll Warlord, Vengeful Spirit
  • Melee Barracks health increased from 1800 to 2000
  • Roshan attack damage upgrade over time increased from 2.5/min to 4/min


  • Blades of Attack: Cost increased from 420 to 430
  • Bottle: Fixed Bounty Runes not being storable when the Bottle is full
  • Enchanted Mango: HP regen reduced from 0.6 to 0.5
  • Hand of Midas: Cooldown reduced from 100 to 95
  • Moon Shard: Attack Speed increased from 130 to 140
  • Nullifier: Projectile speed reduced from 900 to 750
  • Rod of Atos: Recipe cost reduced from 1100 to 1000
  • Sentry Ward: Duration increased from 4 to 6 minutes
  • Shadow Amulet: Cost increased from 1300 to 1400
  • Silver Edge: Recipe cost reduced from 700 to 600
  • Skull Basher: Recipe cost reduced from 1150 to 1000
  • Vladmir's Offering: Mana regeneration increased from 0.65 to 1.0


  • Alchemist: Greevil's Greed bounty rune multiplier increased from 3 to 3.5
  • Anti-Mage: Base attack rate improved from 1.45 to 1.4
  • Arc Warden: Base damage increased by 2
  • Arc Warden: Magnetic Field manacost reduced from 80/90/100/110 to 50/70/90/110
  • Bane: Enfeeble duration reduced from 14/16/18/20 to 8/12/16/20
  • Bloodseeker: Level 10 Talent increased from +4 Armor to +8 Armor
  • Bloodseeker: Level 20 Talent increased from +14% Rupture Damage to +18%
  • Bristleback: Level 25 Talent increased from +20 Warpath Damage Per Stack to +30
  • Broodmother: Spiderlings health increased from 250 to 280
  • Centaur Warrunner: Base damage increased by 4
  • Centaur: Hoof Stomp manacost reduced from 130 to 115/120/125/130
  • Chaos Knight: Base intelligence increased by 2
  • Clinkz: Intelligence increased from 16 + 1.55 to 18 + 1.7
  • Clinkz: Strafe dodge no longer has a count limit
  • Clockwerk: Power Cogs manacost increased from 50/60/70/80 to 80
  • Crystal Maiden: Arcane Aura self mana regeneration increased from 1.3/2.2/3.1/4.0 to 1.6/2.4/3.2/4.0
  • Crystal Maiden: Base Damage increased by 2
  • Dark Willow: Bedlam cooldown reduced from 40/35/30 to 30
  • Dark Willow: Bedlam duration increased from 4 to 5
  • Dazzle: Strength gain increased from 2.15 to 2.3
  • Dazzle: Poison Touch count rescaled from 4/5/6/7 to 2/4/6/8
  • Dazzle: Poison Touch cooldown reduced from 35/30/25/20 to 27/24/21/18
  • Death Prophet: Base movement speed reduced from 310 to 305
  • Death Prophet: Spirit Siphon manacost increased from 70/65/60/55 to 70
  • Death Prophet: Level 10 Talent reduced from +50 Damage to 40
  • Disruptor: Thunder Strike cooldown increased from 12/11/10/9 to 15/13/11/9
  • Doom: Infernal Blade base damage reduced from 25/30/35/40 to 25
  • Doom: Scorched Earth movement speed reduced from 14% to 11/12/13/14%
  • Dragon Knight: Base movemend speed reduced from 285 to 280
  • Dragon Knight: Elder Dragon Form bonus movement speed increased from 25 to 30
  • Drow Ranger: Base Damage increased by 4
  • Earthshaker: Base armor increased by 1
  • Enchantress: Base strength increased by 1
  • Enchantress: Nature's Attendants manacost reduced from 140 to 110/120/130/140
  • Enigma: Demonic Conversion Eidolon bounty reduced from 29 to 23
  • Gyrocopter: Call Down Missile One damage reduced from 200/275/350 to 150/250/350
  • Gyrocopter: Level 10 Talent reduced from +25 Damage to +20
  • Huskar: Life Break increased from 34/38/42% to 34/39/44%
  • Huskar: Inner Vitality manacost reduced from 170 to 140/150/160/170
  • Huskar: Inner Vitality base regen increased from 10 to 12
  • Invoker: Invoke manacost removed
  • Io: Base movement speed reduced from 290 to 280
  • Io: Level 15 Talent reduced from +90 Spirits Damage to +75
  • Io: Level 20 Talent changed from Attacks Tether Ally's Target to +20 Health Regen
  • Io: Level 25 Talent changed from +50 Health Regen to Attacks Tether Ally's Target
  • Kunkka: Level 25 Talent changed from +50% Tidebringer Cleave to -1.5s Tidebringer Cooldown
  • Leshrac: Base Intelligence reduced by 2 (base damage unchanged)
  • Leshrac: Lightning Storm cast range reduced from 800 to 650/700/750/800
  • Lich: Chain Frost damage increased from 280/370/460 to 300/400/500 (Scepter from 370/460/550 to 400/500/600)
  • Lycan: Intelligence gain reduced from 1.55 to 1.4
  • Lycan: Shapeshift critical strike reduced from 160/180/200% to 150/175/200%
  • Magnus: Empower cleave distance increased from 460 to 625 (matching Battle Fury)
  • Magnus: Empower cleave end radius increased from 240 to 330 (matching Battle Fury)
  • Meepo: Earthbind projectile speed increased from 857 to 900
  • Meepo: Earthbind now fully affects invisible units
  • Mirana: Leap attack speed increased from 40/60/80/100 to 60/80/100/120
  • Mirana: Moonlight Shadow duration increased from 15 to 18 seconds
  • Monkey King: Wukong's Command armor increased from 8/14/20 to 12/18/24
  • Morphling: Morph now only dispels on initial cast, rather than on all toggles
  • Necrophos: Attack Point improved from 0.53 to 0.4
  • Necrophos: Base damage increased by 2
  • Necrophos: Death Pulse Mana Regen per stack from 2/2.25/2.5/2.75 to 2.25/2.5/2.75/3
  • Night Stalker: Void no longer applies a ministun during the day
  • Night Stalker: Darkness no longer sets enemy vision to a fixed amount
  • Night Stalker: Darkness now reduces enemy unit and ward vision by 25% (doesn't affect buildings)
  • Ogre Magi: Multicast 2x chance from 40/50/60 to 60/60/60%
  • Ogre Magi: Multicast 3x chance from 0/20/25% to 0/30/30%
  • Ogre Magi: Multicast 4x chance from 0/0/12.5% to 0/0/15%
  • Ogre Magi: Level 10 Talent increased from +60 Gold/Min to +90
  • Pangolier: Level 15 Talent changed from +30 Attack Speed to +2s Rolling Thunder Duration
  • Pangolier: Level 20 Talent improved from +30 Swashbuckle Damage to +40
  • Pangolier: Level 25 Talent improved from -16s Rolling Thunder Cooldown to -35
  • Phantom Assassin: Blur now only triggers on real heroes
  • Phantom Assassin: Blur now always triggers on Invisible and Spell Immune enemies
  • Phantom Lancer: Doppelganger can no longer be cast while rooted
  • Phoenix: Fire Spirits damage increased from 10/30/50/70 to 20/40/60/80
  • Pudge: Meat Hook cooldown increased from 14/13/12/11 to 17/15/13/11
  • Pudge: Meat Hook damage increased from 90/180/270/360 to 150/220/290/360
  • Pugna: Nether Ward damage per mana increased from 1/1.25/1.5/1.75 to 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0
  • Queen of Pain: Level 25 Talent improved from 20s Spell Block to 15s
  • Riki: Base HP regen increased from 1.5 to 3.0
  • Riki: Blink Strike can now be cast on Spell Immune enemies
  • Riki: Tricks of the Trade cooldown increased from 40/35/30 to 50/45/40
  • Riki: Cloak and Dagger fade delay increased from 6/5/4/3 to 7.5/6/4.5/3
  • Sand King: Caustic Finale slow reduced from 30% to 21/24/27/30%
  • Shadow Fiend: Level 20 Talent changed from +20% Evasion to +2 Damage Per Soul
  • Shadow Fiend: Level 25 Talent changed from +3 Damage Per Soul to -5 Presence Aura
  • Silencer: Last Word cooldown reduced from 30/24/18/12 to 28/22/16/10
  • Silencer: Arcane Curse damage increased from 14/22/30/38 to 16/24/32/40
  • Slardar: Bash of the Deep damage increased from 60/80/100/120 to 80/100/120/140
  • Slark: Pounce damage reduced from 40/80/120/160 to 30/60/90/120
  • Sniper: Night vision increased from 1100 to 1400
  • Spirit Breaker: Base HP regen increased from 1 to 1.5
  • Sven: Level 20 Talent increased from -5s Storm Hammer Cooldown to -6s
  • Sven: Level 25 Talent increased from +0.75s Storm Hammer Stun Duration to +1.25s
  • Tiny: Tree Grab building bonus damage increased from 60/80/100/120% to 90/120/150/180%
  • Tiny: Tree Throw splash damage increased from 100 to 130%
  • Tusk: Ice Shards cooldown increased from 21/18/15/12 to 23/20/17/14
  • Treant Protector: Living Armor regen increased from 4/7/10/13 to 4/8/12/16
  • Undying: Soul Rip manacost reduced from 100/110/120/130 to 80/95/110/125
  • Ursa: Level 15 Talent changed from -1s Earthshock Cooldown to +25s Fury Swipes Reset Time
  • Ursa: Level 20 Talent changed from +25s Fury Swipes Reset Time to +12 Fury Swipes Damage
  • Ursa: Level 25 Talent changed from +14 Fury Swipes Damage to Enrage gains 80% Status Resistance
  • Vengeful Spirit: Magic Missile cooldown reduced from 13/12/11/10 to 10
  • Vengeful Spirit: Wave of Terror manacost reduced from 40 to 25/30/35/40
  • Weaver: Shukuchi damage increased from 75/100/125/150 to 80/110/140/170
  • Winter Wyvern: Splinter Blast slow increased from 25% to 30%
  • Winter Wyvern: Splinter Blast manacost reduced from 120/130/140/150 to 90/110/130/150
  • Wraith King: Mortal Strike no longer has a chance to kill creeps
  • Wraith King: Mortal Strike now gains skeleton charges for every 2 enemy units you kill
  • Wraith King: Mortal Strike skeleton count rescaled from 4/5/6/7 to 2/4/6/8
  • Wraith King: Mortal Strike skeletons bounty reduced from 15/15 XP/Gold to 5/5
  • Wraith King: Mortal Strike manacost reduced from 75 to 30/45/60/75
  • Zeus: Base damage increased by 5
  • Zeus: Strength gain reduced from 2.6 to 2.3
  • Zeus: Arc Lightning damage rescaled from 85/100/115/145 to 70/95/120/145
  • Zeus: Lightning Bolt cast range increased from 700 to 700/750/800/850
  • Zeus: Lightning Bolt damage increased from 100/175/275/350 to 125/200/275/350

Patch Overview

  • Significant networking improvements to the Social feed.
  • Maybe some new mutations? Internal mutations list was hidden...
  • Patch Size: 137.5MB (with Tools)
submitted by Magesunite to DotA2

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